90+ Totally Free Patterns For Coffee Cup Cozies & Sleeves

When putting together this new, updated collection of free coffee cozy patterns, I had no idea how many hundreds (maybe thousands) there are to choose from!

Examples of Coffee Cup Cozies & Sleeves

Why are they so popular? Because they’re so practical…the sleeves protect our hands from the heat of the cup while also keeping our favorite brew insulated and sheltered a bit from cold winter mornings. They also jazz up that favorite, but tired and worn out mug.

If you’re looking for last minute gift ideas…these are the ticket! Fill a snugly wrapped ceramic mug with a pack of gourmet coffee beans, homemade flavored grounds/creamer, gourmet blend k-cups, or even a gift card to your pal’s favorite coffeehouse!

Custom cup huggers are super easy to whip up and in whatever size you want (travel size, regular mug, tall tumbler, Yetis—you name it). I’ve included all kinds of projects, so however you prefer to make it (sewn, knit, crochet, crafty DIY), this list has you covered!

Don’t Miss Them: I’ve also added some template resources at that bottom of this page that you can download, print (transfer to cardstock or trace over thin cardboard) & then slide on the sleeve for a lovely gift presentation (such a great packaging idea).

Have fun…this is a whopper of a list with loads of creative ideas! (New Collection Update: April, 2022)

Free Patterns For Coffee Cup Cozies & Sleeves

There’s a lot here so for easier browsing, I’ve organized the collection into three separate groups: Sewing, Knitting and then Crochet.

Each of the designs are included because a) I like them and b) full directions are provided (totally free) with no email submissions or memberships required.

Some may offer a free pdf pattern as an instant download, or include a video tutorial demonstrating how to make the project. Each should at least include complete, on-page text/directions that you can follow without hassle.

For sizing, many have templates provided that you can download and print (pdf), others teach how to measure precisely for a custom fit.

Directions: Click on an image to visit the project page, a new browser tab will open so your spot here is saved.

Sewing Projects: Fabric, Felt & Miscellaneous

Here’s a lovely medley mix to stitch and sew. These are terrific fabric stash busters so if you have that pretty quilting cotton piece on your mind…here’s what to do with it. Some are padded or backed with felt or fleece, most are super simple to make.

I included a few projects that are ideal for repurposing throwaway items (old socks, sweaters, worn kitchen linens, vintage prints, even men’s dress ties). They may be old & tired, but here’s a way to bring them back to life (and depending on the fiber content, would surely wash like a dream). Enjoy 🙂

Quick Tip: Keep in mind that if you want these easily laundered, make sure to use materials that are ok to toss in the machine (or at least hold up well to a gentle hand washing).

DIY Felt & Fabric Sleeve (Kid Friendly)

A basic template is provided, cut the fabrics then hand stitch together (no hemming or finished edges required) then embellish with a pretty button or charm.

Source: albiongould.com

Custom Fit Design Tutorial

Here are instructions showing you how to measure & cut to make a buttoned up (with elastic loops), double layer, padded cozy with some basic running stitches for decorative effect.

Source: hazelnutgirl.blogspot.com

Pretty Mug Cozies

The examples in the photo here show them with vintage fabrics, pom pom trim & a bit of basic embroidery, so of course I love them! Totally gift-worthy & a great way to make some Starbucks gift cards a little more special! Template download provided (pdf).

Source: flamingotoes.com

Sock Covers

Simply cut an old sock down to size, whipstitch a hem then slide onto jars, tumblers, Yeti’s…whatever you drink beverages from. Terrific for iced coffees & drinking out of mason jars (takes care of the condensation on outer glass). Another simple sewing project the kiddos can handle.

Source: dianarambles.com

DIY Men’s Tie Wrap

Pretty clever! Pick up a men’s dress tie at the thrift shop (the wider the better), then cut it down to size, back with felt and attach a strip of velcro (or a button & buttonhole) to hold in place.

Source: limeandaquastudio.blogspot.com

Padded w/Button

There aren’t step-by-step instructions here but there is a basic pattern provided with general directions. I’m sure you can figure it out, the button can be stitched permanently in place (and then slide the cup in & out) or if you want to get fancy & have the skills, make a buttonhole to accompany it.

Source: cosmocricket.typepad.com

Repurposed Socks: Two Ways

The first project is for a travel mug, folding the cut edge over & using fabric glue to hold in place. The next idea is for a handled mug, a slit is cut & then fabric glue applied to “seal” the edges, preventing any future fraying. Embellish as you like.

Source: mommypotamus.com

Extra Wide Coffee Sleeve

Custom designed for men (since they have bigger hands), this wide wrap is sure to protect every finger from coming in contact with super hot surfaces.

Source: craftystaci.com

Belted with Fringe

Made from felt, microsuede, and a buckle from an old belt. This project reminds me that I need to do a better job of stripping hardware from items before tossing them.

Source: paperplateandplane.wordpress.com

Ruffled Hot Cup Jacket

Looking at the directions for these & I think: great project for a beginner seamstress to practice sewing ruffles! Jacket held in place with a strip of velcro.

Source: sew4home.com

New Jeans with Pocket

This actually transported me back to highschool where jeans were pretty much all we wore (the style of choice is now known as “mom jeans”, I’ll have you know). I love this design, it’s such a delight!

Supplies: Denim, cotton fabric, insulated batting, elastic cord & a button. Pattern pieces provided (pdf).

Source: craftystaci.com

Christmas Coffee Wraps

These are fun! Sheets of felt are cut out, edges pinked then stitched together. The designs are made with stencils, paint & sparkle texture. The link to the template doesn’t work but you could make one yourself or use one from another project no problem.

Source: homestoriesatoz.com


A terrific stash buster, this design fits best on mugs that are uniformly sized or slightly narrower at the top. An assortment of fabric scraps, quilt batting, hair elastic & a cute button are all that’s needed.

Source: theyellowbirdhouse.com

Free Knitting Patterns

Nice because they’re soft, warm & cuddly but also because they have some stretch to them for a snug fit. There’s quite a variety in this bunch, plenty of Beginner projects but some more advanced for Intermediate knitters as well.

Quick Note: Keep in mind that depending on the yarn used, these may be hand wash & flat dry only.

Pick a Pocket Knit

I love these! Stash tea or packets of sugar/sweetener in the outer pockets, there are two different designs offered (one plain, one cable style). Free pdf pattern available to download.

Source: simplynotable.com

Double Seed Stitch

A nice ‘n simple project that gives lots of texture, this is done in cotton worsted weight yarn on size 5 needles (or 6 if you prefer). Alternating k2, p2 and p2, k2 rows makes this a super easy option.

Source: mamainastitch.com

Woven Knit Cable

Two methods to cast on, each with its own steps to finish. If you choose a provisional cast on, it leaves one end with live stitches so you can invisibly graft the ends together (with Kitchener’s Stitch)…or you can do a regular cast on technique & then just sew the two ends together when finished.

Source: purlavenue.com

Chevron Cup Cozy

Promises to be a small & quick knit using two contrasting colors in fingering weight wool. Worked on 4 (US size 2) DPNs. Ideal size for a travel mug or large take away cup.

Source: cablesandcalico.wordpress.com

Braided Cable

A great little project for practicing cables, this one has ribbing for the top & bottom with the cable running through the middle. Worked on 3 (or 3.5) needles & a cable needle. A button to hold it together.

Source: craftingfingers.co.uk

Basketweave Coffee Sweater

A lovely basketweave goody made with worsted-weight yarn and two sizes of double-pointed needles, the finished piece will fit a mug 3 1/4″ in diameter & just under 4 1/2″ tall.

Source: jennihodges.wordpress.com

The Knitted Slingshot

Will fit a 16 oz. or 20 oz. disposable cup, this not only protects your hands from being burned while carrying it around, you can also drink from the cup too.

Can be done with two colors & practice a bit of fair isle or just work even in a single color.

Source: knitty.com

Boxy Waffle

Worked in the round on 3 DPNs, this is not only a visually appealing pattern, it’s easy to knit too! Recommends superwash merino wool so it’s machine washable.

Source: leahmichelledesigns.com

Easy Stripes

If you are a Beginner knitter, this is probably the easiest it will get and don’t they look terrific! Worsted weight yarn (great stash buster!) and size 6 knitting needles.

Source: pattymacmakes.com

Knit Ribbed Stripes

Another super easy project, she makes a great point that this is a great starter for learning how to make socks (getting a handle on the basics before advancing to the heel & toes).

Source: hillbillyhousewife.com

Sweater Characters

Could these be any more fun? The pocket & arms (both are simply decorative elements) are done separately then sewn in place. The body is mainly done in stockinette (but can do a knit stitch of choice). Video tutorial provided as well.

Source: studioknitsf.com

Red Heart Valentine Mug Hug

The heart is finished by attaching a strand of yarn at center top then with a yarn needle, weaving it down through the fabric for a few rows, gathering & pulling tightly…then sewn in place.

Source: yarnspirations.com

Free Crochet Patterns

This was probably the hardest section for me to put together because there are SO MANY lovely crochet cozies to pick through! I think because they’re easier & faster to make (compared to knitting), easy to wash (unless wool yarn is used) and because they’re more forgiving in sizing due to some stretch ability (compared to sewn projects). I’ve had to prune things down a bit because this collection page is out of control already lol. Have fun!

Burberry Inspired Cozy

It’s amazing how a simple crochet dc (mainly) mug warmer can be transformed by embellishing with a bit of ribbon, a bow & a star button. Love it!

Source: simplytale.com

Crooked Coffee Cozy

An easy, beginner friendly pattern, this is worked in back loops only to give that lovely ribbed ridge effect.

Source: danyelpinkdesigns.com

Crocheted Snowman Buddy

Too cute for cold winter mornings…this would also make a great hot chocolate buddy for the kiddos.

Source: foreverettcrocheting.com

Tunisian Crochet Sleeve

Wow, I like this! Made with bulky yarn, this is a nice little project to get you started with tunisian crochet (a cross between knitting & crochet). You can get away with using a regular 9mm crochet hook (with putty on the end so stitches don’t fall off). Video tutorial included.

Source: tealandfinch.com

Bobbles Cozy

There’s something about this design that reminds me of the old ceramic mugs in bold color gradients from the 1970s or so. You can make them in a single tone but I love this fun & bright combo. Includes a larger pattern for a french press.

Source: anchorcrafts.com

Crochet Loopy

I adore the cheater “cable look” running across the middle, this is achieved by pulling a chain loop through the one below to connect them. Super simple!

Source: crochetncreate.com

Flower Wrap

The body is worked in the round mainly in sc, the crochet flower applique is done separately then attached with a few stitches.

Source: daisycottagedesigns.net

Santa Mug

So simple, yet so festive & adorable! Has loops that go around the handle for a good fit. Red body with white trim (top & bottom), a black belt around the middle with a gold buckle.

Source: gorgeouscrafts.co.uk

3 Beautiful Crochet Patterns

Stunners! Some of the options: Button or sleeve, embroidered snowflake motif (left), corsetted ribbon (center), scalloped knit-look (right).

Source: kirstenhollowaydesigns.com

Granny Square Cozy

Not a detailed pattern but basic directions provided (enough to get the job done). Two granny squares (of choice) are joined together (sc), the entire piece then finished off with a sc border, then three bands made (sc) and attached to the body with buttons. A bunch of granny square patterns can be found here.

Source: lifemadecreations.blogspot.com

Football Mug Sweater

Perfect for chilly nights in the stands, this couldn’t be easier to whip up! The football stitching is made by weaving ivory yarn through the body to give the effect of football lacing.

Source: ohana-boutique.com

Easy & Adjustable

Made with medium weight yarn, a size 4 crochet hook (G) and two 1″ buttons (or more if needed). Finished size is 15″ x 2.5″ & can be adjusted to fit 11″ to 14″ diameter mugs.

Source: oombawkadesigncrochet.com

Christmas Cup Cuffs

Ribbed across the top (brim), all you need to know how to do is single crochet to make these (great for beginners!).

Source: sweetredpoppy.com

Claire Cup Cozy

Now this is a unique design! Incorporates a puff stitch and finished size is 4.5″. Made with worsted weight cotton yarn & a 4.5 crochet hook. Includes a video tutorial to help you along if needed but promises to be easy.

Source: acraftyconcept.com

Gift Card Pocket Cozy

A cozy with a pocket to hold a coffee shop gift card makes this a perfect combo gift. I love the pretty scalloped edge. Includes two free printables to package your gift perfectly, one for Christmas and the other for Valentine’s Day.

Source: caabcrochet.com

Cup Printables

These are free pdf templates to print on cardstock (a couple sheets if extra stability is needed–just glue stick or double stick tape together), cut around the border then slide your gift cozy over top. If it’s a longer sleeve you’re giving, fold it up (from the bottom) to make a little pocket to stash a gift card. Terrific stocking stuffer!

Gifting Ideas

Who doesn’t appreciate a cuddly cozy wrapped around a favorite mug filled with hot coffee, tea or cocoa on a cold winter’s morning!

There’s really no limit of occasions when a handmade sleeve would make a great gift, they’re so practical and useful for day-to-day living. Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Christmas
  • Birthdays
  • Teacher’s Appreciation
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Office/co-workers “Secret Santa”
  • Neighbor Appreciation

Make the treat extra special by stashing homemade chocolate spoons and chocolate covered peppermint sticks in the cozies for both coffee & hot cocoa fans.

Ideas for tea or hot cocoa lovers: Pack with blends of loose tea (or bags), homemade flavored sugar, cinnamon sticks, mini-marshmallows, bags of cocoa.

Embellishment Ideas: Add a bit of flair to your finished project with buttons (large and small, jeweled or plain), metal charms, crocheted flowers, ribbons & bows, beads, embroidered motifs, felt patches, fabric appliques, decorative laces & trims.

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