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20+ Ways To Make A Plastic Bag Holder: {Patterns & DIY}

Here’s a mixed bunch of patterns and tutorials for making grocery bag holders. There are several designs for sewing, a few for knit and crochet plus I also tucked in some clever DIY ideas turning ordinary household items into dispensers. Everything’s organized in their own section below to keep things tidy, enjoy!


All but one of these designs are long and tube-shaped, some are pretty similar but I included them for inspiration (fabric choices, method of finishing, etc.).


Dish Towel [1]: Super easy to whip up using a dish towel, features a drawstring top and elastic bottom.

Tutorial [2]: Made with decorator weight fabric and is longer than most, cute ribbon & bow embellishment, elastic top & bottom and hangs by a fabric strap.



Scrappy [3]: Made with coordinating fabric scraps, features a fabric strap for hanging and an elastic bottom.

Fabric Dispenser [4]: Quilted patchwork, casing on top and bottom for elastic closure and an elastic loop at top for hanging.



Drawstring [5]: The top is folded over and hangs by a loop of ribbon, bottom is drawstring style.

Fabric [6]: Made with 9 strips of fabric (or just one if you prefer solid) and has elastic closure top and bottom with coordinating ribbon for hanging.



Hanging Shirt [7]: This is a neat one, made from a discarded woven shirt and hangs from a back loop (neck open, bottom of shirt sewn closed).

Tutorial [8]: Elastic closure at top and bottom and features a nice & wide contrast edge, ribbon loop to hang.



Keeper [9]: Top section is open and hangs by a fabric strap, bottom has elastic closure.

With Loop For Hanging [10]: A little smaller in size with an open top, fabric loop for hanging and elastic bottom.



Open Top [11]: This design has an open top with contrasting bands of fabric and an elastic bottom closure.

Stuff Sack [12]: Cute little project to keep in the car, finished size is approximately 5″ x 6″ x 4″ and includes a trash can applique design to download (pdf).



Portable Case [13]: Here’s a clever project that you can make for the car, diaper bag or even tuck in your tote.

Knit & Crochet

So far I just have a few (and only one for crochet), but I’ll add more to this list as I come across them.


Quickie Project [14]: Knit on size 17 US straight needles, but feel free to work in the round with the largest set of dpns you own to eliminate sewing.

Knit [15]: Made with double point needles, two hair elastics and pretty ribbon, bead or charm of your choice.



Crocheted Dispenser [16]: Made with worsted weight cotton and two 5 elastic ponytail bands.

Lacy [17]: Knit. Made with double pointed needles and 1/4 inch elastic.



Feather & Fan [18]: (knit) Worked on DPNs, has an I-cord loop for hanging and ribbing around the top and bottom.

Clever Ideas

Don’t sew, knit or crochet and prefer something simple? Check out these neat ideas that turn ordinary household items into handy storage…also see this idea for porigami [19], it shows how to fold the bags neatly so they can be piled nicely to store.


Paper Towel Tube [20]: Stuff them in a cardboard tube, then place it in a drawer for handy retrieval.

Bottle Keeper [21]: Made with a 2 quart bottle (some clever cutting involved). Items get shoved in the top and pulled out at the bottom.



Tissue Box Tip [22]: Such a simple idea that works well.

Milk Jug [23]: Wash out an empty milk jug and cut a hole in the side of the jug.



Can [24]: Take an old coffee can, spray paint it and cut out a square in the lid.

Pop-up Dispenser [25]: Made with an empty baby wipes container with a clever way to stuff the bags in so they pop up as they are being pulled out.