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Fight Menstrual Cramps With Oils, Herbal Teas & More

Well ladies, we all know “that time of the month” is no fun and while many of us only occasionally suffer mild discomfort while we’re menstruating, others contend with painful cramps month after month.

There are several things you can try to help reduce the pain (such as resting with a hot water bottle or microwavable heating bag [1], a hot shower or bath, adjusting your diet), but you can also try some healing herbal teas, salves, compresses and other natural remedies.

I’ve combed through my notes and put together a page listing several different items that may help (including simple recipes), but first a couple notes about dietary adjustments that can make a difference…

Below you’ll find several brews, food additives (a generous sprinkle whenever it works), aromatherapy and massage recipes and a few other goodies.

You may have to go through the list until you find one that helps, but when you do find it…lucky you and stick with it!

Note: If you don’t usually have to contend with painful cramps and suddenly find it’s the norm month after month, have your doctor check things out to make sure you haven’t developed uterine fibroids.

Steeped Brews: (Drink teas no more than 3 cups per day)


Foot Soak: Mix a couple tablespoons of dry mustard to a bowl of hot water before submerging feet.

Aloe Vera [2]: 1 TBS Aloe vera juice (3 times a day during the week prior of period).

Sprinkle on Food:

Sniffing Vial/Aromatherapy:

Add a few chips of rock salt to a small vial then add these essential oils…

Bath Booster: Try making a lavender bath salt [3], this scent is thought to be helpful.

Massage Aids (for abdomen and lower back)…Apply a hot water bottle, heated bag or towel after rubbing them in

*Numbers in () are the amount of drops to use for each

Recipe #1

(4) lavender
(2) marjoram
(2) chamomile
(3) geranium
(1) ginger
(1) ounce carrier oil


(4) lavender
(2) clary sage
(2) rose
1/8 cup almond or olive oil

*Massage into abdomen each day one week prior


(8) lavender
(8) marjoram
(8) chamomile
1/4 cup olive oil

Healing Salve (Rub into abdomen and lower back):

1 lb lard
2 to 3 handfuls marigold flowers (including leaves and stems, no roots)


If you are on medication or breast feeding, check with a doctor first before consuming herbal remedies to make sure they’re safe for you. Also make sure to only use flowers and herbs from the garden that are pesticide-free.

*Note: These are simply notes I have collected, they are not intended to be professional medical advice.