Crafty Coat Hanger Covers: {Free Patterns & Tutorials}

Here’s an assorted bunch of ideas for decorating coat hangers (these make great homemade gifts). You’ll find ideas for covering both wooden and wire varieties with some sewn, some padded, some crocheted and other crafty methods used. I’ve also tucked two vintage treats at the bottom (one that includes pockets). Enjoy!
Crocheted: (wooden) You can whip this up in solid or multi-color patches.

Decorative Shell Stitch: (wooden) This features a pretty crochet stitch with a contrasting color along the edges.
Ribbon Wrapped: (plastic) Bags are used for padding then decorative ribbon is wrapped around the body.

Colorful: (wire) Wrapped with bits of fabric, bias tape or ribbon.
For Baby: (wooden) Painted then embellished with appliques, stencils, beads, whatever you like!

Faux Vintage: (wooden) Design of your choice is transferred to the base using Mod Podge and cardstock.
Fabric: Made with pretty fabric, will work with both wire, wooden and plastic varieties. Also see the vintage goody below that is finished in bias trim.

With Flowers: (wooden) Crocheted and features a garland of wee flowers along the bottom edge.
Hand Beaded: (wire) All you need is an assortment of plastic beads in the colors of your choice and a bit of hot glue.

Wrapped: 1 1/2″ strips of fabric are tightly wrapped around the piece until it’s padded nicely.
Simple: (wooden) Features a small crocheted flower at base, body is made with single crochet stitches and hook is wrapped with yarn.

Snowball: (knit) Worked in a ball of Snowball yarn and can be trimmed with flowers or ribbon if you like.



Below are two different vintage goodies, one for a bias-trimmed slipcover and the other has pockets (for holding gloves, handkerchiefs and whatever else you like).


  • 1/4 yd. percale or chintz
  • 2 yds. percale bias trim in contrasting color


  • Lay hanger flat on a piece of wrapping paper. Trace around top edge. At sides, draw straight vertical lines, 5″ deep. Connect vertical lines by a horizontal line. Cut out template, making a slight curve at point where wire hook occurs.
  • Fabric: 2 pieces from paper template. Allow 1/4″ all around edges for seam allowance.


  • On one piece bind curve for wire hook with bias trim.
  • On each piece bind straight (lower) edge.
  • Place pieces wrong sides together and join by binding around sides and top edge.

Source: The New Encyclopedia of Modern Sewing (1946)

PocketsHere’s one with pockets…


1/2 yard Quilted Cotton
1/2 yard Satin Ribbon (1″ wide)
Bias Binding, double fold, of contrasting color
Clark’s “Anchor” Six Cord 80 yards Sewing Thread


1 piece – 11″ x 16″
2 pieces – 5 1/2″ x 16″


  1. Bind one long edge of each 5 1/2″ x 16″ piece with bias trim.
  2. Place one 5 1/2″ x 16″ piece against 11″ x 16″ piece (right sides together), matching long sides and raw edges.
  3. To shape top, lay a coat hanger against long edge, draw a curve to correspond and cut.
  4. Baste pieces together.
  5. Baste other 5 1/2″ x 16″ piece on 11″ x 16″ piece (right sides together) so that the bound edges meet.
  6. Stitch around outside edge, leaving a 1/4″ opening at center top. Turn to right side.
  7. Divide bottom section into 3 sections and stitch along markings through both thicknesses.
  8. Buttonhole stitch around opening at top center.
  9. Insert hanger in case and tie ribbon into a bow at top.

Source: Easy-To-Sew Toys And Gifts, The Canadian Spool Cotton Company (1945)

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    • Heather

    Marjory–try I just bought a 5 pack for around $13. They have the ones you want/seek, as well as others. It’s a crafter’s paradise on Amazon! lol.

    • Carmen Russell

    Just wonderful i must try these.Thank you.

    • Marjory Palmer

    I have looked ALL over for those standard wooden hangers,but can’t find a source for them…do you know where they can be found??They are the straight type,like the ones found inside satin-covered hangers..
    Thank you

      • Dansk

      You’d be surprised…stores like Dollarama, the Dollar Stores, Zellers, local second-hand stores, e.g. Salvation Army often have these “oldies but goodies”. You could also try clothing store suppliers…

      • Susan

      The Christmas Tree Shoppes carry white ones…3 pack for $4.00

    • Carin

    Lovely and Perfect timing as it is July and time to begin our Christmas workshops! Many thanks as always and I love the new format, it gives me the time to really look over and pick the projects I would like to try…

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