12 Fruit Salsas To Enjoy This Summer

Summer gives us a bounty of locally grown fresh fruit and what better way to enjoy it all than with a fresh fruit salsa! You can use the salsa in a variety of ways: a condiment for grilled meats, seafood and fish, a healthy snack (yummy with homemade chips–some recipes included) and even as a dessert topping. It’s easy to make too! This week’s Recipe Hit List features a collection of fruit salsa recipes I’ve gathered from around the ‘net, enjoy!

*Note: Descriptions below are quotes from the sources

Learn How To Make A Delicious Fruit Salsa With Cinnamon Chips by chefmommy-brandao.blogspot.com
Learn How To Make A Delicious Fruit Salsa With Cinnamon Chips by chefmommy-brandao.blogspot.com
  1. Fresh Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Crisps: (as seen in picture) It’s fun, healthy and easy…three of my favorite things when it comes to cooking family meals or in this case, snacks. This recipe comes from a kid’s cookbook so it’s of course a great recipe to make with the little ones. Found at Chef Mommy.
  2. Fruit Salsa: You could use any combination of fruit, or preserves. I used Sugar Free Strawberry. I also serve mine with Cinnamon Grahams, but to be perfectly honest, I could eat this right out of the bowl with a spoon and have no regrets. From Burning Kitchen.
  3. Nectarine Mango Salsa: This is not your regular salsa. Tangy with the hint of fruit. Ideal on chips. Perfect over pork chops. Superb atop grilled chicken. Way, way better than the demonic black plauge or, you know, regular plagues, for that matter. If you like fruit salsa’s, you will love this recipe. From Cheeky Kitchen.
  4. Fresh Fruit Salsa: Summer is coming and all those fresh fruits in your grocery store can be turned into an amazingly tasty side for many dishes. Served up along side halibut (in season now), fish tacos, chicken breasts, salads, or even just as a delicious side dish, fruit salsa is very versatile. Found at Guilty Kitchen.
  5. Tropical Fruit Salsa: Served with Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon (recipe included). Found at Aggie’s Kitchen.
  6. Fruit Salsa Recipe: his was such a sweet treat, but since I’m a fan of sweet, if worked out perfectly for me. The salsa gets better everyday, because it marinades in all the sweetness and the flavor becomes something out of this world. From Stephanies Kitchen.
  7. Lemon Salsa: With plenty of finely chopped parsley to tone down the tartness of the lemon, it’s like tabbouleh, only more intense. It would be lovely with any grilled fish or skewered shrimp, even with lamb or chicken. Found at Canada.com.
  8. Chocolate Chips & Fruit Salsa: For the salsa, you can use any type of fruits you like. The original ingredients for salsa recipe are strawberries, pineapple, mango and some mints. For the chocolate chips, the original recipe uses 1tsp of chili powder. However, I decided to use cayanne pepper instead and decrease the amount to 1/4 tsp. I also made the chips into little cups and fill them with fruit salsa. This version work well for the mini dessert at the end of the meal. From Whisk The Pantry.
  9. Summer Fruit Salsa (for Grilled Shrimp): Fresh fruit and succulent grilled shrimp capture the essence of summer in this dish. Found at My Recipes.
  10. Fruit Salsa with Ginger Chips Recipe: Pineapple, mango and kiwifruit give Christy Johnson’s fruit salsa a tropical twist. “This combination of fruity salsa and crisp gingery chips is wonderful on a hot day,” Found at Taste Of Home.
  11. Hot Pepper and Cool Watermelon Salsa: We were grilling flank steak and chicken cutlets and the spicy mix was great with both. Actually, it’s good with so many things: fish, seafood (try it with shrimp), pork and rice, too, especially chewy brown rice. Is there anything else left? From In The Kitchen And On The Road With Dorie.
  12. Mango Salsa: I made some mango salsa to go with my grilled prawns. The salsa is sweet and a little bit tangy. It complement very well with the lightly seasoned prawns. Do try my mango salsa recipe. From Seasalt With Food.

If you enjoy homemade tomato salsa too, don’t miss these recipes.

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