Craving Cinnamon Rolls? 15+ Goodies You’ll Want To Try

BatchThese are one of my very favorite baked items, I like them topped with a nice ‘n gooey brown sugar mixture (no icing required) and maybe a pat of butter.

Are they time consuming to make? They can be but as you’ll see from the collection below, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy this treat without all the fuss.

For today’s Recipe Hit List, I put together a few ideas for making these gooey goodies (including both traditional style from scratch and taking advantage of canned refrigerated dough).

You won’t want to miss the next batch listed (found at the bottom of the page) where you’ll find lots of neat ideas that will surely nip your craving in the bud (cakes, cupcakes, cookies, breads and even pancakes).

Lots of goodies here, enjoy!

From Scratch:
Cinnabon-Style: Yields 12 (large) Features a cloned Cinnabon frosting (with cream cheese, margarine, powdered sugar, vanilla flavor and lemon flavor).

Overnight: These are formed then arranged in a pan and covered with plastic wrap, refrigerate overnight for baking the next day.
Quick & Easy: (no picture) This is a no-yeast version that is quick to make and just takes minutes to bake. Filled with chopped pecans.

Next-Day: These can be done the same day you whip up the batch, but you can refrigerate overnight for next-day baking.

Shortcut Methods:
Crescent Dough: Made with 2 cans of refrigerated crescents and filled with a yummy mixture.

Sticky: Uses a can of refrigerated dinner rolls, features a gooey topping that includes pancake syrup, chopped nuts and vanilla extract.

Nifty Twists

*Don’t miss the collection for Monkey Breads found here, they are an easy way to enjoy a cinnamon bun type of treat without all the fuss.
Cake: Features a tempting cream cheese filling, this is baked then cut in strips and rolled.

Cupcakes: Layered in muffin cups then baked and iced with a creamy frosting.
Christmas Wreath Bread: Shaped jelly-roll style and formed into a ring then snipped at 1″ intervals before baking.

Pulls: Here’s a simple treat, an unsliced round loaf of sourdough bread is sliced then covered with vanilla honey butter before heated in the oven.
Cookies: Oh my! Cream cheese based and covered with a glaze.

Itty Bitty Bites: Quick “cheater” version using a can of buttermilk biscuits, these promise to please!
Ebelskivers: Yields approximately 40, these are a twist on a traditional Danish treat.

Pancakes: Can you believe it, lol! A classic pancake recipe with a cinnamon blend swirled in.
Muffins: A yeast batter is poured into muffin cups, allowed to rest for a few minutes then topping added before popping in the oven.

Scones: Both unbleached all-purpose flour and whole wheat flour are used, doesn’t take as long as a normal batch does.
Bread: A simple yeast dough is poured into a pan, allowed to rest for a few minutes before adding the filling.

Bubble Buns: Small balls are shaped then arranged in muffin cups, has a melted butter and sugar topping.
Mini Pops: Pop sticks are inserted as soon as you pull them from the oven, finished with a vanilla glaze.

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