40+ Tips & Techniques For Crafters

Ready to pick up a new technique or two for your crafty bag of tricks? Here’s a bunch of tips and tutorials for various crafts and creative endeavors like knitting, sewing, crochet and lots more. There’s a little bit of everything here so there should be something fun and interesting for everyone.

With So Many Crafty Things To Make & Do...We're Always Ready To Learn Something New
With So Many Crafty Things To Make & Do...We're Always Ready To Learn Something New

Several of these have been featured previously on Tipnut but there’s plenty of new stuff too, enjoy!

  1. How To Make T-Shirt Yarn: Save old t-shirts that still have life left in them and they can be made into yarn for crafty projects. Here’s a nice tutorial showing you how to do it.
  2. How To Make Plastic Bag Yarn: Nice tutorial with lots of pics showing you how to make plarn from thin plastic grocery bags.
  3. Drawing A Line Design For Quilting: This tutorial shows you how to make a simple circle of feathers using a heart template (for hand or machine quilting). Lots of pictures, click them to view a larger size.
  4. How To Hem Jeans: Become a pro with Kansas A’s 12 Step Program to Hemming Jeans (nice tutorial with lots of pictures walking you through the process) and This Super Easy Method by Dacia Ray.
  5. 42 Crochet Tips: Yowza! Here’s a jackpot of tips for crocheters.
  6. Make Fantastic Rub-On Transfers From Stuff Around The House: A nifty way to make smudge free, rub-on transfers that could be used in scrapbooking and rubber stamping craft projects.
  7. The Magic Adjustable Ring: A Better Way to Begin Crochet in the Round: Have you ever fought and struggled and ripped and re-ripped both your yarn and hair, trying to make your starting round neat and tidy with a center hole as small as possible? Try this technique and you’ll never look back (lots of photos showing you how).
  8. Reference Cards To Print (pdf): Three different cards: Knitting Needle Conversion Table, Crochet Hook Conversion Table and Recommended Needles/Hooks for both knitting & crochet.
  9. How To Fuse Plastic Bags: Learn how to fuse plastic grocery bags together and then use the “fabric” in crafts.
  10. Paper Clip Stitch Markers: Who need fancy gadgets when a simple paper clip will do!
  11. Easy Mitered Corner Tutorial: Teaches you how to sew nicely done mitered corners (and make a napkin while doing it). Nice tutorial!
  12. Appliqueing With Used Dryer Sheets: Instead of using paper, try this tip using dryer sheets.
  13. How To Cover Stitch Without A Serger: Quick tip showing you how to mimic a serger’s cover stitch on your regular sewing machine.
  14. Quick Tip For 1/4″ Seam Guide: Sewers and quilters rejoice, here’s a way to sew a perfect 1/4″ seam using just a bit of tape. Easy peasy!
  15. Troubleshooting Interfacing: Do you dread working with interfacing? Here are some troubleshooting tips that will help you be an expert in no time.
  16. Knitting With A Safety Thread: Use this technique to mark the spot where you know the work you’ve done is correct.
  17. Screen Printing 101: Design your own t-shirts and other items using this photo emulsion method.
  18. The Vintage Pattern Primer: Nice bunch of tips for sewing with vintage patterns.
  19. How To Print On Fabric: This technique uses freezer paper, you can use it to back your fabric before running it through a printer to print off a design from your computer.
  20. Picking Up Dropped Stitches: Knitting tip. It’s crummy when you discover dropped stitches but here’s a trick to help you fix that right up.
  21. Tracing Paper & Transfer Pens: Learn how to transfer designs to tracing paper using colored transfer pens. These can then be ironed onto your fabric of choice. Great technique for embroidery patterns that you download online (like these goodies).
  22. Scarf Blocking 101: Scarves in particular can be hard to shape if you just dump them in the water, here is one method for blocking them.
  23. How To Clean A Sewing Machine: Nice pictorial guide for cleaning a sewing machine (did you know blowing compressed air will just send the bits deeper into your machine and cause future problems?). Here’s a tutorial for cleaning old sewing machines.
  24. Know Your Hand Sewing Needles: Nice guide teaching your about various needles and what they’re used for.
  25. Keep Your Pins & Needles Sharp: Here’s a tip for using steel wool to stuff your pincushions and your pins will stay nice ‘n sharp.
  26. Crochet Stitch Marking Trick: Hate working with stitch markers? Here’s a clever way to use a piece of contrasting yarn to mark your place.
  27. How To Add Fabric to An Embroidery Pattern: I love a bit of fabric on needlework, here’s an easy way to do that using fusible web.
  28. How To Curl Fabric Ribbon: Quick tutorial showing how to curl grosgrain (or other ribbon) using wooden dowels or skewers, clothes pins and a spray bottle filled with water.
  29. How to Weave on a Cardboard Loom: Here’s how to build a simple loom on a piece of cardboard.
  30. Making custom labels: Ribbon Labels and Fabric Labels (using a computer to design label and iron-on transfer paper).
  31. How To Fabric Applique: Learn how to applique fabric pieces on quilts or other projects. Includes instructions for working with curves and points, how to pin to background fabric, how to blind stitch and how to remove the paper pattern. Nicely done with images showing you what to do (click on the pictures to view a larger size).
  32. How To Reverse Applique: A decorative embellishment that can also be used to repair tears and stains on garments (using a scrap of fabric and fusible web).
  33. The “How Many…?” Knitting Tool: A free online calculator to figure out how many stitches or rows to increase (or decrease), how many stitches to cast on (for a particular width) and how many rows to knit (for a particular length).
  34. Cross Stitch Calculator: Plug in a bit of information (graph size, fabric count, etc.) and the calculator will tell you what size the stitched area will be, the tapestry needle size to use and how many strands of floss to use.
  35. Citrasolv Transfer Tutorial: Transfer images to fabrics (such as muslin) using a bottle of Citrasolv citrus cleaner and a laser printer or copier.
  36. DIY Seam Allowance Trick: Working with patterns that have no seam allowance? Here’s a clever idea using two pencils taped together (they measure 1/4″ side-by-side).
  37. How To Make Bias Tape: Nice picture tutorial showing how to make your own bias tape using strips of fabric and a bias tape maker.
  38. How to Easily Remove Serger Stitches: Two simple tools are all that’s needed to remove stitches and start over again.
  39. Applique Tutorial: Nice tutorial showing you how to applique fabric designs and letters to garments or anything you like.
  40. How To Measure Yourself Correctly: Nicely detailed tutorial (including pictures) showing you how to measure yourself accurately (for making garments and buying patterns).
  41. Finger Knitting How-To: A nice picture tutorial showing step-by-step how to knit yarn with your fingers (simple enough for older children to learn).
  42. Spool Knitting: Three videos showing you how to spool knit with a plastic pail spool knitter (that DIY project is found here). The tutorial also includes a summary with pictures if you can’t watch videos for some reason.
  43. How To Darn Socks: Learn how to repair holes in knit socks using leftover sock yarn, a long darning needle and a darning egg, mushroom or other round object with a hard surface (ideas listed on page).
  44. Knitting Notes: (free printable) Keep track of projects with this lovely printable, it tracks the yarn used, start & goal dates, gauge & swatch notes, needles, when it was completed and room for other notes you want to remember (things to change, what you loved, etc.).
  45. Quilt Label Freebies: Dozens of designs to choose from, print on fabric paper to attach to quilts for gift-giving.

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