60+ Totally Free Patterns For Coffee Cup Cozies & Sleeves

Why are cozies so popular? Because they protect your hands from the heat of the cup while also keeping your favorite brew sheltered a bit from cold winter mornings. They also jazz up your favorite, but tired and worn out mug.

If you’re looking for last minute gift ideas…these are the ticket! Fill a wrapped ceramic mug with a pack of gourmet coffee beans, homemade flavored grounds/creamer or even a gift card to your friend’s favorite coffeehouse!

Ideas for tea or hot cocoa lovers: Pack with blends of loose tea (or bags), homemade flavored sugar, cinnamon sticks, mini-marshmallows, bags of cocoa.

Are you interested in learning how to make a custom sleeve? Whatever size you want (travel size, regular mug, tall tumbler) and however you want to make it (sewn, knit, crochet, craft, paper), this list has you covered! I’ve organized them all into specific groups for easier browsing.

Note: To be included in the collection below, each project has to be free with no membership or email requirements. Things can change on the internet so if that’s the case with something you click to visit, just let me know in the comments section below so I can remove it.

Have fun…this is a whopper of a list with loads of creative ideas (updated in 2020)!


Heart Felt: Some hand stitching is involved (very minimal & basic), free pdf template available to download.

Quilted: This design fits best on mugs are uniformly sized or slightly narrower at the top. Printed pattern available.

Sassy: Cute! Sizes are suitable for both travel mugs and regular coffee cups. Embroidery is optional (includes tips).

Narrow Ends: This design has narrow ends that meet at the handle and then closed with an elastic hair tie.

Decorative Button: Two pieces of fabric are cut w/batting. Button can be decorative (though you could include a hole if you like). Perfect for beginner sewers!

Three Different Styles: You can make one to lace up, snap shut or elastic straps to hold in place. Nice!

Custom Template: Here’s a quick project that includes a handy tip…use a bistro paper wrapper as the template for your pieces (making sure to include seam allowance).

Basic Skills/Super Easy: This one is great for the kiddos to craft! Felt, fabric and a running stitch (by hand).

Fancy: Hook & loop tape closure, felt scraps, embroidery thread, wee appliques, whipstitch, French knots and other stitchery goodness.

Ponytail Closure: Another button/loop closure, simple quilting with lines running across the band.

w/Contrasting Binding: Great little touch for adding a decorative binding around the edges, so simple! A Scribed account is needed for template download but right clicking on image to save to desktop works too (adjust scale when printing).

Christmas Buddies: I love these, they’re so festive!

Ruffled Jacket: They are super fast and easy, and you can really get an assembly line going: cut-cut-cut, ruffle-ruffle-ruffle!

Custom Fit Tutorial: This shows in detail how to design something to fit your mug perfectly.

Reclaimed: Perfect for beginner sewers, this uses an old coffee sack & is finished off with raw edges.

Belted: Ha! So cute! Fashion-inspired, using felt, given some fringes, and secured with a camel microsuede belt.

Travel Mug Tutorial: Here’s a step-by-step set of instructions showing how to custom fit to your favorite travel buddy.

So Simple: I love these sleeves so much and really, is anything more needed? Cut wool felt piece and zigzag seam up the side. Boom, all done!

Love Note: Pretty creative! InsulBrite, 14″ of bias tape, a small piece of clear vinyl, a couple buttons, stretchy hair tie.

Extra-Wide: Not much different here but the size is nice for those with bigger hands and fits plastic summer cold cups nicely.



Transformed Sock: Have you ever wondered what to do with the socks whose mates were lost in the time/space vortex known as the dryer? Here you go!

Sweaters Too!: (No-Sew) Great way to keep at least a piece of that old favorite sweater.

Dad’s Old Tie: Don’t have one laying around? Thrift stores have bins full!

Cut-Up Sweater: Cut out piece to custom-fit, hand stitch along the ends and embellish as you like.

Quick Sock: Cut along the calf part and then whipstitch the hem closed. Nice for insulating water bottles too.

Embellishment: Here’s another old sock project, this time a creative way to add a little extra decoration to it.

Paper Sleeve: Here’s a quick & easy crafty project that uses pretty scrapbook paper & some glue.


Forest Folk Animals: Charts included for a Fox, Raccoon and Owl. DPN. Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool (about an ounce/cozy).

Ribbed Cuff: This sleeve looks super cute when embellishments are added (charms, buttons, embroidery, etc.).

Colorful Stripes: If you know how to knit in the round, cast on, cast off and do a knit 2, purl 2 rib, this will be a quick and easy project.

Two Versions: Plain or Cabled: Features a strap the buttons closed between the handle space. US 8 needles and any worsted weight yarn will do.

Loop Closure: Project requires both knitting & some simple crochet stitches to assemble.

Pick A Pocket: Both pretty and practical, this design provides the perfect space to tuck in some extra sweetener or an extra teabag for later! Quick and easy, requires less than 50 yards!

Woven Cable: Medium weight yarn, size 5 needles, 12 row repeat, once piece is 9″ you bind off & sew ends together.

Braided: perfect practise for knitting cables. The rest of the stitches are simple, so you can concentrate on practising a new technique.

Adorable Sweaters: So fun and totally gift-worthy! Instructions available via video as well as a written instructions.

Chevron: Sized to fit a travel mug/take-away at 10 inches circumference and 2.5 inches tall but can easily be adjusted as needed.

Tall Style: Pattern is found by clicking on the green “Download” button (pdf). Worked on circular needles. Intermediate Level.

Red Heart Valentine: This cutie will steal your heart, so be sure to share it with a friend!

Lacy Aran: A great design to practice your lace skills and make gifts at the same time.

Kureyon: Work on DPNs, fits a 16 oz. coffee cup. Pattern repeat: 8 rows.

Seed Stitches & Diamonds: What a lovely way to incorporate old vintage bits! Look carefully at the page where the instructions stop, you’ll see a “See Next” button. Click that to view the rest of the directions.

Slingshot: Just slip it into the lower part of the carrier and off you go.



Basketweave: Made to fit around a Starbucks cup (they all should be the same size in diameter). Works up pretty thick so use a thinner worsted weight yarn.

Band: Once assembled measures about 4 3/4″ across and 2 1/4″ wide. Do more rows of SC around the edges if you want it larger or make it with a larger hook.

Caddy: There’s a little pocket on the side to hold your favorite teabag. Skill level: Easy.

Mug Tie: Intentionally designed with beginners in mind, learn to work in rows without the worry of project ending in hopelessly crooked rows.

Double-Looped: Beginner friendly, chain stitch, DC and SC are all that’s needed for this cutie.

Plain No More!: Pretty simple, you can get four cozies out of 50g cotton worsted weight yarn. Size 8 needles; Stitches: ch, sc, hdc, dc.

Granny Square: I love this! Two squares are made then joined in sc along one edge. Trim in sc. Three bands along the handle to connect.

Tunisian: Want to learn Tunisian Crochet? This fun and easy pattern made with bulky yarn is a great place to start!

Diagonal Rows: These whip up fast and work great on most cans too. Work entire project in back loops only to create ribbed effect.

Striped: Worked in repeating groups of two rows, alternating colors. You do not need to cut the tails as you go; carry it up to the next time you use it. The edging will hide the carried yarn.

Tubular: Small and quick, excellent choice for beginners.

Adjustable: Three colors of worsted weight, solid band with two buttons in different positions to accommodate sizing.

Cuff: Simple but lovely, made with fingering weight yarn and two wooden buttons.

Granny Band: Choose different colors for each round or alternate a striping design.

Holiday Santa: Cute stocking stuffer or craft fair project.

Brain Waves: There are some really lovely color combos, check original page for examples.

Spiked: Approx: 11″ long x 3 1/2″ tall worked in an adjusted Popsicle Spike (instructions available).

Bow: A cute little bow attached to the front of a simple band cozy.


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