100+ Homemade Jam, Jelly & Marmalade Recipes

[Updated for 2012] Here are over 100 hand-picked recipes featuring jams, jellies & marmalades made from fruits, berries, herbs, flowers and produce harvested from early Spring right through to Fall.

Assorted FruitThe collection includes a mix of tried-and-true traditional favorites, many featuring a flavor twist and others that are quite interesting and unique. Some also include full tutorials on jelly & jam making.

If you’re forever on the hunt for new ideas in food preservation, this is the list for you! I recommend taking your time while browsing through this collection, there are some really neat ideas here.

Ready to get started? Here you go…

  1. Apple Pie: Can be used on toast but also great heated to use as a sauce on pancakes, a glaze for pork chops and more. From Columbus Foodie.
  2. Apple & Flowering Quince: The high pectin levels turn this into an almost marmalade-like concoction. From Nami Nami.
  3. Autumn Apple Cider: Yields about 5 half-pints. From Culinaria Eugenius.
  4. Apple: Simple to make and can have herbs and spices of your choosing added. From Flavorful Chameleon.
  5. Spiced Apple: With cinnamon, cloves and cider vinegar. From A Little Slice of Life.
  6. Caramel Apple: Ingredients include packed brown sugar, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, powdered fruit pectin, butter and cubed apples. Yields 7 half-pints. From A Latte With Ott, A.
  7. Apple Earl Grey & Almond: Made with Granny Smith apples, Earl Grey tea (a few tablespoons) and almond extract. From Hitchhiking To Heaven.
  8. Best Apricot: Made with apricots, fresh lemon juice. From Little Green Cottage Designs.
  9. Bacon: Sweet(ish) and spicy, you can make this with regular bacon but smoked or double smoked gives the best flavor. From Not Quite Nigella.
  10. Whiskey Bacon: Ingredients include streaky bacon, finely chopped garlic, finely diced red onion, brown sugar, maple syrup, cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, fresh brewed coffee, whiskey and chipotles in adobe. From Eat Like A Girl.
  11. Jamaica (Australian) Banana: Made with very ripe bananas, a bit of cinnamon and fresh lime juice. From Abstract Gourmet.
  12. Banana & Passion Fruit: Yields about 300ml, made with finely mashed ripe bananas, passion fruit pulp. From Happy Home Baking.
  13. Brown Sugar Banana: Yields one 4-ounce jar, made with dark brown sugar, lime juice, butter, coarse sea salt and a ripe banana. From Neo Homesteading.
  14. Monkey Butter: Made with ripe bananas (with no brown spots), crushed pineapple, coconut, sugar and lemon juice. From American Preppers Network.
  15. Blackberry: Includes a finely grated apple, lemon juice. From Simply Spicy.
  16. Blackberry Habanero (Hot Waldo): Yields 5 (1/2 pint) jars. From Terrible/Perfect.
  17. Banana Blueberry: Yields about a cup, made with very ripe, large bananas (mashed), frozen berries and lemon juice. From Happy Home Baking.
  18. Wild Blueberry & Maple: You’ll need brown sugar, maple syrup, bottled lemon juice and blueberries to make this. From Well Preserved.
  19. Carrot Cake: This truly tastes like a slice of carrot cake! From Kansas A Canadian Crafter.
  20. Cherry: There’s no exact measurements for this, teaches you how to make it with whatever amount of fruit you have on hand. Instructions by David Lebovitz.
  21. Chokejerry: Shares a tip to toss in some light red and green berries too for extra flavor. From High Altitude Cooking.
  22. Clementine & Whiskey: You’ll need a kg of clementines and a bit of whiskey for this. From Nook Eatery.
  23. Corn Cob: You can use whatever kind of corn for this (12 large ears). From Chickens In The Road.
  24. Crabapple and Pomegranate with Rosebuds: Made with small green crabapples, pomegranate seeds, lemons, cinnamon or dried rosebuds. From A Lifetime Of Cooking.
  25. Cranberry Orange: Uses fresh cranberries, a pinch of salt, cinnamon, allspice, whole cloves, whole star anise and water. From Better Than Ramen.
  26. Cranberry Clove: (marmalade) Includes oranges, Palm Jaggery, cloves. From Mahanandi.
  27. Cranberry-Pepper: Yields 5 (1/2 pint) jars, ingredients include jalapeno peppers, cranberry juice cocktail, vinegar, liquid fruit pectin and small fresh hot red peppers such as serrano or pequin (optional). From Better Homes & Gardens.
  28. Currant: Makes 2 jars. From Folkmann.ca.
  29. Blackcurrant: Promises to be not too sweet, not too tart. From My Tiny Plot.
  30. Dandelion: You’ll need about 4 cups of flower heads (make sure they’re pesticide-free). From Lizzy Lane Farm.
  31. Elderberry: You’ll need 8 cups of elderberries taken off their clusters. From Wildeherb.
  32. Fig & Rhubarb: Fresh ripe figs (green or black), chopped rhubarb, homemade pectin stock, lemon and lime juice. From Fig Jam And Lime Cordial.
  33. Fig & Anise: You’ll need figs (half peeled, half unpeeled), lemon rind, cinnamon stick, anise seeds and an apple. From Clumbsy Cookie.
  34. Fig (Quick Refrigerator Version): Makes about 1 1/2 cups. From A Mingling Of Tastes.
  35. Fig With Candied Ginger: Made with ripe black mission figs, a vanilla bean, finely chopped candied ginger and Grand Marnier (optional). From Hitchhiking To Heaven.
  36. Fireweed: Made with fireweed blossoms, lemon juice, a couple packages of Sure Jell (or other powdered pectin). This imparts a nice distinctive flavor for those peanut butter sandwiches or steaming stack of hot cakes. From Live From Alaska.
  37. White Grape: Yields 5 1/2 pints. Made with grape juice and no-sugar pectin. From The Inadvertent Farmer.
  38. Pink Grapefruit with Vanilla: (marmalade) Ingredients include ruby red grapefruits, a vanilla bean (with seeds scraped) and rose water (or lemon juice). From Desert Candy.
  39. Grapefruit: Plan ahead because this will take 2 days to make. From No Worries Farm.
  40. Habanero: Made with habanero pepper (seeds and stems removed), a peeled & cut up apple, apple cider vinegar, liquid pectin and chopped fresh rosemary. From The Meaning Of Pie.
  41. Habanero Gold: Yields 4 (1/2 pint) jars, ingredients include sliced dried apricots, white vinegar, finely diced red onion, sweet red pepper, habanero peppers, jalapeno and Scotch Bonnet peppers, liquid pectin. From Savoring Time In The Kitchen.
  42. Hawthorn: Serve with cheese or meats, 1 1/2 pounds of hawthorn berries are needed to make 1 jar. From Eat Weeds.
  43. Honeysuckle: You’ll need 2 cups of honeysuckle flowers for this. From New Life On A Homestead.
  44. Hedgerow: Made with blackberries, elderberries, rowan berries, hawberries and rosehips. From Self Sufficient In Suburbia.
  45. White Wine & Herb: Made with a large bunch of your favorite herbs (such as lemon thyme, regular thyme and rosemary), white wine and No Sugar Needed Pectin. From Diggin The Dirt.
  46. Kiwifruit & Apple: Makes 450-500ml, you’ll need about 10 small or 6 large kiwifruit and an apple. From Not Quite Nigella.
  47. Kumquat Vanilla: You’ll need about 1/2 pound of whole kumquats and a vanilla bean. From Lick My Spoon.
  48. Lavender-Peach with Vanilla: The loveliness of lavender gives a truly unique flavor to this. Add lavender buds for extra bursts of flavor. Makes about 1 cup. From The Herb Companion.
  49. Blueberry Lavender: Yields 6 (1/2) pint jars, made with 3 pounds of blueberries, dried lavender, lemon juice and zest and a bit of butter to help prevent foaming. From Surprised By Joy.
  50. Meyer Lemon: You’ll need two days to make this (the juice and lemons need to be covered with water and allowed to stand overnight).
  51. Meyer Lemon and Vanilla Bean: Keep refrigerated, can be made 2 weeks ahead. From Epicurious.
  52. Lemon-Ginger: Makes about 5 1/2 to 6 cups, you’ll need finely chopped fresh ginger for this. From Pastry Heaven.
  53. Lemon Balm: Yields about 6 (150 ml) jars. From Thinking About Food.
  54. Lemon / Lime: Includes hot dry red chilli peppers (dry roasted and crushed), thinly sliced lemons and limes, baking soda and citrus fruit pips. From A Mad Tea Party.
  55. Lilac: Made with pear juice (or apple juice or white wine), fresh petals, lemon juice, liquid pectin. From Michael Ruhlman.
  56. Lilly Pilly: Fruit is washed well, covered with water and cooked until ist’s soft and stripped of all color. Needs to be hung in a muslin bag overnight to drain the juice. From Through My Kitchen Window.
  57. Mango: Yields about 1 cup. From Mahanandi.
  58. Onion: Ingredients include thick cut bacon, dark brown sugar, red wine, balsamic vinegar, salt and extra virgin olive oil. From My Husband Cooks.
  59. Seville Orange: Add a tablespoon of Scotch to this if you like, yields 2 quarts. From David Lebovitz.
  60. Mandarin Whiskey: Made with mandarin oranges and a couple tablespoons of whiskey or brandy. From The Waitakere Redneck’s Kitchen.
  61. Blood Orange: Makes about four 8-ounce jars, has a couple ounces of brandy and 1 1/2 pounds of green apples. From Anarchy In A Jar.
  62. Orange Cardamom: Yields 11 (1/2 pint) jars, ingredients include Valencia or Cara Cara oranges, lemons, green cardamom pods (crushed). From Country Living.
  63. Peach & Orange: You just need 6 peaches (peeled, pitted and chopped), a couple oranges and sugar to make this. From Piggy’s Cooking Journal.
  64. Peach Peel: Freeze your peels until you have enough to make this. From Ally Jo’s Erudition.
  65. Pear & Lemon: Good for breakfast or with a mild soft cheese. From The Cottage Smallholder.
  66. Chunky Vanilla Pear: Contains no added sugar or pectin, made with frozen apple juice concentrate (thawed), pears, lemon zest and juice, vanilla bean. From Make Something.
  67. Cinnamon Vanilla Pear: Half of the pears are mashed into a pulp, the other half is left in chunks. From Mountain Home Quilts.
  68. Prickly Pear Cactus: (low sugar version) The spines are burned off first by holding the fruit over a stove burner. From Homegrown Evolution.
  69. Pearadise: Made with 3 cups of prepared fruit (fully ripe Bartlett pears, orange and lemons) plus chopped maraschino cherries. From Kraft Foods.
  70. Pepper: Made with green, red and yellow bell peppers, jalapeno, freshly ground black pepper, crushed red pepper, a fresh bay leaf, distilled white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, liquid crab boil, liquid pectin. From Nola Cuisine.
  71. Pineapple: Made with a couple medium, ripe fresh pineapples (peeled and finely chopped), lime juice, cinnamon powder and ground cloves. From Chop Chop A to Z.
  72. Plum Peach: Makes 2 cups, you’ll need a pound and a half of red plums (halved, pitted and coarsely chopped), large white peaches (peeled and cubed), a vanilla bean, pinch of salt and fresh lemon juice. From Tea & Cookies.
  73. Vanilla Plum: This thick gluten free, naturally sweetened version is delicious on pancakes, toast or warmed up over a big bowl of vanilla ice cream. From Elana’s Pantry.
  74. Plum (with rum): Amazing on crepes, vanilla, ice cream, waffles, or even toast. From Katrina Cooks.
  75. Pomegranate: Yields 3-4 cups, made with freshly-squeezed pomegranate juice, pomegranate seeds and lemon juice. From Cafe Fernando.
  76. Luscious Pumpkin: Yields about 2 medium pots, you’ll need unsweetened pumpkin puree (cooked), ground cinnamon, a pinch of ground cloves, vanilla extract, lemon or orange zest, lemon juice and Grand Marnier, Rum or Cointreau (optional). From Rosa’s Yummy Yums.
  77. Queen Anne’s Lace: You’ll need 2 cups of very firmly packed flower heads cut from the stems. From Murmuring Trees.
  78. Quince: Quite easy to make and tastes, smells just wonderful. From Yogurt Land.
  79. Elderflower & Raspberry: Made with elderflowers (no stalks), vanilla sugar, raspberries, gelatine sheets, fresh lemon juice and kirsch. From The Cottage Smallholder.
  80. Golden Raspberry: These have a beautiful color and are sweeter, milder with a less tart taste. From Seattle Bon Vivant.
  81. Rhubarb: Makes about 12 ounces. From Sugarlaws.
  82. Bluebarb or Rhubarb Orange: Two different ones to try, one for blueberry & rhubarb and the other is rhubarb and orange. From Dinner With Julie.
  83. Raspberry Rhubarb: Made with raspberry Jello, diced fresh rhubarb and raspberries. From The Life And Love’s Of Grumpy’s Honeybunch.
  84. Apple Rhubarb: Makes about 6 cups, includes freshly ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon and a package of dry pectin. From Straight From The Farm.
  85. Rhubarb Beer: Yields 7 (1/2) pints, made with diced rhubarb, wheat beer, lemon juice and zest. From Tasting Table.
  86. Rose Petal: You’ll need a litre of rose petals for this. From Joanna’s Food.
  87. Rose Petal: (uncooked) Makes about a quart and can be frozen for up to a year. From Herban Lifestyle.
  88. Strawberry Rose: Made with a knob of butter, strawberries, petals from 2 to 3 organically grown perfumed roses (or rose extract), lemon juice. From Nook Eatery.
  89. Rose Petal & Lemon Balm: Made with dried lemon balm leaves, dried rose petals, lemon juice and powdered pectin. From Healthy Green Kitchen.
  90. Cider Sage: The final product is a lovely greenish golden color. From The Dogs Eat The Crumbs.
  91. Strawberry Balsamic: You’ll need 2.2 pounds of washed and trimmed strawberries and balsamic vinegar for this. From Dinner Party.
  92. Strawberry Vanilla: A vanilla bean infuses this with intriguing flavour and aroma. From Canadian Living.
  93. Mango Strawberry: Ingredients include ginger powder, juice and zest of one lime and coarsely chopped strawberries and mangoes. From What’s For Lunch Honey?
  94. Strawberry & Apple: Made with medium green apples. From Through My Kitchen Window.
  95. Tangerine & Vanilla: You’ll need 2 pounds of tangerines (thoroughly washed and cut into wedges), a meyer lemon and a couple vanilla beans. From Lemons & Lavender.
  96. Cowboy Tomato: Made with a pound of garden fresh tomatoes (peeled, cored and chopped), lime juice & zest, fresh ginger, whole Jalapeno (minced), cumin, black pepper, cinnamon and salt. From ShowFood Chef.
  97. Sun-dried Tomato: Made with sun-dried tomatoes that are packed in oil and finely chopped, sliced onion, minced garlic, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, vegetable stock, Kosher salt and cracked black pepper to taste. From Karma-Free Cooking.
  98. Green Tomato: You’ll need 4 pounds of green tomatoes for this. From Seattle Bon Vivant.
  99. Violet: Made with 2 heaping cups of fresh violet petals, boiling water, well-strained, clean lemon juice and liquid pectin. From Prairieland Herbs.
  100. Watermelon: Yields about 1 cup, you’ll need approximately 2 lbs of watermelon (with the rind and seeds), cinnamon and fresh lime juice. From AkshayaPatra.

And last but not least, here’s a good video tutorial that walks you through step-by-step how to make a small batch of strawberry jam–this is perfect for beginners! But that’s not all, the site that created the video also has plenty of pdf downloads to get your preserve-groove on (good for both beginners and pros)!


  • Fresh strawberries sliced (3 cups) 1 1/2 pint baskets
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 TBS fresh lemon juice
  • 1 TBS diced candied ginger

Nothing too crazy, has basic ingredients and the steps are simple with no large amounts of equipment or supplies needed–the ginger is optional so if that doesn’t appeal to you it’s fine to leave out.

Here’s the site with all those juicy resources: portlandpreserve.com (includes homemade pectin stock, testing the jelly point and more).

Bonus: Looking for jar labels? See this page, lots of freebies to choose from!

Also don’t miss these troubleshooting tips.

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    • tom | tall clover farm

    Thanks for posting my Apple Jelly recipe. It’s certainly one I like to share, especially since it’s so adaptable, you can make it own based on your tastes. This week I’m making my version of strawberry rhubarb jam, so I’ll let you know how that goes and hopefully blog about it this or next week. cheers, tc

      • Robert

      We use to buy strawberry apple jam but it is no longer avaible I’ve tried your recipe and I can’t thank you enough for sharing this recipe it is way much better than the one we bought at the stores once again thanks for sharing

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    Thanks for the link … and for a great list of lovely things to make


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    Thanks again!!!

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    I am looking for a watermelon rind preserves recipe. El Dora

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