Free Cupcake Wrappers: {Patterned Templates & Blanks}

Here’s an assortment of over two dozen free printable cupcake wrappers that I’ve collected from around the net (blank templates and plenty with pretty patterns and designs too).

It’s really easy to make your own using decorative paper, a bit of glue or tape and a few crafty embellishments. I’ve tucked in some tutorials at the bottom of the page that give a bit of creative inspiration.

This is such a simple way to jazz up an ordinary cupcake, making them more festive and fun for any occasion!

First up, I have a pdf download for you here featuring simple striped wrappers with scalloped edges, colors available: Purple, Red, Blue, Pink and Black. Click Here To Download The File. There are two per page and if you find them a bit large, just trim the edges a bit to adjust.

Bonus #2: Here are a few different witches legs that you can use as Halloween toppers. Simply download the pdf, print them off (reduce/enlarge as desired before printing), then adhere to a toothpick, place with feet up and knees resting on the cupcake surface. So fun! Witches Legs Toppers. Paste two together (wood stick in the middle) or a single piece will display nicely too.

Now on to the freebie collection…I’ll be adding more as I find them so you may want to bookmark it for future reference :).

*Note: I’ve only included those that are free to download with zero hassle (meaning no signups or emails required to get them). Sometimes things change so if you’re having trouble with one, please let me know in the comments area below.

Valentine Set: Six image options to choose from, a mix of reds, pinks/purples…polka dots, hearts & flowers.

Bright Flowers: So colorful yet printer-friendly since the background is a plain white.
Wedding Theme: Huge set of various designs that will work for weddings (many floral suitable for other occasions).

Birthday Bunch: Bright & cheery collection (there are many to choose from).
Princess Crowns: Pink crown with the word “Princess” written across the front. Prints two per page.

Blue Butterflies: So adorable! One with a two-toned blue butterfly pattern and the other is shades of blue with colorful flowers.
Pretty Doily Craft: Made using paper doilies, free printable file available (blank template).

Easter Bunny: Sweet little faces are on the body, a separate template download is for the ears. Too cute!
Christmas Assortment: Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus, Rudolf, Christmas Tree w/Presents. Two pdf downloads provided.

Back-To-School: Another fun design set for the kids featuring a back to school theme.
Assorted: A variety of patterns to choose from. Another page full here.

Big Bunch: Assorted pattern design set. You’ll find another page full here.
Country Floral Design: Pretty floral designs, use as cupcake wrappers or candy holders.

Halloween Collection: Quite an assortment of spooky critters (but not too spooky!).
Kawaii Bear: Cute & pink! Comes with matching flags.

Ombre: A graduated design in green, suitable for many occasions.
Easter/Spring Collection: A few different designs to choose from: Bunnies, Florals, B&W, Color.

Halloween Bunch: Four options including polka dots, zigzags & pumpkins.
Garden: Pick a bunch of treats enclosed in paper petals. A pair of petal wrap templates are available for free download (pdf).

Minnie Mouse: There are a lot of other party printables in this theme on the site too.
Lego/Bricks: Perfect for lego fans, comes in red & blue bricks.

Valentines Day Freebies: Includes favour boxes, toppers, labels and more.
Holidays: Snowflakes & Trees: A couple different options to choose from, I love the red background/white snowflake design!

Holiday Themed: Set of four: Snowman, Reindeer, Gingerbread Man and Santa (separate pdf downloads for each/1 per page).
Popcorn: These are so cute and when they’re done up, the cupcakes look like little tubs of popcorn…perfect for movie party themes!

Red Swirls – Minis: Just the right touch for mini treats.
Assorted: Both images in this row are from the same page, one set for Halloween (haunted house, bats and jack-o-lanterns…the other for Christmas (gingerbread men, wreaths & snowflakes).

Make Your Own: Decoration & Presentation Tips
Decorative Tutorial: I love the look of the tissue paper stuffed inside. Notes on making wrappers out of cardstock or double-sided paper and stamped with decorative patterns.

Textured: Lovely example of how easy a pretty DIY wrapper can be just using a sturdy textured paper.
Tutorial: Playing around with scrapbook paper, rhinestone stickers, decorative stamps, double sided tape, and craft scissors that produce cute scalloped edges.

Plain/Blank: Here’s a blank template that you can print directly on decorative paper to make your own. This one is for minis.

If you’d like to learn how to design your own using MS Word, this is the tutorial for you, it walks you through step-by-step (from

If you are comfortable working with digital files, you’ll find a basic pattern digital set here. If you’re interested in something a little more crafty and reusable, check out this Fabric & Embroidered Cozy.

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    • Angie

    This printable cupcake wrapper template is for what size? 3oz or 2.5oz cupcake?

    • Cinny

    Be careful when you visit the site for the Pretty Paper Doily Wrappers. You might think you need to click on the big button saying Download as if you can download the tutorial but its not. It is actually software for a browser or search program or something!

      • Tipnut

      Cinny I double and triple checked that page, I don’t see a big download button. Is it possible that it was an advertisement? Is it still there for you?

        • Mari

        if you click on the desired template. find in the next page the –How To:
        Download our Project #3310 sheet * * *right here* * * and print out at 100%
        click where it sez * * *right here* * *

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