Fancy Sandwiches & Garnish Ideas

Garnishes to Add Color to Fancy Sandwiches

Sandwich Trays Are Regularly Served At Gatherings
Sandwich Trays Are Regularly Served At Gatherings

Red: Beets, cherries, cranberries, jelly, pimento, radishes, strawberries, tomatoes

Green: Asparagus, celery, gherkins, green peppers, lettuce, olives, parsley, pepper grass, pickles, watercress.

Yellow: Cheese, egg yolk, grated lemon rind, pears.

Orange: Apricot, grated orange rind, peaches, pimento cheese

Black: Prunes, pickled walnuts, ripe olives

White: Cottage cheese, cream cheese, cucumbers, white cabbage

Brown: Dates, figs, potato chips

Sandwich Loaf Recipe

  • Remove crusts from day old bread. Cut lengthwise into four slices. Butter top of lowest slice and spread with one filling. Butter both sides of next two slices and put a different filling on each, placing one above the other as in the original loaf. Butter the fourth and place buttered side down on the top. Fillings of different colors are most attractive. Soften three 3-ounce packages of cream cheese with sweet cream and spread on outside of loaf as you would ice a cake. You may tint the cheese a pastel color if desired. Decorate with sliced olives, pimento and snipped parsley.
  • Wrap the loaf in a damp cloth and chill in the refrigerator for three hours or more. Serve cold, garnished with lettuce or olives, in full or half slices.

Checkerboard Sandwiches

  • Using fresh or day-old bread, stack alternately 2 slices of brown bread and 2 slices of white bread. Fill with two different spreads. Firmly press together. With a sharp knife, using a sawing motion, slice crusts from all sides of the stack. Cut each stack into 1/2″ slices. Then put 3 alternating slices together, using a “butter” or spread as filling. Chill several hours. Remove from refrigerator; with a sharp knife, immediately slice into checkerboard slices, 1/2″ thick.

Ribbon Sandwiches

  • Using fresh or day old bread, stack alternately 2 slices brown bread and 2 slices white bread, filling with one or more spreads. Firmly press together. With a sharp knife, using a sawing motion slice crusts from all sides of each stack. Cover with wax paper or a moist cloth. Chill several hours. Cut in 1/2″ slices. After cutting the 1/2″ slices, cut each slice in thirds, halves or 2 or 4 triangles.

Pinwheel Sandwiches

  • Use fresh bread, slice loaf lengthwise and make sure all crusts are removed. Spread filling on slices. Starting at the end, roll up like a jelly roll. For a contrasting center in pinwheels, place one of the following across one end of each slice and starting from this end roll up a peeled banana, a dill pickle, whole or with center removed and stuffed with cream cheese, halves or quarters of hard cooked egg, a row of maraschino cherries or stuffed olives.
  • Wrap roll in wax paper and chill. Slice before serving. Each roll will cut into 6 to 8 pinwheels.


  • Asparagus rolls.
  • Creamed mushroom rolls or turnovers.
  • Toasted cheese rolls.
  • Celery stuffed with cheese or peanut butter rolls.
  • Chopped cress mixed with butter, horseradish and lemon juice rolls.
  • Banana and peanut butter pinwheels.
  • Dill pickle and peanut butter pinwheels.
  • Maraschino cherries, or stuffed olives and cream cheese pinwheels.
  • Date and peanut butter pinwheels.

Individual Rolled Sandwiches

  • Use fresh bread, sliced thinly and make sure all crusts are removed. Spread with salad dressing or butter, then with filling. Roll up like a jelly roll. Seal edge of each roll with salad dressing, butter or filling. Wrap rolled sandwiches in slightly dampened tea towel or waxed paper and chill until set before toasting or serving plain. Tooth picks may be used to keep the sandwich rolled.

*These came from a stack of pages clipped together and marked “1960”.

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