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How To Clean Bedwetting Stains From Mattresses

Those of us that don’t have toddlers or young children in the home may think tips for cleaning bedwetting stains won’t apply to us, but over the holidays I was pulling out this information when visiting family with children caught me by surprise ;).

The first tip is to plan ahead. If you know children will be staying the night, prepare their bed before they arrive. It’s nice to do this when they’re not around since no one will know what you’ve been up to (most kiddos are sensitive about their accidents so it’s nice to do this covertly).


With this setup, chances are the little ones won’t even know you’ve prepared for potential accidents.

If you were caught without your mattress protected, here are a few ways to cleanup the mess (you can use a blacklight to see what size of area you’re dealing with, the urine will glow):

Method #1

Use your blacklight again to see if you caught it all. If not, reapply a fresh batch of cornstarch mix.

Method #2

1 part white vinegar
2 parts dishwashing liquid

Method #3

This one’s from the page for cleaning cat urine (found here) [1].

1 16-oz. bottle Hydrogen Peroxide
1 TBS Baking Soda
1 tsp dish detergent (liquid)

Lingering Odors: If you’re concerned about lingering odors, you can also spray some vinegar & sprinkle baking powder over the now dried and cleaned stain before making a fresh bed (wait for vinegar to dry before making it up).

Bedding Care

General Tips

These are for general mattress care: