15+ Ways To Make A Corn Casserole: Easy Sides & Variations

Made with fresh, frozen or canned corn, these casseroles are a treat for Sunday dinner or on the holiday table. Easy to make and mostly fuss-free (some may even be prepared a day or two ahead or frozen before baking), they vary from gooey-cheesy to bursting with flavor with added bacon, chiles, onions and more.

Popular with both cooks and diners, this is one family-friendly dish you’ll want to keep handy in your recipe box!

Once you’ve determined a tried-and-true favorite, why not experiment with different flavor bombs by adding spices and seasonings such as cumin, hot pepper flakes or chili powder. Try switching out the cheeses (ie. crumbled feta for a twist), substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream…incorporate bacon or jazz things up with bell peppers, jalapenos, cilantro and chilis.

There really is an unlimited number of ways to keep things from getting boring!

Here are nearly twenty mouth-watering versions that I’ve handpicked from around the net, some are made with just a few simple ingredients while others add a packed-bunch of tasty tidbits to zip things up a bit.

To keep things nice and organized, I’ve separated them into two groups: One is the Jiffy/Muffin/SpoonBread style of casserole (includes a few whipped up from scratch)…the other is a veggie/nibblet side without the bread (including a few gluten-free options). Enjoy!

Nibblet/Veggie Recipes

  • Decadent: A comforting dish featuring cream cheese, sharp cheddar, and (optional) diced jalapenos! Super simple to modify for the crock pot. Five Heart Home.
  • w/Peppers: These are a great contrast to the sweetness and are bright pops that really balance out this dish. For those that don’t like spicy, substitute one green bell pepper for the jalapeno. Or if you want more heat, leave the jalapeno seeds in. This is super easy to customize to your family’s preference. BreadBoozeBacon.
  • w/Bacon: Only takes minutes to prepare and will go perfectly with your Easter ham. It’s a rich and delicious casserole with lots of cheese plus you can add some jalapenos to heat things up. It takes only 10 minutes to prep and then another 35 minutes in the oven. SpicySouthernKitchen.
  • Gluten-Free: This version doesn’t have any flour in it which means it’s naturally gluten free, plus it uses creamed corn to make a delicious sauce without the need for butter. Sprinkles & Sprouts.
  • Triangle Ranch Scalloped: Chiles jazz up this home-style favorite. Serve it as a side with grilled or roasted meats or poultry. Midwest Living.
  • Rice Bake: Here’s the ultimate comfort food made pretty with bell peppers and cilantro. Also provides two variations/flavor tweaks: Adding ground cumin; and long-grain brown rice. KraftHeinz.
  • Chicken Delight: Can be a meal in itself! A good one to double then freeze for a future, last-minute meal. Southern Plate.
  • Family Favorite: Ingredients include bacon, chopped onion, flour, minced garlic, sour cream, fresh parsley, minced chives and seasonings. Taste of Home.
  • With Grits: For a real taste of the South, try this easy dish that combines two terrific regional favorites: grits and corn. The pairing results in a golden-brown masterpiece that’s indulgent. Woman’s Day.
  • Creamed: (includes directions for making in a slow cooker if you prefer) Features chopped red & green sweet peppers, chopped onion, butter, canned celery soup. Better Homes & Gardens.
  • Southern-Variation: Dressing up the plain old veggie is what this recipe is about, with very southern flavors and taste – Jalapeno, cilantro and corn come together for an easy, sweet and spicy treat. From eCurry.

Jiffy/Muffin Style

  • From Scratch: Looking for a savory and lightly sweetened side dish for the holidays? Shows you how to make a more tasty cake with simple pantry items. Jessica Gavin.
  • Silky Custard: This delicious casserole is baked in a silky custard and whipped up from scratch with no cornbread mix. Little Sweet Baker.
  • Old-Time Favorite: This is the recipe that the blogger’s mom always made and is now passed down. It certainly doesn’t fall in the healthy category. But, don’t mind the ingredients (stick of butter, cup of cheese, sour cream, 3 eggs), just enjoy the amazing flavor in ignorant bliss. Mom’s Dinner.
  • The Best (From Scratch): Jiffy mix contains approximately 2/3 cups flour and 1/2 cup cornmeal whereas this homemade mix contains 1 C. flour and 1 C. cornmeal. The greater ratio means more flavor and more texture without the hydrogenated shortening. In addition, by putting together your own mix, adjust ingredients to meet your dietary needs. Carl’s Bad Cravings.
  • With Greek Yogurt: It’s not what you’d call light, but promises to be oh so good. This probably technically yields 6 servings, but we considered it 4 at 483 calories and 20 grams of fat. Pots And Plots.
  • Lightened Up: Making the most of convenience products, this casserole comes together quickly as an ideal side for chili, spicy pork, or chicken. MyRecipes.
  • Baked: This is a cross between a spoonbread and a stuffing, with a moist, spoonable texture. It’s a great compliment to the holiday table, but simple enough to serve as a side any night of the week. It’s quick and easy to put together too, but may also be prepped ahead to save time. See tips to learn how. Campbell’s Kitchen.

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