Learn How To Put Together A Fantastic Gift Basket

Have you always wanted to learn how to make beautiful homemade gift baskets or have a large running list of basket themes and gift ideas at your disposal? Then this is the ultimate How To guide for you!

There Are Plenty Of Fun Ways To Present A Gift Basket
There Are Plenty Of Fun Ways To Present A Gift Basket

This tip sheet is packed with videos for how to make them as well as lovely fillers and theme ideas (make sure to catch all the details and ideas listed at the bottom).

On the videos you’ll find inspiration for themes, how to fill, wrap, make bows and decorate the baskets. Then you’ll find dozens more easy to make homemade gift ideas and themes from Tipnut.

In less than 30 minutes, you’ll know exactly how to make gift baskets just like the pros!

The first video is how to make a cellophane plume for decorating a gift basket, it gives a nice professional touch yet it’s easier to make than you might think:

The next video is from Rachel Ray’s show with two guests (Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza) who discuss unique ideas for gift baskets (I totally dig the pet gift basket!), then ends with how to make The Cuddle Kit. Steve also points out three steps to remember if you want to make a great basket: Visibility, Stability and Presentation.

Another hot tip they give: Use a bookmark for the gift tag.

This last video presents ideas for different themes and items to fill gift baskets with, but she also spends time toward the end on how to package the baskets in cellophane wrap. Also some thrifty ideas: choose one nice gift item that the recipient will like that may be a little pricey, put it in the middle of the basket to make it the central focus–then surround it with nice little things that don’t cost as much. She knows her prices too and gives hints for using more economical decorations.

Filler Ideas

If you need some ideas for gifts to include in the baskets (that won’t break the bank), you have a crazy amount of ideas at your fingertips right here on Tipnut:

Food Gifts: Peppermint Bark, Fudge, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Gifts In A Jar, Flavored Sugar Recipes, Vanilla Extract, Homemade Orange Extract

Pampered Gifts: Eye Masks & Pillows, Scented Sachets, Soaps, Makeup Bags, Bath & Beauty Gift-Worthy Crafts, Sugar Scrubs, Rose Water, Rose Petal Vinegar, Foot Soak Recipes, Microwave Heating Bags

Crafty Filler Ideas: Potpourri, Pretty Votive Candles, Lavender Vinegar, Loads of crafty fabric remnant gift ideas, DIY Bookmarks, Pretty Recipe Cards

And for Pet Gifts: Dog Toys & Accessories, Catnip

Decoration Ideas: Paper Flowers

Theme Ideas

  • Pampered Spa (Twirly towel, bath mitts, cozy slippers, eye pillow, luffa sponge, body sugar scrubs, bath salts & bubble bath, shower gel, bath bombs, candles)
  • Chocolate Lovers (Chocolate of every kind and in every shape, nuts, gourmet coffee)
  • Coffee Lovers (Gourmet or flavored coffees, flavored sugars, cinnamon sticks, two coffee mugs, demi spoons & a coffee table book about coffee 🙂 )
  • Homemade Specialty Treats (Flavored sugars, extracts, flavored vinegars)
  • Gourmet (Pickled peppers, gourmet cheese, deli crackers, fruit, wine, smoked oysters, olives, pickled asparagus, deli meat sticks)
  • Tea Buddy (Gourmet teas, flavored sugars, cinnamon sticks, tea cozy, two pretty tea cups and saucers, homemade cookies/baking, homemade jam, small potted houseplant)
  • Pet Lovers (Personalized pet dish, pet toys, pet treats, hair brush, pet shampoo–see the Rachel Ray video above)
  • Gardeners (Gardening gloves, gardening book, garden journal, small hand tools, handmade seed packets, garden clogs)
  • Bookworm (Books, bookmarks, gourmet coffee or tea, snacks, online bookstore gift card)
  • Productivity Guru (Moleskin notebook, index cards, post it notes, post it flags, expensive pen, book on productivity tips)
  • Welcome Baby (Baby blanket, washcloths, socks, rattle, toys, sleepers
  • Crafty (Expensive scissors, rotary cutter blades, needle case, pin cushion, spools of good quality thread, glue sticks, needle threaders, box of pins, sewing machine needles, fat quarters, craft store gift card, craft magazine or book)
  • Movie Lovers (DVDs, popcorn, popcorn seasonings, bottles of water or pop, chocolate bars, licorice, movie rental coupons)
  • Christmas (Poinsettia plant, homemade cookies, tarts, baking, Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas music CD, neatly handwritten Christmas poem or prayer–scroll or framed, pine, peppermint or cranberry scented candle, box of chocolates, candy canes, mix of nuts and nutcracker, Christmas crackers, angel figurine, paper snowflakes, mini-stockings filled with candy, fireplace firestarters, hot cocoa mix with mugs, small prayer or blessings book)

After watching the videos (less than 30 minutes total), all the thrifty homemade gifts and the collection of themes, you’ll have no trouble putting together fantastic gift baskets. You now know how to beautifully decorate and wrap them as well as work with several different theme ideas.

Please share your own favorite ideas below if I’ve missed any–themes, gifts and decorating tips or how about favorite theme/basket you received. I’d love to hear them :).

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    • Lori

    Sorry, but links to “flavored sugars” are broken.

      • Tipnut

      Sorry for the mistake Lori, it’s all fixed now (thanks for the heads up).

    • Jenn

    For a baby shower for my sister in law, I bought a nice baby bathtub and filled it with all thing bath related: washcloths, hooded towels, bath toys, bath books, bedtime bubble bath, lotion, Q-tips, cotton balls, a bubble maker, and the little frog gadget that hangs on the wall and collects all of the bath toys. It turned out so well, and it was so much fun to put together. I love theme gifts!

      • Kim

      I did something similar for my sister. I got a baby bath and filled it with wipes, bath time stuff, towels and washcloths. It was a lot of fun to make.

    • Jessica

    How about a “Off to College” gift basket including things for a college student/dorm room (i.e. snacks like raisens, popcorn, peanut butter, cute essential bath items, office supplies for their desk, some kind of giftcard for gas or a restaurant).

      • Steph

      That’s a fantastic idea!

    • Gifts Australia

    We run a gift business in Australia and we find that for smaller items that need a cellophane wrap it is easier to make a whole big enough for the items to pass through, in the top of an upturned box. Place the sheet of cellophane over the hole and push down through the hole which leaves the excess cellophane sticking out of the top. You can then easily tie with ribbon and trim off.

      • Amber

      That is an awesome idea!!

    • Crystal

    Another great replacement of a typical basket is a nice glass bowl if the gift is food-related, which the recipient can also use for serving later. And another good theme for a gift basket is a golf basket, where you can include balls, a golf shirt, a gift certificate to a round of golf, and some decorative elements

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