Crafting With Teacups For Pretty Decor (& Functional Uses)

Chances are you have a few mismatched teacups tucked away in a cupboard or you scored a bounty of lovely pieces at yard sales and auctions (for cheap!). What to do with them?

Here are a bunch of lovely ideas you can try crafting, some have been previously featured on Tipnut and included here for one handy project sheet.

Some projects would be ideal for using a favorite piece that has been chipped or cracked (hiding any flaws if possible).

First up, I have to mention a quick & easy DIY that would be so cute on the dressing table: An eyeglass or sunglass holder. You can see a sample idea in the graphic to the right (top left corner).

Here’s how you make it:

  • Turn a cup upside down and adjust it to rest on a tilt inside a small china bowl or custard cup (matching or not, choose something that compliments the design).
  • Once you find the angle that best suits the purpose, line the bottom half and sides of the cup rim with an industrial strength glue.
  • Press inside and hold for a few seconds to ensure adhesion.

That’s it! Now you can have a nifty place to keep your glasses!

Now on to the rest of the collection, I’ve handpicked these from around the net and will be adding more to this list as I find them, enjoy!

DIY Projects
Wineglasses: These are made by snapping off the stems of wineglasses (first scoring them with a glass cutter) then gluing them to the bottoms of teacups (see slide #10 on page).

Candles: Old candles are melted down then the wax is poured into the vessels that have first had a wick set in place.
Bird Feeder: Turn an old teacup, saucer, and copper tubing into a pretty birdfeeder for your garden with this creative project (scroll towards bottom of page).

Cake Topper: Display a cake extra special with this easy craft, items required: fresh flowers, floral foam, colored paper & paper embellishments.
Floating/Flying: So adorable! This is such a cute decor idea for weddings, showers or tea party aficionados.

Sconce/Porch Planter: It may take some time to source the perfect size sconce & materials, but so worth it!
Lamp: You’ll need 1 medium, 1 small and 1 extra small teacup along with saucers, a teapot and a lamp kit (assembled lamp is painted so they don’t need to match).

Pincushion: A simple craft made fancy with buttons, ribbon, a bit of fabric and satin-wired ribbon.
Centerpiece & Favors: Charming mini-vases labeled with paper name flags. If you want them all the same color, you can spray paint them first.

Clock Tutorial: The back is just painted particle board and then assorted sets of teacups are attached with Gorilla Glue Epoxy.
Painted Blanks: Here’s how to turn ordinary white pieces into works of art using a porcelain marker and paint.

Crafty Cake Stand: (webarchive link) The sample is three tiers but you can make it larger or smaller if you like. You’ll need a plate + 1 for each teacup you use.
Decorative Centerpiece: Stack pieces together with industrial strength glue, bottom is a candlestick to give it height.

Organize Jewelry: Not only does it allow you to see everything, items can easily be retrieved and put away. The variety of dishes creates a number of compartments that allows you to categorize.
Hanging Candles: The knotted hanger instructions are included, made with string. I think I’d use battery operated lights rather than candles for this project.

Jewelry/Makeup Holder: This can be made with a mismatched set and still look quite lovely. You’ll need a diamond drill bit & drill.
Wall Art: It’s funky, pretty, and adds another fun element to my growing wall of breakfast art! The best part? There’s only 2 steps to make it!

Pendant Lights: Such a creative idea and full of character with endless possibilities. Just make sure its ceramic and large enough to fit a small light bulb inside.
Jewelry Holder Tutorial: How clever! This one uses a spoon handle to hold a stack of rings (it’s just bent then glued to the inside bottom).

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    • Darlene Ashe

    I love this site. this weekend I will be making myself a fun headband to wear to a party. I have been looking for the right idea for a headboard for my bedroom. The painted canvas ideas for non-crafters is just what I have been looking for. Thanks. Darlene

    • Stephanie

    Martha Stewart gave a neat trick a few years ago to make ugly wire tomato plant trellises more attractive. After planting tomato and securing wire trellis so that the spiked ends point upwards,gather the four prongs together and put a pretty teacup on top. Hides the ugly prongs and looks festive!

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