Paper Crafts Fun: Dozens of Assorted Freebies To Print

Here’s a hodge-podge mix of free printables that I’ll be regularly adding to as I find more goodies. Have fun!

  1. Printable Planners & Checklists: Lots of different goodies to print including a Back-to-School planner, Picnic Planner, Holiday Potluck Party Planner and more. Free pdf downloads.
  2. Free Hangtags Pattern: Two different designs provided, both pretty!
  3. Paper CD Case: Print out the design, cut, fold and glue for a nice gift appropriate CD case.
  4. Sweet Tags: Made from graphics found in an old children’s book, very cute!
  5. Green Kitchen’s Vintage French Stamp Set: Free sheet of animal and insect images from an old French stamp set, use for embroidery, crafting and whatever else you like :).
  6. Kathryn Ivy’s Knitting Journal Templates: There’s one for Crochet too, find printables for Needle Inventory, Yarn Waiting List, Project Queue and more. This is a great resource!
  7. Octoknitter & Elliphantom Mailing Labels: Knitting inspired mailing labels.
  8. David Suzuki’s Green Recipes (pdf): Recipe cards for house cleaning, home remedies and more.
  9. Tags, Labels & Stickers: A few different sets of designs, downloads available via pdf. From Kayla Aimmee.
  10. While You Were Out Cards: Four different designs per sheet. From Tricia-Rennea Art.
  11. FREE Download of Mini File Folder: Great to store clippings, receipts, etc.
  12. Kind Over Matter Fortune Cookies: Print on patterned paper, fold, glue then tuck in notes for someone to find and smile.
  13. Paper Doll Set: Cute doll with six different outfits and accessories.
  14. Paper Cake Tutorial: Print template on pattern paper, fold & glue into shape then fill with candy or small gifts.
  15. Printable Calling Cards: Eight different designs per sheet, editable (pdf).
  16. Pretty “Quiet Please” Door Hanger: Print on cardstock, cut along solid lines and hang from door handle.
  17. DIY: FREE Stamp Inspired Notecards & Address Label: Pretty design with 2 A2 flat cards and a front address label.
  18. Free Snail Mail Printable Notes: Notecards with a colorful snail saying “Hello” in four different languages.
  19. Printable Hot Cocoa Envelopes: Perfect for gift baskets or with some nice mug sets. Fill the envelopes with your favorite Cocoa Mix.
  20. 25 Holiday Quotes for Your Pages: When you find yourself at a loss for words when it comes to your holiday scrapbook pages, why not borrow someone else’s? Use as titles, journaling or accents for your next holiday page.
  21. DIY Oscar Party Part I: Free printables for invitations, popcorn bags & envelope liners.
  22. DIY Ice-Cream Soda for a Party or Wedding: Fun, retro-inspired label designs for soda bottles that hark back to the glorious era of soda fountains!
  23. Spring Gift Set: One seed packet, one note pages, print as many as you need. Make fun party favors for a Bridal Shower, Baby-Shower or Mother’s Day brunch! More seed packet printables here.
  24. DIY: FREE printable Summer Gift Tags: Fun pastel yellow or pink design, print on cardstock and trim.
  25. Dots Envelope Wraps: Print on adhesive paper and cut out…lovely way to send invitations! Pdf can be edited with mail to: and return mail information.
  26. Parisian Calling Cards: Gorgeous design with the Eiffel Tower, spaces available for your name and phone number.
  27. DIY Pinwheels: Easy project with template download (pdf).
  28. Hello Neighbor Printable: Lovely design to use as a card for baking/food gifts.
  29. Printable Thread Bobbins: Keep embroidery threads tidy with this paper bobbins (20 bobbins per page). Pdf download.
  30. Pom Pom Printables: Free printables for patterned paper, invitations, gift tags and place cards. Three different colors to choose from: Pink, Gray, Yellow.
  31. Canon Creative CD Envelopes: Another design here.
  32. Origami Paper Designs: Two dozen different designs to download (via pdf).
  33. Finish Your Food Cards: Ha! Here’s one for picky eaters…three different designs available via zip download. They clip onto the edge of the plate and carry different messages, all aimed at getting kids to ‘finish their food’.
  34. Printable Alphabet Bunting: Nice! All letters come in different patterns and colors, including a heart spacer.
  35. Milk & Cookie Favors: Vintage style milk carton favor box, recipe cards and report card envelope. Designs download via pdf.
  36. Free Strawberry Envelope & Note Paper: Sweet designs free to download via pdf.
  37. Printable Sewing Cards: Fun freebie for the kids.
  38. DIY Cello Bag Labels: Fill bag with homemade treats and label with this charming freebie…an adorable DIY project with vintage homespun feel.
  39. DIY Grow Bubble Onesies: Cute idea to document babies growth, print these off and each month simply stick a grow bubble sticker to your babe’s onesie or tee, and snap a photo.
  40. Please No Soliciting Sign: 8.5×11 printable that you can stick on your front door.
  41. Made For You Tags: Adorable tags for homemade gifts that can be used for any occasion. Free pdf download.
  42. DIY Travel Journal: Going somewhere special? Make this project for notes and keepsakes.
  43. Wintry Notecards: Perfect for this time of year! Free pdf download.
  44. Printable Popcorn Bag: Makes the family movie night a little more special.
  45. Mini File Folders & Labels: Free Printables: There are two free downloads available, one is for the mini-folder template and the other is for a nice set of labels. Use the folders to organize recipe cards, garden notes, whatever you like. Make them out of pretty card stock weight scrapbook paper and they’ll be so lovely you’ll find all kinds of uses for them. Nice stuff!
  46. DIY Personal Library Kit: If you lend friends and family books you might find it difficult keeping track of who has what book, this DIY library setup is a great solution for keeping things organized! Print off the designs on colored cardstock and arrange in a clear plastic recipe box (for best effect) and you can enjoy this pretty DIY library setup.
  47. Kid’s Organization Kit: Freebies include a weekly chore chart, chore reward coupons, shopping list, to do list, write-in calendar and more.
  48. Package Mailing Labels: Four labels per page, can print on sticker paper or a plain sheet of paper then glue on.
  49. Moving Box Labels & To-Do List: Two different freebies to download (pdf), one sheet of moving labels (2 per page) and a moving checklist.
  50. Spring Mini-Kit: Cute and colorful, includes To-Do list, shopping list and spring cleaning checklist.
  51. Tea Party Printables: Set includes a banner, invitation, place settings, labels, cupcake toppers and stickers/labels.
  52. Journaling Cards & Notes: Library, graph and note cards and another set of freebies on this page (10 things list, any-month calendar card, memo sheet and writing paper).
  53. Pigtails Scrapbook Backgrounds & Tags: Nice and colorful! Available in both A4 and letter sizes.
  54. Clock Face CD Covers: A few different clock face designs to choose from, use to cover an old cd for a unique decor piece.
  55. Back To School Kit: Set includes a Weekly Homework Planner, Book Labels, Name Labels & Bookmarks
  56. Babysitting List: Two forms per sheet with spaces to document Messages, FYI, Instructions and Contact Number. Helpful for your babysitter or if your child babysits, they can print off to use on the job.
  57. Alphabet Tracing Papers: A zip file download with 26 pdf sheets (for each letter of the alphabet). Both uppercase and lowercase letters are on each sheet along with an animal character.
  58. Holiday Budget Forms: Two different designs to download (via pdf), the first is a checklist for gift buying (prints two per page) and the second is a Holiday Budget List to track all expenses for the holidays (gifts, charities, postage, gift wrap, etc.).
  59. Weekly Goals Sheet: Pretty teal design with spaces for each day of the week along with a Monthly Notes section.
  60. Food Journal: Track items you eat during your weight loss journey, free pdf download.
  61. Knitting Notes: Document project notes, two pages for rows, one graph page and another page for general notes.
  62. Journal Labels: Eight labels per sheet (via pdf download) in four pairs of colors.
  63. Vintage Handy-Style Cards: Letter-writing paper sheets in the style of vintage hankies.
  64. Laundry Room Subway Art: Here’s a printable you can frame and hang in the Laundry room, includes words and phrases associated with clothing and doing laundry.
  65. Birthday Calendar: Prints on 11″ x 17″ cardstock (or paper), use to keep track of birthdays throughout the year.
  66. Folding Templates For Seamstresses: Print templates on regular cardstock, great tool for making accurate folds. Includes both a straight and curved template.
  67. Monthly Goal Cards: A monthly mini checklist with a unique design for each month, print on cardstock and assemble together on a D-ring.
  68. Free Flat Notes: 3.5″ x 5″ flat notes that can be used as stationary, invitations, shopping lists, notepads, whatever you like.
  69. Vintage Girl Notecards & Labels: These print four per page and can be used as notecards, labels, recipe cards, whatever you like! Three different designs to choose from.
  70. Birthday Calendar: Keep track of birthdays throughout the year with this lovely freebie, each month has a different design.
  71. Winter Hanukkah Labels Set: You’ll find an assortment of rectangular and circular designs, these are editable so they can be personalized as you like.
  72. Measure Twice, Cut Once: Fun print for the sewing room, available in both coral and pink colors and in two dimensions.
  73. Retro New Year’s Eve Party Pack: Banner, cupcake wrappers, bottle wrapper, decanter tags, wine glass tags, cone hat and more.
  74. Wishes For Baby: Sweet little wish cards that are lovely tucked into baby shower gifts, available in four different colors (Grey, Blue, Brown, Yellow).
  75. Foods To Avoid While Pregnant: Lists meat, dairy, beverages, veggies and foods to eat in moderation.
  76. Sew On & Sew Forth Poster: Sweet poster to print and frame for the craft room, features a vintage sewing machine and a bright yellow chevron background (reads Sew On and Sew Forth).
  77. Assorted Botanical Prints: Ten different illustrations to choose from (Oranges, Hollyhock, Cherries, Pinecone, Raspberries, Foxglove, Dandelion, Poppies, Grapes and Limes).
  78. Paint Stash Labels: Organize your stash of paint cans by pouring into smaller cans, painting the top of the lids and sticking on these labels that note the brand, finish, what it was used for and when it was purchased (prints 4 labels per sheet, via pdf).
  79. Baby Tooth Chart: Nice goody for the baby book, helps you keep track of when baby’s teeth first appear.
  80. Lecture Notes Cheat Sheet: A handy sheet for students to help guide notetaking, sections for: Event/location; Presented by; Day/Date/Time; Main points and more.
  81. Wash Your Hands, Use Soap. Love Mom.: (5″ x 5″) Nice reminder to frame and hang in the washroom, you’ll see an example on the site with a pretty decorative paper used for the background.
  82. Birthday Chart: Have trouble remembering birthdays? Try this handy list and you can see at a glance whose birthday is coming up (prints two per page).
  83. DIY Monogram Notecards (editable): Very nice collection available in three colors (purple, teal and yellow). Items include notecards, labels and notecard belly bands. All items available via free pdf downloads.
  84. Sample Garden Journal Pages: Four different sheets to choose from all available via pdf downloads.
  85. Wrap Around Mailing Label: A vintage floral sheet design, prints four per page (via pdf) or single (in png).
  86. Doily Address Labels: Pretty little designs that you can use as address labels or gift tags (lace, flowers, vintage-style).
  87. Simple Classy Envelope Labels: Lovely blank labels with a simple border, three different sets available on a single pdf (blue, pink and gold).
  88. Spring Notecards: Four different designs to choose from (Pink Plaid; Retro Flowers; Grey Chevron and Coral Scallops). Also includes assorted labels you can attach on the front with a bit of glue.
  89. Monogrammed Floral Card: A simple yet lovely card with a single floral design in the bottom left corner, add your initial using Photoshop or Illustrator (or write it in yourself).
  90. Fruity Labels & Tags: Assorted shapes, colors and sizes, use these as gift tags or to label items.
  91. Mailing/Address Labels: Personalized wrap-around mailing labels (front is “please deliver to” and back is “from”), available in five different colors (yellow, blue, green, orange and pink).
  92. Medication Checklist & Parent Medical Organizer: (scroll down page a bit to find freebies) The first chart will help keep track of vitamins, supplements and medications for the week, the second freebie lists current medications, allergies, room for a scanned copy of insurance card and more.
  93. Hanger Tags: Organize outfits for each day of the week using these chevron tags (Monday through Sunday), sets available in three different colors (pink, gray and teal).
  94. Forget-Me-Not Tags: (site isn’t in English but click on the tag image when you load the page to download a set of three)
  95. Flower Basket Goodies: Pretty notepaper and two different invitation designs featuring a lovely bouquet of flowers and baskets.
  96. Babysitter Info Sheet: Has room to list specific instructions plus emergency contact and location information.
  97. Notes For The Babysitter: Leave easy-to-follow instructions in five sections (Mom & Dad; Eat; Sleep; No Way!; and 911).
  98. Grateful Lists: Two different goodies to download, one is separated into different sections (I’m thankful for…I love…I’m joyful because…I’m blessed (and here’s why)…) and the other has a colorful header with a blank page.
  99. Sewing Ephemera Sheet: Six different vintage graphics that are related to sewing, use these for scrapbooking, covering boxes, etc.
  100. Knitting Gift Tags: Ideal for giving knitted items or to your favorite knitter.

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