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30+ Decorative Votive Holders

Here’s a nice assortment of crafty tutorials for making decorative glass votives, you’ll find plenty of creative ideas in this collection using a variety of materials (such as paper, lace, cinnamon sticks even an artichoke). Enjoy!


Cut Paper [1]: Cut pattern from self-adhesive paper then stick design on glass candle holders.

Lacy [2]: Pieces of lace are shaped with fabric stiffener and molded over filled balloons until they dry. Once dry, fit a small glass votive inside.



Lace Covered [3]: Very easy to make, just wrap a piece of lace around a small glass jar or votive and keep in place with transparent tape.

Pine Cone Scales [4]: Layer pine cone scales with hot glue to achieve this look.



Goblets [5]: Fill metal goblets with melted microwavable soy wax and candle wicks for this lovely craft.

Printed Paper Votive Luminary [6]: Print chosen design on cardstock then fold and shape around a glass votive.



Artichoke Candle Holder [7]: Cut out the inside of an artichoke (first given a lemon juice bath to prevent oxidization) then insert a small glass votive and tealight.

Paper Napkin Covered [8]: Apply one layer of decorative paper napkin to a glass votive with a 50/50 mix of water and PVA.



Fall Leaf [9]: Decorate small glass containers with leaves (preserved with clear poly-crylic) kept in place with double sided tape and twine.

Easy Fabric Covered [10]: Cover glass votives with bits of fabric and mod podge.



DIY Vellum Wrapper [11]: Wrap vintage book paper around mini glass jars.

Cornhusk [12]: Wrap votives with dried cornhusks and tie in place with ribbon.



DIY Mercury Glass [13]: Spray the inside of glass vases and candle holders with mirror paint to achieve this look.

Colored Glass [14]: Pint-sized canning jars, glazed with paint to match a garden’s decorating scheme, provide pretty, low-cost candle lanterns. These blue-hue jars enhance the garden scene while protecting the votive candles from breezes.



Jam Jar Cozies [15]:
Three adorable little cozies to make that cover jars of all sizes.

Sweater Cozies [16]: Simple crochet pattern to make votive cozies using worsted weight wool.



Water Balloon Luminaries [17]: A paraffin wax luminary is made using a balloon as the mold, tea light tucked inside once set.

Birch Tree Bark Candles [18]: Votive candles are slipped inside hollowed out birch branches.



DIY Painted Votives [19]: Paint the inside of glass votives with watery paint, allow to dry and then see how pretty they look once candles are lit.

Origami Wraps [20]: Squares of decorative origami paper are folded and taped around clear glass votives, the paper is thin enough for the light to shine through.



Stained Glass [21]: Cover a clear glass votive with tissue paper in assorted colors (cut in various shapes) and Mod Podge.

Faux Gilded Cups [22]: Small frosted cups are decorated in a lacey pattern using a paper doily, spray adhesive and Sharpie metallic paint pens.



DIY Mercury Glass [23]: Use vintage cut glasses for a pleasing display, items required for project include silver, gold, or copper leaf sheets, adhesive and leafing paint.

Photo Memory Candles [24]: Black & white photocopies and transparent contact paper are used to make these glass candleholders.



Evergreen Candles [25]: Spray adhesive is used to cover a glass hurricane with evergreen pieces, fill container with pillar candles.

Fabric Lined Glass Jars [26]: Should only be used for battery-operated tea lights for safety reasons.



Frosted [27]: Wrap a thrift store goblet with rubber bands then spray with frosted glass spray paint.

Concrete Tealight Holder [28]: Made with fine mixed concrete, small silicone molds, oil and some tealights…great for the deck!



Ombre Colored Sand [29]: Play sand, regular liquid style food coloring and lots of mixing by hand to blend the colors well.

Easy Vintage Style [30]: Decorated with old book pages, bits of ribbon and lace and flowers.



DIY Wine Glass Candle Lampshades [31]: Inexpensive wine glasses become fancy candle lamps when topped with vellum shades.