30+ Basket Buddies: Free & Adorable Bunny Softies To Make

Here’s a lovely collection of soft & cuddly bunnies to make for gifts and basket fillers…some teeny, some small, some huggable size. Many come with adorable little pom-pom tails too!

There is one knitting pattern and the rest are for sewing. As always here on Tipnut…all projects/patterns are free!

A Few Things First

I have compiled a handful of templates that you can use for all sorts of crafting (paper, felt, etc.). You’ll find that file here: Rabbit Templates (pdf). You have permission to pass it around as you wish (though please keep the entire file intact & without editing).

Quick Directions For Triangle Pals: (as seen in the banner to the right)

I don’t have a specific pattern for these but I wanted to show you how simple it is to sew something so adorable with only basic skills.

To design & assemble the project yourself (yes you can do this!):

  • Cut two pieces of cotton print in a triangular shape (size as you wish).
  • Lop off the top so you have a straight base to add the ears.
  • Cut four pieces of contrasting cotton for the ears (optional: draw two an inch wider at the lower base so you can pinch a pleat for the inner part as seen in image).
  • Try to size them so that they fit snug across but inside the head space.
  • Assemble, sew body pieces right sides together (keeping top part open).
  • Flip right side out.
  • With a hot iron, press down the seam allowance (inside body) running across the top of head.
  • Fill sack lightly with polyfill.
  • For two ear pieces (the inner part on finished project), baste along the bottom to create the pleat (optional).
  • Assemble the pair, right sides together topped with a layer of quilt batting and sew leaving the bottom open and unfinished.
  • Instead of batting you can line them with interfacing to give those floppers some strength.
  • Flip right side out.
  • Pin each ear in its proper place (bottoms will fit inside body). Their right side will fit down into the head space.
  • Topstitch end to end to attach ears and finish body.
  • Tie one knot at the bottom of each corner.
  • Fold one ear tip down and sew button in place.
  • Add a button for the nose, hand stitch face with embroidery floss and add any other embellishments you like.
  • To view a larger image so you can really zoom in to see details: Click Here.

I know the directions are very basic, but this really is so easy to assemble. They can be sized large enough to be hugged and squeezed as a pillow or designed as small basket fillers.

Washcloth Friends

Before getting to more cuddly rabbit goodness, I’ll share this cute washcloth project. These are popular gifts for baby showers and fillers for baskets (Easter, etc.) and are super easy to whip up!

The idea is to stick an ice cube in the middle of the bunny then apply to the “ouch”. Kids love them and are comforted by their dear soothing friend.

Note: Since a rubber band, glued pompoms and eyes are used, this is more a decorative piece for a baby’s nursery until the child is old enough to have it without worrying about the small piece choking hazard.

I have a few cute poems to go with it as well: [Poem source is from the web archive found here]

If a boo boo has you feeling crummy,
Stick an ice cube in my tummy.

Hold it to your boo boo tight.

Soon everything will be all right!

Shared by Susan Price on original Tipnut article (moved here):

When your little one gets a bump,
put Boo Boo Bunny on the lump.

Put an ice cube in his pouch
And soon there will be no more ouch!

Virginia Ucci shared this one with us:

Hi! I’m the Boo Boo Bunny
and I am here to stay.

When your child gets a boo boo
I’ll help it go away.

Just place an ice cube in my
back and rest it on the lump.

Then let them hold boo boo
bunny until there is no lump.

Thank you ladies :). Here are two different tutorials showing how to put them together…

Googly Eyed Friends: Made with washcloths, rubber bands, ribbon, Googly eyes, pom poms and tape.

Comforting Duo (webarchive): Instructions showing how to make either a cuddly bunny or a cute chick. Page is no longer online, this is the webarchive capture.


Softies: Free Tutorials & Downloads

If you like the red checked pair shown in the graphic banner up top, use the tutorial found at gathered.how (link below). Now onto the goodies!

Note: These have all been included because they are hassle-free and do not require emails or memberships to download instructions or patterns. If that changes (it happens), please drop a note in the comments section below so I can remove it.

Felted Wool: A totally approachable project, the material’s forgiving nature hides all those little mistakes.

Snuggle Buddy: A great cuddly pressie, complete with her own blankey.

Sophia: So soft & squishable! You’ll need about an hour to make this project from start to finish.

Menswear: Suiting fabrics are an unconventional but charming choice. Bright cotton shirting adds a surprising pop of color inside the ears.

Rag Quilt: Fat Quarter project, lined with large scraps of cotton quilt batting. Face is embroidered. Both tutorial and template provided (pdf).

Scrappy: Face is drawn on with a Fabric Sharpie, small little toy that uses up those bits of fabric.

Snuggle Bug: Materials Required: Felt, pom-pom, disappearing ink marker, pink colored pencil and embroidery floss. Option to make a matching kitty friend.

Tucked In A Blanket: Could this be more sweet? They’re the perfect size (just a smidgen over 3″ tall) to tuck into an empty mint tin to take along on adventures!

Precious: Two pieces of felt are hand stitched together, filled with a bit of stuffing & finished off with a ribbon bow.

Cotton Tails: Finished size should be 43cm tall (from foot to tip). These big-eared toys by Jo Carter have taken a quick dip in pretty prints. Hop to it!

Itty Bitty: With a squishy beanie body and small size, this one is a perfect choice for Easter baskets! And it’s super easy to make!

Remnant Stash Design: Simple to whip together and can be made with the always bursting remnant stash. If you take your time and follow the instructions most anyone can put this adorable sweeties together.

Crooked Ear: The large 1.5″ ribbon really gives this softie some color and style.

Bowling: The first 3/4 is filled with polyfill, packed in tightly using the closed tip of scissors or other blunt object. Then to give it some weight, the remaining space is filled with approximately 1/2 cup of rice.

Twig & Thistle’s Poppy: Print out the handy template on inkjet fabric or iron-on transfer paper, then cut, sew, stuff and enjoy! The design is printed on the fabric.

Knitting Pattern: Knitting a cheerful floppy bunny is a breeze in simple stockinette stitch; you’ll just need a few skeins of colorful yarn.

Felt: So cute! Supplies include a 10″ felt square, batting, pom-pom for the tail and scraps for the features.

Pink: This adorable rabbit makes the perfect Easter decoration or gift for your little one.

Pillow: Has a little pocket to tuck two softies inside.

Mooshy Belly: Recycled from a happy stripey t-shirts, these are squooshy and simple to whip up.

Valentine Hearts: Clever & easy! The body and feet are heart shaped, tutorial is nicely done with lots of pictures.

Fluffy Stuffy: Super cuddly, made with white fluffy fleece.

Raggedy Old Annies: Wow, now this is crafty! Two pdf files to download, one for instructions and the other for pattern pieces.

Cashmere: So lovely! Materials include a cashmere sweater, cotton print (just a scrap for the ears) and Fiberfill.

Chocolate: Uses a Minkey Double-Sided Cuddle Fabric, a scrap of cotton print for the ears and buttons for the eyes, stuffed with fiberfill.

Regina: This has a basic body shape that can be transformed into a rabbit, a cat or pretty much any animal you like.

Revoluzzzionary: Pretty simple design with a few extra touches to make it special.

Marshmallow: Made with felt or cuddly fleece, polyester stuffing and embroidery floss.

Flannel Buddies: These little guys are simple to whip up as large or small as you like. No template provided but it provides instructions.

Jack Rabbit: You’ll need two contrasting materials (quilting or home decor weight), a bit of felt, buttons, embroidery floss and stuffing.


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