15+ Ways To Make A Fruit Pizza

Here’s a fun treat that couldn’t be easier to make! Fruit pizzas are a highlight at potlucks and picnics, bridal and baby showers or make it as a special dessert for your family “just because”. The crust varies depending on the recipe but it’s typically either a homemade dough made from scratch or cans of refrigerated cookie dough (a box of cookie mix can be used too). The “sauce” is usually softened cream cheese but there are a few other options too, and then it’s all topped off with colorful sliced fresh or canned fruit. Sometimes a sweet glaze is used but try drizzling melted chocolate over top for an extra tasty treat.

Here is a collection of recipes that I’ve handpicked from around the ‘net, so many ideas and they’re all sure to impress, have fun!

By bettycrocker.com
  1. Spring Fruit: Ingredients include Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix, butter or margarine, an egg, whipping cream, cream cheese frosting and assorted fresh fruit. From Betty Crocker.
  2. Strawberry: Ingredients include a package of cream cheese, chilled unsalted butter, baking mix (ie. Bisquick), honey, granulated sugar, lemon zest (or pure lemon extract), hulled, sliced strawberries, white or dark chocolate for a drizzled garnish. From One Ordinary Day.
  3. With Heavy Whipping Cream As The “Sauce”: Ingredients include refrigerated sugar cookie dough, sugar, cornstarch, orange juice, lemon juice, softened cream cheese, milk, grated orange peel, heavy whipping cream, halved fresh strawberries, thinly sliced peach, sliced banana, thinly sliced apple and fresh blueberries. From Taste of Home.
  4. Mom’s: Homemade crust, ingredients include cream cheese (at room temperature), sugar, milk, assorted fresh fruit and chopped pecans. From Fly Through Our Window.
  5. Dessert Style: The crust is a homemade cottage cheese pastry that is very rich and tender (and low in saturated fat!). Ingredients include raspberry sauce, diced pineapple, diced kiwi fruit, dried strawberries or dried cranberries and a block of white chocolate (to drizzle over top). From Eating Well.
  6. Crescent Dough Crust: Made with refrigerated crescent roll dough, cream cheese, sugar, pineapple tidbits, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, bananas and cornstarch. Juice from the pineapples is thickened with the cornstarch to make a drizzle glaze. From Controlling My Chaos.
  7. Topped With Apricot Glaze: Made with a homemade crust, ingredients include softened cream cheese, confectioners’ sugar, heavy whipping cream (for the filling) and topped with assorted fresh fruit. Features an optional glaze using apricot preserves or orange marmalade. From Blue Jean Gourmet.
  8. Mini Pizzas: Ingredients include refrigerated sugar cookies, softened cream cheese, frozen limeade concentrate, powdered sugar, fresh fruit (blueberries, strawberries and kiwifruit), powdered sugar (optional). From Pillsbury.
  9. With Cookie Dough Crust: Ingredients include refrigerated sliceable sugar cookies (sliced), Philadelphia cream cheese (softened), sugar, vanilla, assorted fruit, apricot preserves and water. From Kraft Foods.
  10. Fruit Tart Dessert: Ingredients include a package of sugar cookie mix, finely chopped almonds, softened cream cheese, confectioners’ sugar, almond extract, frozen raspberries (thawed), granulated sugar, kiwi fruit slices and strawberry slices. From The Savory Notebook.
  11. Giant Size: Made with a homemade cookie crust, topped with cream cheese, white sugar, vanilla extract, sliced strawberries, sliced kiwi, halved blackberries and a thinly sliced mango. From Two Fat Als.
  12. With Streusel Topping: Made with a homemade sweet roll dough and features a streusel topping, fruit topping is sliced peaches, apples or prune plums. From Seasonal Ontario Food.
  13. With Marmalade Glaze: Ingredients include sugar cookie dough, softened cream cheese, almond, lemon or orange extract, fresh fruit and orange marmalade. From Paula Deen at Food Network.
  14. With Cookie Crust & Caramel Sauce: Ingredients include refrigerated sugar-cookie dough, cream cheese, marshmallow creme, sliced fruit (hulled strawberries, kiwis, banana, cored pineapple, etc.) and warmed caramel sauce. From Epicurious.
  15. Tortilla Crust: The crust for these is a fajita-size flour tortilla, ingredients include seedless raspberry all-fruit jam, part-skim ricotta cheese, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and blueberries. From Whole Living.
  16. Sweet Blueberry Dessert: Made with a homemade crust, ingredients include blueberry pie filling, chopped pecans or almonds and topped with sweetened whipped cream (optional). From Land O’Lakes.
  17. With Homemade Glaze: Made with a homemade cookie crust, softened cream cheese, confectioner’s sugar, vanilla, assorted fruit and topped with a homemade glaze. From The Baking Beauties.
  18. Chocolate Minis: Ingredients include softened butter, sugar, an egg yolk, vanilla, all-purpose flour, unsweetened cocoa, chocolate frosting and cut-up fresh fruit (kiwis, strawberries, bananas, raspberries, etc.). From Land O’Lakes.
  19. With Puff Pastry: Ingredients include Pepperidge Farm puff pastry sheets (thawed), vanilla instant pudding and pie filling mix, milk, assorted fresh fruit. From Campbell’s Kitchen.

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    • Ashley

    I am planning on making some fruit pizzas for a baby shower coming up. When do u normally cut the cookie? I made one the other day and let it cool and when I went to cut it some of it crumbles. Any suggestions?

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