Handmade Winter Hats For The Family: Knit & Crochet

A master collection featuring over 125 designs of free crochet and free knitting patterns for hats, toques, beanies & more! With each providing full instructions and immediate access, what’s not to love!

You won’t have to choose between warmth and street style with this bunch, lots of goodies here that brilliantly check both boxes!

I found so many fun options for the littles to wear that are extra-cute but also plenty of fashion friendly headware for adults who want something better suited for weekday errands and commuting to work. Men, women, boys, girls…something here for everyone!

Most are for protection in cold and windy weather, but there are some fun fashion options for year round attire.

These are the best designs I’ve come across and they promise to be truly free: no emails required to download or memberships to sign up for, simple hassle-free access.

Hats are terrific projects for newbie yarn crafters to get started with since they can be whipped up in a flash in an evening or two (using a basic design). You’ll also find more intricate options that need more time and expertise, these help folks develop skills and gain experience with different techniques and mastering new stitches.

New Collection Update: May, 2022

I made sure to include patterns suitable for all skill levels (Beginner to Advanced) and separated the galleries into separate groups for easier browsing.

The first section contains knitting patterns, the next bunch is crochet. Each is broken down into the following groups:

  • Babies & Toddlers
  • Children & Youth
  • Men, Women, Unisex: Adults

Note that several designs include instructions for sizes from Newborn to Adult, so if there’s a hat that catches your eye but it’s not displayed in the particular size group you need, still check it out as instructions might be included.

Directions: Click on an image to visit project page, a new browser tab will open so your spot here is saved

Free Knitting Hat Patterns

Who doesn’t appreciate a nice n’ toasty knit hat to wear on cool Fall evenings or cold Winter days! You’ll find loads of options here featuring quick & easy to cabled & frilly. There’s surely something in this batch for every knitter to get their needles clacking.

Babies & Toddlers

Did you know: Babies lose body heat through their heads faster than the rest of us and that’s why we bundle their precious noggins even when it’s not that cold outside. However, it’s also possible to overheat babies so there’s no need to wrap them up in wool beanies when the weather is warm.

Matching Jacket Set

An old-fashioned look in an updated pattern that is simple to make. The bumpy surface adds some texture & dimension. Sizes for newborn up to 4 yrs old.

Source: fpea.blogspot.com

Little Acorn

Adorable “helmet” hat and scarf set done in a garter stitch with pretty scalloped crocheted edges. Sizes: 1/3 – 6/9 – 12/18 months and 2-4 years. Includes helpful videos for assembly.

Source: garnstudio.com


A stocking stitch beanie with a rolled brim worked from the bottom up in an Aron weight, multi-plied yarn. Designed to fit Preemie, Newborn, 6 months.

Source: woollywormhead.com

Acorn Cap

A Berry stitch adapted to work in the round, the decreases for the crown shaping are integrated into the pattern. A cute little knob on top for the stem. Size 8 DPNs, 1 skein aran yarn and fits 15″ unstretched.

Source: homegrownhappy.blogspot.com

Bunny Beanie

There are some things in life that are just too cute not to share, this is one of them! Fits ages 3-6 months, skill level is Intermediate. US 8 double-pointed needles. The rabbit ears are done separately then sewn to the hat.

Source: babycenter.com

Fair Isle

Suitable for Beginner’s, this is designed for newborn’s up to 12 months. Size 6 US 16″ circulars, Size 6 US DPNs. Adorable topknot is done for 2″ in I-cord (or as long as you wish).

Source: freddyknits.blogspot.com

Strawberry Cap

Preemie/newborn up to 3/6 months, this adorable “strawberry” features a lovely cable design and a green stem to top it all off. I was reading the comments & she suggests using a heavy worsted yarn & size 6 needles to make it larger for 9-12 months.

Source: thriftyknitter.com

I Heart Cables

A cabled hat worked seamlessly in the round made two ways: with earflaps & an upside-down small cable pattern or starting with 2×2 ribbing then cables. Free pdf pattern download. A dense design that blocks wind nicely. Infant, Toddler, Child.

Source: ravelry.com

Three Versions

Newborn sized, this pattern has three different design tweaks that might be a tad tricky to pick out in this picture. Basically the body design is either wider (pink) or starts higher from the bottom band (grey). Offers a matching “Milk & Sugar” cardigan pattern as well (free too).

Source: mariannaslazydaisydays.blogspot.com

Children & Youth

When deciding on a style to make, focus on designs that are long enough to pull down over the ears…at least if the plan is to have something for the kiddos to wear during cold winter months. Those little lobes need protecting! It doesn’t have to be earflaps, but even a wide band that can fold down or just watch that the hat body itself is wide enough to do the job.

Lace Swirl

A quick knit project worked on US 6 (4.0mm) 16″ ciculars & 5 US 6 DPNs. It’s very stretchy so the fit has a wide range from toddler to adult.

Source: yarnmom.blogspot.com

Pom Pom Balaclava

Sized to fit a 4 to 6 year old child, it says there are two versions but I can’t see the difference. Free pdf to download. Skill level: Easy. Worked in the round (stocking stitch) and features the i-cord technique for the edging.

Source: yarnspirations.com

Polar Bear

Directions are for Medium (20″) and Large (22″) circumference, slightly stretched. Worked back & forth in rows beginning at the lower edge. Ears, snout, nose & eyes are done separately then sewn to hat. Free pdf download.

Source: yarnspirations.com

Simple Ribbed

A nice classic design with a fun pom pom to top it off, nice n’ stretchy with a ribbed body that can be worn cuffed or slouchy. Promises to be fun & easy to make. US 8 circulars (16″).

Source: smallfriendly.com

Norwegian Star Earflap

Includes several child & adult sizes, free pdf pattern download. She starts the 1st earflap on extra US #7 needles (in the round, magic loop method), then leaves them on & starts the second earflap on 16″ circulars, transferring over the 1st after the front of the hat is cast on then casts on the back & joins for knitting in the round.

Source: ravelry.com


A sweet winter pompom aviator/trapper style hat that comes in sizes newborn, baby, children & women and done up in a thick & quick chunky yarn.

Source: foxandpinestitches.com

Easiest Ever

If you’re new to knitting or making hats, this is a great project to start with. A very stretchy ribbed design (K2, P2) worked on US 8 straight needles for 12″, bind off, stitch ends together (side seam) then tied at the top with a crocheted chain (or 10″ knit garter stitch).

Source: gina-michele.com

Classic Rib Band With Top Pom Pom

Worked in the round on circulars, body done in Stockinette. There’s no finished size given that I can see but she does say this fits her 5 yr old daughter. She also advises that customizing the fit (smaller or larger) is easy to do by subtracting or adding stitches in multiples of 8.

Source: dianalevine.com

Snowflake Motif

A lovely winter design with pattern instructions for Infant (16″), Child (18.25″), Adult S (20.5″), Adult L (22.75″).

Source: carissaknits.com

Men, Women, Unisex: Adults

Bulky Tam

Made in a bulky weight yarn (approximately 110 yards) on 16″ circulars (US 10.5) & DPNs. Sized for a small woman’s head, can adjust for a larger or floppier hat by adding 1 or more additional decrease/increase sets.

Source: whatifknits.com

Lemon Grass

An easy, slouchy design with the body mainly done in seed stitch. Band is ribbed for 8 rows with an added tip to knit one round even before starting the seed stitch rounds to setup simpler body work.

Source: knittybutton.com

Lake Park

A variegated sock weight yarn will produce these lovely results. Worked flat or in the round and the brim can be rolled or ribbed according to your preference.

Source: marniemaclean.com

Lacy Snood

She recommends making the ribbing snug so the snood will stay in place otherwise you can use bobby pins. Once finished, the lace pattern decreases form what looks like a starfish.

Source: ourquietplace.blogspot.com


Pattern works for any gauge and she provides good details for customizing the size to fit your head perfectly.

Source: throughtheloops.typepad.com

Bicycle Wheels

Promises to be super warm for cold winter weather, this only takes a couple hours to knit (love it!). The back ribbing is narrower than in the front so it sits nicer on the head. Skill level: Beginner.

Source: sewknitme.blogspot.com

Lotus Beanie

Based on crosshatch lace stitch, this can be made beanie-style covering just the tips of the ears but can be easily lengthened if desired (instructions provided).

Source: thirdbaseline.blogspot.com


Directions for making a matching cowl are provided. Made with bulky weight yarn on circulars & one set of DPNs. Suitable for Beginner knitters.

Source: frenchpressknits.blogspot.com

Cat Ears

Knitted in the round then grafted together at the top using Kitchener Stitch so there are no visible seams. Designed to fit head circumference: 20″ to 24″.

Source: numei.com

Free Crochet Hat Patterns

Nothing can keep a noggin toasty warm like a snug fitting hat crocheted by someone you love. Toques and beanies make ideal gifts for loved ones but also terrific options to donate to the school or Church craft fair and fund raisers.

For Babies & Toddlers

These make a lovely, much appreciated baby shower gift for new moms but they’re also terrific stash busters since only a little yarn is required. Since they whip up quickly, why not make a few extra and donate them to the local women’s shelter or Church group to distribute.

Shell Stitch

A great pattern to use up leftover wool, it’s seamless & made in rounds (at the end of each round, sl st into first st to join the round). designed for 3 to 6 months old.

Source: mrsannaaylings.blogspot.com

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Ears

Newborns are especially precious just as they are, but how cute when wearing one of these! Directions included for Newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-9 months.

Source: repeatcrafterme.com

Granny Stitch Sun Hat

I just love this dear little hat! The brim is worked last and can be in a different color, just sl st to attach then ch 1 to start (you’ll find instructions at the bottom of the page). Sized to fit 3 – 6 months (14″ to 17″ noggin).

Source: mymerrymessylife.com

Teddy Bear

It looks much cuter when worn, the project page has a few baby pics so you can see how it hangs over the ears & how long the ties are. Newborn up to 1 year.

Source: jennyandteddy.com


Features a cute little button bobble in matching yarn on top. Starts off with a magic loop or a crochet ring of 4 (your choice).

Source: creativejewishmom.com

Precious Lamb

The facial features are simply added by sewing double stranded black yarn over a few stitches for eyelashes & nose. Ears are attached upside down so they’re extra floppy.

Source: pardonmychaos-amanda.blogspot.com

Baby Gnome

Example shown is done up in a bulky 5 weight Acrylic yarn for warmth & easy laundering. Most of the project is worked in the round & almost all stitches are dc.

Source: lorajeansmagazine.blogspot.com

Button Flower Beanie

Features a pretty scallop edge & a sweet little double layered flower with a button center. Designed for 6-9 months but gives tips for adjusting smaller/larger as desired.

Source: featherwingcrochet.blogspot.com

Shell Stitch Beanie

Another cutie with frilly flowers on the side, this promises to stitch up quickly & is sized for (0-3), (3-6) and (6-12) months; 12 months – 3 years & 3-10 years. A nice video tutorial is available if you are having trouble with the pattern.

Source: thedaintydaisyblog.blogspot.com

Infant Pixie Hat

Baby/Toddler (48-50cm), this is a lovely, classic design that has been upgraded to something a little more special. I love the ribbed brim & the tassled ties. Includes an in-depth video tutorial.

Source: crazyhands.net

Vintage Pearl

For Newborn to 3 months, this is a little fancy with the pearl beads but still easy to make. The hat is worked in the round from top down (love the scalloped edge) then the pearls are added by sewing each in place with some thread. I think this would be especially nice for Baptisms.

Source: hopefulhoney.com

Child & Youth Sizes

It can sometimes be a little tricky to get the older kiddos to wear a hat, but adding a pom pom, some ribbon or a pretty crochet flower might just do the trick & they’ll cover their head at every opportunity. This tactic is not going to work for boys (believe me), so the best chance of success is to work with their favorite colors (try their favorite sports team), avoid “scratchy” yarn and make it fit just right so they have less to complain about (too tight or too loose = high drama). Also more than one hat is required since one or two are sure to be left behind “somewhere”.

Ponytail Cap

A fun project that keeps the head & ears warm while leaving a little escape hatch for a ponytail to roam free.

18 sc is worked around a small, no damage ponytail elastic to build in the opening at the top, a top knot covers it all nicely.

Child (16″) Youth (19″) Adult (21″)

Source: suzies-yarnie-stuff.blogspot.com

Simple Ribbed Cap

A bit stretchy for a snug fit, suitable for toddlers & children up to 12 years old. Seamless & features raised stitching repeated throughout for added dimension

Source: celticmommy.blogspot.com

Ribbon & Bow Band

This one is so simple to whip up & is finished with pretty ribbon woven through the border edge & tied in place. She recommends being extra generous with the ribbon length if you can’t measure in person (it can be easily trimmed to fit later).

Source: onceuponakate.blogspot.com

Daisy Chain Beanie

Terrific scrap buster! Directions for Small (Toddler) and Larger (Child & Teen). She provides yarn lengths needed to make each flower so you can see what colors you can use from your stash.

Source: crochetroo.blogspot.com

Jayde Hat

Promises to be a simple & quick project, add buttons or even sweet crochet flowers for decorative effect.

Source: vallieskids.blogspot.com

Olivia’s Butterfly

A cute little project that is simple & fast to work up, notice the “butterfly” design on one side of the cap. Fits 20 1/2″ head but can be adjusted easily.

Source: vallieskids.blogspot.com

1 Hour Beanie

Sizes to fit almost anybody (Preschooler, Child, Adult), it’s worked in a flat rectangle then seamed to form a beanie & topped off with a fluffy pompom. A very Beginner-friendly project!

Source: makeanddocrew.com

Double Pom Pom Hat

For Baby, Kids & Adults, this is super easy to whip up as it’s basically a rectangular tube worked in the round from the top down (no shaping required).

Source: mariasbluecrayon.com

Baby Chick or Bird

Small/Medium (3 to 6 years) & Medium/Large (5 years to teen). Offers some cute ideas for colors: Pink for Flamingo; Green for Parakeet or Parrot; White for Snowy Owl; Black with white on last two rows for Penguin plus more.

Source: freecrochetpatternsbydarleen.blogspot.com

Adult Sizes: Men, Women & Unisex

What’s the best yarn for hats? Wool is a good bet since it does a terrific job absorbing moisture & is breathable…not to mention super warm.

Slouchy Hat

The first part of the page is in Norwegian but scroll down to find the directions in English. Measures 29.5 cm from top to bottom. This is more basic how-to rather than a pattern & better suited for crocheters with some experience who will be able to sort things out.

Source: milchschaumdesign.blogspot.com

Head Huggers

The picture sample is with a young girl but judging from the comments on the page, the pattern fits adults. To customize the fit (larger or smaller), she recommends measuring the initial round (all ch stitches) to fit around the head.

Source: vallieskids.blogspot.com

Simple Tam

A simple pattern big enough to hold hair & cover ears, if you’re looking for something with more room & girth, she provides instructions to customize. Made with worsted, medium or bulky weight yarn.

Source: tofucrafts.blogspot.com

Bella Swan La Push

A design Twilight fans will surely love, this pattern was based off the hat Bella Swan wore in one of the movie’s scenes (La Push).

Source: jennlikesyarn.com


I love the wide band on this, hat is topped off with a 2″ pompom. Worked in the round from the top down with a size 5mm crochet hook. Some videos included to assist with stitches.

There’s also a pattern for the scarf shown in the picture, but it’s knitted.

Source: garnstudio.com

Side Tie

Quite charming! This has the feel of a 1920’s flapper girl IMO, design is based on a hat someone spotted in the crowd of Obama’s inauguration day. Pretty talented! Handspun, worsted weight yarn with size I and H hooks.

Source: ellenbloom.blogspot.com

Puff Stitch Beret with Bow

Pretty chic! The bow is made separately then stitched in place. Two balls of 100% Merinos wool extrafine (DK weight yarn) are required along with a 4.00 mm hook.

Source: creativeyarn.blogspot.com

Winter Chill Beanie

Skill level: Easy. This is mainly done in a shell stitch, the brim in rows & the body in rounds. Approximately 10 x 9 inches laid flat, 20-21 inch circumference.

Source: richtexturescrochet.com

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