30+ Fleece Scarf Patterns & Tutorials: {Free}

Super soft, warm, cuddly…and fuss-free when it comes to laundering…that’s the beauty of fleece scarves. They’re economical enough to buy ready-made, but if looking for that perfect color, size or custom tweaks (team colors for example), this is the page for you!

A Few Examples Of Fleece Scarf Designs To Sew

I’ve pulled together a vast collection of free patterns and tutorials showing step-by-step how to make them. Plenty offer something unique in terms of finishing or design but there may be a few similar ones too (which I’ve included so you can choose which set of directions suit you best).

The reason why this material is so popular to work with is because of how easy it is to care for, the vast array of colors and designs to choose from and how beginner-friendly it is to sew.

Since raw edges on this type of fabric don’t fray, there’s no need to stitch hems, pink or serge seams (unless you want to do so for decorative effect or have a more polished finish).

Normally a fabric is washed and dried before cutting but since fleece doesn’t shrink, it’s not absolutely necessary. I prefer to do so anyways just to get rid of the oils/dirt from being handled in the store (and chemicals from manufacturing). It’s also a good idea to see how the fabric holds up after a good wash.

First up, quick instructions are provided below for making a simple scarf, there’s no pattern offered since it’s just measuring and cutting. This takes no time at all and you don’t even need a sewing machine to complete it, just snip–snip–snip and you’re done.

How To Make A Basic No-Sew Fleece Scarf:

  • Cut a piece in the dimensions you want (both width and length).
    • Remove any selvage edges if any (take that into account when measuring for final product).
  • Determine the length of fringe desired and mark that out on both ends (standard is about 4″).
  • Next take a rotary blade to the ends (or scissors will do if you have a steady hand) and cut even strips up to the point you marked off.
    • Strips can be as wide or thin as you like, but measure each time to ensure they are the same size.
  • Once the fringe is complete on both sides, you can opt to knot each at their base where they connect to the main body of the piece or on the tips. I’ve seen pony beads attached there too.

Tip: Keep your eye out for fleece blankets on sale, quite a big batch can be pieced from them so there’s one for everybody in the family and the quality is usually lovely.

30+ Free Fleece Scarf Tutorials: Fun DIY

Here are a few dozen projects to browse through and get inspired by, including several with no machine required! As always here on Tipnut, directions for each are provided hassle-free, meaning there are no fees charged or email addresses to submit or memberships to signup for. If that has changed since being added to this collection, please let me know in the comments area below so I can remove it.

Lots here to choose from with many styles appropriate for both grown-ups and the kiddos. Enjoy!

Directions: Click on images to view project pages, a new browser tab will open & save your spot here

Stay-Put / Keyhole

At first glance this may look ordinary, but there’s a long “buttonhole” down the center for one end to slide through, this keeps it in place when wrapped around your neck.

Source: makeithandmade.com

Braided Edge

Another no-sew option, this tutorial shows how to take two layers & braid them together resulting in a thick ‘n cozy wrap for your neck.

Source: piecesbypolly.com

Applique How-To & Neck Warmers

If you’d like a cute little applique in a basic design, here’s how to do it. Two tutorials offered that includes one for a neck warmer…both super easy to whip up.

Source: noodle-head.com


Taking less than 30 minutes to whip up, this is an ideal project for beginner seamstresses. Quick, easy & economical homemade gift idea.

Source: homemadelovely.com


A fun design for the kiddos, this is a nice & cozy double layered treat they won’t want to leave behind.

Source: inbetweenthecrazy.blogspot.com

Three Designs

First up is a yarn tassle finished edge (tied in place with a crochet hook), next is with a basic straight fringe and finally a fun pom pom edge tied in place (made from yarn).

Source: juliemeasures.com

Scarflette Tutorial

A few different ideas provided, this one shown is a basic buttoned wrap, other ideas incorporate ric-rac, ruffles & flowers with sequined centers. All are quite lovely!

Source: leafytreetopspot.blogspot.com

French Braid

Very creative! A length of fabric is folded, cut into strips (leaving it uncut down the center fold) then it’s all braided together to make a nice fashion piece that still provides cuddly warmth.

Source: mesewcrazy.com

Zipped Pocket Pattern

Here’s an ideal way to take part in winter activities while keeping your phone, lift tickets & a few cash bills safely zipped away.

Source: sew4home.com


These are actually quite easy & the sizing is customizable so whether you’re short or tall, this will fit just right. Add embroidery or appliques if you like.

Source: sewathomeonpineridge.blogspot.com

Hand Painted

Here’s a great idea to personalize a plain piece of fleece, all that’s needed is a bit of fabric paint & DIY stencils of your choice. Double check the paint label but it should launder just fine.

Source: curbly.com

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