40+ Door Stops to Craft: Sewing ~ Concrete ~ Wood

Have a door that won’t stay open or tends to slam shut every time there’s a bit of a breeze running through the house? Here’s a bunch of cute ‘n crafty ways you can make your own door stops. These are all pretty much sewing tutorials but I did include a few creative DIY projects at the bottom of the page (for wood, concrete, etc.). As always, I only include those that provide instructions free and without hassle.

First, a couple of quick and easy ideas:

Take a fabric gift bag (or make one yourself…a couple ideas are in the collection below) and place inside it a plastic ziploc full of dried grains/beans or even pebbles. Tie it closed with a ribbon and voila! you have a decorative door stopper.

Another cute idea I spotted awhile back was to make three large sachets (small cushion size) and stack them on top of each other. Directions below…

For the sachet stack:

In the center of the top and middle sachets, on the respective base pieces only, stitch a large “X” (in a double seam an inch apart) in the center. Do not stitch right to the edge, you want the pillows to be individually formed so leave a couple inches on all sides…though the “X” needs to be large enough to bear weight and not tear easily when the stack is moved.

  • Top sachet bottom is attached to Middle sachet top.
  • Middle Sachet bottom is attached to Bottom sachet top.

Stuff the top two with cotton batting then fill the bottom with batting and fillers of choice. Hand stitch openings closed.

Finish off with a wide, decorative ribbon bow that will be sewn in place so you can use it to lift and move as you wish. That’s it…you have another cute stopper!

Next up is the collection of projects that I’ve handpicked from around the ‘net. There are plenty of clever ideas in this bunch! I’ve included some fabric & filler suggestions below…

Fabric Suggestions:

You want something sturdy that can handle the weight when it’s picked up and moved around or rubbing from the door. If it’s a pretty cotton print you want to use, consider lining it with canvas or something more heavy duty.

  • Denim (Old jeans)
  • Canvas (Painter’s Drop Cloth)
  • Corduroy
  • Upholstery Fabric
  • Linen (including tea towels)
  • Burlap
  • Cotton Drill, Duck
  • Suiting fabric (great for repurposing out of date fashions)

Filling Suggestions (For Weight):

Here’s what you can use for heft…some designs will handle a mix of stuffing & weights. Tip: Consider including a handful of dried lavender or very fragrant potpourri to add a lovely scent to the room.

  • Play or Craft sand (bagged, bought from store so it’s clean)
  • Pebbles, river rocks & stones (cleaned or purchase at home & garden center)
  • Dried Rice (add dried lavender for a lovely smell)
  • Dried Lentils, Beans (navy, pinto, etc.)
  • Cherry pits/stones (you can buy packages of sterilized ones)
  • Weighted plastic beans/poly pellets
  • Fish tank gravel
  • Steel shot beads/Slingshot balls
  • Kitty litter (fresh of course, lol)
  • Buckwheat/Grains

Using a ziploc bag to contain tiny items makes things easier to empty and clean (or prevent a disaster if a tear develops). Don’t overfill the bag, you still want flexibility to shape.

Free Project Tutorials

*Some are quite similar in shape but may have slight design tweaks or if they are exactly the same, I included them to give you a choice of directions to follow.

Scrappy Pup: Use leftover fabrics, buttons and ribbons and stitch this cutey to prop open a door. Pattern pieces included.

Tea Towel / Linen: So charming! Ideal for using a vintage tea towel or muslin remnant.

Elephant: Two patterns for the elephant and its cute little bow are provided for free. Entire body is whip stitched then filled with pebbles. (I copied the elephant pieces here for safe keeping…it’s from an old magazine).

Zipped Top: Has a handle so it can be easily moved, zipped opening and filled with cat litter and polyfill.

Cubed W/Strap: After filling with dried beans & cotton batting, the opening is hand stitched closed. Features a decorative, side burlap strap on top.

Fat Quarter Cube: Velcro is added to the base for an opening to easily replace bagged weight items.

Car Wheel: Jogging fleece & felt…fun design for your favorite little race car driver.

Adorable Dog: Pattern pieces available via pdf download. Instructions available in both written form & video.

Mannequin: What a cute project for the sewing room! Made with a Fat Quarter. Free pattern pieces provided (pdf).

Pencil Stack: Lots of pieces to work with but the final result is worth it…ideal for the playroom!

Cat: Now that’s a pretty detailed feline! Hand stitched felt & embroidery. Free pattern provided.

Hanging: This hangs from the handle when not in use. Felt, a square brick, a small piece of rubberized shelving liner and string.

Box Shape w/Handle: Will hold up to 2kg of rice, has a strap for easy maneuvering & zipped bottom. Template provided for download.

Toadstool: Fun craft! The bases are made using plastic containers and weighted with gravel or sand. Free pdf pattern download available.

Pyramid Shaped: Sand filled and features a sturdy ribbon loop for a convenient handle.

Chicken: Make a fun and functional chicken doorstop from old clothing. Free pdf template to download.

Decorative Bag Stop: Sew a lined bag with a fabric tie closure, filled with pebbles, sand or rice for weight.

Giant Sized: These are about 13″ tall and filled with 2 lbs of pinto beans and stuffing. Pattern pieces are in Power Point but if you don’t have that program dimensions are given too.

The Wonderful: Precise measuring & sewing is important for a tidy looking result. After filling with weight, seam is hand stitched closed.

Drawstring Closure: Here’s an idea to make a cute drawstring bag then insert a plastic bag containing sand or rice for weight.

Jelly Roll Bricks: This is for those folks who need something HEAVY, two bricks are tucked inside. Use a strong fabric for the this project.

Tartan Scottie: There’s a pdf pattern download available and includes instructions on the last page. It’s rough, but it’s got everything you need.

Friendly Rock: He’ll be happy to help you hold your door open, or, if he’s placed behind the door, keep it from slamming into the wall. Made with felted wool (or wool).

Sleepy Time: Ha! Too cute. A little “bed” is made (using a brick as the weight), then a favorite toy tucked in for a good rest.

Tabby Cat: The templates for the cat shape are free to download (pdf).

Triangle: This design has a long strap for easy moving. Free template provided (pdf).

Patchwork: The design features patchwork sides/top & a cute little freestyle cross-stitch motif on the front.

Upcycled Jeans: Fusible fleece is fused to denim pieces before sewing together. Leather strap for the handle.

Arched: The shape is hand drawn so you can use whatever you like, she decided on a Gothic Arch design.

Soda Pop Bottle Dolls: A Sunbonnet Sue doll is fashioned around a plastic soda bottle (1.5L or 2L). The pattern itself is available from another source (free membership site), she’s showing how she made it.


Creative DIY Ideas

*Click on image to visit project page

These projects are either handmade from wood, concrete, rope or other materials. Pretty nifty!

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