15+ Corn On The Cob Recipes: {Yum!}

An earlier post here on Tipnut shows how to cook cobs of corn in a variety of ways, now here’s a collection of recipes and ideas to jazz up this favorite side with flavored butters, cheeses and seasoned spreads–delish!

*Descriptions below are quotes from the original reference pages

A Simple Mix

Try A Simple Mix Of Herbs & Butter

  1. Bacon-Wrapped & Grilled: Skip the butter — do like the Food Network star does and use bacon to add rich flavor. Courtesy of Paula Deen, found at Quick & Simple.
  2. Chili Lime: Grill up this zesty, tender, Mexican-inspired recipe from Guy Fieri — perfect for your next barbecue. From Delish.
  3. Jalapeno-Lime: Rachael Ray’s tasty twist found on Food Network.
  4. Fresh Herb Butters: A picnic favorite like corn on the cob is made even better when drizzled with fresh herb butter. Includes alternate recipes for Jalapeno butter and Mint butter. From Country Living.
  5. Herbed: Lemon thyme, available at farmers markets and specialty produce markets, lends this corn a delicate lemony-herbal flavor, but feel free to use regular fresh thyme instead. Steaming the corn is a gentle method that allows you to cook it in butter; you can pull back the husks and use them as a handle while eating. Found at Epicurious.
  6. Herb Grilled: Butter, green onions, fresh oregano, fresh coriander, parmesan cheese–how could this not be great! Found at Lifestyle Food.
  7. Seasoned Butters: Try any of the variations for seasoned butter, you`ll find recipes for Dill Butter, Italian Butter, Horseradish Parsley Butter found at Land O’Lakes.
  8. With Molasses Butter: A sweet take on an old favorite. Found at Quick & Simple.
  9. With a Trio of Flavored Butters: Spread with one of these flavorful butter blends for a luxuriously indulgent touch. From Self Magazine.
  10. Baked with Herbs: Enjoy an all-American classic all buttered up and herbed! Found at Betty Crocker.
  11. With Parmesan Cheese: From Food Network.
  12. With Caesar Butter: This adds a savory tang to the corn, making it very delicious. Found at Made By Melissa.
  13. Maple Chipolte Grilled: The maple syrup will give it a lovely, deep flavor that your kids (and you) will quite willing eat. However, I’m quite pleased with the combination of the sweet and spicy in this dish and I think you’ll like it, too. Do something different and give it a try! Found at Angies Pangies.
  14. With Cheesy Butter: For a nifty, hands-on way to coat corn, pack the butter mixture into a plastic-lined ramekin and chill; then let guests roll their own corn in the butter. From Martha Stewart.
  15. Curried With Goat Cheese: If goat cheese is not to your liking, try queso fresco or any other crumbly cheese such as feta. Parmesan is also good, and even though it won’t spread well, you can sprinkle the mixture on. Found at Taste Of Home.
  16. With Chipotle Mayonnaise: The spicy dip that I serve with grilled corn (as well as with steamed or boiled corn) is sort of like a Mexican aïoli, pungent with garlic, smoky and spicy with chipotle chiles. You can also serve it as a dip with vegetables or chips, or use it as a flavorful spread for sandwiches and panini. The recipe makes more than you’ll need for six ears of corn — if you’re having a crowd for a barbecue, you’ll have enough. From The New York Times.
  17. Grilling/BBQ : Firecracker Corn on the Cob: A mixture of softened butter and TABASCO brand Pepper Sauce is brushed over kernels before grilling. From TABASCO.

Bonus Ideas:

  • 10 Ways To Try Corn On The Cob: Ideas offered are Mayonnaise, Chili & Cheese; Fruit Chutney; Creamy Guacamole; Cinnamon Spice; Curry Powder & Nuts; Easy Seasonings; Fresh Herbs; Pesto & Parmesan; Hummus & Peppers; Herbed Pepper Seasoning. From Better Homes And Gardens.
  • Fresh Fried Corn (Shucking, Silking, Cooking, and Freezing): There is nothing in this world like the flavor of fresh corn, shucked and cut off the cob and cooked up in a skillet. No matter how hard companies may try (and I do appreciate their efforts!), no frozen or canned corn can even come close. The taste is night and day, as if it were two different vegetables entirely. From Southern Plate.

Also see this tip for making flavored butters in bulk to freeze (nice timesaver): Quick Tip: Make Ahead Fresh Herbs & Butter.

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