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Is It Possible To Freeze Milk? Yes!

One way to save money on groceries [1] is by stocking up on deals which is easy enough to do for dry goods and meat, but what about fresh dairy products like milk? The shelf life is not very long and there’s only so much you can drink before it expires. Here’s a tip: You can freeze batches of milk to use for later! Here’s how…

Glass Pitcher

It makes sense that you will first need to remove a bit of milk from the containers before freezing since liquids expand when they’re frozen, but I’ve found that it’s not necessary. Just popping full cartons or plastic jugs in the freezer without first emptying a bit out has worked fine for me.

According to an article I found in the Seattle Times [2], as long as the container has about 1 1/2″ inches of headspace it should be fine (otherwise remove a bit before freezing). To test this for yourself, put a container of milk in a plastic bag and then freeze it. If you find the container will hold the contents without bursting, you’ll know for next time (assuming you buy the same brand/size). If it does burst, the mess will be contained in the plastic bag for easy cleanup.

When you’re running low on milk, remove a carton from the freezer and refrigerate. Depending on the content weight, it will need a day or two to thaw. Shake the container well before drinking since it can separate after freezing.

We’re not big milk drinkers in my family so it’s mainly used in cooking and baking (and for breakfast cereal), we don’t notice a difference in quality once it’s been frozen and thawed but if you’re a milk aficionado–your opinion might differ.