Kitchen Medley: Handy Organizing & Reference Aids

Here’s a list of freebies to print that are ideal for work in the kitchen, either for practical use or simply to add a touch of charm to the room.

There’s a tremendous mix to browse through (over 60 goodies so far), so I’ve sorted them into several groups for easier scannability:

  • Labels For Spice Jars & Herbs
  • Pantry Organizing Aids
  • Fridge & Freezer Helpers
  • Reference Materials (with a sub section for Instant Pot charts)
  • Kitchen Wall Art – Frameable
  • Assorted Goodies

Some fit nicely into more than one group, but I added it to the one where I felt it fit best.

Because there are so many, I have separate pages for the following:

As always here on Tipnut, the focus is on freebies that don’t require an email or membership to download. In other words: instant free access.

If that’s no longer the case for any of the resources listed below, please leave a note in the comments section at the bottom of this page so I can remove it.

New Collection Update: March, 2022

Note: Most are in pdf format but there are a few image files too (such as jpg and png).

Now on to the goodies! All resources should open in a new browser tab, so no worries about losing your spot here.

*Click on images to visit the source & obtain the files offered

Labels For Spice Jars & Herbs

These can be printed on adhesive/sticker paper then cut out, though some may be designed for specific size sheets of labels so you can go that route (the source notes will specify brand & size).

Features fillable PDF templates for Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, Dill, Poppy Seeds and more! Also included are a couple versions of a shopping list & recipe cards.


Three sets to download (all this same lovely vintage design), includes all the basics: paprika, thyme, rosemary, ginger, cloves, etc.


Another full set of customizable goodies with a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from:

  1. Round (for jar tops)
  2. Nouveau Frame (ornate rectangular)
  3. Fancy Green (both large & small sizes)


Works well with widely-available Avery labels (2″ diameter).

There are several sheets available to download covering quite the array of spices so if you don’t see what you want at first, keep scrolling :).


Two different sets provided: one in full color (as shown in image), the other black & white.

Each has a single pdf to download but several pages in each (pre-filled but also plenty of blanks at the end).

Has all the general seasonings you’d want along with the less commonly found such as: Taco Seasoning, Vanilla Beans, Lemon Grass, Crushed Red Pepper and more.


I love these so much! Recommends a waterproof white matte vinyl sticker paper to use (reasonably priced too).


Pantry Organizing Aids

Assorted lovelies for dry goods, grains & other food products.

Vintage style labels for Olive Oil, Vinegar and for assorted bits & bobs (Handy Wares; Bits N’ Pieces).

These are done on recycled paper, cut out then attached with double-sided tape. She even recommends tearing the edges for a more authentic, aged effect.

Two sizes for each (large & small) and two files (pdf).


Assorted designs to check out (Vintage; Dutch Stenciling; Black & White Ornate; Green Frame) for canisters that can be printed on paper stock, label sheets or inkjet decal paper.

Colors can be altered (within image editing software).

Find Powdered Sugar; Coffee; Oatmeal; Cocoa; Creamer; Whole Wheat Flour; White Rice & more.


Pantry Inventory sheet (has another one for the freezer). A colorful setup with sections to document quantities for:

  1. Drinks
  2. Baking Supplies
  3. Canned & Dried Goods
  4. Sauces & Spreads
  5. Crackers & Crisps & Cookies


Vintage labels for canisters, jars and upcycled containers to hold your favorite beans or whatever else you like.

Four designs available, each with an editable field for personalization: Pure Maid; Old Plantation; UHG Brand; Two-Bit Peaberry Blend.


Two-page pdf to download for assorted dry goods:

  1. Flours (rice; white; wheat)
  2. Sugars (powdered; white; brown)
  3. Pancake, chocolate, rice, noodles, cookies, candy
  4. Blanks to write in what you like


Just a single page but all the basics are here: Pasta; Flour; Rice; Oatmeal; Cereal; Sugar; Salt; Candy.


There is A LOT here, four packed files to download (so generous!):

  1. Spice labels (2 pages pre-filled and 1 page full of blanks)
  2. Baking Supplies, a 6-page pdf with all the goodies needed plus a bunch of blanks to write in your own.
  3. Toiletry (Deodorant; Floss; Toothpaste; Q-tips; Essential Oils; etc.)
  4. Kitchen Misc. (Dishwasher Pods; Sponges; Magic Erasers; Cleaning Products; etc.)

I don’t know if you can tell by the small image here but they have a neutral tan brown border, big black font and then a smaller cursive font underneath (in the brown). Clean & pretty!


Three different designs, one a colorful bunch (as shown), the other two are white backgrounds with black fonts.

Files to download: pre-written; blanks; editable.


A soft green border (double lines) with a pretty font in gray.

There’s a sheet for spices and another with a few common baking ingredients but plenty of blanks are provided so you can write in what you need.


Created to fit Avery 2″x3″ rectangular clear labels (source provided) but clear gloss sticker paper will also do the trick.

Three sheets provided featuring an assortment of pantry goods (Beans; Salt; Chocolate Chips; Bread Crumbs; Pretzels; etc.).


A good way to see at a glance of how much of an item you have on hand and when it needs replenishing.

Columns for Date; Item; Exp. Date; Quantity.

How it works: Mark an “X” in one circle for each item you have in stock, fill in the circle once it’s been used.

There’s also a tip to make the sheet reusable by using dry erase markers & a laminating machine.


Customizable Templates: There’s A LOT of great stuff here (all files in pdf)!

  1. Round “Homemade” and “Made With Love” jar lid covers (pre-filled samples: Strawberry Jam; Kimchi; Tomato Sauce; Apple Butter…editable blanks available too).
  2. Vintage designs (as shown in photo): Brown Sugar; Baking Soda; Flour; Rice; Tea. Editable blanks provided.
  3. Square Minimalist style: Some pre-filled with staples, last page has customizable blanks.
  4. Spices: Two sheets of black rounds (pre-filled with the basics), last page for customization (for both single and double lines).


Clip Art: “You Name It”: Print on clear decals for windows (Avery source provided). These can be peeled off & reapplied when changing contents.

Includes: Flour; Sugar; Coffee; Cookies; Tea.

Two types available: One green (as shown), the other black.


Vintage Chalkboard Style: Two full kits to download that include a fancy rectangle or a larger bracket shape design.

  1. Gluten-Free ingredients (Soba Noodles; Almond Meal; Flours such as: Fava Bean; Corn; Oat; Garbanzo; etc.)
  2. Regular ingredients (Popcorn; Quinoa; Basmati Rice; Sugars such as: Turbinado; Granulated; Confectioners’; etc.)


Soft teal watercolor design (gorgeous!).

A full sheet of blanks provided (personalize with a marker or pen).

Prefilled (8): Snacks; Baking; Potatoes; Onions; Cake Mix; Cookies; Crackers; Soup.


A few great options here:

  1. Blue & Red rounds (pre-filled w/pantry items)
  2. Red & Black Fresh (blanks)
  3. Black & White Fresh (both pre-filled & blanks)


I love this design, notice how the red lids enhance the retro vibe (this was a DIY with spray paint).

Blanks & pre-filled provided.


Fridge & Freezer Helpers

There are several freezer label freebies found here.

  1. For both individual portions & complete meals (as seen in picture).
  2. Calendar style (month & dates are circled) & features a lovely neutral color palette.
  3. Bright & cheery green & blue that includes a lined section to note heating instructions.
  4. Circle (2″) with a delicate leaf border in a variety of colors, space to note the contents and date frozen.


Inventory List: Chillin’ In The Freezer

Sections: Entrees; Meats & Dairy; Sides; Miscellaneous

How it’s used: Food item is written on the line then a forward slash in each box to note amount on hand. As it’s used, a backslash goes over top (making an “X”).


Martha Stewart’s Calendar Style (2 options)

I can’t find the informational web pages to link these two so they are each linked to their direct pdf files.


Add a little personality to your fridge bins with these lovelies.

Done on clear sticker paper and then cut out, she recommends using a laser printer (can bring a USB stick to Staples for this quick job). The ink will hold up better over time (ink may run otherwise).

Two files to download:

  1. Fruits; Veggies; Cheese
  2. Protein; Snacks; Meat; Sauces; Eggs; Drinks


Four different sections, each fully editable (nice!):

  1. Contents
  2. Dates Frozen
  3. Directions
  4. Ingredients

I like that there’s an assortment of colors.


Another nice set for fridge bins, these are printed on regular paper or cardstock then laminated (for extra durability).

Stick in place with clear packing tape (or attach with zip ties).

Assorted sizes (small, medium, large): Condiments; Meats; Dairy; Snacks; Butter…plus a sheet of blanks too!


Another handy inventory sheet in bright & cheery colors.

Sections: Prepared Meals; Meat; Fruits & Veggies; Desserts; Misc. and then three blank sections to customize as you wish.

Headings: Item; Quantity; Date Frozen; Used.


Reference Materials

These are super handy, laminate then stick to the inner side of a cabinet door for easy reference. They can also be printed on cardstock, laminated then used as big bookmarks for large cookbooks (in the sections you are most likely to need the info).

I have a couple here on Tipnut you may be interested in, nothing fancy but they’re certainly packed with details: Kitchen Measurements Equivalent Conversion Chart and Cookbook Insert: Common Measures & Their Equivalents.

Three different charts (one pdf download):

  1. Baking Pan Substitutions
  2. Measuring Equivalents
  3. Candy Making Temperature


Kitchen Cheat Sheets, three pdf downloads:

  1. Cooking Times (Vegetables; Grains; Meats; Beef Cuts)
  2. Fridge-Freezer Storage (Food Storage Temperatures; Freezer timelines; Assorted Tips)
  3. Metric Conversion (Oven Temps; Liquids; Weights; Cups; Water tips)


Air Fryer Chart

All the times and temperatures you need for cooking vegetables, lamb, pork, chicken, fish & seafood, beef, tofu, tempeh, frozen goods, snacks & sweets.

Both celsius & fahrenheit temps included.


Air Fryer Cooking Times

  1. Beef (Burger, Filet Mignon; Ribeye; etc.)
  2. Chicken (Breasts w/ bone; Boneless Breasts; Wings; etc.)
  3. Frozen Foods (Onion Rings; French Fries)
  4. Seafood (Fish Filet; Salmon Filet; Shrimp)
  5. Veggies (Asparagus; Broccoli; Brussels Sprouts; Sweet Potato; etc.)


Instant Pot Cheat Sheet

Cooking times for assorted foods & meat cuts. Also gives alternate times for slow cookers.

Included: Pork Chops; White Rice; Whole Potatoes; Chicken; Beef; etc.


Instant Pot Cooking Times


  1. Vegetables (Artichoke; Beans; Spinach; Carrots; Broccoli)
  2. Meat (Beef; Brisket; Ribs; Chicken; Turkey Breast; Pork)
  3. Seafood (Crab; Fish; Lobster; Shrimp; Mussels)
  4. Misc (Eggs; Oats; Brown Rice; White Rice; Wild Rice; Pasta; Meatballs)


Pressure Cooking Times Chart (2 Pages)

Cook Time + Required Liquid + Release Method

  1. Poultry (Chicken)
  2. Beef (Bones for Stock; Ground Beef; Meatloaf; Short Ribs; Stewing Meat; Veal Shanks; etc.)
  3. Pork (Baby Back Ribs; Ground Pork Chops; Spare Ribs; Sausages; etc.)
  4. Lamb (Ground; Shanks; Leg; Meatballs; etc.)
  5. Fish & Seafood (Calamari; Clams; Fish; Mussels; etc.)
  6. Grains (Barley; Bulgar; Farro; Polenta; Quinoa; Wild Rice; etc.)
  7. Vegetables (Acorn Squash; Beets; Cabbage; Parsnips; Rutabaga; Turnips; etc.)
  8. Beans & Legumes (Black Beans; Black-Eyed Peas; Chickpeas; Kidney Beans; Lentils; Split Peas; etc.)


More Instant Pot Charts:

Slow-Cooker Charts

There’s a handful of charts to download (just click through the slideshow gallery).

What you’ll find:

  1. Cooking Times
  2. Cooking Times “High” vs. “Low”
  3. Order of Ingredients (longer cooking items at the bottom, etc.)
  4. Ingredients To Add At The End (to preserve the flavor elements)


Baking Pan Conversion Cheat Sheet

This is definitely one to tuck into your recipe binders! Fairly comprehensive resource that shows the volumes for each pan (14 cups, 6 cups, etc.) and what pan can be substituted (ie. Bundt Pan recipe / 18-24 cupcakes or 2 8″x4″ loaf pans).

Very handy!


Baking Conversions

Quick, at-a-glance reference that is lovely enough to frame!

Four color schemes available:

  1. Blue
  2. Yellow
  3. Green & Red
  4. Red


Meat Temperature Chart

I have a small guide that came with the meat thermometer I bought a few years ago and this is definitely something I refer to over and over again. Except maybe for chicken, I’ve got 165°F drilled in my brain (finally).


Kitchen Wall Art – Frameable

Assorted Goodies

Nowhere else to put these but I like them so here they go…

Canning Plan

I’ve never sat down to do something like this, but what a great idea! Sections for:

  1. I simply must make…
  2. Flavor inspirations
  3. First, I need to use up that…
  4. Shopping list


Cookbook Markers

Two sets to work with: Stripes (with Days of the Week) and Polka Dots (with blank spaces to customize).


Dirty & Clean Dishwasher Tags

A DIY magnetic button that tells everyone in the house if the dishes are clean or dirty. Laminate, glue magnet on the back and flip “Completely Clean” side up when dishes are done or “DIsgustingly Dirty” when they are dirty.


Clip-Art Craft: Pie Chart

Cut out each piece and lay the top crust over the pie plate, insert a small brass fastener in the center.

When you spin the top to find the type of pie you want to make (Apple; Mixed Berry; Cherry; Peach; Blueberry), the open white spaces will tell you the ingredients & bake time. So fun yet so useful 🙂


Vintage Flour Sifter

Beautify a garage sale find by cleaning up an old metal flour sifter & applying one of these charming labels.

Creative uses for gift giving: Stuff with baked cookies & a napkin, plant holder.


Quick Tip For Projects: If you want to reuse old jars & containers for storing dry goods but need to figure out how to get all the stubborn gunk & old adhesive off them, see 30 Helpful Items To Remove Sticky Adhesive Goo (peanut butter will usually do the trick).

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