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How To Make Breakfast Burritos (Fresh & Big Batch Prep)

Breakfast burritos are very simple to prepare and if you setup an assembly line, you can whip up a bunch ahead of time to freeze for a fast, convenient breakfast.

Here’s how you make them…you’ll also find filling ideas and more tips at the bottom of this page.

Basic With Cheese

Hungry Man Style


How Many Eggs To Use:

Filling Ideas:

Try to keep the saucy stuff to a minimum (to prevent oozing, squirting and soggy mess), but if you have a favorite hot egg scramble meal or leftovers scramble–try that to fill them with.

Wrapping Tips:

When the filling is fully cooked, place this mixture in the middle of a warmed tortilla, add some salsa and cheddar cheese then wrap. You can eat these right away or wrap tightly in foil and stick in the oven on low heat for up to an hour. If you don’t know how to fold them up well so they don’t fall apart or leak, check out BillGrady.com’s instructions [1]. Scroll down a bit and you’ll find an excellent visual guide. When bulk preparing for freezer storage, I prefer tucking in both ends so that there’s no open top.

Make-Ahead Preparation:

Wrap each finished burrito in wax paper then refrigerate to have the next day (or two), just stick them in the microwave for about a minute to heat.

For convenience and quick meals, try making a bunch ahead of time to freeze. First prepare the burritos then allow to cool. Wrap them in wax paper and lay singly on a cookie sheet (don’t stack them). Stick in the freezer and once frozen, stack them inside a container or freezer bag and store in the freezer. Take them out as needed, unwrap the paper loosely then heat in the microwave until hot (2 to 3 minutes approximately). If you want to take them out the night before to thaw in the refrigerator first–that works too.

Using Up Leftovers:

If you already have leftover ham or sausage on hand and plan on preparing a bunch of burritos to freeze, don’t bother reheating the meat. Just make up the eggs and veggies you want, toss in the cold meat to mix it up well then fill the tortillas.

Another easy way to fill them is to layer each cooked food item in the tortilla then fold it up (instead of mixing them all up and heating together).