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Hiding Valuables – Sneakier Uses For Everyday Things

When you think of sneaky you usually think of something that is secret or hidden from you. Actually, the most common sneaky-use application is hiding your valuable belongings from others.

Sneakier Uses For Everyday Things

Source & Image: From the Book “Sneakier Uses For Everyday Things” by Cy Tymony

I myself would forget about the DVD/CD case idea (as well as VHS and video game cases). If kids are breaking in, they love to scoop those things up to sell for quick cash.

More Ideas For Hiding Things

Places That Aren’t Really Safe To Hide Things

A Good Idea

Also have a few different hiding spots. That way not everything will be stolen if only one or two spots are found.

Did You Know

Wherever you hide your stash–keep it to yourself & make sure to remember where it is!