How To Make Concrete Leaves

Looking for some creative garden art ideas? Concrete leaves are just the ticket, they turn out amazing and are simply gorgeous tucked into flower beds and around the yard. Easy to make too! They’re commonly made with rhubarb leaves but smaller ones can be used too (and arranged as you like). Here are a handful of tutorials that show you how to make your own, the techniques are pretty similar but each project has a tip or two or something unique to offer so I’m including them all. Have fun!

Garden Art Structures: Made using rhubarb leaves, portland cement mixed with fine sand and a layer of chicken wire to help prevent cold weather expansion.

Casting: A sand & concrete mix is made fairly liquid and then brushed on a large leaf with a paint brush. A layer of hardware mesh is added to help keep the form reinforced (mentions that drywall mesh tape can be used too).

Step-By-Step Guide: This tutorial is three pages long and includes lots of pictures and detailed instructions. Suggests using Rhubarb, Gunnera, Inula, Curcubita or even large maple-leaves.

Sand-cast Birdbath: This project makes a leaf form with a shallow depression to make it suitable for using as a birdbath. Add some color with paint or concrete dye (optional).

Picture Tutorial Set: This uses a rhubarb leaf for the shape but see how nice these can turn out with powdered dye mixed in! To get started with the tutorial, click the first picture in the set then the “Next” button to click through..

Bowl or Birdbath: This page has a couple ideas of using smaller leaves and arranging them to make bowls or birdbaths.

Displaying lovely items in the garden doesn’t have to be expensive, see these creative garden containers from everyday household items, even moss can be used to add beauty to your yard.

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  1. lbdlphotos says:

    Oh wow! These are beautiful! I want to try to make some of these! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Middy Church says:

    These are gorgeous!!! Shared this idea with my daughter & son-in-law!! What beautiful gift ideas!!

  3. Pat says:

    I’ve been wanting to do this for years. Thanks so much!

  4. maria says:

    wow these look fab, must try some give the kids something to do while on summer holidays, glad i came across your site sharing with my friend too 🙂 thanks for sharing this great site :))

  5. Marilyn Chalich says:

    Hi, Does anyone know what they used to make the dyed leaf.
    Thanks, I love the sharpness of it.

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