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How To Freeze Strawberries: {Info Sheet}

Strawberries can be frozen for up to 12 months making it easy to take advantage of this season’s bounty to enjoy all year until next year’s harvest! Here’s a tip sheet giving step-by-step instructions, to get started you’ll need: Lots of ice water, a large pan, a colander, paring knife, measuring cup, tray, airtight freezer containers, scoop, sugar or syrup.

Fresh Strawberries Can Be Frozen Whole, Sliced, Crushed, Pureed Or In Juice

How To Prepare The Fruit:

Sugar or Syrup Pack: Strawberries may be frozen with either…

Ways To Freeze: They may be preserved whole, sliced, crushed, pureed or in juice. Generally the sliced fruit keeps its flavor better than the whole berries.

Amounts To Freeze: Choose the size package or container that will suit your serving needs. Smaller packages of course freeze and thaw more quickly than the larger ones. Label each package so that you know not only how it was prepared (sugar or syrup pack) but when.

How long can they be frozen? Strawberries stored at 0° F. will keep for a year, so in deciding on the quantity to freeze, keep in mind that this is one food you can freeze to last until next year’s crop is available!

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