40+ Door Stops With Flair: {Fabric ~ Concrete ~ Wood}

Do you have a door that won’t stay open or tends to slam shut every time there’s a bit of a breeze running through the house? Door stoppers are a simple solution to that problem and there’s a wide range of ways to make them.

Examples Of Handmade Door Stoppers

Sure an empty ice-cream pail loaded with gravel and sealed with a lid will do the trick but we can do much better than that no matter how limited our budget or DIY skills!

Here’s a bunch of cute ‘n crafty ways you can make your own, many are fabric and sewing tutorials (all free) but I did include a nice bunch of creative DIY projects at the bottom of the page (for wood, concrete, etc.) when something a little more handsome is required.

First, a couple of quick and easy ideas:

Take a fabric gift bag (or make one yourself…a couple ideas are in the collection below) and place inside it a plastic ziploc full of dried grains/beans or even pebbles. Tie it closed with a ribbon and voila! you have a decorative stopper.

Another cute idea I spotted awhile back was to make three large sachets (small cushion size) and stack them on top of each other. Directions below…

For the sachet stack:

In the center of the top and middle sachets, on the respective base pieces only, stitch a large “X” (in a double seam an inch apart) in the center.

Do not stitch right to the edge, you want the pillows to be individually formed so leave a couple inches on all sides…though the “X” needs to be large enough to bear weight and not tear easily when the stack is moved.

  • Top sachet bottom is attached to Middle sachet top.
  • Middle Sachet bottom is attached to Bottom sachet top.

Stuff the top two with cotton batting then the bottom with batting and fillers of choice. Hand stitch openings closed.

Finish off with a wide, decorative ribbon bow that will be stitched in place so you can use it to lift and move as you wish. That’s it…you have another cute stopper!

Next up is the collection of projects that I’ve handpicked from around the ‘net. There are plenty of clever ideas in this bunch!

New Collection Update: October, 2022

Fabric Suggestions:

You want something sturdy that can handle the weight when it’s picked up and moved around or friction from rubbing on the door. If it’s a pretty cotton print you want to use, consider lining it with canvas or something more heavy duty.

  • Denim (Old jeans)
  • Canvas (Painter’s Drop Cloth)
  • Corduroy
  • Upholstery Textiles
  • Linen (including tea towels)
  • Burlap
  • Cotton Drill, Duck
  • Suiting material (great for repurposing out of date fashions)

Filling Suggestions (For Weight):

Here’s what you can use for heft…some designs will handle a mix of stuffing & weights.

Quick Tip: Consider including a handful of dried lavender or very fragrant potpourri to add a lovely scent to the room.

  • Play or Craft sand (bagged, bought from store so it’s clean)
  • Pebbles, river rocks & stones (cleaned or purchase at home & garden center)
  • Dried Rice (add dried lavender for a lovely smell)
  • Dried Lentils, Beans (navy, pinto, etc.)
  • Cherry pits/stones (you can buy packages of sterilized ones)
  • Weighted plastic beans/poly pellets
  • Fish tank gravel
  • Steel shot beads/Slingshot balls
  • Kitty litter (fresh of course, lol)
  • Buckwheat/Grains

Using a ziploc bag to contain tiny items makes things easier to empty and clean (or prevent a disaster if a tear develops). Don’t overfill the bag, you still want flexibility to shape as needed. I’ve also seen recommendations to stuff pantyhose, tie the ends & shape as desired. Both are great options.

Directions For How To Make A Door Stop

As always here on Tipnut, only those projects that are 100% hassle-free are included, this means there are no fees charged to access instructions or necessary templates and no emails to submit or memberships to signup for. I focus only on those tutorials that are text and image based but there may be videos provided for additional assistance.

Directions: Click on images to view project pages, a new browser tab will open & save your spot here

Free Sewing & Craft Patterns


Templates are made out of lightweight cardboard (from cereal boxes, etc.) to cut fabric pieces. Iron-on interfacing is applied to the material before assembling. Fill with sand using a funnel. Top handle is made with a bit of ribbon in a complimentary color.

Source: au.lifestyle.yahoo.com

Charming Elephant

Two patterns for the elephant and its cute little bow are provided but I couldn’t download the one for the bow without a membership. Since the bow is simple enough to whip up, I’m still including this project in the collection. The entire body is whip stitched then filled with pebbles. (I copied the elephant pieces here for safe keeping…it’s from an old magazine & uploaded on pinterest).

Source: createstudio.blogspot.com

Boho Crochet

Skill level: Easy. She has a good suggestion about the filler: Pack a length of pantyhose with yarn & fabric scraps, old garments (socks, etc.) then weight the bottom with beans or small stones. Tie off the ends of pantyhose to keep it all neatly contained, shape & pack into the stopper before stitching closed.

Source: madebygootie.com

Whimsical Toadstool

How’s this for adorable! Utilizes empty yogurt or margarine containers, cardboard, fabric scraps, stuffing & adorable pixie dolls. Includes a free pdf to download that contains pattern pieces & instructions.

Source: madewithlovebyhannah.com


Requires a fat quarter of durable material (cotton drill, duck or canvas), velcro, stuffing & filler for weight (dried beans, rice, etc.). Includes a pdf to download.

Source: rebecca-angela.com.au

Owl – Upcycled Socks

This is really creative! Two old wool socks have the feet cut off & are then slit up the sides & stitched together to make the body of the owl. Felt pieces & buttons are used for the eyes. Stuffed with batting & weighted with materials of choice such as beans or rice (a liner bag is made with fabric scraps).

Source: sustainmycrafthabit.com

Sleepy Time

Ha! Too cute. A little “bed” is made (using a brick as the weight) with a wee patchwork quilt, then a favorite toy tucked in for a good rest.

Source: suzyssitcom.com

Tabby Cat (no-sew)

Pattern & applique pieces are available via pdf download. Size can be adjusted by enlarging or minimizing templates before printing. This is all assembled with appliglues (clear and colored).

Source: applicraft.co.uk

Designer Chickens

These are pretty simple to whip up, free pattern pieces are available to download (pdf) which are just the body & wings (cut 2 of each). Stitch together with some decorative ribbons & pack with stuffing then insert a bag (filled with rice).

Source: globalfabrics.co.za

Handle & Zipper

These are suitably sized to be a door stop or a wall guard & feature a zipped opening at top so the contents can be removed & cover washed.

Source: hungryhippiesews.com


Another very easy project to sew with just two pattern pieces, I think this design is so charming! All that’s required is a fat quarter, some poly fil & something heavy (pebbles, dried beans, etc.). Free pdf pattern download.

Source: theshabbycreekcottage.com

Free DIY Tutorials


A little heart is made with mosaic tiles & applied to a large pebble from the garden using a grout mix. Note the sweet little bird ornaments held in place with strong glue.

Source: acraftymix.com

Leather Wedge

A small block of wood is cut into wedges, painted at the tip & then a leather strap added at the back (held in place with a washer & flat head wood screw.

Source: homemadebycarmona.com

Burlap Wrapped Brick

This can be done any number of ways but in this example the brick is covered with batting, then wrapped with decorative burlap & finished off with a grosgrain ribbon bow.

Source: sweetwaterstyle.blogspot.com


Concrete is mixed then poured into moulds (milk or juice box; round plastic container). The handle is rope or very thick twine. A nice, clean, modern design!

Source: instructables.com

DIY Concrete Wedge

A quick set, ready mixed concrete & a mould is all you need for this quickie project. Save polystyrene packaging to use for the mould but any alternative will work. Sand & paint if desired.

Source: theunimpossibles.com

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