Fun With Paper: The Ultimate Freebies Stash

Here’s a hodge-podge mix of free printables that I’ll be regularly adding to as I find more goodies.

Assorted Ephemera Printables Mix

There’s such a wide variety (over 50 so far), all stashed in a gallery pile with no rhyme or reason (sometimes that’s just more fun). You never know what you’re going to find!

Some are pretty, some are practical, the rest have a charm or purpose that I can’t ignore.

Use these to add embellishments to gifts, journals, scrapbooks & planners, frame as wall art, craft lovely things from them or put to good use around the home and elevate your days.

As always here on Tipnut, I focus on freebies that are easy to download (no email submissions or memberships required). Most of the files are in pdf format but there are some images too (mainly jpg and png).

There’s A LOT here to browse through, have fun!

New Collection Update: March, 2022

Assorted Mix: The Ultimate Printables Stash

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Spring Sandwich Wrappers

Adorable! A floral pattern in two different colors (one violet, one fuchsia).

Make tea sandwiches a little more special by wrapping first in a strip of wax paper, cover with this pretty treat, secure with a bit of washi tape then finish it off with a strand of twine.


DIY Fabric Sample Book

Here’s a nice way to see at a glance what you have on hand. Six fabric samples per page with room to note: Type, Content, Purchased; Width; Length; Memo.


Parisian Calling Cards

I couldn’t love these more! Output is 3/page, space to write your name and phone number. Crop marks provided to show cut lines. Recommended cardstock: 80lb – 110lb).

Such a lovely way to give a new acquaintance your contact info.


French May Day Flower Cones

Ooh la la! Hang them on hooks, door hinges, knobs, dresser hardware & more for lovely Spring decor. Nice for gift giving & Mother’s Day too.

There are five designs, all with vintage French graphics (postcard, sheet music, bee, label, fancy script)


WIFI Password (editable)

Such a great idea! Keep a framed copy or two around the house (guest bedroom, living room, etc.) for guests to access the internet on their personal devices.

Quick tip: Don’t miss the DIY listed at the bottom for making a charming rustic frame that suits this project to a T.


“Hot Out The Oven” Cookie Pocket

A nifty little biscuit pocket for homebaked goods, a matching round sticker seals the deal. Printed on an A4 sheet.

Cut & glue a square of wax paper onto the back (with spray glue), fold & tuck in place, seal closed with round sticker.

Three colors available: Pink; Red; Black.


Vintage Stamp Designs

Sheet of animal and insect images from an old French stamp set, use for embroidery, crafting and whatever else you like :).


Mini Folders (4.75″ x7″)

80lb or lighter cardstock for best results, score & fold lines indicated.

A few suggested uses: Store recipe clippings; receipt wallet; gift card/photo holder.


Handbag Notecards

Adorable slips to jot down notes when on the run. Some ruled, some floral, all pretty! Nine cuties per page.


Knitting Journal Pages (includes one for Crochet)

Six journal templates to keep projects & supplies organized. Document alterations, customizations & pattern tweaks made (examples: yarn stash documentation, wish list, needle inventory, notes & plans).


Lucky Stars

Bright circle pattern paper (3 designs) & folding instructions provided. Does a jar full really give the recipient good luck? A nice introductory craft to tackle for origami experience.


Origami Squares

A collection featuring 24 different designs that you can use for various projects. Each pattern measures 6″ square and available as a pdf document.


Knitting Project Sheets

Helps keep track of all a project’s details:

Project Name; Pattern Source; Yarn; Size; Gauge; Colors; Starting Date; Needles; Required Amount; Finishing Date.

Sections include: My Idea; My Colors; My Notes; My Ratings (for pattern, yarn, project over all; how fun was it).


Wound-Up Thread Bobbins

Print on cardstock, cut out then use to organize & wind up embroidery floss; pdf contains 20 bobbins, each with a different color floss on it.


DIY Pinwheels

Template to cut out petals from your favorite paper (double sided looks best). Materials list: 12″ wooden dowels; dowel tie pegs; large grommets; wood glue.


Oscar Party

Theme is black, white, gold and kraft paper. The set includes:

  • Invites
  • Oscar statuettes
  • Popcorn boxes
  • Drink tags/place cards
  • Ballots (pre-printed w/2012 nominations but you can use it as a guide to create your own for the current year)


Month-by-Month Goal List

Nice & clever method to track your goals & resolutions for the new year. Each month is on its own card w/checklist. Make a cover with heavyweight cardstock, embellish as you like then assemble all the pieces together with a d-ring.


Personal Library Kit

Never lose a book again & keep track of who’s borrowing what. The set includes pockets & check-out cards, tabs to keep them organized, a book journal, a band wrap & a gift-worthy bookmark. Also see 35+ Free Bookplate Printables & Templates for more home library treats.


Sewing Cards

Super cute set (Orange Lion; Pink Flower; Yellow Sun). Give to young children to practice making stitches with a blunt needle and a length of yarn.


No Soliciting Sign

Anyone else getting tired of being disrupted in your home by aggressive door sales people? Here’s one way to signal you’re not open to a pitch.


Made For You Gift Tags

Two colorful polka dot tags to attach to homemade gifts. I love the size, large without being overly huge. Punch a hole in one end & string with colorful twine, ribbon or yarn to attach.

See DIY Wrap Up: 100+ Holiday Gift Tags, Toppers & Wraps {Free} for a bunch more ideas.


Simple labels with lots of room to indicate floor & document contents (two per page).

Features bold borders, each with a room’s name displayed in large font at top…every room you could want, including: Kitchen (black); Dining Room (soft blue); Family Room (red); Garage (blue); Attic (orange); Shed (green); + lots more!


DIY Travel Journal

A foldable packet to store precious bits collected from your trip along with a lined grid on the inside sections to document tidbits you don’t want to forget.


Holiday Budget Forms

Save money this season by determining the overall budget range, individual gift ideas & monitoring what you’ve spent so far on each person’s presents. Three forms provided.


Baby Tooth Chart

Could this be any cuter? Terrific idea to insert into a baby book. Track the dates baby’s teeth make an appearance. Lower chart indicates the tooth name (central incisor, cuspid, first molar, etc.), along with expected dates (lower & upper).


Sewing Project Notes

Three pages to print:

  • Project Details (Name; Size; Fabric; Threads; Notions; Instructions; etc.)
  • Sewing Goals (Start/End Date; Classes & Techniques; Shopping List; etc.)
  • Weekly Goals


Wash Your Hands Sign

Cute idea to remind the little ones who are old enough to read but too much in a rush to always remember! Prints onto plain computer paper, cut (5×5 size) then back with a pretty patterned sheet. Sign reads: “Wash Your Hands, Use Soap. Love Mom”


Babysit List

Two/page. Convenient sections:

Messages; FYI; Behavior; Instructions; Contact #.


Alphabet Writing / Letter Tracing Sheets

An assortment of fun & free letter tracing worksheets. Each letter sheet can be downloaded individually or the entire collection with one click (pdf).


I have a few more practice worksheets for you to check out:

Sewing Journal

Top half is to document details (Pattern Used; Created For; Supplies Needed; Tips, Comments, Thoughts; etc.), the bottom section holds a photo of the finished piece.

Also included are some nice bookplates for all your manuals and books (three different options).


Knitting Notes

Ideal for creating/customizing patterns. Included: dot ruled sheet; grid paper for stitches; Spaces to list details for Row 1 to Row 54 (across two pages).


Vintage Sewing Ephemera

Love these so much!

Charming images to use in your crafting and/or journaling.


Vintage Maps

A terrific collection that can be used in assorted craft projects:

Europe 1898; North America 1898; World Map 1898; England and Wales; Berlin City; Eastern United States; Italy; Indian Sub Continent; United States of America; World Maps German; Map of Europe 1923; Map of the World; London Underground.


More “Made With Love” gift tags, this set features a ball of yarn and knitting needles.


Baby Wish Cards

Free treats for baby showers (or your own keepsake). Available in Grey, Blue, Brown and Yellow.


Chart: Food To Avoid While Pregnant

It’s been a looooong while since I’ve had to worry about this, but I didn’t know that soft serve ice cream/yogurt was a potential issue! Good list to give to new-mom-to-be.


Paint Can Labels

Fancy frame design with space to note: Name; Finish; Purchased; Used For…). I also have a sheet available at the bottom of the DIY page here (with colorful circle lids): Create | Fix | Style: Easy DIY Projects & Home Upgrades


Soda Bottle Labels

Retro-inspired treats to add some pizzazz to any party decor…available in a fun array of colors & flavors:

Cream Soda; Blueberry; Raspberry; Orange; Root Beer; Lime Soda; Lemon Soda; Sarsaparilla.


Make It Handmade Label Pack (editable)

Lotsa good stuff here! Printable labels, gift tags and fun stickers for handmade creations.

Download Grid cards, Shipping lists, Make & Do lists, gift tags & labels, blanks for organizing & more.


Kitchen Binder Set

Wow! Find 23 pages that will help organize meals, tasks, recipes, monthly calendars & more.

This is a great way to setup & start a Household Notebook.


DIY Laundry Bottles

Transfer laundry products & aids to charming glass bottles then label with these lovely goodies.

Suitable for detergent; borax; bleach; vinegar; hydrogen peroxide; alcohol; baking soda.


Takeout Menu Organizer

I just have an expandable folder jacket where I stash all our takeout menus in a jumble but this binder would be an even better setup.

Cuisine category sheets on cardstock (Mexican, Italian, Asian, Deli, etc.); three-hole punch & insert into a binder. Menus are then added by hole-punching & inserting them in the appropriate category. Could also use plastic binder sleeves (top loading) to stash the menus.


Vintage Hanky Inspired Stationery

Three sets to download including “Love Letters for The Newlyweds” (guests write little notes to the the newlyweds), Cross-Stitch Heart & 3 Different Floral Design blanks).

Plenty of ways these can be used (cards, stationery, thank you cards, etc.).


Vacation Planner

Everything needed to keep a trip organized and on track:

  • Departure & Arrival details; booked activities; general plans
  • Packing List
  • Places to Go Things To See
  • Daily Planner


Cash Envelopes – Budgeting System

For those of you using this sytem, here are four templates to DIY your cash envelopes (3 patterned, 1 blank).

If you’re unfamiliar with the system, this page also provides some good information to get you started.


Floral Cash Envelopes

Five cheery designs with an itemized Category list on the front to track what was spent where & when. Also includes extra ledger labels that you can print on sticker paper if more room is needed.


Note Taking Aids

A nice treat for students or anyone who attends club or parish meetings, etc.

Six different designs to choose from (including a colorful Cornell note-taking template).


Floral Stationery

Lovely! One page is ruled, the other is blank…both with the same pretty floral header at top.


Vintage Hymns / Sheet Music

This collection can be used in a variety of ways (frameable wall art, craft them, choir book/inserts, greeting cards, journaling, etc.)

Both pdf and jpg formats are provided. Nice!


Know Your Presser Feet

Here’s a great chart for your sewing binder or even frame it to hang by the sewing machine for quick reference.

Details the following feet: Zig-zag; Embroidery; Zipper; Invisible Zipper; Sliding Buttonhole; 1/4″ Foot; Stitch-in-the-ditch; Walking.


Hand Made By Me” – Envelope Tags

Several different color options provided, these are envelopes that once folded together, resemble tags (so you can insert a little message, instructions, etc.). Pretty clever!


Did you enjoy this mix? You’ll find a great selection of printable collections here on Tipnut: Paper Crafts Fun Category, though things are much more structured and organized (examples: Recipe Cards, Canning Labels, Journaling Freebies, etc.)

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