How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

As promised from yesterday’s article about relief for itching bites, I’ve compiled a big list of recommendations and home remedies for mosquito repellent suggestions (including some homemade bug spray recipes).

ExamplesA few things to note first:

  • You pretty much have to stop breathing to not attract the attention of these annoying critters, a big attractor for them is the carbon dioxide from your breathing.
  • It also seems they are attracted by scents like perfumes, sweat, body odor as well as body heat. Unless you stop using shampoos, soaps, deodorants and detergents–it’s hard to be scent free.
  • From what I understand, DEET has proven to be the most effective repellent. DEET is pretty crazy stuff though, so if you’d like to try less harsh solutions, there are plenty of tips below for you to give a shot.

Something to keep in mind: Since some people seem to be a mosquito magnet while others around them don’t get a single bite, I have the suspicion that there could be a personal body chemistry factor involved. And that could explain why a remedy that works for one person, may not work for another.

I suspect that’s why some people swear by the Bounce sheet method, or the Avon Skin So Soft solution, while others have a different experience. Bounce nor the Avon SSS did a thing for me btw, but I did include them in the list below. I know a few people who SWEAR by them.


  • Wear light colored clothing, these critters are attracted to dark clothes
  • Keep your body covered as much as possible (including wearing a hat), although they can find their way through the fabric–it does cut down on bites

Home Remedies, Bug Sprays & Tips

  • Vanilla Extract: A few different recommendations for this one, each contradicting the other. Some say to dab Vanilla Extract on your pulse points, others say to rub it all over your skin & dab your clothes. Some say the cheap stuff is what you have to use, others say the real, pure Vanilla is the only thing that will work. Some say to apply it full strength, others say you can dilute it with water and spray it on. Play around with Vanilla to see what gives you best results–there are plenty of believers for this one so I think there’s something to it.
  • Garlic: This isn’t a favorite thing to do day-to-day, but if you’re going camping or hiking through heavily infested areas, try a garlic powder and water paste. Apply to pulse points, behind knees, on shoes and ankles and a dab or two on your cheeks or somewhere on your face and neck. Remember–keep out of eyes. And maybe stay out of public places too ;).
  • Essential Oils: Mix choice of essential oils with rubbing alcohol, or witch hazel, or distilled water and spritz on body or directly on cloth to rub on body (shake before each use). Or add a few drops in baby oil or olive oil then rub on skin. You can also apply drops along a strip of fabric (cotton) and tie around wrist. *Make sure to avoid mouth and eye areas when using essential oils. I’ve listed them in the chart below…
BasilThymeCedarTea TreePeppermintLemongrass

*Seems to be strongly recommended.

If you’re interested in experimenting with making homemade mosquito repellents, here are a few different recipes that you can try.

IngredientsMost of these have been sent in by readers and they’re all easy enough to make (thank you for sharing guys!). A few are made with assorted essential oils but there is one shared by Jennifer that uses simple ingredients (garlic cloves, mineral oil, water and lemon juice) so the expense is really minimal.

Here’s a tip sent in by Angela for her tried-and-true solution:

This is a recipe given to me by my aunt, I find that it stores well but should be used within the year.

1/4 cup vegetable oil mixed with these essential oils (mix and store in a spray bottle):

8 drops cedar
5 drops eucalyptus
4 drops lavender
2 drops rosemary
2 drops juniper
1 drop peppermint
1 drop cinnamon
1 drop clove

Here’s one from Mark:

I like this because it only needs a few items and it’s a breeze to put together. Make sure you shake it up for a few minutes each time before you use it. I hope your readers try it because it does work just as well as bought and it’s better to use on your body than those poisonous sprays that they try selling us in stores.

2 cups witch hazel
1 teaspoon vegetable glycerin
20 drops citronella essential oil
20 drops lemongrass essential oil

Instructions: Mix in a spray bottle and shake well before use.

Jennifer sent this one in:

Mosquitoes hate garlic and so when I saw this in a magazine a few years ago I clipped it, tried it and found that it did a good job keeping me bite free.

Directions: Mince a few cloves of garlic then cover with mineral oil. Allow it to sit for at least 24 hours. Next you take a teaspoon of *just the oil* and mix it with 2 cups of water and 1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Strain through a cheesecloth if you have any floaties then pour into a spray bottle. Shake before each use.

Here’s another recipe from Mother Earth News that used to be online but I can no longer find:

Since the 1999 appearance of West Nile virus in North America, it’s more important than ever to keep these pests at bay. You can outsmart them with this homemade, Earth-friendly solution.

It couldn’t be easier to make, ingredients needed are any combination of these essential oils: basil, cedarwood, citronella, juniper, lemon, myrrh, palmarosa, pine, rose geranium and/or rosemary mixed with 190-proof grain alcohol (Everclear). Quantities: 2 1/2 tsp of essential oil mixed with 1 cup of the alcohol. The mixture of assorted EO’s makes this an effective option for fighting a variety of mosquito species and other insects.

Here’s one from another source no longer available online…

Yarrow Bug Spray

Fill a jar with fresh yarrow flowers and leaves (cut into small pieces) or use 1/2 jar full of dried yarrow. Cover with vodka, seal jar with lid and allow to brew for a week. Strain, fill a spray bottle 1/2 full with the infusion liquid then top up with water. Add a few drops of catnip essential oil (adjust as needed for effectiveness). Shake well before each use, may need to reapply every hour or so.

Plants That Repel Them

Break off leaves and crush them roughly, rub them all over your clothes and skin. Toss the bruised leaves around the perimeter of your deck or patio. Also plant these in pots and arrange them around the patio. You could also infuse these in water and then use that as a spray.

  • Lemon Thyme
  • Citronella
  • Lavender
  • Basil
  • Catnip
  • Pennyroyal
  • Tansy
  • Marigolds

Commercial Products

*(other than DEET items)

  • Avon’s Skin So Soft (straight or mix 50/50 with rubbing alcohol)
  • Bounce Sheets (hanging out of a pocket or waistband)
  • Listerine (mixed 50/50 with household vinegar then sprayed all over body)
  • Vicks VapoRub
  • You can purchase citronella torches to stand in the ground or set on table tops

Household Hacks

  • Spray garlic powder and water all over the yard and bushes. Use a fertilizer hose attachment. Will need to be done bi-weekly (approx) or after a heavy rain.
  • Another trick you can try is to spray Listerine on the lawn or around the deck or campsite.

Items to Eat


Apparently the smell that comes out of your pores from a steady diet of the below deters mosquitoes. The items aren’t meant to be combined, they’re just different suggestions.

  • Garlic
  • B1 Vitamins
  • Brewers Yeast
  • Lemons

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What Readers Are Saying: 309 Comments
  1. Kristen says:

    My grandmother always used vinegar to repel mosquitoes. She rubs it on any exposed parts of her body. Sure, SHE repels everyone else, but she claims that it works. So I guess if you don’t mind smelling like a walking pickle…

    • Dustbunny says:

      With 30 bites I have alot to test these methods on. Some are after the fact and are red and swollen. so far vapor rub did not work, The Calamine Lotition is brief relife and feels really good on the swelling. The nail polish was working great but I have sensitive skin soooo omg get it off get it off owie owie owie. Tape still waiting it seems to be doing something guess it’s keeping the air off it. Wet soap rubbed on seems to be working and the antipresperant deorderant is working faint itch left but at least I don’t have to peel it off my skin. Toothpaste kind of works. Ice pack is brief relife buuuuut it probably just prolongs the agony since it stops the blood circulating. I’m gonna try a hot bath to get the posien to cycle out which makes me wonder if nicane will work. Also sending the boyfriend out for oragel I know theres a limit on how long I can use it but i don’t care at the moment. S

      sooooo mesirable can’t sleep and one got my nipple T_T boyfriend did not even get one bite while sleeping next to me,. Makes me want to call up my best friend and ask if I can borrow his nephew who is the only person fleas and mosquitos think is tastier then me. I’m goign to try some of the prevention methods I had an awesome wall plug it that worked for mice/rats, spiders and other bugs/insects but the noise bugs some people that I live with. Bought the machine cheap at Fred Meyers 4 about $15

      • wendy says:

        Try taking an antihistimine! When the itch starts, that is your body having an allergic reaction to the bite. This helps from the inside and keep using anything topical for the outside. This trick also works for anyone with chicken-pox.!!!It worked for me and my kids!!!

        • patti says:

          I take antihistimines daily for allergies, and they don’t do dooddlie!
          I’m going to try lemon juice, ivory soap, mouthwash, ANYTHING to relieve the itching, & therefore the swelling. I MUST find something, I’m being eaten alive & my skin swells until it won’t stretch anymore! I’m miserable!

          • Shanae says:

            Oh if I could only figure out how to not be bitten when I am sitting at my computer! Ahhhh! I have a welt on my neck and two on my arms as I type. Usually I get bitten through thick wool sweaters on my back….so atleast this is a nice change. Use benzonite clay. Or “Aztec’ clay. Mix a bit into a paste with water and it draws the histamine out. If your welts look like human nipples, like mine do then it will be very helpful!,

          • danyell says:

            Get some green alcohol has menthyl in it you put it in your bath water and bath with aveeno body wash keep using till bites dry up sarna works to but is $11 dollars

        • Kim says:

          Iagree with the antihistamine, I keep children’s liquid diphenhydramine on hand and dab it on the bites. Noxeema works too.

        • Shirley says:

          Topical applications don’t do anything for me; they help for about an hour, then I’m back to itching–for a whole week. I take a Benadryl gel caplet as soon as I can after I get bitten and an hour or so later, I don’t itch at all. It’s amazing.

        • badwater bob says:

          There is a product called acterbite. It is mostly ammonia. Household ammonia dabbed on bite stops itch

      • Rose says:

        Loved reading your reply on mosquito repellent, and sorry it didn’t work for you, lmao, I just gotta say I got a kick out of reading your stuff and literally laughed my ass off. Hope you find a repellent soon, lol. Thanks for the laughs.


      • Holie says:

        To get rid of the itch, try head and shoulders, works for me. When all else fails, I just use zinc oxide.

      • Squirrel says:

        I get bitten soooo bad when outside by those little bast**ds, i found that Absorbine Jr.s works for me, once i have been bitten, to stop the swelling and itching… I need to find something that will KEEP them from biting me… I hope some of this stuff will work… and I dont find one til the bottom of the list! lol GL to all!

      • Jeanette says:

        Mosquitoes love me, and my bites swell into huge whelps immediately. I mix meat tenderizer and water into a paste and apply it to fresh mosquito bites. It cannot be used on bites that have open skin of course. I have used this for years for myself and my children, and it has really worked. You will look a strange for a little while, but if you can get past that you will not even know you have had a bite in a few hours. I read about this home remedy years ago in a magazine.

      • kaite says:

        i consider you lucky.. i have like 50

      • matilda says:

        Aloe vera…mmagical medicine. Works for everything. Burns to bites to scars! Rip off a. Piece of plant, peel the in half and apply juice, puld onto affected area and wait a few secs. Cool to touch! Lasts long

      • Diane says:

        Coming from South Africa which has heaps of mosquitos then moving to Australia which is just as bad and being allergic, they leave the most ugly marks where they bite, I am sure all the females wait for “breakfast” when I hang up my washing lol. I have found that by putting a bit of eucalyptus oil in my body cream and if ‘somehow’ they find untreated spot I may have missed, by applying it directly onto the bite helps it from itching and me attacking the area. I also make up a spray of the oil combined with citronella oil and spray the grass and shrubs [under the leaves] where they breed and this helps immensely. The only problem is, you have to repeat this after it rain but I don’t mind. In a 500ml spray bottle I use 1 cup of each oil then fill the bottle up with water, you have to shake the bottle well obviously, but works wonders for me. You can also dip earbuds into the eucalyptus oil and put it on your windowsills where they fly in. They hate the smell so it will keep out most of them. I doubt a koala bear has any bites considering the amount of eucalyptus leaves the eat πŸ™‚

    • baha says:

      I also tried the calamine lotion,baking soda paste and the vinegar solution…THEY DID NOT GET RID OF MY ITCH!!..So in desperation I tried the deodorant stick and it DID WORK!!I used the MENS “SPEED STICK”

      • wenny says:

        Rid roll on prevents mosquitos biting, but if they happen to bite else where – rid roll on onto the bite stops the itching

        • Anna says:

          Running out now to buy the roll on deodorant. I look like I was the target of a paintball game. I wore SSS from Avon and darn mosquitos must just like it on me. They didn’t even touch my boyfriend. What’s up with that.

          • Lonna says:

            I found that Deet and other repellents just attract mosquitos on me. The doctor said it is due to the chemistry of the body and the fact that I have some health issues does not help because they change the chemical makeup. One time the dryer sheets worked the next time it didn’t. I am going to try some of these ideas on here but I always take the Benedryl along just in case.

      • briana says:

        Deoderant DOES work! i got about 15 bites yersterday from tking a walk. Using Arm & Hammer Essentials Natuural Deoderant. Some of the larger ones are still tingling, but its not a must-itch-or-im-gonna-die feeling now! had no idea deoderant worked… wont bug anyone to run out and get pharmacy bug releif stuff now!

      • Tee says:

        I did the same and it worked for me! High Endurance by old spice. Smells good too..I tried the vinger and hot water and it didn’t work then I read about the deodorantand it made the itch go away. Thanks!

      • Liz says:

        I agree, thank you for the all the suggestions, but the one that worked was the deodarant! Oh, relief!!! I use suave invisible solid, and it instantly took the horrible itch away!! I’m also a mosquito magnet, and I get biten when noone else does! I’m definitely going to try some of the prevention suggestions also. Thanks so much again!!

        • yolanda says:

          One of my sons is a mosquito magnet so he’s usually indoors. But, when he has a bite he makes a paste with table salt n water. He rubs it on the bite enough to ease the itch, leaves the salt grains on the skin until the water dries out. It relives the itch and the swelling comes down considerably.
          Hope this helps someone.

      • Chris says:

        We use rubbing alcohol. Just saturate a cotton ball and rub over the bites, it’ll sting for a second, and then no more itch or sting! When I was 18 went to Brazil and was the only one who literally got ate up by those darn things (we lost count at 300 bites), went to the pharmacy and that’s what they told me to use, which is what we’d always used as a kid (just wasn’t sure it would be enough for so many bites).

    • jill says:

      I swear by the dryer sheet method. But I rub the dryer sheet directly on my skin and clothes, not let it hang from my pocket. I think it works well. Also wearing loose fitting clothing prevents the mosquitoes from getting through the fabric to your skin. Calamine lotion and anti itch hydrocortisone hasn’t worked on these bites I have now. So ill try thy toothepaste and alcohol

    • Mariyah says:

      With 75 bites or more. I heard B1 work as well as garlic . I personally know garlic works. The flower “marigold” they do not like. You can plant those around your house.

    • mike bobier says:

      good one kristen. a walking pickle. still laughinh about that one.

    • Mary says:

      With the vinegar suggestion, Can I use apple cider vinegar?, or does it have to be the white kind? And how often do i need to spray it on me? Thanks

  2. Eve says:

    I swear by vitamin E. I start taking it a little before mosquito season and as long as I take it at least 3-4 times a week, I never get bit. If I stop for some reason, I’m ok for a couple of weeks, but then I get eaten alive.

    • Dave says:

      I’ve been taking Krill oil for a few months now and it has made a huge huge difference to the health of my skin, it’s a potent source of vitamin E. Guess what, hardly any mosy bites, I live in Thailand and there’s plenty of the little ba …..ds around, I’ve been bitten about twice in a month and when they have bitten me the usual swelling and itching is almost non existent. So Vitamin E ladies and gentlemen or even better Krill oil πŸ™‚

      • Judy says:

        I was eaten alive in Thailand. Over here the Vit B complex worked pretty good but nothing there. Finally got a citronella spray and it helped. A Thai lady gave it to me so all in Thai language.

        • Paulette Jepsen says:

          Where do you find citronella spray here in the United States?? I have welts the size of softballs up and down the back of my arms!! The doctors solution is vitamin B 1, but how long do you have to take it before it starts working?? From the looks of it, Mesquito season could be over before anything works!! I have used vinegar for itch relief and it seemed to work until it dried then I just smelled like a tossed green salad and itched again. Unfortunately I have had to resolve to using deet until I can find something that gets them to stop biting. I am off to the natural food store tomorrow so if I find anything that is not listed here I will be sure to return and let you know. Maybe sleeping with an herb salad will help. A mixture of basil, lemon thyme, marigold, catnip, garlic,lavender, and lemons???? I’m willing to try just about anything at this point!! I hope to find something natural today.

      • Mary says:

        I take vitamin E everyday and have so for 30 years, and I am still getting eaten alive. They say if a person eats bananas the mesqutios will bite you more, and I kinda believe that because I eat a bananna once every day.

  3. jofo says:

    To avoid getting bit in the first place, when walking say, down a trail, hold your breath. When you have to exhale do it over your shoulder and take a couple quick steps then hold again. Mosquitoes use CO2, moisture and heat (in that order) to find their host in the first place. I have used this method for years to separate myself from my breath-cloud and it really works. It won’t eliminate all encounters but will severely cut down on them. Once bit, use heat topically — it really works! I just use a bic lighter and let it burn for a few seconds until the metal gets hot enough (not TOO hot) and then hold it on the bite until it cools down. They sell little penlight-sized heaters expressly for this purpose btw. Search online and you can find them for around $10. They recommend holding it on a bite for 20-30 seconds as soon as you notice it. After that, no itch, no swelling… at least with most people, even we who are swelling-prone victims! Good luck!

    • Susan says:

      How can you walk and do a cardio exercise and not breath properly?? Seems dangerous to me.

      • angelica parker says:

        no this truly works with any form of heat but you do not have to put it on to your skin just as close as you can and hold it 30 secs . if you do this right as soon as you notice the bite no itch or swelling and it goes away fast. i am serve allergic to bites and for some reason all it takes is me outside ten min and i get ate alive. if i do not use this method , every bite swells up and almost spreads out into a large welt and extremely painful itch leaving scars at times. and no not from me scratching….

    • Squirrel says:

      lol yea, i think my husband might want me to try the whole *don’t breath* thing, but for a totally different reason..

  4. Priti Nanda sahu says:

    To prevent flies, take a damp cloth a sprinkle some salt on it and wipe your dining table with it.

  5. Priti Nanda sahu says:

    In case you burn your tongue drinking hot liquids, put some grains of sugar on the sore-spot; this should help in providing instant relief.

    • jean says:

      Good tip about burning your tongue but what does this have to do with repelling mosquitoes?

      • katie says:

        lol i must agree with jean. burning your tongue has absolutely nothing to do with repelling mosquitoes.

        • john says:

          i agree that it has nothin to do with bites but it is very useful info to have and is relevant since it’s home remedies we are lookin for but in this case it is bites we need relief from. but thanks for the tips anyway i will remember them Priti Nanda

          • Brea says:

            Actually, what Jean is saying DOES have something to do with preventing mosquitos. One of the rememdies says something about hot tea. I don’t know if drinking it is on this page, but yeah.

    • cynthia says:

      thank you i appreciate it

      • Jayna says:

        I use cortisone creme for the itch totally gone in mins and I eat a lemon every day this keeps them from biting me unless I forget. Also rubbing ice over the bite takes the itch away also.
        We live on a farm and use citronella candles outside they work great.

  6. Priti Nanda sahu says:

    Use baby-oil instead of cleansing-creams – they serve the same purpose and is a cheap alternative.

  7. Priti Nanda sahu says:

    Dip your hands in lemon-juice to whiten your finger nails.

  8. jane says:

    Spray off or if it stings use aloe vera to smooth it and go outside and you will be fine.

  9. Chris Ellis says:

    Hi, Does anyone know the name of a vacumn device that you put on a sting to suck out the venom. I have seen it working and it works really well with out painful or smelly side effects. It works on ant type of sting.I have forgotton the name of and where I can buy one.
    Can anyone help.

    • Marc says:

      That vacume sting suction tool is also used for snake bites ,camping section at walmart

    • Mary says:

      The item you are looking for is called “The Extractor Pump”, though it’s main selling point is a suction device for snake venom, it also lists various other bites ie insects. It is to be used right away after bitten.

      I am part of the mosquito magnet club too since childhood. My husband introduced this device to me but I havent used it yet as it was in a cupboard at home….. I just returned with the bottom half of me bitten like crazy from camping- oh the itch! I am using it a day later but it is probably too late…not getting fast relief and it’s purpose is to suck the poison out right away.

      I take Vit B’s regularly now – not sure if that works..dont think so – I have also tried bee pollen bf the season and I think it might have worked? every yr seems different for me…this year I was surprised as it has been some time since I have had very itchy red swelts from bites. I have tried all sorts of remedies that left me dismayed and still itchy. The latest find is Aboriginal Gold cream I picked up from my father in law who sells Unicity products… handy family! He said put it on asap once bitten. It seems to work for me so far…

      Came home so itchy I immediately internetted, found this site and tried a very hot bath covering my legs entirely and put on the cream after. It has subsided – the heat did make the itching worse as I waited. It seemed better when I came out and then applied the cream I forgot to take camping πŸ™ Currently I still feel some subtle discomfort and will reapply cream or may experiment on the various bites with different solutions from this site that I havent tried yet.

      I was in Asia recently and only got one bite there and used the cream immediately and the itch went away. Unfortunately, while at the airport I obtained three bites on my feet and the cream was in the luggage as it is bigger than what is allowed on your carry ons these days.. hence no cream for over 15 hrs but when I got into the luggage applied right away – it took a few applications and was fine after that.
      After reading another comment in this list, I now wonder if the plug-in insect repellent put in my room not only helped with mosquitoes in there as I never got bit, but perhaps it got into my clothes etc and I carried the scent with me. I saw even some natives with welts from bits! I was so happy not to have to endure this on my vacation. Next time I go, I should investigate what it in this repellent.

      I hope everyone can find the treatment that works for them…
      not fun at all when you are suffering
      Empathically yours…

      • Kathryn says:

        Mary, Many years ago I worked in New Guinea and a friend told me to rub Rum on the insect bites. I swear it works, takes the itch out and the swelling goes down. It doesn’t matter if it is light or dark rum, cheap or expensive but it will only work with rum, nothing else. I am never without my rum and no drinking it won’t help just rub it on the bite.

        • Cindy says:

          If you drink enough of the rum you won’t have to worry about the itch! LOL

          Seriously though, thanks for the tip. I’m already being eaten alive so I’m going to be trying several of these tips to see what works best for me.

        • Judy says:

          I can believe that. When my babies were cutting teeth, a dentist told me to rub Rum on their gums. It worked. Not so much make them drunk. just enough to numb the gums. a drop was enough.
          Cloves do the same thing, so I wonder if that would work for bites too.

      • Liz says:

        Try your deodarant, seriously,it’s awesome, and believe me, I know the pain of the itch and now relief with something you already have and smells good! I had to put a couple of applications but I’m so relieved, I just can’t thank whomever enough!!!

        • Donna says:

          I am at work and in agony from bites ALL over my feet and ankles!!! i have to wear knee high socks and boots. every step i take i want to die! My socks rub all over them, so its like im scratching! I am on my feet all day! I tried benadryl and hydrocorizone cream last night and this morning and it did not work. In despiration I found this site and the only thing i had was a travel sized secret stick deoderant in my bag. It was worth a shot…and it worked!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you to who ever posted that!! I would have never thought of it in a million years! Felt like an idiot appliying deoderant to my feet and ankles, but soooooo worth it!! Thanks!!

  10. Darlene says:

    My grandchildren and I are mosquito magnets. This year we started taking one Vit B1 a day. I live in the Florida Keys. No bites yet. When going into the marshes, we take one tablet in the morning and one at noon. Works great. Can’t believe we suffered all those years.

  11. sheila clark says:


    • Munchkin says:

      The Aspivenin definately works. Boots sell them in UK. Comes in a lightweight box the size of a box of kitchen matches. Always take mine on holiday. If you can get the bite as soon as it starts to come up, it never does. Not as effective once the bite has spread. Also works on other bites.

  12. Jane Williams says:

    You know, when you get bitten by mosquitoes daily..(like me)…it means you have a higher cholesterol then others… you eat a lot of sweets and mosquitoes love blood that is sweet.

    • Toni says:

      I have very low cholesterol and rarely eat sweets – and still, I am “the” mosquito magnet. I have been told it is because I have rare blood. I don’t know if that is true, but it kind of makes sense!

      • denise says:

        I’ve also heard that it could be because we have a lot of iron in our blood….

        • Cindy says:

          As for having a lot of Iron in the blood to ward off Mosquito’s it is not true for me. I always have very low Iron. I can go outside and I feel like they see me coming because I immediately start itching. I loved the Skin So Soft lotion but, it seems to be hard to find or maybe I just haven’t took the time to find it.

          • Scott says:

            I’m diabetic and when I have a high sugar level I hardly ever get bitten yet all my friends get bitten. So I don’t think blood sugar level affects being bitten.

          • anne says:

            Cindy, you can find the Skin So Soft through Avon.

          • Cindy says:

            I’ve tried the SSS remedy has never worked for me…either in the 50/50 SSS/vinegar form or the straight SSS form. I wish it would though, I love the smell!

          • Robyn says:

            My husband has been an insulin dependent diabetic since age 4 (now 58), we have always been avid tent campers, He never gets bitten!!! I on the otherhand am a magnet!!! I am going to try the B1 this year! Nothing has worked for me in the past… πŸ™

    • CC says:

      Mosquito’s love what we breath out Carbin. That is why they bite. They don’t like the smell of vanilla. Put some in a spray bottle and spray youself. No bites.

    • Marilou says:

      Until the mosquito bites you they don’t know WHAT your blood content is, so I am thinking that unless they have ways of letting their friends know, this may not be the reason. I think it has more to do with the scent that we give off.

    • Kara says:

      I have great cholesterol and low iron and I’m the mesquito magnet! And I don’t eat sugar or bread πŸ™‚

    • Mary says:

      Yes, I agree because I eat alot of sweets and I also have high cholesterol,(which my Dr. just told me last week.

  13. Jane Williams says:

    What you could do to lower your cholesterol is exercise, cut down on sweets like soda, brownies, candy…and so on

    • Marilynm says:

      Just an idea: Maybe part of the reason different things work in different ways for people is due to the mosquitoes themselves. They may be different types (obviously) and therefore they have preferences just like people do for food sources. Only, the females bite and this is a food source for hatching their eggs. Also, factoring in what you have eaten for several hours prior could have some impact on what works, etc. and how many bites. !!!Avoid getting bitten!!!: West Nile risk is too big of a gamble to chance! If possible, if in your backyard, plant all of the above noted repellant plants plus put a couple of fans on you while you are out there! They can’t fly in a simulated fast wind! Use other protection to back this up a little too, for when you step out of the air current.

    • shalom says:

      Low carb brings it down. It brought mine down almost 40 points in 3 months or less. BTW, cholesterol isn’t the problem claimed, inflammation causes the problems (a heart surgeon publicly said this based on what he has seen during surgeries).

  14. Kar says:

    I’ve tried bounce, only to find that the mosquitoes really liked the bounce. I just tried it – unfortunately I had dark clothing on in the yard. I’m going to try the listerine and vinegar and see how that works.

    • raini schauer says:

      If bounce doesn’t work a cheaper solution is suavitel. I have dozens of mosquito bites right now and I have one hanging above my bed and I never get bit anymore. Also I had one in my pocket and I was standing in long grass and they didn’t get me.

  15. Bettie says:

    To the person who wanted the devise for sucking out poison from insect bites, I bought one years ago at Eddie Bauers Expedition the USA. They must have an online store.


  16. Toby says:

    Here is the definitive cure all:

    1 part used motor oil
    1 part dog (or cat) feces
    1 part pickle juice
    2 parts radio active waste

    mix it all together and soak a hundred dollar bill in it then smear it all over your body.

    Not only will you repel all mosquitos, gnats, chiggers, and bugs but no human will come near you plus you’ve disintegrated $100 in the process. Congratulations your now just as smart as everyone else on here that ‘knows’ what works!

  17. TipNut says:

    How very clever Toby, but I think I’ll stick with the more pleasant alternatives. No one here claims they “know”, just sharing tips with each other that we’ve either come across or that we found helpful.

  18. Lucy says:

    This year I am buying a cheap bottle of listerine and not putting any vinegar in it either. I am spraying me, the patio and whatever i feel necessary to keep the mosquitoes away. I am also going to spray my little dogs with it when they go out.
    I hear it works well, will let you know. Vitamin E makes sense too.

  19. Evie says:

    There are 35 species of mosquitoes in Alaska. (Two carry West Nile Virus) I have been skeeter bait for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried everything I can think of to keep the buggers from biting me. Short of bathing in DEET every day, here’s what works for me.

    Clear the area where you live or work of debris that might serve as a catchment system for water. (Rain, snow, sprinkler, etc.) The tiniest pocket of water is enough for a female mosquito to lay up to 200 eggs and that’s 200 more mosquitoes than I want to deal with.

    Use a mosquito control product similar to Mosquito Dunk in the spring to keep snow melt and rain puddles from harboring larvae for up to 30 days. Mosquito Dunk your bird baths, water features, fish ponds, or any other garden container than holds standing water. Even clogged rain gutters! Flip your child’s wading pool over when not in use and don’t overwater your lawn.

    In areas with large swarms of mosquitoes, purchase a Mosquito Magnet or similar apparatus and let it run all summer long. One placed on either side of the area you are trying to protect from infestation will save you and your pets from biting insects all season long.

    Wear light-colored, tightly woven cotton clothing and a head net when outdoors. Stay indoors at dusk and dawn whenever possible.

    Make sure to keep window and door screens in good repair to keep from giving biting insects easy access to your house.

    Buy Buzz Off brand clothing to wear while working outside.

    When barbequing in the backyard, set up a screen tent to hide in while waiting to flip those burgers. Put a screen tent over your picnic or patio table as well.

    And as a last resort… hose yourself down with a bug repellant containing DEET, but be sure to wash your hands carefully before eating, drinking, or handling food.

    If you have done all you can to eliminate all possible water sources on your property and still have a mosquito problem… you may have to go further afield to find the source of your infestation.

    Mosquitoes that breed in permanent swamp habitats will travel 1-2 miles in quest of a blood meal. Mosquitoes that emanate from floodwater habitats can cause nuisance 10-20 miles from their breeding source. Call your local health department for suggestions on how to deal with mosquito breeding ground sources beyond your realm of influence.

  20. nige_nz says:

    thank you very much peoples! im going to thailand in 5 weeks and cant wait to tri some of these things:)

  21. Tommy Plunkett says:

    Regarding Jane Williams advice on lowering cholesterol, Exercise can not bring down any persons cholesterol reading. Watching your Diet is the only answer.

    Regards Dr Tommy Plunkett

    • Cindy J says:

      Exercise wont decrease your LDL (bad cholesterol- low density lipoproteins)BUT exercise will increase your HDL(the good cholesterol- high density lipoproteins) so if your HDL is high it will help balance the ratio of LDL to HDL which is better than not exercising and having a low HDL.

  22. Samantha says:

    I received an email saying the Original Listerine (the yellow antiseptic kind) will repel them. Just use as is, do not mix with anything. You can spray on you, or in the yard or on your deck to keep them away.

    I personally haven’t tried it yet, but I plan on going out & getting a bottle this week! I will try the B1 as well, Thanks guys!

  23. N J says:

    I just wanted to let everyone know that spraying yourself in Listerine is not the most pleasant thing…it’s very sticky and unless you aren’t gonna be touching anything, I wouldn’t recommend spraying it on your body or any surfaces that require alot of touching or handling…i’m not sure if that’s why you recommend using half with vinegar, does that take away the stick-factor?

  24. FrankSymptoms says:

    One thing to remember about DEET is that while it is a very good repellant, it also melts plastic.

    I am a ham radio operator and know several hams who have applied DEET, then picked up their handleld radios… and then found that the plastic faceplates become marred from the DEET.

    Just sayin’.

  25. John says:

    About the listerine spray… of course it takes away the sticky factor. You should use rice vinegar and probably fill 3/4 of the bottle with the vinegar. It may not smell great but it definately takes away the sticky factor. i just tried it.

  26. Vera says:

    I am a total magnet! My bites are actually flashing like disco lights since I’m also allergic.

    For the home and the bedroom you can get these things that you plug into the electric socket. Some of those look like a light bulb and you put a tablet thing in them and it gives out a smell that keeps them away. Some of them use oils. The nice thing about these things is that you can always buy refills and you can have one of those in each room, since I guess most of us become victims when we are sleeping at night.

    I’m trying this for the first time now but I’ve heard from quite a few of my friends that this works. One of my mom’s work colleagues was in Spain and her you daughter was so terribly bitten (she looked like she had the chicken pox!), they bought these things you plug into the socket and she wasn’t bitten again!

    I’d like to note that where I am originally from (Iceland) we don’t have mosquitoes, as I am living in Austria now this is the first time I really have to “deal” with this horror!

    Good luck to us all in our fight against those buggers!

  27. bob says:

    o.k. Vera so where do i get one of these plug in thing a majiggies and what are they called

    • felicia says:

      We get these little gadgets in South Africa which can be bought at the supermarket. It plugs into the electrical wall socket. It is used with mosquito ‘mats’. The trade name here is ‘Peaceful Sleep’. Magic little units. Do not get bitten during the night.

  28. Lia says:

    Actually, I have found that when I lowered my sugar intake I wasnt bitten as much, as Im usually a major magnet..and its true, they love sweet blood. Watch what you may help.

    • Jenipher says:

      I don’t eat sweets at all and I get eaten alive so that is not always true.

      • Haley says:

        Yea i dont eat any sweets either and ever since i was a toddler iv got bitten head to toe it becouse we have a rare blood type is usually the reason we get bit if it isnt the sweets reason πŸ˜‰

        • Patty says:

          The only rare blood type I know of is AB negative, and if unless you are super smart, I don’t think its the rare blood. More of the chemistry going inside your body. People react differently to everything.

          • denise says:

            Actually it’s O that’s rare. That’s why a lot of Red Cross wants O blood types….

          • funkygirli says:

            Actually, the Red Cross wants type O blood because we’re universal donors, and can donate blood to any blood type recepient…

          • QUE? says:

            ROFLMAO… moving on, back to the subject of MOSQUITO BITES…

          • toco says:

            Actually Patty is almost right about AB negative blood type being the rarest, it’s actually just the AB type. The positive or negative does not contribute to the rareness. O type is the oldest type and then A type then B type and finally the most recent is AB type and so the most difficult to find. They all have their positives and negatives, roughly balanced in each group.

            You can find out more about this in Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo’s books. The Main one being EAT RIGHT 4 YOUR TYPE (Great Book!). These books explain all about blood types and the best diets for each.

            JUST A LITTLE SIDE BAR. The science in these books is easily repeatable by anyone with a simple education in first year Med. All that is needed is a microscope drops of the different types of blood and samples of food. With this all the experiments could (if, one was so inclined) be easily repeated. So it’s really reliable science, (No opinion just observation) since the only reliable science is science that can be repeated easily, this shows it’s not someone’s opinion disguised in science jargon, to sound good. We really gotta think people. Sorry, I don’t mean to sound sarcastic. Just too many people out their saying they know science when they are just guessing with no real personal experience of the information they are sharing. That’s too dangerous and how

            His reasons for how the types came about is his own theory (and again should be taken with a grain of salt as they can’t be repeated. I don’t think he intended this to be the main focus anyway but rather the real science instead. This actual blood type stuff is really easy to understand and the diets are very easy to follow.

            Hope this helps y’all.

          • Esther says:

            Type O blood is the most common and the reason Red Cross wants it so much, is that it is compatible with other types and sometimes used in an emergency.

            Also, I read that Johnson’s Baby Oil Creamy works well with bites. The medics were pleased that I used the soda paste Y epsom salts on my son’s bug bites, then told me that meat tenderizer was coming to use (1980’s)

    • Scott says:

      I’ve already stated but I’m diabetic. A healthy human being has a sugar level of 5.4 and if they eat loads of sugar they might get up to 6.5 to 7.
      On the other hand because my body doesn’t produce insulin, it’s now under control but when I first got diabetes I had a sugar level of 28, that’s 5x the healthy amount of sugar in my blood. And yet mosquitos never bit me, they always bit my friends and I was never bitten. At lower levels like 8 or so I still don’t get bitten so I don’t believe blood sugar is a main factor.

  29. Dr. Don says:

    You really mean keep it off your PRIVATE PLACES don’t you – not you Public places!!

    DEET works best and you can buy 100% DEET over the counter, just be careful with it. Best for clothes, try to avoid 100% on skin. Lower concentrations are available for skin use.

  30. TipNut says:

    Dr. Don I meant stay out of public places in terms of: you’re going to stink like garlic so you might not want to hang around groups of people.

    • Patty says:

      What he means is, vampires will stay away from him πŸ˜€ lol sorry =[ I’m going off topic.

      btw, people said the scotch tape method works really well for itch, but it doesn’t at all for me…

      • Lucinda says:

        I am at work right now and the only thing that is available to me is scotch tape and it’s working!! I look a bit silly with 8 pieces all over me but it’s working!!

  31. Nicole says:

    I just tried the listerine in a spray bottle, I tried spraying it on the lawn and it didn’t work at all. Maybe if you put vinegar with it it may work, but the plain Listerine doesn’t work.

  32. bughater says:

    Wow, I love this! When I was a kid we always used dryer sheets and they worked, and we smelled so good!! Now that I work in a state park and am around skeeters all day I realize the best thing to do is stand near a child in dark clothes. Yep, I use children to feed them so that they don’t want to eat me!

    vitamin b? I am going to start to try that one!

  33. Scarycatlady says:

    This is sort of pet related, but a vet told me that giving your pet (I have cats) a few brewer’s yeast and garlic tabs (they sell them in the dog section the pet aisles) repels mosquitos and other nasty bugs. I can’t say this is ironclad, but I haven’t had to pull a tick off one of my outdoor boys in years. Worth a try.

  34. ang says:

    im curious to why theses mosquitos only bite my legs…i do not have any mosquito bites anywhere else and i think this is odd. iv never seen this before besides on me..maybe someone knows why or how to stop it. thank you

    • Leah says:

      I get a leg-bites-only situation when I hang out on the back deck at my neighbor’s house – guess they just like easier access from their origin (under her deck it stays moist).

      • Debbie says:

        I am not sure for both cases, but I read somewhere that mosquitoes only fly a maximum of 6-8 feet off the ground. Maybe the height of the deck and how tall you are has something to do with the leg bites only. They may only be flying as high as someones waist. :0)

        • Marilynm says:

          Someone said they had a 2nd floor deck and would sit out there in the summers and never get bitten by mosquitoes. I said, how did you accomplish that amazing feat? He said, they don’t fly this high! Wow, I said, nice plan!
          Now, I suppose a mosquito could get transported up the stairs…(by having some larvae-filled water down below and carrying it upstairs or something)but otherwise they naturally stay lower than a 2nd floor deck! That also explains how I could leave my window upstairs open without a screen a whole summer(no downstairs windows open at all)and never get bitten! I was near a ground-floor source of mosquitos also, when this occurred.

        • shalom says:

          That’s not true. My house is on piers (with a car port and store rooms under it). In nice weather we like to have the doors open, but we have to close them around dusk because the mosquitoes start coming in.

  35. sally says:

    what you do is put lavender oil and eucalyptus oil together to make a spray and you spray it all over your body and any kind of bugs will stay away because of the strong smell!!

  36. Sally B. says:

    u can use some kind of chinese smoke. works like a charm. the problem is that it smells like citarage

  37. Jim says:

    Safest way to avoid the mosquitos is the wind. If there is no wind in your back yard or patio, try to get a couple of hosehold fans and startegically place them to get a nice breeze all over the place. Mosquitos cannot fly thru the wind.

    • Caty says:

      OMG somebody else that thinks like me. I bought one of those large fans that you use to circulate a large amount of air and put it on my deck. The buggers don’t stand a chance and no stinky stuff on me. I thought of this the summer I tore all the ligaments in my knee and spent more time sitting on the patio then playing…an easy free meal for the skeeters.

  38. Diana says:

    We bought a bug zapper. We’ve had a bug zapper for at least 4 years and we live in the country. I think it cost us around $99.00 on sale. But boy its worth the investmet. One friend says she didn’t want one cause someone told her it attracts bugs..Thanks my friend I sure hope you’re right.
    While my neighbour has bats living in between the walls of her house. πŸ™ she thought that those bats would do the trick to get rid of mosquitos..NOT !
    we sit on our deck in the evening and we don’t get bothered by mosquitos. We also burn citronella. So between the strategically place bug zapper and the citronella we are mosquito free.
    My neighbour comes here in the evening for her glass of wine, knowing full well that she won’t get eaten alive.
    We also use listerine as a bug repellent for our horses and it works like a charm. Our neighbour feeds garlic gloves (pre crushed she buys at a store) puts it in the oats for the horses. badda bing it works great.
    So I figure if I take the garlic everyday it would help us…AND IT DOES. I suspect anything with an antiseptic base will work. We also use anti bacterial soap (for dishes and pine sol mixture for mosquito spray) We tried it on the horses first. When I don’t see those tails swishing around madly I know I’ve hit paydirt.
    I wonder why God created mosquitos?????

  39. Ann says:

    Mosquitoes are terrible in the Hlll Country of Texas. Alot of moisture from so many trees and plants, etc. And if humid weather sets in….forget about going outside. They will literally eat you alive. I heard Bounce drier sheets might help and boy do they. If they are heavy around us while out and about…I rub the sheet over my skin and clothing, even shoes and then put back into my pocket or belt. I no longer have to hid in the car at the park while everyone else enjoys. Try them…..they work well! Keep a box in all your vehicles, won’t have to worry about leaving them at home then. And when the smell goes out of them…throw them in the laundry, not the trash…they will still work for in the drier when washing clothes. And the box in your vehicle, smells it up nicely too!

  40. Clarice says:

    Your list is very impressive, ut what works for me is baking soda and water. just mix until pasty then apply to bitr area, while it is drying it will cool down the bite area and decrease the itchy feeling.

  41. Lynn says:

    Just a quick note that DEET also removes nail polish – so don’t use it if you want your nails to look nice!!

    I really hope some of these things work! I can’t stand the bites anymore!!!

  42. starr says:

    baby lotion works really good and fast

  43. olivia says:

    diaper rash cream is very soothing for bites from fleas or mosquitos

  44. Michelle says:

    Just tried the Vicks Vapo Rub idea. Been itching all day with bites from several days ago. It worked!! And, it’s also the cheap grocery store knock off rub to boot! Crazy relief! Try it!

  45. Amanda says:

    My husband got bitten on his cheek tonight and was afraid that his face would swell shut like his arm and hand swelled last week from a massive bite. He tried washing it immediately with soap and water, aviding scratching (which is really hard to do), rubbing a thick paste of baking soda and water (just to make it sticky), rubbing with hand liquid soap, icing it with an ice cube wrapped in paper towel, hydrocortizone cream and finally 2 benedrils and a tylenol… and his quarter sized bite mark has shrunk to a small red mark. Phew!

    • Melinda says:

      I have a bite on my cheek right now. I used baking soda and water last night and slept with it on. It is swollen though, and I am miserable. Cant wait to go home and do what ever I can to get the swelling down!

  46. CandaceS says:

    I have a “Mosquito Shoo” Geranium plant. The idea is you pick some of the leaves, crush them by wadding up and rolling around in your hand to start releasing the oils, and rub on your skin. My husband is a mosquito magnet, and I’ve tried it on him a few times. I try to rub in on pulse points first, and then I just make a few good swipes up and down the arms, legs, and neck. The smell is similar to citronella, but it’s a fresh, botanical smell–none of that yucky chemical-ness about it. It’s supposed to be all or part of what Citronella is made from anyway.

    So far, it seems to work!! Not 100%, but bug spray never is for us either.

  47. Gracie says:

    My friend Neil swears by eating garlic and onions all year long. The combination keeps mosquito and ticks away while he picks blackberries at the Lake of the Ozarks in summer-time: but it also wards off influenza and colds in the winter-time. No one wants to get close enough!

  48. Cathi says:

    Haha. Had to comment on the cholesterol and sweets comment. I am the person everyone loves to have outside around the fire because I attract all the mosquito’s in the entire woods and my cholesterol is lower than normal and I don’t even eat sugar!! While watching your sugar intake and lowering your cholesterol is good this will NOT keep mosquitoes away.

  49. Karin says:

    A few things that have already been mentioned – don’t have any standing water around for them to breed; take brewers yeast — this works because it contains B vitamins, namely B6 which is a vitamin that has been recommended by nutritionists since the 60s for prevention of mosquito bites, but the taste is not mild! Mixing it with orange juice works well. But the easiest way to stop mosquitos from biting you is internally by taking vitamin B6 -You can start by taking 25-50 mg three times a day to get it into your system. It’s cheap (100 tablets for $2.50 or so) and easily available at any chain drug store – AND it WORKS.

  50. Womble says:

    All great tips….mine is a South African repellent spray called “Tabard”. It contains Deet but doesn’t stink and works! Have tried every tip there is and although most can be effective this spray provides 100% protection, they absolutely hate it and won’t come near. The war continues….good luck soldiers!

  51. Jay says:

    I’ve heard of the South African repellent TABARD. Just got back from South Africa and brought some works like a charm. Will try Galic everyday and Vit B. Hope these will help once I run out of TABARD, do you know if we could get it in the USA. If so where…

  52. AR says:

    i counted 25 mosqiotoe bits all over my legs i cant stop itchin im like a mosqitoe magnet

  53. Kelly says:

    This sounds strange, but when sitting outside one can eliminate mosquitoes completely if you have access to a fan. Blowing a fan on you and your company prevents bites altogether. We were outside playing games being eaten alive, brought out the fan and pointed it at ourselve, not another bug. Amazing, but true.

  54. Stephanie says:

    you could also use fish oil.

  55. Harmony says:

    Was just wondering, does fish oil really work? I take cod liver oil everyday, so it’s SIMILAR to fish oil. Haven’t gotten as many mosquito bites lately, I’ll admit, only one or two, but then again it’s not yet the mosquito season, which is when I usually get the bulk of them, so can’t say that fish oil really works. Anyone else use fish oil? I also used to give my dog fish oil with her meals everyday for her fur, but stopped now since she’s starting to develop food allergy so I have to determine what’s the cause.

    • Leah says:

      I use CLO – not a magnet, but nor am I invisible to them.

    • Bob says:

      I started taking Fish Oil in large doses, 500 mg BHA, 500 mg EPA per cap, 4x per day. Then we moved to D.C. where its always very warm and very humid. My wife and others I know are getting bit like crazy but I am not! At a bbq the other day, a friend of mind said there were mosquitos all over my legs, but no bites! Is there any scientific basis for this? It’s just so wierd. I can’t think of anything else I take or eat that could have that effect.

    • Frank says:

      I live in Alaska where the mosquito is our State Bird! For the past 20 years I have been a mosquito magnet-I have always gotten more bites than anyone around me and they have always swelled up to a large painful welt.

      This past year I started taking cold liver oil for other health reasons. I take 6 teaspoons daily. One of the most WONDERFUL unintended effects is that I am NO LONGER the favorite food of mosquitoes! I noticed this summer, but it was really put to the test a couple weeks ago in a remote fishing lodge where the bugs were thick and everyone was bathing in Deet. I used no repellent of any kind and watched mosquitoes land on my skin and then take off without biting me. I received just one bite over the 3 days I was out.

  56. SUSHILAND says:

    Dear Fellow Bug Sufferers>
    I live in Asia where the buggies are 5 X the size in North America.
    The BEST remedy if you have gotten bitten is TIGER BALM> very soothing mentholateum and helps healing along with taking away the itchiness.

    Am still trying to figure out now NOT to get bitten> DEET works well sometimes and have sprayed some on a sarong and covered myself with the sarong at night.
    Also sprayed some on the bedsheets> seemed to help>

    Good luck to all> will try the B1 advice!

  57. ronnie lalloo says:

    I used Homeopathic remedy Apis Mel 30c . It is a good anti mosquito repellent. Works well with Vit B1 and Garlic. Have a good mosquito-free holiday.
    Dr. Ronnie Lalloo

  58. Kathy says:

    Have you ever noticed ‘beer’ drinkers don’t get bitten as much as ‘non beer drinkers’? Must work like brewers yeast. My ex’ pointed this out to me about 30 years ago.

    • Rebecca says:

      I used to drink lots of beer and still attracked the little buggers! Not so sure beer works.

      • Fabian says:

        I brew my own beer and drink lots of it, brewers yeast does not work, I’m a magnet for this buggers. Also don’t eat any suggar.

  59. Scottish Gary says:

    I’M currently on holiday in Thailand.
    I have been taking b1 vitamins for the last 2 weeks and covering myself in 100 per cent DEET and this morning i woke up with 6 bites over my lower legs.

    Sometimes you have to just surrender to the flying devils.

  60. paul says:

    somtimes it’s not mosquitoes, cos lots of bugs and flies like to bite us so unless you actualy see the mozzi then cant be sure, anyone who has been bit by a sand fly will know what i’m talking about they make a mozzi bite seem like a tickle from a baby. Anyway, my friend says that she is a vegatarian and because of that her blood is ‘cooler” But she says that meat eaters and those who eat little or no veg are most at risk, and one day we where out in the woods and while we where all slapping and scratching she was ok, πŸ™‚


  61. Tabitha says:

    I take garlic pills every summer. I have since I was a child, because mosquitoes have always been very attracted to me, and living in the south, that can be quite a pain. You can find them in the vitamin isle at any store, and you get the same affects of eating garlic, or applying it to your skin, without any of the yucky smells.

    • Leah says:

      growing up in swampy florida, my sister was a magnet and would swell/scar from bites easily… B-vitamin complex and galic oil pills (with parsley to prevent garlic burps) were her regimen one summer and the combo just didn’t do it for her πŸ™

      she also tried vitamin E to no avail

      I do wonder though – my mom is all about cheap supplements, so maybe she was just using stuff which wasn’t getting absorbed into her body effectively

  62. Lenetta @ Nettacow says:

    I loved these – I’m extremely allergic to mosquitoes so if I get a bite, I itch like crazy! Just wanted to let you know I linked to this (and a few others!) on my weekly link roundup. Thanks for the great tips!

  63. Eva says:

    I wanted to note that I take vitamin E every day of the year (for other reasons) and am still plagued by mosquitoes. I’m apparently so attractive to them I can get multiple bites by just being in the shade for more than 10 minutes in the middle of a sunny afternoon. I’ll see if any of these other suggestions are effective for me.

  64. Kim R says:

    Vanilla water works really well. You can use the imitation to save on cost. It can be sprayed everywhere on the body. We use a 50/50 mixture and it helps with those pesky deer flies too.

    Even though I take a high quality B megs vitamin and fish oil cap, those never help me.

  65. Kim R says:

    Hubby is severly allergic to mosquito bites, is bites swell up golf ball size if he is caught out without some type of repellant.

    What can we do to relieve his swelling and redness? Thanks for any and all help!

  66. Tracy says:

    I keep getting bit at night in my bedroom. I have no standing water, no plants, windows shut, ac pan in attic dry. Room temp 72*. I just can not figure it out and the buzzing in my ear to wake me from a deep sleep and find I have been bitten. Please advise

    • cee says:

      I’ve found that keeping my room dark with the door slightly open and turn a light on down the hall or other room will attract a rogue mosquito to the light and away from me all night!

  67. dbang says:

    “Unless you stop using shampoos, soaps, deodorants and detergents–it’s hard to be scent free.”

    Sorry, you won’t be scent-free if you stop bathing, etc. In fact, it is likely you’d be even more attractive to the critters, since they are designed to seek out the natural odors of a big mammal. But one thing you would repel–other people!

    I think what works varies per person, and then there is also the placebo / superstition effect…

    I’ve tried just about everything (except the ones that involve also repelling people) and I’m still tasty to them. Maybe they are after my rare AB- blood. I really doubt they have a preference though, they are just trying to nurture their eggs.

    The one thing remaining for me to try is to cough up the money and try a Mosquito Magnet. I’m about to try that.

    • Mich says:

      Actually, body odor is scientifically proven to be the best mosquito repellant. However, it’s also the best social life repellant…

    • Carla says:

      We have 3 mosquito magnets and they work great. we have a brook that runs through our property and lots of trees. My brother in law had one, we saw how it worked and he didn’t have the buggers so we invested in one then two and now three. We have one by the pool, by the hot tub and by the garage. Good investment especially if you are allergic and hate being bitten. Good luck. Check on ebay they can be relatively inexpensive or at Target.

  68. shazza says:

    Just come back from Italy, had at least 30 bites by day 2. Started mixing tea tree oil in with my shower gel and body lotion then spray with a commercial fly repellent I bought in Italy. No more bites!

  69. mike says:

    normally i am attacked by mosquitoes, to the point of absurdness. Its now june and has been very wet, rain almost everyday. So far i’ve only been bit once this season and i couldn’t figure out why, i was amazed and shocked. The only thing i can come up with is that i’ve been taking Fish oil omega 3 supplements for the last month and it must be working. its the only thing i’ve done differently this year. Amazing! I’m sold on fish oil!

    • Amuzics says:

      So far I believe that an omega-3 and an alkaline body are the keys to preventing bug bites the natural way and along with countless discomforts. Although the majority of our society rules in terms of believing in repellents, the effects of omega-3 and an alkaline body are the secrets “They” don’t want you to know.

      • Leah says:

        the omega 3-6 balance, or rather the average imbalance, is just one symptom… the vast majority of profitable industrialized foods simply wreck havoc with the body and soil degradation is problem

        after years of trying to find out what good nutrition involves and finally making progress after encountering massive BS campaigns (where there is money to be made, there is BS – no real conspiracy there, just business), I still get bit by mosquitos…

  70. Ellie says:

    Thank you all for those wonderful tips. I get eaten alive by the little buggers. In one evening alone I got over 180 bites and just on my lower legs too for some reason. My egs sweeled up and I ended up having to go to hospital. I have tried alot of the cures above but think the one abou having a fan switched on near you along with vitamin B might just do the trick! Fingers crossed!

  71. anon says:

    My father always had a fool proof mosquito repellant when he went fishing in areas known to be bad… a cigar. He never got bit.

  72. A Smith says:

    I swear by daily garlic in your meals. My husband and I put garlic on practically everything (even rice and grits and eggs [we’re from the deep south])- whether its garlic salt, garlic powder, or fresh garlic. We never have any problems with nasty ‘skeeters when sitting out by the pool of our friends’ home, while they have to light citronella candels and torches to ward them off, unless they’ve added garlic spice to their meal that day. Because it works so well for us we figured too that it would work well for the dog, so she always gets a meal of scraps that’s cooked with garlic, and on occasion I’ve added it to her one can of wet food she has each day to supplement her dry food (unless of course she’s getting a healthy serving of our dinner – then no canned food). She too experiences no problems with mosquitoe bites and it seems to work well regarding fleas as well. I normally only treat her once a year for fleas and ticks, usually about July, with something from the vet or BioSpot, and even though my cats are indoors, they too get one treatment each summer – we haven’t had a flea outbreak in 8 years. The cats occasionally get the garlic treatment when we grill particular meat they enjoy – otherwise they don’t care for scraps; but they sure enjoy the fish, beef, pork and chicken from the grill spiced in garlic!

  73. Laura says:

    Mosquitos like me. Alot. Skin-so-soft orignal (oil or lotion) works for me in regular situations. Does not work for everyone. B vitamins work if you remember to take them. My husband put fans in the ceiling of our front porch. Thought he was crazy. But it does keep the mosquitos down and feels good in the heat of the day. Benadryl spray or vinegar works on bites. Benadryl tabs at night to sleep. Garlic is good but never for dogs. It can accumulate in the liver or kidneys (I forgot which) and can cause problems down the line. I have given my animal brewer’s yeast flakes in their meals (cats and dogs) and have not had a flea problem since. Have done it for over 15 years and I live in the country. I tack bounce dryer sheets around the porch and mosquitos are still there. Good luck everyone. The battle goes on!!!

  74. Julie says:

    I use patchouli oil, works great and smells wonderful. My son was getting bit a lot and I started rubbing it on his exposed areas and clothes and no more bites, plus when I hug him he smells so good! I also take the B Vitamins and E and I rarely get bitten.

    • Laura says:

      I wear patchouli a lot and I still get bit. It just goes to show you that everyone is different and there are no perfect remedies. I take omega 3’s everyday for cholosterol. Maybe it would be so much worse if I didn’t take the precautions that I do. I know B’s work because years ago I tried high doses of B complex and it worked. Sat by a duck pond full of mosquitos and they didn’t touch me. Two weeks before they were all over me. I hate to take high doses of anything anymore. Maybe I’ll try the B-6 as someone suggested in this link. Years ago I read that dark complected(sp) people are more attractive to mosquitos that light complected. I’m olive and tan easily. My husband is fair. I get bit much more than he does. Has anyone ever heard this before and is there any truth in it?

      • Holly says:

        my mom is dark skinned. she never gets bitten. i am light skinned and do. she takes b vitamins, and thinks this is what stops the mosquitos.

  75. special ed says:

    try rubbing vodka on all exposed skin. after it dries there is no odor so you can use it on the kids, too.

  76. bananabones says:

    For relief from mosquito bites, I’ve heard applying Adolph’s Meat Tenderizer draws out the venom. I’ve never tried it myself.

    • denise says:

      This is completely off the subject, but I’ve heard using that to make a paste also helps if you’re allergic to bee stings.

  77. Elena Wonady says:

    Some useful tips, thanks to all. I have found that eating a banana before venturing out at dusk is a surefire MAGNET for mosquito bites, since they ordinarily leave me alone.

    • A Slimmers Dream says:

      Ahh I eat lots of bananas.. and they still bite me .. but the skin comes in handy now for the bites lol.. πŸ™‚

    • Leah says:

      lol – maybe I’ll suggest that next time I get a bad houseguest… but then my kid would probably want one and it would serve me right for being evil

  78. A Slimmers Dream says:

    Well having woken up with a large lower lip.. right side of chin and bridge of nose. . not to mention swelling left arm and finger… I am again searching the net for a solution.

    I have tried.. rubs, scrubs, creams, plug ins, nets, sprays , roll ons , ensure windows are closed.. have two ceiling fans..and as of yet.. nothing.

    But someone on one site said to rub banana skin (Inside of course) on the area.. and have to say that this worked on the arm and finger… too late for the lip and face though.

    Sadly I am one of those people that they love.. and they leave me with a nasty reaction…

    Might make a solution of lavender and vinegar or witch hazel and see if that spray works.

    Darn pesky things… thanks for posting everyone… well worth hearing what others have to say.. Last week was toothache research this week mosquitos grrr! Good luck all πŸ™‚

  79. Kara says:

    I just tried the deodorant on my daughters VERY itchy bites and it worked instantly! Thanks for the tips πŸ™‚

  80. Mary Ann says:

    Good to read all the tips, and sad to know so many of us suffer! My life as a mosqui-magnet did not change, but my life as a scratcher did: it took a few years but i NEVER NEVER NEVER scratch a bite, not once. Sometimes I look at them hard (psychological warfare) but I don’t even touch’em. And they do go away much much faster, and itch much much less. But it really takes a lot of training, if you get bitten as much as I do and most of the people contributing to this site do. good luck everyone…

    • Susan Marie says:

      LOL, Mary Ann! Give them the “stink eye.” I don’t scratch the bites either, just paint clear nail polish on them (usually only 2 or 3 bites.)

  81. SunshineSally says:

    Vitamin B1 is the best thing I have found,(recommended to me by a dermatologist). You need to take a high dose, 800mgms just before going outside. Some brands work better than others, and use it as fresh as possible, not the half used stuff you have had at the back of the cupboard for a year! Vit B1 does not build up in the body so it is safe to take, it will need to be repeated every 4hrs. I wear socks and pants, preferably pants tucked into socks, because they sometimes get me round the ankles but never anywhere near the top half of my body. If I am squatting (gardening for instance) I never get bitten anywhere because my breath keeps them away, but standing, my head, (as yours) is quite a distance from my feet, so as I said they sometimes get me at the other end.

  82. monkey says:

    Whilst I was in India, the locals told me that eating so much chilli helps stop the mozzie bites.

    Chilli is an antiseptic for the blood. apparently they smell that shit and don’t bite.

    seemed to make sense, as every morning when my girlfriend and I woke up under our net, I was covered in bites, and she was fine (She had been there for two months, eating the local cuisine) but the biting seemed to calm down after a while.

  83. Patricia says:

    I’m a mosquito magnet, and very allergic to the damn things. Every time I get bit by a single mosquito I get so sick with the same symptoms as the West Nile Virus and they swell up something terrible. One little bite within 24 hours turns into a massive, red, hot lump anywhere from the size of a golf ball to the size of a baseball in diameter.

    The only thing that I have found to work for me to help minimize the swelling, itching, and duration is if I scrub it with hydrogen peroxide within minutes of being bitten. I make sure I have at least one bottle in the house, and keep one in each truck in case I get bitten when we’re out somewhere. Might not work for everyone, but it helps me so I figured I’d post it.

    I hate the effects garlic pills have on me, but I think I’m going to buy some and start taking them to help this year as we’ve had a lot of rain, and I know this is going to be a bad mosquito season where we live. Also need to figure out a remedy to help protect my little 3 month old puppy, thinking about giving her garlic in some canned food and see if she’ll eat it and hope it will help. Told my hubby housebreaking her is going to be hard if I can’t keep her and I from being eaten alive at night and in the morning when I’m supposed to take her out.

  84. Scott says:

    Lol some of the ideas in this forum are pretty extreme. I agree that prevention is the best if they are a pest at your home but if you cannot realistcally control them by just reducing their breeding areas, nets, sheets and curtains on doorways slow down movement throughout the house. If you are going outside wear clothes covering your whole body. If you cannot wear clothing over your whole body then using an invisible barrier such as a non-toxic insect repellant on your skin is probably the best way. In south america when clouds of mosquitos came and killed everything the natives covored their skin with mud which sometimes they also treated with certain insect repelling plant ingredients. So, PREVENT or COVER UP the skin or USE REPELLANT. Obviously the smellier the repellant it might work better but not all species react the same.

  85. James & Simon says:

    We r English but in Australia…Fruit picking in Gatton. There are 3 of us, but for some reason only 2 of us get bitten. In 2days we both got 30-40 bites EACH!!! Legs, feet, ankles, arms, neck, back and hands all bitten and swollen!
    Complete mozzy magnets!!
    They bite even thru t-shirts and vests!! Cant sleep at night, just stay up and itch and scratch all night!! In Fiji we were also bitten alot, but not as bad as here, but i was using 100% DEET spray there every night. I went 2 buy sum 2day, but was told by the chemist DEET has been banned as it harms the skin an is not good for u at all! (thanks for tellin me after 3 weeks of solid use in Fiji)
    Even have 1 on my ear, which has swollen and i look like Will Smith when he has an allergic reaction in the film Hitch!! Not gona lie… I hate my life right now..!!!
    After reading all this, we decided 2 eat a shit load of garlic…and so far so good, not one bite tonight…
    But cud just be coinsidence….
    Even if it works tho, theres no way i can eat garlic everyday. So gona try the Vit B, as it sounds like the most popular suggestion.
    Will let u know how it goes….
    Hope it does, as im goin asia next and ive heard there s**t loads of mozzys and dont really fancy getting Malaria!!!
    Good luck
    Mozzy Magnet Club 4 Life xxx

  86. Diane R. says:

    I use any kind of cheap incense. It works very well!

  87. Wendy says:

    had begun to feel really despondent with the continual bites and unsuccessful trials of sprays and patches. But reading here that I’m not alone in being ‘bugged’ makes me feel a whole lot better. Last year my numerous bites turned into cellulitus, the bites become infected and you can see the poison creeping up your veins, Dr tells me if it happens again I have one hour to get to a hospital or I could die. So just a caution for those of you whose bites get infected.
    I take garlic capsules and fish oil–but maybe in not high enough concentrations.
    I watch the bugs swim their way through gel repellant to get to my legs.
    I’m off to get vitamin B as my next mission. Good luck out there in bug land

  88. lexirox99 says:

    i found a good pain reliever that my grandma uses burn a lime and place right on the itch. works like that i was bite free within 3 hours! good luck to all you people who have bad mosquito bites!

  89. judith says:

    odorless garlic tablets are my salvation. when 1 tablet wasn’t enough anymore I
    went to 2 a day. then I went up to 4 a day. no bites on me, and no garlic odor on me. the garlic also brought down my cholesterol level after a few months usage. For my cats, I put crushed garlic cloves in a bottle of olive oil, let soak in for a couple of weeks, poured a tiny spot of the flavored oil on the cat food. the cats would jump in and start eating right where that spot of oil was first on their food, then finish up the rest after the ‘oil’ food was gone.

  90. mike says:

    i have a mosquito bite now and it spreads around my skin a lot. how do i prevent the bites from spreading around my skin. by the ways those suggestions did work. you are awesome.

  91. Madeline says:

    I am anemic, which for those of you who don’t know it’s a short of iron in the body. Yesterday night I got 38 mosquito bites all over. So iron must not have anything to do with it. I have heard it’s something in the blood, not sure exactly though.

  92. Lucy B. says:

    My younger daughter and I are apparently a bug-biting buffet…we’ve taken 1-2 tablets of Brewer’s Yeast each day for the last few years with great success. Sorry if someone else already suggested this – I’m not able to read through all the posts but wanted to share before logging off.

  93. Merryl says:

    The female mosquito has a proboscis and is the only one to bite. Females require a new blood meal for every nest of eggs they lay. Female mosquitoes are attracted by carbon dioxide given off when we exhale. DEET insect repellants confuse the receptors in the mosquito’s nervous system so preventing their bites.
    Mosquitoes have been around for millions of years and can adapt to new repellants easily.

  94. Chandler says:

    I have not been getting mosquito bite this summer! People around me have been complaining about the mosquito bite, even my quest who stayed with me in my apartment complained about the mosquito! Today, a friend suggested that maybe my blood is acidic (or, the other way around) and mosquito doesn’t like that. I make the connection that my blood is acidic due to my drinking of home brew kefir everyday.

    So, I decided to do a research and found this article saying that 2 of the items to eat that can help prevent mosquito bites is vitamin B1 and yeast! Bingo! Kefir is rich in both vitamin B1 and yeast!

    Just wondering if any other people have the same experience?

  95. JoAnne Lesinski says:

    To repel mosquitos, set a fan around the area directed towards you. The bugs don’t like the air. I’ve tried it numerous times & it works ! I’ll set an oscillating fan on our deck and all issafe all evening.

  96. QUE? says:

    I recommend 75% distilled water and 25% rubbing alcohol with citronella oil, lemon oil, lavender oil inside. Spray yourself down well, and it keeps the skeeters away. Also smells nice!

    For the itchiness, try mixing lemon juice with baking powder and applying it to the affected areas. This has worked well for myself and my family. Hope it helps!

  97. Lexi says:

    Thanks! You are my savior!!!!

  98. Beck says:

    After the bite I use Purell or any antibacterial hand sanitizing gel works great for me must be the ethyl alcohol..

  99. Miguell says:

    Stopping smoking will reduce the CO2 in your breath and make it harder for them to find you.

  100. Lori says:

    This may sound crazy, but it works! Cut a piece of lemon wedge and nuke it in the microwave for 5-8 secs. It will come out steaming hot, but if you can bare the pain of sticking it into your mosquito bite for 2-3 seconds, it will relieve the itchiness within seconds and the swelling will immediately go down. It really works! I’m a total magnet for bites and have nearly 20 bites in 2 days! My dad has suggested the family use lemon wedges in the microwave since I was a kid. I’m going to have to try fish or garlic oil. Does anyone know if vanilla lotion or spray work since they don’t like the smell of vanilla? Thanks for everone’s helpful tips!

  101. Courtney says:

    I’m trying the vanilla right now but I have used pure lemon and lime juices ad they have worked also the garlic works and the sugar is true because I hve tried not eating lots of sugar and guess what it worked πŸ™‚

  102. Lisa says:

    wow. I too have been a Mosqui magnet forever. I take fish oil, B vitamin, use Skin So Soft, have type O blood, don’t smoke, eat lots of veggies and garlic, very little sugar, cover up, and get still get eaten alive. Even the citronella and geranium oils help little- I hate DEET- it makes me ill- But, when I lived in Greece in the 90’s there was a French product called Mousti-Dose that worked like a miracle- it was a lovely smelling lotion, safe for babies, and lasted 6 hours (not a minute more)- when in France a few years ago I asked a Pharmacy for it and they said they no longer make it. WHY NOT?!? Does anyone know anything about this- or what the secret ingredient was????? I’m seeking a practical prevention.

    • Imasunbune says:

      Okay, I’ve seen a ton of folks who do NOT eat sweets. Sure, I’m on her because I got bitten by some mosquitos, but I think I’m most impressed by the people who do NOT eat sweets. If you don’t eat sweets, what do you eat?

      That’s rhetorical (kinda’) I have eaten two cookies today and now am on my way to get a $1 sundae from Mickey D’s. I’ve gone before w/o eating sweets for 30 days but shortly thereafter started up again….

      So what’s your fancy, since sweets is not it? Noo I don’t drink, drug or smoke… I don’t even eat pork and rarely eat beef. Not big on fried foods, but sweets! I think I outta’ go to sweetaholics anonymous.

      Okay, back to the bug talk!

      • Leah says:

        Not a sweets person, I’m a veggies/meats/fats person, with sprouted/fermented grains sometimes and only occasional fruits and starchy veggies.

        I’ll indulge in really good deep dark chocolate (not much sugar in that, but other lovely chemicals). I love fresh rich cream on just about anything, and pastured butter in quantity.

        I wonder what mosquitoes taste like.

  103. LK says:

    I have had success both in repelling mosquitoes and quickly healing the huge welts. We go to the VI often and this time could stay two weeks.

    I found Burt’s Bees Mosquito repellant to work like magic for both me and my husband.

    Then, by accident tried Aspercreme on the few welts we had. Within an hour the swelling and itching subsided. It is the aspirin in Aspercreme that works so well. I was told that Gold Bond Cream works too, but have not tried that.

    I am praising God for this miracle. Try it, you may be surprised as well!

  104. Kari says:

    Carmex works also! It isn’t a long lasting remedy, but it works!

  105. jr says:

    Read a tip in a Yosemite newsletter last month about how smoke eliminates the problem. We set up a blanket along the Merced river to have lunch. Got swarmed, until I lit up a cigar. We were able to have our food, wine and yes a good cigar without any more nuisance. I light a cigar while hiking but this works best if you’re sitting in one place. SMOKE!!! Light up whether pine needles, an egg carton, or a rolled up paper. Just about anything natural will is perfectly safe. Smoke is the best way to clear an area of flying insects. It will take five minutes but after that all insects will get the message and leave you alone. Sit around the campfire and you see the evidence after a few minutes beside a good fire. Light up a cigar and if you puff on it occasionally you will clear out a 7 foot area.
    You don’t have to inhale, so don’t bother with comments like “sure no mosquitoes but how about lung cancer?”. Second hand smoke does not produce as much CO2 or CO as a drive on a busy freeway during rush hour so don’t bother with propaganda. Smoke is temporary and does not irritate skin like harsh chemicals will. Yes keep it out of you’re eyes. My wife suffers terribly from stings and we will never hang outdoors without a cigar now. Bee keepers know this and have used it for thousands of years for a good reason… use some smoke.

    • Imasunbune says:

      You may be on to something. I recall maaaany moons ago a friend had an outdoor party on his patio and once the swarm came we immediately burned dried cattails– not Cat’s Tails people (I am a kitty cat lover too)!

      Now… where do I find cattails?

  106. Tanya says:

    a freshly cut onion on a fresh bite~works to take the itch away(does not smell the best but…works)

  107. fho says:

    Was in a jungle area of the Yucatan Peninsula today and got eaten alive… In varying amounts, 7 family members around me also were bitten(me the most of course!) but the fairest of them all, a 1.5yr old blonde baby Elvis, was the only one to escape getting attacked… would LOVE to know about the vanilla spray option for the following days!? Anyone actually been there and back? Have applied Vicks on one leg, toothpaste on the other, but both give mild relief. Heard about Vit B but too late for that, garlic will most likely attract(not!) the small chance of companionship, and fans, microwaves and harsh creams NOT in my books… so please continue to send in your suggestions – loved reading all of them! Gonna hit the rum and vodka now, with a little going astray… Best from Mehicco, fho

  108. fho says:

    btw, also had my legs roasting over a citronella candle(indeed smoke and wind of the natural sort has helped beforehand) this evening at dinner, but STILL the critters landed and plunged in creating new spots! I had also previously applied a spray 3 times all over my body before going into the jungle of a Bio Citronella spray, and an oilier repellant again with citronella, but they even liked that more so not going to waste time with citronella sprays again for a while or at least not in gnarly parts like the selva… Curiously I have been using a tiger balmish green ointment that I bought at a roadside establishment in West Malaysia eons ago, which has helped with the stings, but am sure it has Citronella in it, can’t read the rubbed off text now…

  109. kyle says:

    I’m having troubles also. I was outside, and when I came back in my house at about 9 or so I must of let in a bunch of mosquitoes so now I woke up in the middle of the night with a bunch of bites. Hot water and soap seem to help.

  110. Toni Taylor says:

    Can anyone recommend something for a cat that is getting a lot of mosquito bites? His face is full of wounds from the mosquito’s biting him.

    • angel says:

      Try brewers yeast in the cat food. It might take a few days for it to build up enough in the bloodstream. Do a google search for cat and brewers yeast. There are lots of online sellers.

    • Henry says:

      Keep your pets away from standing water because this is where mosquitoes thrive. If there are any ponds, ditches or low areas that hold water, be aware of where they are so you know when your dog or cat is getting close.

      Allow your pets inside. Avoid keeping them outside, especially in the early morning and early evening, when mosquitoes are most active. The less exposure your animals have to mosquitoes, the less likely they are to get bitten.

  111. kim says:

    Well thanks for the info I have 17 bites on my legs and feet and 1 on my stomach.
    I read that deoderant rubbed on them stops the itch,
    Well I just tried my mitchum roll on and wiped it all over the bites and with in minutes the itchyness is gone! How long not sure! But what a relief this is. I am allergic to the bites and get golf ball or larger swelling!

  112. janet says:

    Benadryl Extra Strength Spray. . . works GREAT on insect bites and rashes from Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac. Worth every penny! Spray bottle is small enough to carry in purse, car or camper. Better yet – add it to the first aid kit for the camper!

  113. GG says:

    I spray Lavender Water from head to foot and that tends to ward off the little critters. Although I forgot to use it before going into some woods recently and ended up with a bite on my eyelid which swelled up so much it totally closed for 2 days!

  114. Henry says:

    Although about eating sugar,it isn’t about how much sugar you eat decides how much bites you could get,you could have rare bloods or others,i lived in China,i often get bites in Summer because i sweat and move a lot,when mosquitoes sees thing moving,it goes to it because movements means food to them and their food is out blood,only blood could give you power to move and they like to follow you,try not to wear bright clothes because it would remind them of animal flesh and make them want to go near that color,i would suggest to use garlic pill,eat it everyday,it won’t make your breath smell but it would make your body emit a special odor that mosquitoes doesn’t like the smell of it but the smell is invisible to us humans,when i go to America,there are like flies that chases around your head and you can’t even let them go away,they just kept on surrounding your head and making noises and i have to just face that problem,but now i live in Singapore and now i rarely get bites from mosquitoes maybe because the environment is diffrent.

  115. Devarajan says:

    What are the disease spread by mosquitoes?

  116. Gary says:

    Why do I get biten only on my legs? my legs are a mess scarred for life…

  117. Lizz McIntyre says:

    I am a mosquito magnet, but my grandfather always told me to drink tonic water with quinine. Originally I didn’t believe him and continued to suffer during the summers. One summer he forced me to drink a glass everyday and I didn’t get a single bite. Now, I never get bitten….maybe once or twice a summer.

    It is believed that the smell of a persons skin will ultimately dictate whether a mosquito will bite a person. Quinine has a very bitter smell (on its own) and upon entering the blood stream, this smell is paraded around the body. (Don’t worry people can’t smell the quinine if you drink it). It is believed that once a mosquito lands on the selected target it can “smell” the quinine and will not bite the person.

    My grandfather contracted malaria while serving overseas. He was given quinine as a symptom suppressant (There is no cure for malaria, once you get it your blood will always carry it). He was also instructed to drink tonic water on a regular basis.

    Quinine is a class of chemicals called antimalarial. It was the leading treatment for malaria until the 1940’s when other drugs replaced it.

    It is believed that the smell of a persons skin will ultimately dictate whether a mosquito will bite a person. Quinine has a very bitter smell (on its own) and upon entering the blood stream, this smell is paraded around the body. (Don’t worry people can’t smell the quinine if you drink it). It is believed that once a mosquito lands on the selected target it can “smell” the quinine and will not bite the person.

    The British are credited with adding small amount of quinine to tonic water. The tonic water was then given to troops during British occupation of India as preventative measure against malaria infection.

  118. Aditya says:

    Grab a Newspaper – Roll it up – En Garde!…

  119. aims says:

    my cousin is in the army and after a deployment in Iraq he came back and suggested you suck on a few matches to repel mosquitoes and other bugs. This actually works it sounds weird but will only taste bad for a couple minutes, i have no idea why it works!

  120. Yvonne says:

    I didn’t read all the comments and tips here, but here’s what works for me like a charm after being bitten: your own spit! Sounds a bit strange, looks gross in public, too, but I find that after applying it a few times, the bite will completely be gone! It also works after burning yourself mildly, or on an itch or skin irritation of any kind.

  121. Debbie says:

    My husband for the first time has lots of bites and I don’t have any. Reading this posting I just ate a banana and told him to rub the inside of the skin on the bites – he says ‘Instant relief, but it didn’t last – just a couple of minutes.’ He then said he’s just put a piping hot teabag on the worst bite and that’s cured the itching immediately – so far so good ten minutes later. I’ve told him about the deodorant stick too – will tell you if that works.
    thanks for the tips. πŸ™‚

  122. dont hurt me plz says:

    wow it really works i just cutt and lemon and spread it all ov er my skin and the itch is gone in like under 30 sec

  123. julia says:

    bounce does not work. but they are selling millions claiming it does

  124. Arly from Savanna, IL (a river town) says:


    When my daughter was little, I could not keep her from wanting to be outside, so she got mosquito bites all the time, and complained about the itching. Her aunt told me to dab a bit of creamy peanut butter completely covering each “welt” and within 10 minutes, the itching stopped and the welt disappeared.
    I have found that this works on me as well, as I am highly sensitive to the bites as well.
    And, I might add, if you dont have any of the other items that have been recommended, peanut butter is a cheap alternative, not to mention one of the foods that are taken with you when you go camping, or one of the many staples that almost every household has in there cupboard. I hope that this suggestion works for others as it has for my family!

  125. Bob says:

    Grapefruit! It contains an organic compound called Nootkatone (and Nootkatin) that repels biting insects, and in higher concentrations, kills mosquitos. LINK:

    I’m a mosquito attractor too, and will be outside most weekends this season. I have had a whole grapefruit for breakfast since reading the NPR article (Thursday through Sunday, no sweetener added.) and I’ve only been bitten a few times. I missed one Thursday and Friday grapefruit breakfast, and got eaten that Friday (15 bites, I was wearing dark clothes that day.) I’ve learned my lesson.

    …Thanks for the tips everyone. Please reply here if you try this method. I’m interested in your results. Death to parasites!

    • MElena says:

      You might be right. I eat a grapefruit everyday and don’t get bitten. However, I also take fish oil everyday. I’m trying to find a “cure” for my ten year old daughter as she is highly allergic to insect bites. She won’t touch grapefruit and the she won’t swallow the large fish oil capsules.

  126. candace says:

    I am a mosquito magnet!! Sometimes I can’t stand just going outside because I know when I come back in I will be covered with bug bites. I just tried the vanilla spray and for once when I came back in I didn’t have a single bite!! I dont know if this works for everyone ,but it worked for me:)

  127. raddr79 says:

    Vapor rub works before to prevent them from biting and after (if you forgot to put it on) to stop the itch.

  128. Jaime says:

    I don’t know where the garlic suggestion comes from, but it doesn’t work for me! I must have fresh garlic in at least 2 meals a week, and mosquitoes still feast on me like I’m a sugar cube. I currently have bites all over my legs and feet. I knew I should have worn sneakers…

  129. Ruby says:

    i have really swelled bites that are on my legs and little spots come every time i itch…they are purple and red and look like blood…to help itch go away put dill pickle juice and rub the inside of the pickle on the bite..

  130. Ruby says:

    it really works!!
    with the inside of a pickle!!

  131. Terry says:

    Very badly bitten here for the past 3 days
    tried rubbing with sliced lemons…….RELIEF no more sting

  132. dougie says:

    bat houses Bats will eat their weight in bugs ( MOSQUITOES inc ) every day, put them at least 14 feet up and facing south. 2-3 per acre. Should cut your population down by half or better after bats arrive

    • shalom says:

      even better is Purple Martin houses/hotel. It is fun to watch the birds. Read up on the type of house they like, how to clean them and how to keep other birds out of them.

  133. nicole says:

    i tried lemon juice do it it works

  134. nicole says:

    i put age bandage and wrapped it up for an hour STOPS the pain STOPS the itch

  135. py pyburn says:

    just read on mayo clinics site….they save people with type o blood are troubled the most……ty daddy

  136. bubbly_babe8 says:

    Mosquitos seem to love my feet and ankles, the bites have swollen and hurt and itch like crazy. Ran out to get hydocortisone cream earlier and applied like crazy all evening…woke up about 2am to myself scratching anyway.

    I tried the deodorant and the itching has subsided..thanks for the tip,now back to bed!!!

  137. James says:

    I never used to get bit at all, in my 20’s to my late 30’s then just tonight I went outside to transplant my Hot Pepper Plant and in no more then 5 min I must of gotten 100 Bites, It was insane I have never had it where both forarms, inside elbows, behind knees, calfs and many places on my back got bitten at exact same time ( Synchronized feeding??)
    I think I found out why I never got bitten before after reading some of teh natural repellants, I used to be big into Weight lifting so I never ate sugery things like Donuts,Pop,Candy, etc. I usually had 2-3 Tablespoons of Minced or Fresh Garlic on about 80% of everything I ate. I also used to put alot of Cinnamon on toast etc. I also think because I ate alot of Kimchee, Spinace with Vinegar and the funniest craving to drink Pickle juice and Vinegar straight may have helped.
    Now I do eat Dingdongs, Some donuts, Friuty Dinobites, and eat hardly any Garlic, Cinnamon, or Vinegary items I have become a Walking Misquito Buffet.
    I am going to make a garlick sandwich and see if I can choke it down.

  138. Becky says:

    Can’t sleep due to over 40 bites all over my body! I just tried the vanilla and diluted it with water. Itching STOPPED! What a relief. I’m going back to bed now and spraying my room with this stuff. It’s 2:39 am and I’ve got to killer those darned mesquito’s that have been dining on me all night!

  139. Lynnette says:

    Roll on deodorant does work to offer immediate relief. I am in the british virgin islands and getting bitten every day it’s a misery. Sand flies however are actually worse than the mosquitoes. They bit me over 100 times while dining in Antigua the other week and the bites lasted way longer than the mosquito bites. Heat makes the bites itch more which can’t be avoided if you are in a hot country so I am looking forward to going back to good old chilly uk next month.
    Plug in Vape heaters offer some protection through the night as long as your in a smallish room and you plug it in close to the bed. Have another 3 weeks here so going to buy huge amounts of vitamin B tomorrow. Thanks for the advice.

  140. raini schauer says:

    Try putting lemon rub, seems to work. Also a suavitel dryer sheet in your pocket

  141. Thea says:

    I am the queen of being bitten by mosquitos, ticks and chiggers…they love me and I am tired of it. Two girlfriends and I got bitten so badly in southern Ukraine that the nurse at a camp sent us to the hospital thinking we’d brought a disease over from America! They gave us a cortizone cream that worked amazingly well…

    Our arms were deformed from the bites and the itch was crazy…nothing worked to stop the biting…Avon, citronella, DEET, homeopathic sprays…nothing. Garlic is a staple in our food; that didn’t help either. I heard that taking B vitamins will repel them. Lemon and dirt? I’ll try that too…

    The only thing other than a steriod that helps stop the itching is a topical spray antihistimine…Benedryl spray or the generic match. It honestly helps, at least with North American mosquitos…now, the amount of bites I had from Ukraine…I am on the hunt for something preventative…

  142. Elle says:

    Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) – Hands down!! After years of (truly) suffering from my allergic reactions to mosquito bites, I was at my wits end. The intensity of the itching was unbearable. My body’s reaction was so strong that I would swell like a balloon and scratch till I bled. I came across a some postings regarding Vitamin B1 aka Thiamine. The people that found significant relief were taking a MINIMUM of 400mg DAILY, as prescribed by a number of pharmacies in the mosquito infested tropics. Interestingly, the only people saying it didn’t help were people taking much lower or smaller doses (100-200mg/day). It simply wasn’t enough. I was ecstatic this past summer to find that it really does work!! Thank you God!!! I found the occasional small red spot, which I can only assume was a bite but with zero itch or swelling. In 40+ years it is the first time I have found relief. PS – Thiamine is water soluble (like vitamin c) and therefore is not harmful or worrisome in these amounts as the body simply flushes out, in your urine, any extra which it cannot use. Natural and safe!!

  143. Dana says:

    Geraniums and geranium oil work great too. It’s the only thing that’s worked for me..and it smells good. I just dab a couple of drops around my ankles, knees and elbows. No diluting necessary. July in the mountains after a day of hiking at the lake and riding around in a convertible..I was ripe and with the geranium oil, didn’t even have 1 bite. Vitamin C, while water soluble can also turn into oxalic acid if you take too much of it and it causes kidney stones. That’s according to my urologist after my 2nd round of kidney stones. I was taking too much during cold/flu season, so I don’t know if B1 would build up at some point either. Also, Pennyroyal has been known to cause infertility and miscarriages and was used as a birth control method for some time. Same with cat’s claw. I don’t know if it’s just while you have contact with it or if it’s permanent, but I thought I’d pass that info along..courtesy of my OBGYN.

  144. Babs says:

    Being a bonafied mosquito magnet, I often come in from outside with my body covered with nasty welts that about drive me to madness from the itching. What works for me is getting into the shower, heavily soap my body from head to toe, turn the water off, stand in the shower for about 5 min. before rinsing it off (you will know when relief is there). The itching not only stops, but it stays away and the welts dissappear. I have not tried the repellents that you have suggested yet, but am going to try B-1, garlic, and vanilla to see if they work, and put a fan outside where I will be sitting. Hope something works. It’s going to be a bad year for mosquitos because of the warm winter. Thanks for all your suggestions, and hope mine was of some help to even just one person.

  145. Blue Ridge says:

    After 48 years of being eaten alive by you know who I have finally found the answer – brewer’s yeast tablets. I take 2 x 500mg tablets every morning with breakfast. I was advised to take them for a few weeks before venturing out in the evening by the pond. Well I’ve been taking them for a few weeks now and so far so good – no bites. My life has changed! I can go out in the evening now and actually enjoy myself!! Remember, take for a few weeks before putting them to the test. They’re safe to take and you just wee out any excess. Good luck and please try as I tried just about everything else!!

  146. Blue Ridge says:

    I meant to add that apparently it’s the B vitamins and Thiamine in the brewer’s yeast tablets that do the trick. I cannot tell you the difference it has made to my life! I no longer feel like a prisoner in my own home and can now sit outside without paying a heavy and very itchy price! Freedom!!

  147. Stephanie says:

    I just tried the heat-therapy on a new bite under my arm and it worked very well. I used a hair dryer set on high temperature and low air flow and just blew the air onto the spot for a few minutes. I am also going to try the vitamin approach to prevention. I have not had insect bites in anywhere near the number I am having this year since I was a child. Based on some of these comments, I think the problem may be that I quit taking a multi-vitamin last year when a highly publicized study said survival rates for women my age was actually slightly worse in those who take them. The way these things go, I’m sure the next study will reverse that conclusion anyways.

  148. Debra says:

    Hi Dustbunny,
    the only thing that you need to stop the pain and itch of a mosquito bite is a drop of household ammonia. It is perfectly safe and it will work in just a few seconds. You do not need to swallow a pill or put anything else on it. The ammonia will also work on ant bites and yellow fly stings (although you may need to reapply a couple of times for those). If you ever go into a drugstore, look at the medicine that you put on bites for mosquitos…it is ammonia. Just don’t drink it or put in your mouth or eyes…my disclaimer. It will work beautifully. Also much less expensive than buying a bite pin. Good luck and enjoy your summer; hopefully sting free.

  149. pat says:

    tea tree oil — its a natural remedy, smells terrible but works on the bites

  150. Sabrina says:

    Ive heard of the spit thing, told by my grandpa when i was little. I thought it was gross, but it did relieve the itching temporarily. I remembered someone saying to put salt on it, but if your a scratcher it stings like hell. When I went to India i found the ceiling fans a huge relief even though I had the plug in stuff too. When getting hair done there i got bit on my arm and the lady quickly put rubbing alcohol and it was like it never happened. I find smoke does help (like the cogar story told earlier), and i am a smoker. But the second you butt out, the bugs are on you. So ive used insence (sp?) sticks to keep them away. Im in China right now and brought some hand santizers and use those on bites. Stings mildly for a couple of seconds and the itch is gone! Within a few minutes the swelling goes down considerabl, sometimes they disappear all together. To summarize:

    Spit, smoke (insense), rubbing alcohol/hand sanitizers (keep handy in purse/car), fan

    I do intend to try the antiperspirents. I eat a lot of garlic so i dunno if that will be effective for me, and maybe b1 vitamin. Blood type O+ if anyones keeping track of blood type attractions. But my understanding is that thyre attracted to CO2 and sweat odors. Also ‘feet smell’ does attract which is why some people get bit around ankles and the feet.

    Also debating getting a pet dragonfly. Gonna name him Gizmo. :p

    Sorry bout the bad spelling:)

  151. Andy says:

    I live in Spain and I was told to put a fresh slice of lemon by my bed. I do and I don’t get bitten! Try it. Make sure it’s a fresh juicy slice. Just lay it on a saucer beside your bed about half an hour before you get in.

    If you do get bitten, resist the temptation to scratch it for about 20 minutes and it wont itch any more! If you scratch it you spread the poison around. Leave it alone and it’s gone in no time.

    Sleep tight!

  152. Pru says:

    Thank you all for your tips. You’re “the bomb”!! My mozzie bites blister, ache and itch at the same time, no matter what country I’m in.
    Today I tried the deodorant tip and it was great. Almost instant relief from the itching, and some of the swelling went down. The relief lasted for a couple of hours on the not so bad bites and an hour for the worst ones. The good thing is that a bottle of deodorant is small enough to keep in your bag.
    After work I read the rest of the posts here and tried the antibacterial hand gel, and it worked like a charm. The itching stopped and most of my angry red lumps have disappeared.
    I don’t know if it’s the combination of both remedies, or if the antibacterial gel is magic. All I know is that I’ve spent a comfortable evening and am looking forward to a good nights sleep.
    One remedy that worked for me in New Zealand and Australia was to clip clothes pegs onto the bites. It stops the itch for a while, but the trick for ultimate relief is to leave the pegs on until the pain is unbearable. Not a sexy looking way to alleviate the torture, but it does add incessant teasing and humour to your day.
    In the past I’ve used toothpaste which has provided temporary relief from the itching and longer deterrence from scratching. White paste is better than gel paste because when the gel dries it’s easy to peal off and start scratching again!
    Lavender, basil, tea tree, and eucalyptus oils have never worked for me, whether as a repellent or a remedy. Vinegar only worked for about 5-minutes. Listerine was a waste of time for my mozzie bites but is fantastic for pimples.

    As a preventative at night, I sleep under a net .. I love it, it makes me feel like a princess ;oD

    • Pru says:

      By the way, the antibacterial gel is fabulous because you can buy little bottles that not only fit in your bag, but for the guys, they fit in your pocket!

  153. Charlotte says:

    One desperate night at bedtime I put Baby Oragel on insect bites my legs & ankles. It was enough to finally get to sleep & didn’t seem to cause side effects. It was a good thing to have on hand when my kids started getting insect bites. A baking soda bath was also soothing.

  154. Jme says:

    You were right about mosquitos being attracted to certain types of people… It has to do with your blood type. They prefer Positive Blood Types over the negative ones…

  155. Blue Ridge says:

    Just thought I’d give an update in case it helps others….

    My previous posts abouve were made in early May 2012 and I live in the eastern part of the USA.

    In early June, I did start getting a few bites but ONLY from the Asian Tiger mossies which are starting to inhabit this part of the USA. I am not getting bit by any other mossies so far. (Google the Asian Tiger mosquito – they’re unmistakable with their black & white striped bodies)

    Even then, I am ONLY getting bit on the lower leg / ankle, no where else. This is a massive improvement as I used to get bitten everywhere!!

    Because I am still getting bit, albeit much less than I was, I have now started taking vitamin B1 capsules twice a day. The reason for this is because they contain much more Thiamin than brewyers yeast tablets (I am still taking the brweerys yeast, too).

    One other important thing to say is that the few times I have been bitten has had much less effect on me than before taking any tablets. So all round taking the brewers yeast has made a massive difference to me.

    I don’t think there is a pefect solution to the evil mossies but I think we can drastically lessen their impact on us.

    I’ll let you know (by end of July) if taking the vitamin B1 tablets along with the brewers yeast tablets has stopped the Asian Tiger mossies biting me. So far it’s stopped every other mossie biting me!!

    Good luck and I’ll post again after end of July 2012.

  156. April says:

    White flower oil help me with the itching almost instantly. I found a bottle on amazon.

  157. Geeky Grandma says:

    I hadn’t been up on my Stress-B vitamin complex, didn’t take it for two weeks, and got bit today. I usually never get bit. I’ll take them tonight and see if it makes any difference. Meanwhile, used an ice cube on the bites. It works wonders to take the sting, itch and swelling away.

  158. Donna says:

    My husband told me to try rubbing underarm deodorant on my bites and to my astonishment, It Worked. For someone that doesn’t get bite it did work for the itching. It has been two hours and no need to scratch!!

  159. Adam says:

    When I get bitten, I ask my partner to use her fingernails and “Cross” (Make an indentation into the bite in the shape of the letter X.

    This stops the itching permanently within 5 mins.


    • DebbieVerbie says:

      I do the same thing Adam. It does work with the itching. It must “spread out” the mosquito saliva they leave when feeding on us.

  160. Samantha says:

    Mosquitos are attracted to blood type. These little buggers can smell your blood from a mile away (even if you aren’t bleeding. Those with type O blood attract more Mosquitos than those with type A. Your blood type is why you can be standing next to someone and at the end of the night you are covered in bites and they have none!

  161. Joy says:

    Hasn’t anyone used just plain ammonia? Just dab it on. Has worked on everyone I know of that has tried it. I keep a small bottle of it EVERYWHERE. I am a mos. mag. too.

    • Beverly says:

      Last summer, as a new resident in SW Florida, I found out that I am quite tasty to those darned bugs. I cycled through all the drug store remedies to no avail with the itch. Finally figured out the ammonia connection, and bought a liter bottle at the grocery store (cleaning agents section) and started dabbing it on bites as soon as I realized they were there. Poured it on a paper towel folded up and held it on each one for about 5 minutes. Really helped.

      Need to work on prevention though. I take a B complex all the time so that didn’t prevent the bites. Avon SSS hardly worked at all. Cutters seemed to work the best, but remember to spray outside because it makes the floor slippery.

      We camped a lot when I was little. My mom never got bit and she swore it was because she would eat a lot of bread in the two weeks before we would go, and continue while there. Maybe there’s something in the yeast connection?

      I got two bites on my foot two nights ago, and they kept me awake. They still itch and are slightly swollen, but I tried the toothpaste trick, and I’ll be darned if my Aquafresh didn’t almost completely deaden it within seconds – WITH THE ADDED BENEFIT THAT MY FOOT NOW SMELLS MINTY FRESH!!! LOL. Really looks silly, but did work.

  162. Zack says:

    2:30 AM and there is a single masquito in my room eating me alive. Already have 6 bites all are swollen.

  163. Angel says:

    I spoke to a gal whose daughter has the same problem as me I swell up and I mean hugely, she told me of a pill you can put under your tongueand it desolves into the bloodstream and it prevents them from biting, But I can not remember the name, it starts with B… and no its not a vitamin. Anyone else know of this?

  164. Ellie says:

    Haven’t been mosquito bait since I was a kid forty-five years ago. Just got home to the DC area and am suddenly being eaten alive by a much smaller mosquito than I’ve ever seen before. Horrible itchy welts all over! Aaaaargh, now I’m worried these could be the West Nile carriers! I’ve been able to stop the itch by dabbing the bites immediately with rubbing alcohol and then applying plenty of the Gold Bond extra-strength cream in the green bottle. Thanks for all the tips for preventing bites in the first place. Will experiment and report back if something works.

  165. Pat says:

    I used B-1 to prevent mosquito bites years ago and it seemed to work, so I guess it’s time to try that again.

    After years of gardening and never having been bitten by a TICK, I was bitten this year and got Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Believe me, you do NOT want it. One of my doctors told me to drink two tsp of vinegar before going outside. He said that it works for him – “so far, so good” and he hasn’t been bitten by any insects.

  166. Crona says:

    *sigh* I get bit SO MUCH on my arms and my ankles! I also get bit in other places like right under my butt cheek on my leg. T_T

    Anyways, my friends say mosquitoes are attracted to the color blue and bananas. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but I believe it is because I wear lots of blue, and I love bananas!

    There’s just a problem. We don’t buy herbs or expensive brands of shampoo, face wash, or lotion. Do those clip on Off! thingies work? I might buy one if I have good replies on the product.

    I have a fan that is about 11 inches by 12 inches. I wish it was portable, it’s not, obviously because I said that. I’m not sure if it has a strong enough wind… Um… Current? (Is that the correct word?) Anyways, but I’m pretty sure a mosquito couldn’t fly against it, but is there a way to measure that? If so, how much can a mosquito can fly against?


  167. Rhonda says:

    Didn’t see it in the MANY comments, but the most effective relief of itching, and reducing/healing minor skin infections, that I’ve EVER seen is: Soak, as long as possible (at least 30 min.}, in a hot tub of water, with at least 1-cup of EPSOM SALTS, dissolved in the water. The salt draws out the infection, drainage, etc., (by osmosis, I assume!). It stops the itching immediately, too! I’m telling you, its an absolute miracle! Many years ago, my daughter was constantly being eaten alive by mosquitoes, chiggers, etc. Secondary infections in the bites became so bad that she had to be seen by a doctor 2-3 times a year, and treated with multiple drugs, antibiotics, and ointments–with minimal, if any, relief. An older lady at church suggested the Epsom’s to me. I tried it, expecting no change. The next morning, the multiple bites my daughter had–were absolutely gone!!! I had tried every trick that I could find, before. I made her wear pants all summer long. I rubbed her down with garlic. I tried every ointment and creme on the market. I went thru every type of bug repellent. I even cut her fingernails as short as possible and soaked her fingers in bleach, twice a day, to stop the infections from scratching! Nothing worked. Until I tried the Epsom’s. Later on, I became a nurse, and I used Epsom soaks on bed sores, in-grown toenails, minor cuts and infections, etc., always, with great results. And strangely, I even used it once to draw the venom from a cats leg, after being bitten by a rattlesnake! I put the cat in hot water and Epsom’s in the tub, and it drew out the venom! I couldn’t believe my eyes! So give it a try, you won’t be sorry. And it helps with strained/sore muscles, when added to the bath water, too!!!

  168. Rebecca says:

    I don’t know about stopping the itching after the mosquito bite swells up but what I have found to e affective for me is putting honey on the bite before I even scratch it. If I put so,e honey on it a few days later its gone. But if I wait until after I’ve already scratched the bite, the honey is not very effective.

    • Pauline McDowell says:

      We have been to Africa 4 times and our doctor there told us about mentholaturm stops the itch immediately. Going again next week and we always take mentholaturm
      with us.

      • Daphne Garrett says:

        Hello fellow magnets, Pauline you just reminded me of another great preventative “must be pure Shea Butter”. I can it worked for me 100% plus all the other benefits however pure Shea Butter isn’t a good smell but at least you won’t be bitten and itching. I can’t find any,will only buy it in person. If anyone knows “personally” where to buy it online let me know. I’ve only bought it from someone I can watch put it in the jar from the large (don’t know what its called). Amazon has it of course but costs are high and you can’t see or smell it. Just heard report on news of nile virus about 15miles away. Be careful…peace out

  169. nancy says:

    Try ICY HOT it does ok for me

  170. Shey says:

    I have super sensitive skin, and mosquitoes just looove me. I’ve found that a little bit of baby oil in a spray bottle works wonders for me when I hike, and if I do get a bite, I just rub a little chapstick on it. The baby oil doesn’t irritate my skin, and the chapstick takes the itch out almost immediately and reduces the swelling. Just make sure you use an all-natural chapstick like Lypsyl or Burt’s Bees original. I’ve had better results with the Lypsyl, and it’s fairly inexpensive at Walmart.

  171. Garl7 says:

    I get WELTS!!!! and get bitten when walking to the car. When I have bites I scratch until the bleed. I have found that if I can RESIST the scratch for 15-20 minutes it won’t itch at all. Deoderant works for me, as does bugspray and the Avon stuff(I hate the smell). when I visited the rainforest in Ecuador I used some heavy duty stuff prescribed by a doctor. Smelled terrible but no bites!! Ultrathon

  172. Amanda says:

    We moved to Australia from uk,and the mozzies here are buggers.i used to buy Avon skin so soft when holidaying like in Greece but it doesn’t help here.we have to buy products contain deet and still get bitten.The best thing to put on your bites and it was on the local radio is Vegemite,In the Uk it’s marmite,doesn’t smell particularly good but it works.I take antihistamines daily but it doesn’t stop the itch,the pharmacy suggested putting hydrocortisone on my daughters as we sometimes use when her eczema is bad.

  173. Jeff says:

    When bitten apply toothpaste this always takes my swelling down and stops the itching after 20 minutes or so

  174. NeesieFaye says:

    When I moved from CA to the panhandle of FL I was eaten alive by mosquitos! I counted 129 on my body! They made huge whelts on me and I was miserable! I started using brewers yeast in powder form and made shakes with it in it, or put it in juice. Within a week, the mosquitos quit biting me!

  175. Monica says:

    This past summer I was doing a different diet and to my surprise, I didn’t get a single mosquito bite even though other people around me were getting bitten like crazy. I was eating just vegetables, meats, blue corn chips, nuts, fish, cod liver oil, and I think that’s about it. No sugar, no carbs (except the chips), no dairy, and little to no fruit. I’m guessing it was the very low glycemic index of my diet that protected me – although essential fatty acids present on the skin surface because they moisturize from the inside out, so perhaps it was that. See, now these are the things science should be studying!

  176. Debbie says:

    WHY CANT THEY INVENT AN INJECTION THAT STOPS YOU GETTING BITTEN BY MOSQUITOS? – CAN YOU SCIENTISTS PLEASE PLEASE TRY AND INVENT THIS AND I WILL TAKE IT DAILY – Ive tried EVERY deterent, they dont work! I am sitting here with a swollen eye and cheek, swollen wrist and two swollen ankles

  177. Alice says:

    I gotta tell you, I have read ALL of this and I can’t wait for this summer! LoL – I plan to try everything on anyone I can find with a bite – myself included. We are going to plant the right plants to repel, we are going to take the ride vitamins and other internal products, and we are going to try to prevent.
    I agree with Debbie! We don’t have the plague any more, why can’t there be a shot for the horrible itch of the mosquito!

  178. Susan says:

    It is mid March and I am already being bitten by those pesky mosquitos. I read the part about the yellow Listerine. I think I will try it out on my deck table and soak a sponge with the Listerine and sit it in a shallow dish. Just a thought.

  179. mairi says:

    Essential oils such as lavender, mix in bottle of water, spray yourself, it makes you smell good and the bugs hate lavender. Gotta keep spraying a lot though because it wears off quickly. Can also use the undiluted lavender oil for the itch if needed. Use diphenhydramine cream also for the itch. Its Benadryl ointment and not the pill

  180. tristan says:

    a big thanks to you all. horrid bites all evening itching me to insanity. the toothpaste i tried a month ago didn’t work. so tonight i tried the deodorant, didn’t seem to work, waited 15 minutes, still itching. so i tried vinegar. i put vinegar on a cottonball and dabbed my feet on the bites, and put one between the toe where the worst bite was (aargh). it WORKED within moments. THANK YOU!!!! i am pleased as punch and not suffering! I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE FOUND THIS.

  181. Me Also says:

    Re Brewer’s Yeast. Once I used to be prone to be covered with mosquito bites as well as bites of other insects. Quite some years ago and old Army veterinary officer told me how to use Brewer’s Yeast to prevent bites and have been bite free for decades. There are some who claim that it doesn’t work for them but that might come from misuse. I take 4 tablets in the morning before becoming exposed to mosquitos etc. (at least half an hour before expected exposure). If going outside in the evening, I repeat the process. My wife learned that she needed to do this too. No matter the climate I was in while in the Army, if there were mosquitos or other biting insects, I went without bites (including living in the ‘great outdoors.’ I recall sharing this with others in the Army who thought I was crazy until they noted that bugs would land on my skin and quickly take off … while they were scratching from bites. A civilian female friend went on a cruise to the Caribbean with her 3 sisters and their husbands. The sisters took my advice while their husbands laughed it off. The sisters had a great time all the way home … while the husbands scratched all the way home.

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