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Using Aloe Vera Plants For Healing Wounds & Ailments

If you’re thinking about introducing a new houseplant to your home, the Aloe Vera plant offers a wealth of benefits since it gives and gives, then gives some more!

Here is a large list of notes for first aid and treatments you can benefit from, you’ll find information here [1] for growing your own and some tips for using it.

Treating A Wound

The wound should quickly heal with little or no scarring, bandages will remove easily. There is also a much reduced risk of infection.

For minor scar removal, keep applying juice morning and night (daily). This may take several months to see great results (six months or so).

For painful scrapes and abrasions, gently slide a split leaf over the area and reapply several times during the next 24 hours.

Burns & Sunburns

Digestive Problems

Sap Extraction For Bowel Regulation

The sap is a yellow bitter fluid that flows between the skin and the pulp acts as a laxative.

Scalp & Hair

This plant’s juice can add lustre, richness and manageability to hair as well as heal some scalp abrasions and diseases:

Poison Ivy, Poison Oak & Allergies

Can be used as a pain inhibitor and reduce itchiness, also enhances healing of rashes and sores:

Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Insect Bites, Jellyfish Stings, Etc.

Bees [4], mosquitoes, ants, wasps [5], yellow jackets, scorpions, centipedes and other insects Also see these home remedies for mosquito bites [6].:


Age Skin Spots



Determining If You Are Allergic To It

Before applying any first aid treatments, find out if you have an allergy to it first. If you’re allergic to aloe vera, you may experience the results opposite to what you were hoping for. Here’s how you can quickly find out if you’re allergic to it:

Did You Know:

Caution For Diabetics:

Drinking Aloe Vera juice might enable the pancreas to produce more of its own insulin. Before taking internally, diabetics should have their physician monitor their need for extra insulin since too much is dangerous.

Source – Much of this information is found in the booklet:

The Ancient Egyptian Medicine Plant Aloe Vera Hand Book
Author: Max B. Skousen

Note: Please remember this is not professional medical advice, use due diligence and speak to your doctor before implementing any of these home remedies and treatments.