Fun Treats For Young & Old: Chocolate Spoons

These are so easy to put together and are a nice treat for your coffee, great gifts for coffee lovers! Here’s how to make them:

Squares & PiecesIngredients:

  • Milk Chocolate (use a bag of chips if you like)
  • Both Dark & White Chocolate (2 squares each or small handful of chips for each – used for decoration. Amount will vary depending on embellishments used.)
  • Flavoring Oils* (optional: orange, mint, vanilla, Kahlua, etc.)

Materials Needed:

  • Sturdy Plastic Spoons (use Gold, Red, Clear, White–whatever you like). Use a decent quality since the cheaper ones tend to not hold up well with the heat (and the stirring in hot beverages).
  • Wax Paper
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Cellophane or plastic wrap
  • Ribbon
  • Ziploc baggies (2 small)


  • Line a cookie sheet with waxed paper.
  • Melt milk chocolate slowly in a double boiler, stirring frequently until smooth. Remove from heat. You want it to be thick and *just* melted so that it won’t be too hot that it melts the plastic. You can let it rest a bit to cool down slightly if needed. Add flavoring oil as instructed.
  • Dip spoons to about a quarter inch up the handle. With bowl side up, gently tap handle on side of pot to remove excess. The entire base of the spoon should be covered while the shallow bowl holds a full level of melted chocolate.
  • Lay each in a single row on the cookie sheet with the handles resting on the edge of the tray (to keep level). Refrigerate for 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Melt the white and dark squares separately. An easy way to do this is to cut them up and place them in ziploc bags, seal shut, then drop them in a pot of hot water (not boiling) to melt.
  • Once melted, dry off the bag, snip a tiny corner off and gently squeeze mixture onto the chilled spoons. Use squiggles, lines, dots, snowflake designs, hearts, stars–whatever you like for a decorative effect. Chill again.
  • Once they’re fully set and chilled completely, wrap each piece in cellophane, small plastic bags or colored plastic wrap and tie with a small ribbon. Store in a cool, dark area until needed–refrigeration not necessary at this point.
  • Give as gifts to use as coffee or mocha stirrers, the chocolate will melt in the coffee for a delectable, sweet treat.

Alternatives & Ideas

  • You can make double layers by first dipping in dark, chilling, then making another full dip in white, chill. The layers could be reversed if you wish.
  • Another method: Instead of dipping, just pour chocolate into the shallow “bowl” (as seen in the image above).
  • Try using flavored chips like butterscotch or mint for the decorative drizzles and designs (or as a full layer too if you like).
  • They don’t have to hold a spoonful of chocolate, you can just dip them straight up and down and tap off excess, leaving a thin coating. Decorate with the same drizzle effect if you wish. Double dip for this method. These are suitable for people who prefer a light flavor addition to their coffees.
  • Crush hard candies like peppermints or candy canes and sprinkle them on before you chill. Crushed toffee bits work too.
  • Presentation idea: Fill a mug with a “bouquet” of them (handles down).

*Flavorings: Use flavoring oils suitable for chocolate making, not baking extracts since these can ruin the chocolate. Look in candy making or party supply stores.

These are easy peasy and a frugal gift idea too.

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    • kaye

    You should advise people that adding any liquid to melting chocolate will cause the chocolate to seize and turn clumpy/grainy. If you do want to add any liquid it should be added at the beginning of the melting process so it can become part of the mixture.,, even ONE DROP of water added to melting/melted chocolate will ruin the entire batch so be very careful!!

    • Cindy

    I made the chocolate covered spoons with semi sweet and milk chocolate chips however a week later the spoons look like they now have white blotchy spots! what did I do wrong. Do I need to add wax

      • Sheryl

      The white spots could be because they were refrigerated too quickly. I let mine rest at room temperature for a few hours and then refrigerate. The white spots aren’t an issue for taste quality though and they are still good to use.

      • Jenny

      The white spots are from the emulcifiers (sp?) in the ‘chips’. Chocolate chips have an additive that keeps them in the desired chip shape, when they are melted that additive tends to clump and it will give the chocolate white spots.

      If you have ever kept chocolate chips past their Used By date (yeah this did actually happen once in my house) you will see those white spots show up.

      IT DOES NOT AFFECT THE TASTE, so feel free to use away. Or you can use it as an excuse to put another layer on! More chocolate is never a bad thing 🙂

        • Samantha

        Your Chocolate is “Blushing”. This happens when chocolate ages or is exposed to oxygen. As Jenny said, it’s normal and does not affect the taste at all.

    • mira patel

    will be good idea to makr 4 my 4 grandkids

    • Sue

    Pouring chocolate in the spoon well will not work for long; the chocolate will slide right off. Ask me how I know! 🙂

    • Pat

    TIPNUT has the greatest craft ideas ever!!! I look forward to Wednesdays!Thanks so much!!!

    • Mg

    This is not as easy as it seems. I had an Lucy and Ethel moment without Ethel.
    Also, Sue is correct about pouring it into the spoon. When it cools, it will pop off. You need too much on the spoon either.

    • Allyson

    how long can these last for, I need them for the 26th of December and the first of December is in 2 days

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