Healthier Habits: How To Beat The Soda Pop Addiction

PouringI used to be a heavy cola drinker (somewhere between 2 to 4 cans a day) and I decided that for me, it was ok in moderation but drinking it daily in the amounts that I was just wasn’t a healthy habit.

I found the trick to kicking the pop addiction was finding a replacement beverage that satisfied both the convenience and taste factor.

What I most liked about drinking it was that it’s nice and cold, easy to grab and go and had some “texture” to it (the carbonated beverage). Although I like a bit of fruit juice, it was too “syrupy” for me to find it satisfying as a main beverage and plain water wasn’t doing it either.

Here’s a replacement that worked for me:

  • Keep a jug of water refrigerated at all times. It has to be prepared fresh daily or sealed well because once it tastes a bit stale, you’re turned off of it for awhile.
  • Squeeze fresh lemon or lime juice in the jug, as much as you like, tossing in the just squeezed fruit wedges too.
  • When serving, pour over a full glass of crushed ice. The crushed ice added a bit of “texture” that I felt was an acceptable replacement to the carbonated soda. It wasn’t carbonated, but the sensation was satisfying enough.
  • I found keeping it cold, always at the ready and lots of crushed ice on hand was key.

More Tips

  • Don’t keep any pop in the house, especially canned. When you open a can, it’s too easy to feel obligated to drink the whole thing (otherwise it’s wasteful).
  • If you find in the beginning that you just have to have some, keep a small bottle refrigerated. I found that giving myself a sip or two was enough to satisfy my craving. Just be careful to only take sips when you’re on the verge of guzzling a 2 Litre bottle of cola.
  • Keep water bottles at the ready so you can just fill them up when you’re running out the door. You may have to pound the crushed ice a bit finer for it to scoop up nicely into the empty bottle.
  • Unexpected benefit to quitting drinking colas & sodas: My dental cleanings are going much, much better. Turns out sodas can stain teeth quite badly (open your mouth wide and look at the *inside* of your bottom teeth. See those stains? Yech. Quit drinking colas and the dental hygienist has much less stain removal to do. Sweet bonus!

If you give yourself a few days, you’ll find the craving won’t be that strong and that you’re satisfied with the citrus flavored water. For me, the crushed ice was a must have.

This is a great healthy alternative that’s easy (and cheap) to maintain.

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What Readers Are Saying: 78 Comments
  1. Chris says:

    We replaced bad pop with good pop – Seltzer water or club soda. It’s a bit of a financial savings (.50 per 2 liter bottle at our local Publix on sale or .79 regular price) and you can even get the lime or lemon thrown in for that price.

    Same fizzyness, no sugar, caffeine or bad stuff. It’s also easy to make juice more interesting and less caloric.

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Beverly says:

    There are narrow ice cube (tube) trays available to make ice that will fit through the narrow top of a water bottle. Not quite the texture of crushed ice but so convenient! Like Chris, I ALSO like to drink seltzer water as a soda pop substitute.

  3. Alan says:

    I’ve found that a little zest of lemon and/or lime spices up a plain bottle of water quite nicely.

  4. jim says:

    Like Chris – seltzer or club soda is a good substitute especially with lemon or lime added.

    If I want a sweet soda, I make my own italian sodas or ginger ale. They are very easy to make. For ginger ale, mix 1 cup of water with 1 cup of sugar. Add about 1/2 cup of roughly chopped ginger. Bring to a boil and then let steep and cool. Add a couple of tablespoons of the ginger to a glass. Add ice, some of the ginger slices and club soda.

    You can also buy small 6 oz bottles and cans of some colas and sodas. This is a good and easy way to limit consumption – you only get a 6 oz serving.

  5. Amy says:

    Great tips. FYI- you got a mention on Lifehacker- CONGRATS! I am down to one or less sodas a day and replaced my addiction with a lot more water and a little more coffee 🙂 Coffee and iced tea are a lot cheaper than soda and I can get a lot more done than on just water 😉

  6. Chuck says:

    I enjoy Metromint. It’s just water with mint. Available in most grocery stores.

  7. Dominic says:

    Just a little FYI, Club Soda is Seltzer with Salt added. Seltzer is a better choice. Also avoid Tonic Water, its almost as bad as a diet soda.

  8. Kyle says:

    Im still a teenager so the tempetation for pop is all around me but what happend to me was a few months ago my mom was diagnosed with diabetes so we basically got rid of all of the non diet pop and replaced it with diet, i hate the taste of diet so i switched it water… its a little extreme but it got the job done.

  9. Lucas says:

    I used to drink 2 liters or more every day! First regular then diet. I replaced the pop with flavored seltzer (cherry’s my fav).

  10. sara says:

    After having 2 babies in 1 year, I needed to get back into My original intent was to eat small portions, drink a ton of water, and work out. Well, the “ton” of water slowly got replaced with diet soda..After all, I had 2 little ones to chase after and my own business, I needed the caffiene! Before I knew it, I was drinking a minimum of 6 cans a day..sometimes more if I had an extra long day! The energy it gave me was great, but the sugar crashes..not so much! What worked for me was weaning myself from the pop and chewing on crushed ice; I realized that drinking so much soda was just a habit, and the ice kept me busy. I know that sounds stupid, but if it can help one person…

  11. Matt says:

    I found the easiest way to do this was to substitute the soft drink with a 50/50 mix of fruit juice (the type you buy in the supermarket fridge section) and soda water. You get the carbonation, coldness, and fructose hit without any of the hideous chemicals. No caffeine, but then I think you’re living your life poorly if you need caffeine (particularly with every drink).

    Once I’d become accustomed to that, I simply swapped the soda water for filtered tap water (at home) or cooler water (at work). I keep the juice refrigerated which allows the water to be kept in the fridge or at room temperature.

    I still do the juice/tap water mix 2 years on, and have a can of soft drink perhaps once or twice a week, if that.

  12. Fletch says:

    I am trying this at home..
    Question: This might sound a bit silly, but, how do you crush the ice? I’ve got ice trays in the refrigerator, but the blocks come out quite big of course. I don’t want to have to resort to getting the blender out everyday to crush the ice? Is there an easy way?

    • Carol says:

      I don’t have an ice machine either, and like you, I didn’t want to have to drag out the blender each time either. I found a nice replacement was novelty ice cube trays. My local grocery store has them in the $1 section. The trays are about the same size as conventional ice cube trays but they make about 60 cubes a tray. The trays that make shaped cubes (i.e. starfish, flowers, etc.) tend to make smaller than conventional cubes as well. Hope it helps.

  13. sara says:

    Good fridge is a side by side that has a cubed or crushed ice dispenser..(best investment I ever made!) You could maybe crush a large amount of ice at a time with your blender and put it in a big tupperware container with a tight fitting lid, or even large freezer bags and keep it on hand in your could probably crush enough at one time to last you a week..I think that some grocery stores and gas stations also sell huge bags of crushed ice..good luck:)

    • Kristal says:

      You might try: Powdering the ice in your food processor, then store in large ziploc bag. Cut the corner off the ziploc bag and twistie it shut. Then bang the bag, undo the twistie, and poor into your bottle of water. It creates a stream of powder ice into your water bottle.

  14. TipNut says:

    I cheat and just buy bags of crushed ice. It costs me about $5 a week, but for me it’s worthwhile. You could easily do as sara mentions above: crush up lots of ice at a time and keep in large sealed containers.

  15. Sandy says:

    I hate to be so negative, but YUCK! I don’t like ice, I’m happy with room temprature pop. So ice cold anything isn’t going to help. I do not like coffee, tea, lemon, lime, or mint. I have never liked soda water. In order to drink water, I just chug it. I have given up pop before cold turkey. I stayed off of it for a year. Craved it every single day until I started drinking it again. I eventually got used to drinking water and stopped chugging and started drinking it normally, but giving up pop again, I would have to start chugging it again.

    Although I do like juice. I might be able to drink the juice and soda water. So I thank Matt for the idea. I will try that.

  16. Summer Fannin says:

    Hi, Just wanted to interject that you are not supposed to reuse water bottles. Once they have been used and oxygen hits the inside the chemical compound of the plastic is released into the “new” liquid that you refill the bottle with. Thus, you are in essence poisoning your body as a result. It is recommended to buy containers, preferably recyclable #’s-2,3,4, & I’m not sure about #5, for refill purposes, like the sports bottles. There are also metal ones that are supposed to last longer and be better for the environment. As far as substituting soda, herbal tea is tasty and has many healthful benefits. I know there is no fizz, but you may find that you don’t always need the carbonation. Use natural sugar for energy and some are caffeinated, such as mate or green tea for the high that will get you through the day without compromising your health. My kids love it too & of course lemonade is another alternative. Bonne Sante! To your health!

  17. Fletch says:

    I did find and buy a machine that shaves the ice, made by Breville. It’s more for slushie type things though, so might be too small a pieces. Couldn’t find a proper ice crusher.

  18. TipNut says:

    I think a slush idea would work great Fletch, I hope it appeals to you and works out :).

  19. cccooky says:

    Years ago when I was a kid, my mom purchased a “soda siphon”. It is a bottle that makes seltzer water. You purchase gas cartridges which make the seltzer in the bottle with plane tap or bottled water. At that time, I was still “hooked” on bottled soda, but still enjoyed the occasional home made soda….. 1/2 OJ and 1/2 seltzer.

    As I grew up I found that I much preferred the “home made” soda. Soooo, as an adult, I purchased my own soda siphon. While some may use it for creating alcoholic drinks, I make my own soda. MUCH better – taste and health wise. I pour a 1/2 glass of healthy juice (grape, orange, etc) and fill the glass the rest of the way with my home made (from our water filter) seltzer. May not be a lot cheaper, but incredibly good, refreshing and much more healthful. I don’t drink bottled or canned sodas any longer, unless they are “natural” sodas. They taste sooooo much better and have some real health value.

  20. Shemayah says:

    Pop (soda, soft drinks) add 20-30 lbs. to my weight. I know, I’ve quit before. You quit, then you get it in your head that you “deserve” an indulgence. I drink 3-4 12oz. Cokes a day, sometimes less. I’ve been slugging down pop since a toddler (50 yrs). I’m getting worried headed for the type two diabetes age. So here we go again. Here’s what tastes good to me when I can behave. Try juices without fructose–fructose is in everything–liquid lab sugar. Juicy Juice maybe. A decent sugar replacement can be xylitol made from wood alcohol! (Coke doesn’t want to use it–I begged them ;-).)It’s good with cereal too. Seltzer will give you that important “burn” and you can add it to anything. In the restaurant get water, and ask for a lemon wedge or two, and you can add a half to one sugar packet and be satisfied. Lemon does work somehow. Want something thicker (texture) like Coke? Try pomegranate syrup from the Middle Eastern food section and add water and seltzer. I want to try the other Middle Eastern flavors that they drink instead of pop. It’s just distracting to make a “soft drink” every time you need especially when you are in a hurry.
    If you consider that a Coke might have 15-17 tsp of sugar (fructose), you could have a tsp of sugar here or there and not even get in the same neighborhood as soft drink amounts. Your head is the barrier and that’s why I am reminding and trying to convince myself again to quit. It’s hard and truly an addiction.

  21. TipNut says:

    Good info guys, thanks :).

    Your head is the barrier and that’s why I am reminding and trying to convince myself again to quit. It’s hard and truly an addiction.

    Shemayah I do agree with you, if we can find a bigger payoff gained by quitting a bad habit (one that means something to us or that we truly value), half the battle is won.

  22. norma's bath and body says:

    great blog, but I’m so glad that I’m not a soda pop person!

  23. Tim says:

    drinking a flavored carbonated water drink such as talking rain is a great substitute for diet pop. diet pepsi max is even more addicting then regular diet pepsi..

  24. Shel says:

    I was understanding that it is possible to reuse water bottles, just not bottles or tupperware that have been exposed to heat or microwaves. This process is what “releases” the detrimental chemicals. I also understand that these chemicals released are cancer causing.

    • Heather says:

      Shel: Tupperware and Rubbermaid is not bad for you, it has no BPA in it (with a few exceptions of course). Look for containers with a #5. AVOID at all costs #3 #6 and #7. A lot of other “plastics” use BPA but I know that Tupperware and Rubbermaid are safer options. Heat releases large amount of chemicals from the plastic to food, but cold leaches too, just not as quick. When buying anything plastic, look for them stating that it is BPA free–then you know 🙂 Hope that helps!

  25. Ali) he your invention is great but i got a better one says:

    put rasberries blackberries and straw berries, and some ultra crushed ice in a mixer with some milk and a hint of vanilla. mix them well together. and in you cup you have a little piece of heaven. i first used to drink pop alot but then i read that pop only makes you more thirsty so i layed off the pop for i while until i couldnt bear it any more i needed it. then on mothers day i mayed that same smoothy with breakfast for my mom she loved i drank some and know i just hate pop compared to the ultra berry smoothy

  26. c5 says:

    Diet is more dangerous than the regular. It’s filled with more chemicals to replace the sugar but with the sweet taste.

  27. Bee says:

    I am so excited to see so many people giving up pop. I think it is one of the biggest contributors to America’s health problems. I had to give up caffeine because of acid reflex. My doctor at first just gave me a purple pill and told me it would take care of the problem. I am not good at taking pills on a regular basis so I set out to find an alternative. I found out that sugar is one of the major factors for acid reflex. There are also many other foods that are acid forming. Water has a perfect PH balance of 7.0 and so I can drink as much of it as I want. You could probably Google “acid forming foods” to find out what the other foods are. The opposite of acid forming foods are alkalinic foods. Alkalinic foods are the ones that are good for you like fresh fruits and vegetables, no processed foods. Go figure. So many people are eating processed foods which cause stomach problems, diabetes, obesity they also cost more.

    I will get off of my soap box but I just think eating better could really help a lot of people out.

    I do love water but for a special treat I go to our local convinience store and buy one of their 32oz cups which costs sixteen cents and then fill it with their crushed ice. I’m not sure if I can mention the name of the store so I won’t. If you take the cup in the next time you go the ice is FREE! It makes me feel like I am getting a real treat and I don’t even have to pay for it.

  28. ashley says:

    2-4 cans is an addicting bad amount for you?
    i dk..
    around 7-8+ cans a day, and a 20 oz bottle ..

    then maybe you’ll see where im stuck at

    • Ariel says:


      I feel your pain. I sometimes feel like I’m trapped under pop. Dr. Pepper is my drug of choice. Sometimes, I feel like I need a support group. I’ve tried so hard to stop but it’s so addicting. I feel like if I tell somebody they’ll look at me as if I’m crazy.

      I just hope you can stop and so can I.

      • Brennan says:


        Getting off of soda is NOT easy, but if I may make a suggestion. Instead of trying to QUIT soda, start by cutting back first. If Dr. Pepper is your vice of choice fine. Spend one day and write down how many times you drink it and how much you drink it. Lets say you drink 80oz a day, (if it is more that is fine) But if you drink 80 then try the next day to cut back to 680z. That is a 12oz can less than the first day. And try to moderate yourself to that for a week, then cut back a little more, and a little more. By doing this you not only can gradually get off soda but not have the caffeine headaches. Another suggestion is try to find a clear soda you like. Because sprite, and seven up are also better for you than Dr. Pepper and Coke (my vice of choice) because you are doing away with the dark sodas. Everyone has their own approach you just have to find yours.
        Good Luck!!!

    • sabrina says:

      This is my problem, water tastes yuk as well as just about every other drink except,tea and (Mountain dew my choice of drug). I have been drinking it for over 15 years it started with 1 and of course it doesn’t stop there and now I drink around 1-2 liters a day. I have tryed to cut down but get thersty and pick another one up I have no will power when it comes to soda. And again here we go trying to stop. The headachs are awful.

  29. Charlene says:

    I don’t drink soda much anymore. I buy juice and seltzer, pour a little juice, about 1/4 cup in a glass and the rest is seltzer. Tastes great and not that many calories. Also seltzer has no salt, club soda does.

  30. Gallons of Diet Coke a Day says:

    I am everyones worst nightmare when it comes to drinking the most Diet Cokes per day. 4 or 5 44oz Diet Cokes has been my standard diet. I am fairly healthy although in the last few days I have been having issues with acid reflux. At 46 years old I run 3 miles per day and sport a 34 inch waist with very little fat on my body. I spend my work day on the road as a salesperson and am addicted to the caffeine and fix in Diet Coke.

    My wife and kids know I am addicted and have been asking me to stop drinking the mix. I have decided in the last two days to kick my addiction to Diet Coke cold turkey starting. I am trying to find something with no calories that has some caffiene. I hate coffee. Any sugestions will be appreciated.
    Wish me well.

    • TipNut says:

      For a caffeine fix, check out green tea (it can be served cold as well). It’s a much better alternative healthwise and I do find I get enough of a caffeine kick from it. See my guide on green tea here. If you buy commercially made iced green tea, watch the sugar content, some brands are pretty hefty!

  31. Debi says:

    Very good ideas. However, these do not help the problem of caffine withdrawal. I’ve been drinking diet coke for years & am up to about a 2 liter a day if I’m home all day. I try to use the packets to add flavor to water thru out the day to lessen the amount. I tell myself, that someday I’ll make a full day without the very bad headache the withdrawl causes. I’ve tried several times, but, the agravation it causes me & my family just isn’t worth it.
    Any ideas would be wonderful.

    • lawyerchik1 says:

      Debi, I know how you feel – I am on my second week of not having any diet Coke or diet Pepsi, and I was a 6-pack (24-oz bottles) every other day consumer.

      I went cold turkey – when I ran out, I just didn’t buy anymore. I missed one day of work (I stopped on a Thursday night and missed Friday) because I felt rotten (headaches, mostly), but that helped motivate me to not buy any more pop. I got through that by drinking water and iced tea through the weekend.

      I’m still fighting the craving – like, I want one right now SOOOO much! – but I know that it’s better for my health and my body to drink something else. I found that making iced tea and keeping in the fridge helped. Walmart has these carafes that have a rubber sealing lid so I can make the tea, pour it into the carafe and refrigerate it so that it’s there and cold when I want it.

      I’m going to go make some tea now – hang in there.

    • Michelle says:

      I went cold turkey…over a weekend. I slept a lot, and suffered headaches. After that I had cravings, but I beleve anything that addictive can’t be good for you. I had a friend who drank 5-6 a day. She kept track for a week of what she drank…one day 4, the next 6….She averaged them together. Her average came to 5. Week one she could have 5 a day, never more. Week 2 she could have 4, week 3,3….she didn’t get the bad headaches this way. Toward the end it was 1/2, then 1/4….

    • Kristal says:

      You might try advocare spark. It has caffiene and b vitamins. It seems to give me a good kick without a pop. I have gotten down to one pop a day. I am going to try the selter and juice thing to get rid of the final pop.

  32. Linda Sivilich says:

    I make watermelon juice. Just blend the melon part of a watermelon. Pick out the pits before blending. Then add a few ice cubes. This is more refreshing than soda and better for you!

  33. Nancy says:

    The other day I mixed some brewed green tea with some light cranraspberry and 1/2 can diet 7-up. Tasted great and cut my consumption in 1/2. At least that’s better!!! And it was something different to drink.

  34. Erica says:

    Much ado about nothing. If a diet soda is your biggest vice you are doing OK.

  35. Sam says:

    I’m addicted to soda kinda and I was wondering if a healthy switch would be cold lemonade.

  36. Sandra R. says:

    I have given up Soda Pop. I don’t ever want to drink Soda Pop again. Soda Pop makes you gain weight. If you want to lose weight, don’t drink Soda Pop. Drink WATER !!!!!!! You can add some drink mix (without aspartame)in your water. Aspartame is in Soda Pop and it is BAD for you. I want to lose weight, I don’t want any health problems in my life. I am a 47 year old female, right now I weigh 162.0 lbs. Four years ago I was 197 lbs. My goal is 130.0 lbs. I know I will get there while drinking water instead of Soda Pop.

  37. Sandra R. says:

    ALL SODA POP (Diet or Regular) is Bad for you. If you don’t believe it, look it up on the internet and you will see all the ingredients that are in Soda Pops. Drink Water you will lose weight, drink Soda Pop gain weight. Which would you want?

  38. Travis says:

    I quit drinking pop and smoking cigarettes at around the same time. I quit drinking pop by just starting to drink more coffee instead. I quit smoking by using patches. I really don’t entirely understand why sugar is so bad for you or why caffeine is bad for you. Can someone fill me in on this because I really don’t like having my addiction to caffiene, but if I don’t, then I’m utterly useless at work and home because I have no energy. I realize drinking water is good for you and doesn’t add any calories but it doesn’t give me any energy either. Please advise if you can help me figure this out…

    • Johnny says:

      Why is processed (white sugar) sugar so bad for you? Read the book called Sugar Blues by William Duffy. Also read Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. Caffeine can weaken adrenal glands if consumed in high amounts for long periods of time. Some are more susceptible to this than others. If consumed in moderation, sugar isn’t the end of the world, but ideally, you would never eat refined sugar because it slowly damages the organs that regulate your blood sugar. (Giving you diabetes)

      Try green tea, either hot or iced, to get your caffeine boost. Sweeten it with stevia, which is available from Kroger in the natural food section, or from a health food store.

  39. Danni says:

    I recently switched from non diet soda drinks to diet, but now I’m switching to soda water / sparkling mineral water. I find that it’s the bubbles, not the actual taste that I’m craving so soda water cures my craving.

  40. Kaye says:

    Google the dangers of aspartame and you’ll never drink another diet soda again!

  41. Semprini says:

    I gave up regularly drinking soda years ago (about 20) so I have trouble remembering what I did transitionally to stop. I know I have drunk a lot of seltzer over the years (club soda is different in that it has salt and if salt is an issue for you it should be avoided). Now (in the last 5-8 years) I probably drink a lot less seltzer as well. I am happy with water most of the time and in the evening I drink beer which gives me enough of the carbonation kick.

    Anyway, my post is mostly about the fact that you can change. I enjoy soda 2-3 times a month but moderation in everything (including water) is the key.

  42. k.k says:

    I know its really hard for me to go a day with out deit cola or any pop for that matter. i have had a problem for about 6 years!! at one point i was so adicted that i would drink a 24 case in 2 day !!! no its has caused me some emotional problems when i dont drink it i get very moody and lazy i feel like i need it to life!! my mom think she can replace it with juice but i dont think it will work because she has tryed it before!! When my mom told me i was adiced to pop i thought she was kidding at frist!!! And im still at the stage were i feel nothing will replace it!! I still NEED IT!!!!!

  43. TK Rowling says:

    I have been drinking Diet Pepsi at a constant rate of 2 – 2 liters bottles a day for the past 8 years and finally decided that I needed to stop because I was living in a constant short term memory loss state and needed my brain back.

    There are three things that make DP enjoyable for me… Carbonation/Caffeine/Sweet taste. In addition I think that habit is a very powerful part of the addiction. I figured that I would start by getting rid of the habit and the aspartame first and then attack the caffeine part of the addiction later. So I would drink a lot of ice water with lemon/lime and take 1/2 a caffeine pill (1/2 of a 200 mg nodoz tablet) 4 times a day (about the amount of caffeine I was getting through the soda)…I kept this up for a full month to get rid of the habit issue and to clean my system of all that built up aspartame (I could tell a difference within the first week — better mental clarity) … After a month I slowly reduced my caffeine consumption by taking only 300mg a day for two weeks then 200mg a day etc….

    It worked and I had very few headaches — plus it was not so bad when I conquered each element of my addiction one at a time — still don’t have a replacement for that sweet ‘treat’ – but having more mental ability is reward enough.

    Divide and conquer….

  44. Mercedes says:

    I am a 20 year old single mom, and I have been addicted to Coca Cola for about 6 years now. It started as a teen, because I was a “mall rat”, and the McDonald’s at the mall gave unlimited free refills. At that point, it wasn’t really an issue, because I would go home and have other things, and my father was very strict with soda and sugar products, only allowing a certain amount into the house. The problem began when I became pregnant with my son at 16 and moved out on my own with his father. I craved it all the time, and while I still drank other things like juice, water and milk, I definitely drank more pop than anything else. In the last 2 years or so, I have slowly come to realize I have a real problem, as now, I drink absolutely nothing else, unless I have no way to get any. When I don’t have any, within 24 hours I start to go through withdrawal symptoms, like severe headaches, stomach pains, and irritability. On a normal day, I can easily go through 2-4 litres, and my father is terrified that I will end up with diabetes or some other health issues due to this addiction. I am also afraid of what type of example I am setting for my son. He is not allowed to drink any pop, and has only had it maybe 3 times in his whole life, but one day, I will not be able to control that anymore. Can you guys please help me? I am at a loss with what to do, as I have tried to quit before, but the withdrawal is so intense I feel I have no choice but to start again, since nothing, not aspirin or such, helps. Thanks in advance for any advice you may have.

  45. George says:

    Interesting post. I’m on day 4 of my no-soda (of any type). I had a big addiction to regular soda, so I decided to quit cold turkey.

    My substitute? Home brewed cold green tea. I might take a few grapes, slices of lemons, or mashed up raspberries and throw in the bottom and give it a very light flavor. While I get a craving every once in a while, it’s not too bad. I think the second day was the worst.

    With a quart of hot water and three-to-four green tea bags (which has no calories or sugar), I figured it’s a healthier “flavored” water. Green tea is healthy for you? Plus, are you drinking all the water as well? Does green tea have caffeine?

    • Ashey says:

      Green tea has caffiene.. All teas unless stated has caffiene. BUT they also have high amounts of antioxident (sp?). Another plus for green tea is it cleans the body.. (makes you pee more)

  46. cody says:

    I drink about 10 cans a day if its available and work in fast food and fill my 32 ounce cup up at least 8 times in a six hour shift if I go more than 1 hour without a drink my pupils dialate and I get migrains from hell I’m goin to try some of the ideas listed above but if anyone has anymore natural or another secret please sharé

  47. Kim says:

    What about crystal light? Good or bad alternative.

  48. kristina says:

    Try bubley water with some fruit juice or home made lemonade .
    pretty good[: .

  49. ariel says:

    Good advice. I have a horrible addiction to Mt. Dew. I think if I gave it up alone it would help me loose some weight.

  50. Cindy says:

    I love (especially in the summertime) adding sliced cucumber to my water. It’s very refreshing, cheap and keeps me from reaching for a Diet Coke. I have also found that Perrier or Canada Dry sparkling water, with a splash of lemon or lime juice, helps get the “texture” I want out of a soda without the caffeine, calories or artificial sugars/flavorings. Granted, this can be a pricey alternative (Perrier is not cheap), but if I am having a pop craving this is one indulgence that keeps me on track.

  51. Kate says:

    I was drinking lots of diet coke but found out about the acid-alkaline balance and how diet soda pops can make your metabolism sluggish and cause weight gain. I now drink mostly water with ‘cell-food’ in it – great stuff and also plain soda water with lemon and lime juice added, ice and stevia (a herbal sweetener) – a yum drink! Stevia takes a little bit of getting used to but is a healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners. I don’t miss the diet coke etc anymore. Sometimes also make a ginger drink – boiling up ginger and stevia in water and then add the ‘brew’ to the plain soda water with crushed ice. Cheers!

  52. Mark says:

    Substituting juice for soda will not help anyone lose weight because a glass of 100 % oj or grape juice has about the same calories as the same volume of soda. The only advantage is that they aren’t all empty calories like soda is. I can’t stand seltzer water or coffee or tea, but I love soda so cutting back is very difficult. I can drink ice cold water instead, but self-control doesn’t exist if there’s a soda available, so I try not to have any at home. At work, though, with vending machines, and in restaurants, it’s hopeless.

  53. Susan says:

    I am a cola addict, attempting to go cold turkey…again. I have quit for long periods of time but always relapse eventually. I LOVE the fizz and have to say that as bad as the HFCS is, the sugar and phosphoric acid is probably just as bad. I can buy the throwback version of my cola but sugar is still the leading nutritional cause of cancer and the phosphoric acid that gives it that irresistible (to me) fizz is eating away at my bones. So, substituting spritzers and club sodas, etc is just not an option for health minded individuals, as I already have arthritis and can’t continue setting myself up for further bone loss. I can honestly feel the pain after ingesting soda. No answers but cold turkey and H2O. I have to be strong. 😉

  54. Soda queen says:

    I drink 7 to 8 cans of pop a day and at work prob another 3… It’s so bad I’m in my late 20 s now and been gaining major pounds prob 20 in the last 6 months…I’m very worried my pop addiction as something to do with the gain. I can drink water for a few days but just likes junky I crave the pop so bad! I need sum serious hep!!

    • cheryl says:

      About 30 pounds i am carrying is because of soda. I tried a variety of teas but nothing helped. I would shake and have mood swings for two days if i didnt have soda. I know how you feel.

  55. Joe says:

    My problem is that I work at a place where I’m surrounded by Soda I’ll Try the Lemon or citrus in water.

  56. cheryl says:

    I have done the research and regular soda is a better health choice than diet soda. It’s not just calories or any of that sort of thing that makes something healthy. It’s also what goes into the product. Calorie counting alone does nothing. Like a for example (just making up numbers) my peice of chocolate has the same amount of calories two carrots. Lets say that is 23 calories. Doesnt matter which i eat because they equal the same, right? We both know the carrots are the better way too go.

  57. caroline1966 says:

    I like everyone also have a very serious addiction to soda. I feel i can’t live w/out it. My family tell me how bad it is but my brain is saying denial that something that taste sooo good can’t be bad for you. I’m going to try some of your ideas to stop because the weight gain is coming on quicker i have also been a big hostess addict and have stopped eating those kind of sweets with no problem, soda and hostess treats use to go hand in hand or mouth. Keep the suggestions coming and my soda of choice has been coca cola in the nostalgic little bottles. I’m going to try some of these ideads after nearly 50 years pray for me……..

    • sabrina says:

      I have had a severe soda addiction for over 20 yrs. it started out slow it went from coke,dr. pepper to mountain dew about 16 yrs. ago it’s about all i have drank in about 13 yrs.and I am here to tell everyone about my experances I am 35 now and I was once one of those people that could eat anything and not gain anything,but when i got started heavy on the soda that changed, and when i was 23 I had to have all my teeth taken out so at 23 I was no longer a pretty girl I was a toothless old looking girl. now at 35 I look and feel like 60-70 years old. and after trying to put the soda down over 30 times it still hasn’t worked so just because you know what can happen doesn’t mean you can stop.THATS WHY IT IS CALLED AN ADDICTION. So here I go again trying to stop,I know the headaches will be so painful but I just hope and pray that this will be my time and i will have enough will power to over come this.I have never been on any kind of drug and never thought that soda would be what could do me in go figure.But on a happy note I quit smoking after almost 20 yrs. and over 40 attempts at quiting that so maybe just maybe it will work.thanks for all the awsome suggestions. If so many of you can quit then so can I.

  58. ohbegrey says:

    hi, guys–caffeine withdrawal causes some people really severe headache, similar to migraine. the only way i have found to beat this is to actually make out a schedule and reduce the amount of caffeine-containing drink every few days over the course of several weeks. it is important to replace the fluid you are not drinking, because dehydration can itself cause headache and make you feel lousy. a few years ago i discovered that it was the cola i was drinking that was causing my severe bladder pain–talk about an incentive to quit! i quit the cola cold turkey, craved it every day for a long-g-g time, but have gotten over that. i never drank more than one cola a day, and use no artificial sweeteners. i do drink a cup of coffee every morning, and occasionally a cup of tea later in the day. i think the green tea/tea is a good way to go, and some of the herbal teas are good, “I love lemon” (bigelow), for example. i have developed the habit of drinking only water in restaurants. anyhow, it can be done, so persevere!! best wishes to you–it is worth doing.

  59. Ginny says:

    I read with much interest these comments, because I too am somewhat addicted to carbonated beverages. I have finally trained myself to drink water as much as possible. However there are times when only a SODA will do.Besides all the negatives mentioned you need to know that carbonation is phosphorus and in order for your body to digest this it needs calcium. If you do not take a calcium supplement on a daily basis, your body will take calcium from your teeth or bones.This will lead to tooth decay and later on joint pain among other issues. It seems that from the comments that people are looking for all the info and help there is to deal with this issue.I trust someone can benefit from my experience.TipNut you’re great.


  60. Kristy says:

    Love this article! So glad I’m not alone in my “addiction” to soda :\

  61. PracticalMan says:

    crushed ice:

    Put a few ice cubes in a plastic bag
    hold the bag from the opposite side to where the cubes are
    whack the cubes against a wall or the kitchen counter a few times


  62. Jeff says:

    Starting my journey to quit soda. It’s going to be tough but I’ll try. My soda intake has been 10 to 12 cans a day. Hello water.

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