85+ Sweet & Charming Fabric Flowers To Make

Who doesn’t love fabric flowers! They’re so pretty and can be a great way to add a touch of flair to almost any garment. If you want to learn how to make them (including those made with ribbon or felt), this is the crafty inspiration guide for you!

Flowers Arranged On Lady's Hat With Spools Of Ribbon

Browse through nearly a hundred free patterns and tutorials giving step-by-step directions for making gorgeous peonies, stunning roses, playful carnations and more charming flowers.

Learn how easy it is to twist beautiful rosettes, how to curl the edges of delicate chiffon blooms or how to attach long stems so your pretty DIY bouquet comes to life when arranged in a vase…a few even provide templates to download!

New Collection Update: August, 2022

As always here on Tipnut, only 100% hassle-free projects are included which means there are no emails to submit, no memberships to signup for and no fees charged. Everything is available in text form (either on the web page or a pdf download) but a few also offer an accompanying video to provide extra guidance.

Since there are so many designs to choose from, I’ve separated the bunch into three groups for easier browsing:

  • Assorted Fabric
  • Ribbon, Lace & Rick Rack
  • Felt

Some are shabby…some are chic, whatever you’re looking for, it’s likely to be found here. No advanced skills required and a few are even no-sew! Many are suitable projects for children and more experienced crafters alike.

These charmers are an easy way to embellish totes, jackets, hair clips, brooches and pins, headbands or even arranged as decor pieces around the home if you like (don’t miss the long-stemmed varieties included below that are ideal for year-round display).

Material Options Are Many:

  • cotton prints
  • satin
  • jersey knits
  • silk
  • felt squares
  • burlap
  • organza
  • chiffon
  • tulle
  • fat quarters & assorted scraps

Consider Repurposing Old Garments:

  • denim/jeans
  • sweaters/blouses
  • t-shirts/knit skirts
  • lace pieces
  • bed linens
  • sheer curtains
  • table linens

Decorative Embellishment Suggestions:

  • ornate or vintage buttons
  • faux pearls
  • gemstones from costume jewelry
  • beads of all sizes

Basic Supplies May Include (depending on project):

  • needle, thread & scissors
  • sewing machine
  • embroidery floss
  • hot glue gun w/glue sticks
  • floral wire
  • interfacing (for stiffening)
  • small blow torch or lighter (for burning & curling edges)
Tray With Sewing Notions, Trims, Fabric & Craft Flowers

These types of flowers can be used as table decor for Mother’s Day celebrations, Bridal (or Baby) Shower decorations and family gatherings. It’s even possible to create such gorgeous blooms that they can be beautifully incorporated into bridal bouquets!

They are quite popular for hair accessories (clips, barrettes, head bands, pony’s), dance costumes, party decorations or to add a pretty element to everyday items (tote bags, purses, hats, etc.).

Quick Tip: If you’d like to keep them arranged in a vase (for a guest bedroom, family area, etc.), give them a quick spray of favorite perfume to scent the room. This can also be nice when given as a “thank you” or appreciation gift.

For More Options & Ideas, Don’t Miss:

How To Make Fabric Flowers: Totally Free Tutorials

Regardless of what materials you are planning to use or how you plan on using them, there is surely something in this collection just right for you. I’ve included everything from very basic and cutesy designs (suitable for babies and young girls) to beautiful and sophisticated options for more formal presentations.

Directions: Click on images to view project page, a new browser tab will open, saving your spot here

Perfect Add-on Example

Super simple to put together but an ideal option when looking for a little extra “something” to add to your project (ie. pillow, hair clip, purse, etc.). Features a covered button in the center.

Source: vanessachristenson.com

Tattered Ruffle Garden

A strip of fabric is first basted lengthwise and then pulled to ruffle, hand sewn to shape blossom. Has a button center for embellishment.

Source: sew4home.com

Giant Single Bloom

The base is sturdy material (such as canvas) then approximately 2 yards of organza is cut into 2″ strips, rolled & trimmed to a petal shape. These scalloped strips are glued around the base to make bountiful layers. A jeweled brooch center makes this bridal bouquet worthy.

Source: owlreally.blogspot.com

Frilly Chiffon Flowers

Circles are cut in various sizes (4″, 3 1/2″, 3″, 2 1/2″, 2″, 1 1/2″) in assorted scraps (chiffon, silk, tulle, organza) & then the edges carefully burned so they curl up. Stack together then stitch with a bit of embroidery thread. A free pdf is available for download.

Source: calamitykim.typepad.com


Can be sewn by hand or machine, you’ll need a square of scrap material (twice the size you want the finished piece to be) then fold in half diagonally & baste sides together. A careful thread pull & it all comes together beautifully. Nicely done tutorial with pictures & detailed instructions provided.

Source: cherishedbliss.com

Gorgeous Fabric Sunflowers

A layered mix of satin & organza with the edges clipped & then burned to curl. A twisted ribbon in contrasting color is attached to the center with hot glue (recommends Liquid Stitch as a better option).

Source: craftysisters-nc.blogspot.com

Floral Wire Technique

Fabric is first stiffened with heavy duty iron-on adhesive then cut. Next, edges are finished with decorative machine stitching & then shaped as desired using floral wire.

Source: greenisthenewblue.blogspot.com

Fun Pop Garden

Layers are bright & pretty, includes felt pieces cut into circles (some are notched) then stacked together & stitched in the center a few times.

Source: heatherbailey.typepad.com

Shabby-Chic Craft

No two will look alike & textiles used can be anything from muslin & burlap to lace. Lots of textures & as many frilly frou-frou elements you like. There are no rules for this project!

Source: dejavuedesigns.com

Realistic Satin Rose

How pretty! Suitable for all kinds of things such as gift box toppers, hair accessories, bridal embellishments & general decor for Mother’s Day parties. Can be made with silk, satin and chiffon. Nicely detailed written instructions as well as a video tutorial provided.

Source: hellosewing.com

Big Bloom with Leaves

So lovely! The tutorial is provided via free pdf download which includes a pattern template that you can print to cut out required shapes for both petals & leaves. This example shows it done in silk dupioni.

Source: keyka.typepad.com


Source knit material from t-shirts/skirts/etc., to make these soft & sweet little blooms. Elastic thread is stitched in zig-zags all down the knit strip (in one continues line) using fingers to keep it stretched as you go. Nicely done tutorial with plenty of pictures to guide you.

Source: makeit-loveit.com

Tsumami Kanzashi

The tutorial for this is one large info graphic, save it to your desktop (by right clicking on it) and then you can enlarge it so it’s easier to read (or use your browser’s zoom feature ).

Source: schnukieputzie.blogspot.com

Long Stemmed

So clever! Tie and wrap these around long sticks then arrange in vases or containers for a pretty display.

Source: snowybliss.blogspot.com

Peonies & Cabbage Roses

These are so gorgeous & can be made with a variety of materials (such as satin, acetate lining, polyester lace, organza). Test suitability by burning edges to see if it melts & curls the way you want it. Template for petal pieces is freely provided (via pdf download).

Source: thediymommy.com

Easy Carnations

Recommends using a light jersey with a lot elastic in it for best results, ideal for upcycling old t-shirts & dresses. Technique is similar to DIY yarn pom poms.

Source: thelittletreasures.blogspot.com


Very easy to make since it’s basically cutting out scalloped layers in decreasing sizes (from an old pair of jeans) then stacking & sewing them together. A pretty vintage button is all that’s needed to complete the look.

Source: creationsbykara.com

Pansy & Dahlia

Two different designs provided, the link to the pansy template is no longer available from the original source (marthastewart.com), but I found it on the web archive here: (diy style pansy petals).

Source: flaxandtwine.com

Ribbon, Lace, RickRack


Bonus Ideas

  • Adorable Felt Crown: Includes templates & instructions for assorted blossoms.
  • Decorating With Felt: DIY Twig Letter With Sweet Blooms: Very nice wall decor piece, includes recommendations for purchasing flowers online but you can certainly DIY with any of the above too.
  • Magnolia Wreath: Oh my, how lovely! Includes a pdf pattern to download for both the magnolia petals & the leaves. Supplies include: Bendable vine wire, ink pad, fun pom poms & a hot glue gun.

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