10 Homemade Pie Fillings

This week’s Recipe Hit List is a collection of canned pie fillings that I’ve handpicked from around the net. Stock up the pantry with these goodies and you can make it easy to enjoy favorite fruit pies all year long. I’ve included the basics (such as apple, peach, blueberry, cherry) but there are a few interesting flavor twists in this list too. Enjoy!

*Note: Descriptions below are quotes from the sources

Enjoy Fruit Pies All Year Long
Make Pie Filling Out Of This Season's Fruit And Enjoy Fruit Pies All Year Long
  1. Apple: A cinch to make and not very time consuming at all. And just imagine being able to bake apple pies in a snap all year long. You can also use this apple pie filling to make apple cobbler, apple crisp, apple flautas, or use it as a side dish for breakfast. From Mommy’s Kitchen.
  2. Blackberry: My goal for the day was canning blackberry pie filling. As I sit typing this I am listening to the ping sound of my lids sealing. Six jars for the pantry : ) From Hickery Holler Farm.
  3. Strawberry: Here’s how to do it, complete instructions in easy steps and completely illustrated. The strawberry pie filling will taste MUCH better than that over-sugared tasteless glop in the can from the grocery store, and by using fresh strawberries, the flavor will be much stronger! Prepared this way, the jars have a shelf life of 18 months to 2 years, and require no special attention. From Pick Your Own.
  4. Strawberry-Rhubarb: Excellent for cherries, raspberries, blueberries and the likes. You may wish to can in pints rather then quarts, as you can use your own home canned pie filling in place of the commercial cans called for in many recipes. Found at Simply Loving Home.
  5. Peach – Tutorial: With all of those peaches it was a given I would be baking cobblers and pies. I want to share with you an excellent recipe for making peach pie filling. You can can this filling and put it away on your pantry shelf for those long cold winter days when a sun ripened peach would make the day more cheerful. From Home Grown.
  6. Green Tomato:This delicious recipe also makes a great condiment served with roasted meat. From My Recipes
  7. Canned Rhubarb and Pear: From Food.com.
  8. Blueberry: (video tutorial or scroll down page for recipe) The unfortunate part about fruit pies in general is that they are typically seasonal due to the availability of the fruit. However, I have now found a way to get around this. Inspired by my friend Cathy, I made my usual blueberry pie filling recipe and canned it in quart jars for later. As you’ll see above, the process was incredibly simple and easily handled during naptime. Once the jars cooled we even took one right over to our friends house as a gift. I think I might have to dedicate a few more naptimes to canning fruit pie fillings. Not only will the larder be stocked with fresh, local berries for the whole winter, but I’ll have all of my Christmas presents completed by the end of July! From The Naptime Chef.
  9. Nectarine-Blueberry: From Better Homes & Gardens.
  10. Sweet Black Cherry: Why make your own instead of buying the cheap stuff? For the usual reasons; flavor and health. Store-bought canned pie filling can’t hold a candle to homemade in terms of flavor. But just as compelling is the long list of nasty additives and artificial flavors present in the storebought stuff. There are five -count ’em- FIVE ingredients in homemade Sweet Black Cherry Pie Filling, all of which are readily available and pronounceable. From Foodie With Family.

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    • Rebecca

    Thank you so much for including me in such a great line-up. I’ll have a pie in your name!

      • TipNut

      lol! Thanks Rebecca 🙂

    • Kelsey/TheNaptimeChef

    Thanks for the inclusion in the round-up!

    • Donna

    The blueberry pie filling is not a safe recipe. Canning with cornstarch is NOT recommended. Using Clear Jel would be an alternative.

      • Sheila

      Why is not safe to can with cornstarch? I have never canned pie filling before and I was just wondering why it wasn’t safe. I can’t seem to find Clear Jel is there an alternative or another name? I have only been able to find Sure-Jel that I use for jam and Fruit Fresh.

        • Betzi

        Clear jel is recommended for canning pie filling because it does not break down during the hot water bath processing. Corn starch can break down during high heat (from processing) and make your pie filling runny. I found Clear Jel on Amazon.

        • Rebecca Henderson

        I found some Clear Jell on Amazon.

        • Lynn

        I have the same question y is it not ok to use cornstarch, I have hunted everywhere and cannot find Clear Jel I even called a few bakeries and they said they use cornstarch.. Is there something other than clear jel that can b used?

        • Amy

        Cornstarch is safe. In fact Clear Jel is a form of cornstarch. The problem with regular cornstarch is that it doesn’t always hold up to canning and your pie filling can end up runny. Clear Jel has been designed for canning so it stays thick.

          • Lesa

          I really would recommend using less water and it looks like the jars could hold more fruit . It looks like the fruit has floated to the top..kind of like jam when it hasn’t been cooked and cooled properly. So a more fruit and less water recipe would be better.

      • Lesa

      I really would recommend using less water and it looks like the jars could hold more fruit . It looks like the fruit has floated to the top..kind of like jam when it hasn’t been cooked and cooled properly. So a more fruit and less water recipe would be better.
      My grandma always used cornstarch for everything back in those days . It worked for her. So why not now?

    • mary

    Any tips on making apricot pies?

    • Mary Galbraith

    I love the idea of homemade pie filling and doing them in pints measures well for cheesecake toppings

    • Shelia

    Looking for a recipe to can pineapple pie filling and have had no luck.

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