Blossom Beauties: 85+ Free Crochet Flower Patterns

Crochet flowers are a beautiful, easy way to add a unique, personal touch to any project. With this massive collection of free patterns, you can learn how to create a wide variety of different floral beauties.

Examples of Crochet Flowers & Colorful Yarn

These sweet charmers are lovely embellishments for baby blankets & booties (so cute!), slippers, totes, hats, headbands, ornaments, hair accessories and whatever else you like. One of the included projects was even created to be used as a wedding bouquet, so really – the sky is the limit!

What’s the best yarn to use? There are no fiber restrictions & these can be made with a wide variety of materials: cotton, acrylic or wool blend yarns, crochet thread, embroidery floss and even baker’s twine.

Best hook sizes to use: It depends on the yarn & how large or small you want the final piece (smaller steel hooks with embroidery floss, for example, will turn out mini blossoms, larger hook sizes with yarn will result in a much fuller bloom).

If you like the look of a flower but the final size isn’t quite what you’re wanting, simply adjust the hook size & the yarn to get closer to what you need. Keep in mind when doing this that the detail of the bloom will look different when altering a pattern’s recommendations.

New Collection Update: April, 2022

There are plenty of different styles to choose from in this bunch, many include nicely detailed tutorials and pictures to guide you. Some offer free pdf pattern downloads and video tutorials, but all should provide complete instructions via on page text (with no email submissions or memberships required to access). If that changes, please let me know in the comments section below so I can remove it.

I chose a wide variety of flower designs to make and I tried to keep duplicate patterns out of the bunch. Some look pretty similar to each other, but the petal counts or the amount of layers or the way center stitches are worked will be different. I admit though that some of the roses and rosettes had my eyes crossing, so if you find a dupe or two for those, my apologies!

Quick Tip: Making a crochet flower is a fun way to master a new technique or two so don’t shy away from a pattern that looks a little “extra”.

Skill Level Required: Most of these are quick & easy, considered Beginner or Intermediate, so there should be something here for every crocheter.

Free Crochet Flower Patterns

Directions: Click on image to view project, a new browser tab will open so your spot here is saved.


These can be done in any color combo of course, but don’t they look lovely with their cheery yellow centers & soft blue petals! Instructions in both English & Dutch provided.



Three frilly layers of petals and a solid center, this looks terrific in orange, just like marigolds!

I can’t figure out how large these turn out but looking at the accompanying video, they seem quite large (maybe 6″ in diameter or so). A 3mm hook is used with cotton yarn.


Cherry Blossom

Both text pattern & chart diagram provided, these sweeties are whipped up in cotton yarn & a 1.25mm hook.


Granny’s Pansy

I don’t know what I love more, the story behind this sweet charmer or the design itself ;). Very touching from start to finish. She also generously provides us with a free crochet pattern pdf to download.


Seamless Water Lily

One creative person wouldn’t settle for 6 outer petal water lilies so she created her own pattern–and now we all benefit! Also generously provided is a free pdf to download (one for US, one for UK).


Puff Flowers

These little gals are some of my favorites! The foundation (center) is a sweet lemon yellow yarn then the 6 petal puffs are done in a single round (though each are worked over 2 chains).



Quick & easy to make, measures 5cm in diameter if using embroidery floss & a 1.25mm crochet hook (you could go larger with yarn). The center is filled with a bit of stuffing to add some dimension & there are green leaves underneath.


9 Petals

I like the slight curve effect on these for the added dimension it gives. Starts with a magic circle or a chain of 3 sts & 8 dc.


African Flower

These are finished in a hexagon shape so they will work as “blocks” if you like. Stitch sides together for blankets, bags, etc. There’s also a video tutorial for making them into squares if you prefer that.



Name inspired by the round element in the center, this pretty blossom is worked separately in three sections then sewn together.


Cala Lily Bouquet

This is quite something! To keep their shape, she finished them with a stiffening solution (water and Elmer’s Glue in a 50/50 ratio).

Check the page to see the wedding photo in front of the Church altar, you can see how striking the bouquet is at a short distance.


Layered Heart

A creative & unique design, this has so many possibilities for Valentine’s Day (bunting, gift embellishment, etc.).



I adore the center on this, it’s made from an easy crochet puff button. Florist wire is doubled then attached to the base so the bloom has a “stem” to stand on (when arranged in a vase).


Origami Rose

Wow! Suitable for Beginners to Advanced crocheters, these are done up in DC stitches then rolled into shape. The stems are snipped from inexpensive dollar store floral bunches. Flower pattern via free pdf download.



These are really nice in both the red (as shown here) and a soft pink (shown on page). The center is worked first, next the two main petals (one on either side), then the back ones are done separately & stitched in place. Simple yet so lovely!


Layered Ruffles

The tutorial details two versions, one with just the ruffles, the other with added beads. They finish off by adding elastics (or clips) to turn them into hair accessories, but they can be used for anything you like.


Pull Tab Flowers

Here’s a great photo tutorial showing you how to cover metal pull tabs from canned beverages with crochet stitches.

I’ve come across them as Christmas tree ornaments but they can be used for anything.



I really like the idea of using these for holiday table decorations and on the Christmas tree, but they could be used for anything you like. The pattern for the leaves is included too which is nice because that’s not always the case.


More Freebies You Don’t Want To Miss

Some of these are lovely as appliques, others are full 3d flowers that will add a dash of femininity and charm to garments, totes, hair accessories and anything else you like!

I hope you enjoyed this list of freebie patterns! As you can see, there is an enormous variety to choose from (starting from basic, simple crocheted cuties to more elaborate & advanced flowers) and they’re such a fun craft to work on. See what happens when you experiment with color, texture & dimension!

Hopefully you found just what you were looking for or at least ample inspiration to get you started :). More petal pretties will surely be added so check back when you’re in the mood for some fun & fresh ideas!

Quick Tip Before You Go: If you’re planning on arranging a few blooms to display in bouquets or as room or table decor elements, consider a light spray of your favorite perfume to make them an extra perfect floral addition to any space in the home.

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