15 Ways To Make Homemade Relish

Homemade relish is an excellent way to use produce from the garden and there are so many different ways to make it. This week’s Recipe Hit List is a collection of recipes that I’ve collected from around the ‘net, most work well with canning. I’ve chosen quite a mix, you’ll find traditional favorites that use cucumbers and tomatoes, but I’ve also found some using carrots, zucchini, corn and more. Enjoy!

*Note: Descriptions below are quotes from the sources

Make This Hot Dog Relish From seasaltwithfood.com
  1. Hot Dog: (as seen in picture) Well, I think the hot dog definitely taste so much better with my homemade relish. It’s fresh and not too sweet compared to relish you get at the grocers. This recipe makes about 3/4 cup of relish. Do try making your own relish next time. It’s so easy to make and is all set in less than half an hour. From Seasaltwithfood.
  2. Sweet and Hot Corn: I scoured cookbooks and finally found a recipe in the Fannie Farmer Cookbook by Marion Cunningham. It used eighteen ears of corn and a lot of other veggies…and it took forever to chop everything. However, I rolled up my sleeves and decided to give it a whirl. When it was done, it was tart and sweet and hot and heavenly. I wanted it in my sloppy Joe’s and my tuna salad. I found great uses for a sweet hot corn relish. Found at Chef Tess Bakeresse.
  3. Green Tomato: Here is one more recipe starring the green tomato. This relish has a delightful flavour that comes from the slight tang of the green tomatoes coupled with the warmth of the spices. From My Diverse Kitchen.
  4. Cranberry Rum: When I saw the recipe for Cranberry Rum Relish, I couldn’t wait to make it. It’s delicious and just tastes like the holidays. It would be great with turkey or chicken. I think it will be on our Thanksgiving table this year. Found at Half Baked.
  5. Red Pepper: It is a sweet, deliciously spicy relish that can make eggs and sandwiches feel important. It’s also great as an alternative topping for burgers or fish. From One Perfect Bite.
  6. Leena’s Indian-style Cucumber: More recipes on this page include: Leena’s Spicy Garlic Dill Cucumber Relish and Leena’s Zucchini BBQ Relish. From Leena Eats.
  7. Sweet Cucumber: On Monday I finished up a batch of Cucumber relish and most of the cucumbers came from our garden!! It is more time-consuming and a little more expensive, but it is worth it! It is the best relish I’ve ever had, and makes a hot dog worth the calories! From Audrey Ann.
  8. Tomato: This sweet and tangy tomato relish can be made as mild or hot as you like. The heat level will depend on the type and amount of chilli used, and whether the chilli seeds and ribs are included (remove them for a milder relish). From Exclusively Food.
  9. Green-Olive: So I looked at this recipe, and thought, “Ah, I could make this up.” But Amy, the dear friend who gave this to me, is a precise, wonderful cook. I followed it to the letter, just doubling it for volume. (Okay, I used Sicilian green olives instead of the jarred, pimento-stuffed ones. They were in front of me.) And it’s gorgeous. Filled with flavor. Densely packed. And good on these excellent, gluten-free crackers. Found at Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef.
  10. Sweet: Step-by-step picture tutorial by Mountain Mama.
  11. Spicy Carrot: You can control the heat by varying the number and type of peppers. I usually use some Jalapenos, and will probably add some hotter peppers to at least 1 batch this year. To add extra kick leave some seeds and ribs of the peppers in place. The original recipe also included a half of a cabbage. I don’t recall that being in the Hell of a Relish so I left it out and substituted extra peppers. Found at Knit Tidbits.
  12. Cucumber: This is rather like that bright green member of the popular trio of sloppy toppings for burgers and hot dogs; only not bright green, more of a khaki-yellow. That’s because I see no reason to add food colours to everyday foods – the occasional bit of icing is about my limit for that stuff. It’s also not loaded with corn syrup, which is likewise a good thing. Found at Seasonal Ontario Food.
  13. Canning Spicy Zucchini Relish: I found a Zucchini and Green Chili Recipe in my copy of the Time-Life Good Cooks volume on Preserving and subbed in some of my own Busillus frying peppers and some hot red pepper flakes for the green chilies and cut the sugar. The result was a really nice hot and sweet relish that we sampled on our sandwiches and got preserved into pint jars for later use. Found at The Crispy Cook.
  14. Zucchini: The relish is sweet, almost enough to be called a ‘zucchini jam’ but still, leans to the savory side. It’s got some bite too, thanks to a good measure of black pepper which shouldn’t be skipped. It’s thick and good for spreading (as photographed, on bread atop feta cheese, say). The color is beautiful! The carrots and red peppers stay bright and colorful, the zucchini takes on the amber color of turmeric. Yes, I really like this stuff! Found at A Veggie Venture.
  15. No Sugar Green Tomato: Green tomato relish makes a tangy alternative to traditional salsa in quesadillas and tacos, mixed into guacamole, or as a dip with tortilla chips. It can be eaten hot, cold, or at room temperature. Stir it into refried beans or cooked rice for an instant fiesta side dish. For a spicy burrito filling, lightly brown some ground turkey or diced chicken in a skillet, add equal parts green tomato relish and water, and simmer until thickened. Put green tomato relish on a Monterey Jack cheeseburger in place of ketchup and pickle, or use it to liven up grilled flank steak. Mix a little into diced home-fried potatoes, or even hash, just before serving. Found at Farmgirl Fare.

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