Free Chore Charts You Can Craft Or Print

Help children both young and old stay on track with their chores by implementing an easy system that will help them remember to do what needs doing. Most of these are free printables but there are a few crafty projects in the mix as well. Several of these have been mentioned on other collections here on Tipnut and I’ve organized them here on one handy page for easier reference. I’ll be adding to this list as I find new goodies to share, have fun!
Burlap: An art canvas is covered with burlap then ribbon covered clothespins are used to keep track of tasks.

Morning & Afternoon Tasks: Simple yet effect, two designs (one for the morning and one for the afternoon). Columns for Monday to Friday.
Foarm Board Grid: Made with foam poster board, columns across the top are for weekdays and rows are for various tasks. Stars are laminated paper and tins on the side hold a little surprise.

Blank: Available in four different colors and they’re blank so you can personalize as needed. Laminate them to reuse over and over.
Pink Flowers or Green Bike: Nice designs that older children will be happy with, one with a green bike and the other with pretty pink flowers. Space for each day of the week (Sun-Sat).

7 Day Week: Columns for each day of the week, rows list children’s names and the boxes are to note the tasks.
Framed & Interchangeable: Adhesive hooks are attached to plexi-glass photo frames and hold tags made from various patterned scrapbook papers.

Weekly: Suitable for grownups and older children, features a pretty green border design (pdf download).
I Like To Help: Colorful design with the tasks column on the left and “leaf” spaces for each day of the week (mon-sun).

Responsibility Checklists (Magnetic): Baking pans are spray painted then crafty magnets are made to keep track of things.
Modern Toddler: A simple design that can be laminated and dry erase markers used to track tasks or you can use stickers.

For Kids: Columns for Chore, When & Done (with check box). Bottom right corner has a sweet elephant saying “This is the day that the Lord has made!”
Reward: Nice and colorful design, there’s space to write the child’s name, a box to write the chore and circles to check for each day of the week (Monday through Sunday).

Bunting Design: Cute design with colorful bunting across the top, room for the child’s name, list of tasks and days of the week run Mon-Sat.
Editable/Personalized: Two color themes available (blue/green and orange/pink), can be personalized and items edited before printing (pdf).

Two Designs (for boys or girls): Download in either pink & white stripes (with a dress) or blue & white (with a t-shirt).
Polka Dot Design: Six different colors to choose from (blue, pin, red, biscuit, teal and green), has a 7 day column with spaces to add stickers.

For Children: Lists tasks such as Make Bed; Get Dressed; Brush Teeth; Clear Table; Be Kind and more.
Printables: For both preschool aged and older kiddos (you’ll find the other freebie for older children on this page).

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