Comments – Guidelines & Support

There is always room for improvement or clarification when sharing information, I do the best I can but the readers here are smart cookies and have lots to add–whether it’s sharing a tip of their own, helping to answer another visitor’s questions, or pointing out an error and asking for clarification.

It’s easy to add your tips or help another person by leaving a comment, but there are a few guidelines to keep in mind so that the posting area stays useful, productive and a pleasant place to browse through.

In this section you will learn:

  • Email addresses and privacy are respected on
  • Why comments are moderated
  • Reasons why what you wrote may not appear

Why No Links? Unfortunately I had to remove this option (from the name field) because of the bad guys…after their text was approved they would forward their linked website to (adult) content and other nefarious sites. I won’t have readers clicking through a link and being exposed to that so I removed that option. Links are not allowed in the body either because of spamming issues.


  • Why Email Addresses Are Required: This is requested on the form as a measure to prevent spam bots from flooding the text area. Your email is not publicized (if you add it to the “Email” field only, please don’t add it in the “Name” or “Body” fields or it will appear), I do respect your privacy and have a Privacy Policy that clearly states will not sell your address.

Why Are They Moderated

I setup full moderation after I had to use my break time at work to run home and delete several remarks that left offensive adult material in the posting area (we’re not allowed to use the internet at work to manage our blogs). I don’t know why people think it’s a great idea to spam sites with those kinds of things, but I had to do something to prevent that from happening and the spam filters weren’t able to stop everything.

Common Reasons Why What You Wrote Doesn’t Appear

Keep in mind that these guidelines will evolve over time as problems develop…if you see something that broke one of the guidelines below, it’s likely an old one that passed through before the guidelines were in place.

  • If you included a link in the body area, these are filtered automatically to be deleted. The amount of spam I received daily left me no choice.
  • Names can be your site name (like Tipnut for example), but not the domain––(for the reasons outlined above).
  • Please don’t leave your email address in the text area asking me or a reader to email you back, I delete these since I have no way of knowing that it is your address or a mean spirited person leaving someone else’s address.
  • If remarks are abusive towards another poster or myself, it won’t be allowed on the blog. Snark can be fun and even witty at times, but is not the place for it. There are all kinds of ways to be informative or make corrections in a positive manner without attacking someone or being mean, please try.

You didn’t see your comment appear right after you posted it and it didn’t contain any of the above issues? Remember that I moderate them by reviewing each one by one. If I happen to be logged in at the time you leave yours, you should see it on the site within a few minutes. Sometimes though it can be a few hours (I sleep and even hang out with my family sometimes! lol).

It could also be that what you submitted was flagged as spam for some reason (even if it wasn’t–software isn’t 100% perfect at their jobs yet). I do try to quickly skim the spam section to catch any that are in there by mistake, but I get loads of them daily so I may have missed yours. It could also be a problem with the connection, maybe your comment fell into no man’s land and didn’t make it to the moderation area.

So where’s all the action happening? You’ll find all the latest submissions here on this page: Latest Reader Discussion on Tipnut.

You don’t need to create an account to start pitching in and leaving your tips–all that’s required is a name and email address…have fun!