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Silver Polishing Cloths & Cleaner Recipe

Similar idea to the pretreated dusting cloths [1], these homemade polishing cloths are for cleaning and removing tarnish from silver. You’ll also find a sour milk soak recipe at the bottom.

Items Needed:

10″ to 12″ square soft cloths*
2 cups water (cool)
1/2 cup ammonia
1/4 cup liquid silver polish


You can use these until they’re really grungy and no longer removing tarnish, they could be shredded at this point. If they’re good for another round or two, launder them well in hot water and detergent, re-dip in a fresh batch of the recipe and use again. Since they are first soaked in ammonia, I would skip using bleach in the laundry cycle.

Gloves: If you prefer using polishing gloves, you can do that with this recipe too. Buy heavy cotton gloves (no metal clasps at wrists, just elastic), soak in the solution, hang to dry and use as you would the cloths above.

*Fabric Ideas: Choose plain flannelette, diaper cloth, good quality terry (but not too thick) or heavy cotton napkins. For best results, make sure to finish or hem the edges before using.

Sour Milk Soak

*First published August 3, 2007 and moved to this page for better organization

If you have a carton of milk that has expired, don’t toss it out because sour milk is a great silver cleaner.