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Simple Hair Detangler, Styling Cream & More

I have many, many fond memories of my grandmother but I do have one not-so-happy recollection…the day she had my hair cut short, and not only short, but cut like a boy’s!

I was around 4 years old and my younger brother and I were staying at her house for a few weeks one summer. I had nice long, natural curls but each morning it was quite the chore having them brushed out…it was a mass of tangles and knots and I ran a few laps each day trying to escape the brush my grandmother was wielding.

One day she had enough of my tears so she trotted me over to the *barber* to cut it short (with my parents permission of course). Lots of tears were shed but I have to admit, the mornings were never so painful again ;).

I remember all-too-well how awful it is to sit still for what seems like hours, getting all those troublesome tangles brushed out as a child. The scalp is tender and feels every painful tug.

Here’s a quick homemade mix to help make things easier, I wish we had it on hand all those years ago!

*Based on information I found in the book Free Stuff for Baby! by Sue M. Hannah

More to try:

If I’ve saved one little girl from getting a boy’s cut by the local barber, I consider this post a job well done! 😉

Homemade Hairspray: (*First published February 20, 2009 and moved to this page for better organization)

Here’s a tip sent in by Mildred. This is phenomenal–it’s very frugal, organic and skips those harsh perfume & chemical clouds.

I found this in a library book awhile ago and thought I would try it. My hair is thick and this still held well. I thought all the tipnuts would like to know about it, it is a very cheap to try and easy to make too.

2 cups water
2 fresh lemons
1 tablespoon of vodka or rubbing alcohol

  • Peel the lemons and chop them into thick wedges or chunks. Bring the water to a boil, boil for one minute, then reduce heat to simmering. Add the lemons and simmer until the lemons are soft and the liquid has reduced to about halfway.
  • Remove from heat, cool and then strain out the lemon bits. Pour into a spray bottle and then add the vodka. Shake well and then shake each time before using.
  • If it gets a little too sticky, just add a bit of water.
  • The vodka or rubbing alcohol is important to include since it will help keep things from going rancid, but this will only keep for 2 to 3 weeks so don’t make too much at one time. Also boiling the water first before adding the lemons will help keep the mixture from going bad because it sterilizes it first.
  • If the lemons are organic you can slice them into wedges with the peels on and boil, this is because there are no pesticides on the peel to worry about.

Thanks for sharing this Mildred! I did some searching online and it seems this is quite a common (and popular) mixture. Oranges will also work. If there are any commercial bottles on hand, wash them out well and save them to use for this. If still using aerosol, here’s an excuse to dump those nasty cans!

Styling Cream: Here’s a recipe from Sweet Sassafras [2]:

I really love this stuff. I have very thick, healthy, strong hair that tends toward the coarse side. Sort of like a horse. It’s got a little bit of wave to it. A little of this cream really helps to give it some moisture, shininess, and control the flyaway bits.

Control stray bits and add a bit of shine with this “pomade” that uses wholesome, natural ingredients with oils (such as amla, coconut, olive, castor, almond, rosemary and aloe vera) and shea butter. The jar will last for quite awhile (use sparingly–that’s a lot of oil), and skip those commercial products with the hefty price tags (loaded with who-knows-what for chemicals).

Tips to Fight Static

*First published December 29, 2006 and moved to this page for better organization

When wearing toques, hats and scarves in winter, things tend to get a tad out of control! Here are a few tips to help:

==> Used dryer sheets are great for wiping down computer monitors and tv screens as well ;).