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15 Glorious Granny Square Patterns To Crochet

Crocheted granny squares are a hit with crafters since there are so many different items you can make with them: blankets or afghans, scarves, potholders, wraps, totes…the ideas are endless! Here are several different designs to check out, use a single pattern for a project or mix them up as you like. I also added a helpful tutorial at the bottom showing you how to join them all together and another for how to make a flat border (for blankets).

You may want to bookmark this page for future reference since I’ll be adding new goodies here as I find them, enjoy!


Daisy [1]: Petals are made with a cluster stitch and have a bit of a pointy tip.

Big Circle [2]: Each ring in the circle is a different color, each background can have a different color if you like.



16 Circles [3]: Wow! Love this design, 4 x 4 rows of circles (in same color but I love the dual colors in this sample).

Sunburst [4]: Lovely samples on this page, actual pattern used is archived on the web here [5].



Pretty Flower [6]: Simple to make and suitable for beginners. Eight petals on the inner part, 16 on the outer.

Circle [7]: Circle design for the inner part of the square and features an inner scalloped edge around the first frame.



Classic [8]: There are several examples of how using different colored yarns can give each a unique look.

Two Shades [9]: I like how this one looks using two shades of the same color for the center.



Cluster [10]: Three rows of petal clusters, finished sizes will be different depending on the hook you use.

Two Layer Petals [11]: Two layers of round petals lift up from the background in this pretty design.



Spike [12]: Two rounds are started then spikes begin on the third round and are worked on the straight edges only.

Maggie’s [13]: Made with worsted weight yarn and size J hook.



Waterflower [14]: Instructions in both Spanish & English.

Center Flower [15]: Starts with a Magic Ring, center design is surrounded by two different borders in two colors.



Mitered [16]: Check the link to view a small blanket made with this, I think it’s gorgeous!

Bonus: Here’s a tutorial for How To Join Them [17] and another goody is How to make a flat border for blankets [18].