How To Fold Towels, Sheets & More: {Handy Reference}

If you’re wondering how to fold items such as fitted sheets, t-shirts, towels and even socks, here’s a quick reference sheet I’ve put together to help you get the job done. You’ll find over a dozen items listed so far and I’ll be sure to add more as I come across them. Some are video tutorials while others offer pictures and detailed instructions to guide you step-by-step. Hope this helps!
Sheets 4-Ways: Includes directions for folding fitted sheets, top sheets and pillowcases and store them as a set.

Towels: Fold into thirds (lengthwise), then in half, and in half again. Martha also has a tip for using a cutting board in the center (found here).
Napkins: Over two dozen decorative ways are illustrated (including Pyramid, Diamond, French and more). Also see this page for 20 ideas.

Sock Folding: (video) Two quick and easy ways to fold socks that keep their shape with no stretching.
Round Tablecloths: Head off wrinkles with this method, folds up into a tidy bundle that will store neatly in the linen closet.

Fabric Pieces: A neat technique using a quilter’s ruler, I keep saying I’m going to do this with my fabric stash but…ummm…hasn’t happened yet ;).
Scarves: (For tying) Nice resource for the gals, also see The Scarf Queen who has dozens of ideas listed (including pashminas and wraps) and 5 elegant ways to fold a silk scarf (videos).

Sweaters: Easy to understand instructions with pictures included for each step.
The Art of Diapering: It’s been a long time since I had to do this, but these are new to me. Three ways to fold cloth diapers (standard, cover fold and kite).

Pocket Handkerchief: For the fellas, an oldie but goodie here on Tipnut.
Dress Shirts: I prefer to hang these but good to know for packing.

T-Shirts: (video) One of the comments says “What is this sorcery” and it’s true, lol! It’s in Japanese but you’ll understand it clearly. Here’s an English video with the same technique (via Lifehacker).
American Flag: For my U.S. friends, here’s an easy to follow illustration.

Jeans & Pants: Directions from a former employee at the Gap, I’ve been doing this right, woohoo!
Arranging Bed Pillows: A chart showing 10 different ways you can arrange them.

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    • RonNasty64

    FYI my Scouts used to fold our Cdn flag the same way when I was still a Scout Master.

    • carol

    a tip to help you save space and $!!
    i use hand towels to dry after shower. i have a bath towel for my hair but that’s it. the hand towels take up little space and don’t take as long to dry. i even buy hand towels cheap online. no, not the thickest but they do the job. great for kids too!

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