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Make Your Own Bubbles: {8 Recipes & DIY Wand Tips}

  • Caroline Strazzullo: Looking forward to more “tip” ideas for my grandchildren, thank you!!

DIY – How To Remove White Heat Stains On Wood Table

  • Tara: I made a huge white stain BECAUSE I was using a stem iron on the table (I thought the towel would protect the table). I tried the baking soda and toothpaste mixture and dry ironing over a thin towel. The spot is...
  • Julie: Toothpaste did not took the stain off. Olive oil and salt…bad.
  • Donna K.: Awesome!!! I spent 3,000.00 on my 10 seat dining room table and hutch. I was going to put a table cloth on the wooden table, because of the white spots left on the table by plates of hot food and drinks too. I...

Crystallized Honey: Why It Happens & Reviving It

  • Daniel: Good advice thanks.ill try the crockpot .That seems to be the best way to melt it

11 Meat Tenderizers & Why They Work

  • Teresa sigerson: I tried Taquins marinade it worked amazingly well! I don’t think I will ever cook Pork any other way again. Thank you

How To Treat, Soothe & Bring Boils To A Head

  • maza: These things are terrible!
  • jake: I have been using a combination of washing with Dyna-Hex 4 soap, then applying a topical combination of Campho-Phenique antiseptic gel with Epson salt and an antibiotic gel. The drainage appears to be happening...
  • jaypee: I tried this method as well, 2 days ago. it worked! How did you treat the wound after?

Nasty Nail Fungus: What To Do If You Have It

  • June: I have had this fungus for at least 30yrs tried many expensive solutions to no avail only on big toes by the time I gave up I had damaged the nail bed just be careful with the clippers

Yes – Easter Lilies Can Indeed Be Saved & Thrive Outdoors!

  • Corinna Martinez: Hello, I live in Palm Coast, FL and have 2 potted Easter lily plants which I am watering regularly to keep alive. Can I keep them in the pots and place them in the lanai (facing northeast) although...

Inside Of Your Dishwasher A Bit Funky? Here’s A Quick Fix!

  • Cathy Riggs: About once every other month, I run my empty washing machine with bleach in the soap dispenser. After it’s done, I run another cycle with vinegar. This kills any mold or bad smells. I do the bleach...

25 KitchenAid Stand Mixer Troubleshooting Helpers

  • Nan Crowson: My KA throws food out of the bowl on the lowest speed. It doesn’t matter which paddle I use. The splash guard won’t stay on, either. Ideas for help?

DIY Scented Gel Air Freshener: {Smelly Jelly Version}

  • Cheri: The packaged gelatin like Knox

7 Ways To Loosen A Jar Lid That’s Stuck Tight

  • Jenny: Thank you! We are working on repairing a pipe in the dark and had to open a small can of primer as well as pvc glue. Both were sealed tight, but the combo of a hairdryer and wacking it with a butter knife did the...

How To Remove Coffee & Tea Stains From Mugs & Teapots

  • Alicia: I love the magic erasers for tea stains. But I have a glass jar that I can’t fit my hand in to use it. I either need one made round on a good handle or another method to clean the stains out of the inside of a...

Fragrant Home: 15 Simmering Pot Recipes

  • Jon G.: So, for the apple juice recipe, do you refill it with water or apple juice?

10 Ways To Soften Hard Brown Sugar

  • Chris: I always keep it in the fridge in its own bag with a twist tie. It never gets hard.

21 Natural & Homemade Pesticides That Work: {Recipes}

  • tcinque: I have the same problem here in Louisiana. The fire ants were taking over my backyard so I mixed sugar and baking soda together and sprinkled it wherever I saw a mound and it worked. The sugar attracts them, and...

Going To War Against Fleas: Indoors, Outdoors & On Pets

  • Eileen Bodah: Where do U get Black Walnut Branches ?