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How To Get Rid of Moths: Bugs-Be-Gone

Mothballs are made from paradichlorobenzene [1] and can cause all kinds of health problems including damage to liver and kidneys. They’re especially hazardous to children if swallowed–and they don’t smell all that good either.

Here are a few items you can use to help protect items naturally:

You can make sachets to stash in drawers, trunks or hang in closets out of pretty cotton fabrics, plain cheesecloth, muslin, linen or clean nylons (knee highs or cut pantyhose). You could also spread dried orange and lemon peels in between clothing and linens while you’re packing them away.

Sachet Recipes:

You can mix and match your own recipes, or just use 100% one ingredient if you like.

Bugs-Be-Gone Bags
*First published February 8, 2008 and moved to this page for better organization

These can be used for repelling moths and other household pests.

Materials Needed:

Lavender Buds
Cedar Chips

Cheesecloth, Muslin drawstring bags or fabric envelopes (free pattern download below)


The herb mixture helps to naturally deter and repel bugs and pests from the places you have stored the bags.

The picture above is from a free pattern for making pretty fabric envelopes to hold your lavender and herbs in, perfect for this purpose! You can find the pattern here [2] (pdf), source: The Giving Flower [3].