25+ Free Eye Mask Patterns & Tutorials: {Plus Filler Recipes}

Here is a nice selection of free eye mask patterns and sleep pillows that promise to help you rest, block out light and soothe nagging headaches.

Eyemask with Lavender & Essential Oils

Most are quite easy to make & they’re mainly sewing tutorials (with some template downloads), but I did find a couple crochet projects (and one knitting) that I tucked in as well.

I also added a few simple DIY recipes that you can use to stuff them with to add weight and scent (you’ll find them at the bottom).

Suggested Materials: These are lovely when made with cotton prints & linen–pretty much anything really.

If you’re looking for extra soothing comfort, try cuddly soft or luxuriously silky fabrics such as these (at least for the back portion which lays directly on your eyelids & skin)…

  • Minky
  • Fleece
  • Flannel
  • Terry cloth
  • Repurposed sweaters (cashmere, etc.)
  • Silk, satin & silk blends
  • Bamboo knits
  • T-shirt knits
  • Sherpa
  • Velour

Good Light Blockers: Denim, Corduroy, Felt

New Collection Update: April, 2022

Free Sleep Mask Patterns

Directions: Click on images to visit project page, a new browser tab will open & save your spot here.

First up is a collection of masks that can be sewn (a few yarn projects are also included). The are held in place on your face with ribbons, elastic or a band of some sort.

The bottom half of this page you’ll find a great selection of tutorials for easy homemade eye pillows (they rest directly on the face & not held in place with a band). Also included is a few DIY filler & scent suggestions to help combat insomnia, uneasiness & headaches.

What’s New Pussycat

The pattern includes the eyelash design which is traced onto fusible web & then pressed onto the wrong side of black fabric. Cut out, position on the mask then steam iron to permanently apply. So cute! Page is no longer online but the pdf is so I’m linking directly to it.

Source: wolfandwillow.typepad.com

Ruched: Knitting Pattern

Incorporates a technique (ruching) to lift the center area of the mask so it doesn’t lay heavy across the eyelids. Free pdf pattern download.

Source: ravelry.com

Sherpa Lined (from spa set)

Two pieces of sherpa are cut out using the template (provided) then stitched together. A pretty gingham bias trim finishes off the edges & to make a casing for the elastic strap. So cozy!

Source: michaelmillerfabrics.com

Lightweight Tea Towels

Cute fabric, fusible batting & a strand of elastic tape are all that’s needed to make a pretty mask. The template is no longer online but you can use one from another project just fine. I included this to show how the most basic materials can still make something lovely.

Source: web.archive.org

Cat Design (Fabric & Fusible Fleece)

How fun! The provided template also indicates the placement for eyelashes & heart nose (felt). The lashes can be made with fabric paint (or pen) or basic embroidery stitches using floss.

Source: treasurie.com

Soft Minkee

A basic design with a tip to use minkee for the back, the part that rests directly on your face. Not only will it help block out the light really well, it’s super soft & cuddly too.

Source: prettyprudent.com

Crochet Pattern

The two circle “patches” are worked separately then joined together with yarn (ch1, sl st, ch1, sl st). Held in place on the head with a crocheted string (45 chain stitches).

Source: crochetncrafts.com

Owl Peepers

The eyes are done separately so it’s optional to add them, but notice the eyelashes around their border lol (they’re done in a pico stitch). Suggested alternatives: cat’s eyes or closed lids.

Source: littlegreen.typepad.com

No Sew Version

Two options, two sets of instructions: Sewn and DIY No-sew version (fabric or tacky glue does the job then border edges trimmed with pinking shears). Fleece scraps are used, a bit of stuffing and ribbons for the ties.

Source: craftyourhappiness.com

Satin Bridal Sleep Mask

Smooth satin pieces (front & back) are stitched over a layer of felt (for bulk). A sheer fabric flower is stitched in one corner & lace ribbon elastic holds it in place.

Source: dsmeebee.blogspot.com

This next batch contains free designs that are quite similar but I included them because you may prefer one template over another (a nose gap may be narrower/wider or one has more depth or length than another, etc.). They’re good for creative inspiration too.

DIY Holly Golightly Style

This isn’t a tutorial for the mask itself but how to embellish a purchased or handmade one into something Holly Golightly would wear.

How could I not share this!

Little tassels, fabric scraps, decorative braids, ribbons & fringe, pom poms, plastic gemstones & other decorative elements can transform the most basic mask into something a little more…eclectic lol.

Source: pmqfortwo.com

DIY Tutorials: Eye Pillows & Sachets

At first glance these may all look the same, but there are design elements that are unique to each. These are the easiest to whip up (for the most part) but they can be made extra special with stenciling or hand embroidery.

If you are wanting to weight them with grains or add scent with dried lavender and/or essential oils, check out How To Make A Microwave Heating Bag for ingredient suggestions. I also have some recipes listed at the bottom of this page especially nice for soothing headaches, aid in sleeping and relaxation.

If you only plan to freeze them, fiber contents aren’t as strict but heating them in the microwave has some limits. The link above will help you sort that all out.

Do Not Disturb

The lovely cursive text (provided) is printed onto a sheet of linen that is first taped to cardstock before running it through an ink jet printer. A bit of hand embroidery over the floral elements adds an extra touch of loveliness.

Source: centsationalstyle.com

Weighted Eye Pillows

This is actually quite an extensive page (along with a tutorial) explaining how a weighted option (or dream pillow) can help with sleep and relaxation. She also recommends silk & silk blends for the material (cooling & soft).

Source: itsmysustainablelife.com

Hot/Cold Aromatherapy Pillow

Filled with essential oil scented rice, I like the curve at the bottom for shaping around the bridge of the nose.

Source: weallsew.com

With Matching Pillowcase

Weighted with grains (rice, lentils, etc.), plus includes directions for making a matching pillowcase. This is a nice addition especially since the pouch itself can’t easily be washed.

Source: byhandlondon.com

Lavender Eye Pillow

One of my favorites, this is from Martha Stewart that is no longer online so I’m including the web archive link.

This has a regular eyemask shape but no band around the head so it just rests in place on your eyes.

Fill with flax seed & lavender buds, stitch down the center (this helps it settle in more around the contours of the nose & face plus keeps the flax evenly separated).

I’ve made a bunch over the years, super easy. The pdf template is here: Lavender Eyemask Template.

Source: web.archive.org

Frayed Linen Edges

I love these! Couldn’t be easier to make since the edges aren’t hemmed. I immediately thought of the stash of old linen sheets I have waiting to be used in a project (worn beyond repair in some spots so they aren’t able to be used for bedding).

Source: tidbits-cami.com

Soothing & Scented

Another design that just rests like a pillow on your eyes, this has tabs on either side for easy adjustment.

Source: sew4home.com

Serenity Now…Insanity Later

Yes, when I came across this project I was instantly transported back to the Seinfeld episode & Frank Costanza yelling (doesn’t induce calm btw lol). Anyhow, the lovely graphics for both texts are provided (each in a pdf). Just print onto linen before sewing. I love it 🙂

Source: gardentherapy.ca

With Companion Case

The inner pouch (made from muslin) is filled with flaxseed then a cover case of pretty fabric is sewn for a custom fit.

Source: stitchingcircle.com

Repurposing Vintage Scarves

This is a great idea & the fabric would feel so nice on your face. This tutorial shows you how to take thrift store scarves & transform them into something special.

Source: sadieseasongoods.com

Weighted Channels

Two straight seams are sewn across the pouch to make three channels which are then filled with scented grains (rice, flax seed, etc.) and ends sewn shut.

Source: joybileefarm.com

Scrap Buster

Fabric scraps are stitched together, lined with batting & then made into a pouch. Fill with flaxseed & lavender for a scented & soothing finish.

Source: sewtara.com

Striped with Side Tabs

These aren’t the usual rectangular shaped bags, there’s a slight design tweak: the ends are sewn closed about an inch deep so that the filler (uncooked rice, etc.) doesn’t fill right to the edges. This will give a 1″ flap on each side for handling.

Source: leighlaurelstudios.com

Lacey Trim

I like how this was made a bit more feminine & decorative using pretty scraps of fabric & lace trims. It’s a little more work but the results are worth the effort I think :).

Source: soapqueen.com

Herbal Mixes & Filler Recipes: Stress Busters & Sleep Aids

  • 1 part dried beans or flax seeds; 1 part dried rice, lentils, or buckwheat; 1 part dried lavender or chamomile
  • 1/2 cup flax seed; 1/2 cup dried lavender buds; 2 tablespoons dried peppermint leaf; 2 tablespoons dried rose petals; 1-4 drops lavender oil (as preferred)
  • 1/2 cup flax seed; 1/2 cup dried lavender buds
  • 1 part flax seed; 1 part uncooked rice

Sources: Yoga Journal and All People Quilt

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