Free Cupcake Wrappers: {Templates & Patterns}

Here’s an assortment of free printable cupcake wrappers that I’ve collected (blank templates and some with designs too). It’s really easy to make your own using pretty paper, a bit of glue or tape and a few decorative embellishments, I’ve tucked in a few tutorials at the bottom that give some creative inspiration.

I’ll be adding more to this page as I find them so you may want to bookmark it for future reference :).

Pretty Paper Doily Wrappers: Made using paper doilies, free printable file available (blank template).

Scalloped Edge: Made with pretty wrapping paper and decorative scissors, free pdf template available.

Rainbow Party Kit: Plenty of freebies in this fun party set including a cute rainbow cupcake wrapper and matching topper. Free pdf download.

Back-To-School: Another fun design set for the kids featuring a back to school theme.

Assorted: Lots of different patterns to choose from. Another page full here.

Free Cupcake Wrappers: Assorted pattern design set. You’ll find another page full here.

Country Floral Design: Pretty floral designs, use as cupcake wrappers or candy holders.

Nabiki: Cute design for kids, includes matching toppers. Free pdf download.

Kawaii Bear: Cute & pink! Comes with matching flags.

Blank Scalloped Edge: A free template download (via pdf) for a wide scalloped edge wrapper (to print on patterned paper).

Make Your Own: Decoration & Presentation Tips

Decorative Wrappers Tutorial: I love the look of the tissue paper stuffed inside. Notes on making wrappers out of cardstock or double-sided paper and stamped with decorative patterns.

Textured Paper: Lovely example of how easy a pretty DIY wrapper can be just using a sturdy textured paper.

Tutorial: Playing around with scrapbook paper, rhinestone stickers, decorative stamps, double sided tape, and craft scissors that produce cute scalloped edges.

If you are comfortable working with digital files, you’ll find a basic pattern digital set here. If you’re interested in something a little more crafty and reusable, check out this Fabric & Embroidered Cupcake Cozy.

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  1. Cinny says:

    Be careful when you visit the site for the Pretty Paper Doily Wrappers. You might think you need to click on the big button saying Download as if you can download the tutorial but its not. It is actually software for a browser or search program or something!

    • Tipnut says:

      Cinny I double and triple checked that page, I don’t see a big download button. Is it possible that it was an advertisement? Is it still there for you?

      • Mari says:

        if you click on the desired template. find in the next page the –How To:
        Download our Project #3310 sheet * * *right here* * * and print out at 100%
        click where it sez * * *right here* * *

  2. Angie says:

    This printable cupcake wrapper template is for what size? 3oz or 2.5oz cupcake?

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