Help Page For Website Visitors & Readers

There’s so much to see and do on Tipnut that sometimes you may need a little help to fully utilize all that this website has to offer.

I’ve prepared a section here to help walk you through the most common issues, feel free to contact me if the following isn’t able to guide you.

Update: Please note that I’ve suspended the Subscriber Updates email newsletter until further notice. When I’m ready to start it up again, I’ll send out a notice.

For help with the Comments area, please see this section.

How To Submit A Tip:

Do you have a juicy tip or tutorial you’re willing to share with readers? I love that and so does this community of readers! Here are a few ways you can do that:

  • If it applies to an article you read here, simply add your information in the comments section underneath the article. It will be published as quickly as possible (comments are moderated for spam prevention and other issues). Links to other websites, projects and tips are not allowed in the comments area.
  • If it’s a tip you believe is suitable for publishing, please submit it by using the contact form. I just might publish it as a feature! I am interested in items with good details, fairly original or unique and are helpful for everyday living or are Wow! neat to know. I do minor editing in an attempt to keep the structure the same as the rest of the information on the site, but it’s your tip and I’m happy to give you credit for it :).
  • Is it a free tutorial from your website you’d like to share with visitors here? Submit it using the contact form and I’ll check it out! Keep in mind that visitors count on me choosing the best of the best, so I’m very selective of what’s featured here. I get a lot of projects submitted, so please don’t feel bad if it doesn’t get posted. Please Note: There are absolutely no strings attached to get your project, tip or tutorial featured on, but if you enjoy this site, think it’s great and have shared it with your readers, please include the link to that post as well so I can check it out (I love reading them!) 🙂 — this in no way affects acceptance or non-acceptance, if I feel it’s a good fit, it will be featured regardless–if I feel it isn’t a good fit, it won’t be featured even if you have shared or linked to Tipnut lots! So why mention it? Hopefully this will weed out most of the insincerity I receive on a near daily basis 😉 .
  • Would you like to write and create a tutorial or share an original craft just for Tipnut visitors? Oh my! I’d love it! But there are a few things required: The tutorial will have to be your original creation (not copied from another website or abuse someone’s copyright); it needs good quality pictures to accompany it (if it’s a DIY or craft project); it shouldn’t already be published anywhere else (including your own blog); it’s understood you own the copyright but you grant me permission to keep it (and the images) hosted online on for the lifetime of the site if desired and at no cost to this website or its readers (this means I can’t package your tutorial and then try to sell it but I can keep it freely available on In return, you will receive full credit (including a link to your website or blog if applicable and will stay active for as long as it’s available online and the content has not been compromised with spam, viruses or other blackhat issues). If that sounds good to you, please send me your idea using the Contact Form.