Scram Skeeters! How to Fight Off & Drive Away Mosquitoes

As promised from yesterday’s article about relief for itching bites, I’ve compiled a big list of recommendations for ways to deter and drive away mosquitoes (including some homemade insect repellent recipes).

A few things to note first:

  • You pretty much have to stop breathing to not attract the attention of these annoying critters, a big attractor for them is the carbon dioxide from your breath.
  • It also seems they are attracted by scents like perfumes, sweat, body odor as well as body heat. Unless you stop using shampoos, soaps, deodorants and detergents–it’s hard to be scent free.
  • From what I understand, DEET has proven to be the most effective repellent. DEET is pretty crazy stuff though, so if you’d like to try less harsh solutions, there are plenty of tips below for you to give a shot.

Something to keep in mind: Since some people seem to be a skeeter magnet while others around them don’t get a single bite, I suspect that there could be a personal body chemistry factor involved. That could explain why a remedy that works for one person, may not work for another.

This would help explain why some people swear by the Bounce dryer sheet method, or the Avon Skin So Soft solution, while others have a different experience. Neither Bounce nor the Avon SSS did a thing for me btw, but I did include them in the list below…too many people SWEAR by their effectiveness and that shouldn’t be ignored.

Basics For Success:

  • Wear light colored clothing, these critters are drawn to dark garments and it seems to be because dark clothing retains heat better (and the warmth is what’s attracting the mosquitoes).
  • Keep yourself covered as much as possible (including wearing a hat). Although they can find their way through the fabric, this will help cut down on bites.

Suggested Helpers & Tips

Vanilla Extract: A few different recommendations for this one, each contradicting the other.

Some say to dab Vanilla Extract on your pulse points, others say to rub it all over your skin & dab your clothes. Some say the cheap stuff is what’s required, others say the real, pure Vanilla is the only thing that will work. Some advise applying it full strength, others recommend diluting it with water then spritz it on.

Play around with Vanilla to see what gives you best results–there are plenty of believers for this one so I think there’s something to it.

Garlic: This isn’t a favorite thing to do day-to-day, but if you’re going camping or hiking through heavily infested areas, try a garlic powder and water paste.

Apply to pulse points, behind knees, on shoes and ankles and a dab or two on your cheeks or somewhere on your face and neck.

Remember–keep out of eyes. And maybe stay out of public places too because things will be a tad aromatic I’m sure ;).

Essential Oils: Mix choice of EO with rubbing alcohol, or witch hazel, or distilled water and spritz on body or directly on cloth to rub on body (shake before each use).

Another option is to add a few drops in baby oil or olive oil then rub on skin.

You can also apply along a strip of fabric (cotton) and tie around wrist. *Make sure to avoid mouth and eye areas.

I’ve listed the EO’s that promise best results in the chart below…

Citronella Lavender Catnip Eucalyptus *Pennyroyal *Tansy
Basil Thyme Cedar Tea Tree Peppermint Lemongrass

*Seems to be strongly recommended.

Homemade Mosquito Repellents

If you’re interested in experimenting with making your own concoctions, here are a handful of different recipes that you can try. Most of these have been sent in by readers and they’re all easy enough to make (thank you for sharing guys!).

The majority are made with assorted essential oils but there is one shared by Jennifer that requires only simple ingredients (garlic cloves, mineral oil, water and lemon juice) so the expense is really minimal.

Here’s a tip sent in by Angela for her tried-and-true solution:

This is a recipe given to me by my aunt, I find that it stores well but should be used within the year.

1/4 cup vegetable oil combined with these essential oils (mix and store in a spray bottle):

8 drops cedar
5 drops eucalyptus
4 drops lavender
2 drops rosemary
2 drops juniper
1 drop peppermint
1 drop cinnamon
1 drop clove

Here’s one from Mark:

I like this because it only needs a few items and it’s a breeze to put together. Make sure you shake it up for a few minutes each time before you use it.

I hope your readers try it because it does work just as well as bought and it’s better to use on your body than those poisonous sprays that they try selling us in stores.

2 cups witch hazel
1 teaspoon vegetable glycerin
20 drops citronella EO
20 drops lemongrass EO

Instructions: Mix in a spray bottle and shake well before use.

Jennifer sent this one in:

Mosquitoes hate garlic and so when I saw this in a magazine a few years ago I clipped it, tried it and found that it did a good job keeping me bite free.

Directions: Mince a few cloves of garlic then cover with mineral oil. Allow it to sit for at least 24 hours. Next you take a teaspoon of *just the oil* and mix it with 2 cups of water and 1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Strain through a cheesecloth if you have any floaties then pour into a spray bottle. Shake before each use.

Here’s another recipe from Mother Earth News that was online at one time that I can no longer find:

Since the 1999 appearance of West Nile virus in North America, it’s more important than ever to keep these pests at bay. You can outsmart them with this homemade, Earth-friendly solution.

It couldn’t be easier to make, ingredients needed are any combination of these EO: basil, cedarwood, citronella, juniper, lemon, myrrh, palmarosa, pine, rose geranium and/or rosemary mixed with 190-proof grain alcohol (Everclear). Quantities: 2 1/2 tsp of EO mixed with 1 cup of the alcohol. The combination of assorted EO’s makes this an effective option for fighting a variety of mosquito species and other insects.

Here’s one from another source no longer available online…

Yarrow Bug Spray

Fill a jar with fresh yarrow flowers and leaves (cut into small pieces) or use 1/2 jar full of dried yarrow. Cover with vodka, seal jar with lid and allow to brew for a week. Strain, fill a spray bottle 1/2 full with the infusion liquid then top up with water. Add a few drops of catnip essential oil (adjust as needed for effectiveness). Shake well before each use, may need to reapply every hour or so.

Plants That Drive Them Away

Break off leaves and crush them roughly, rub them all over your clothes and skin. Toss the bruised leaves around the perimeter of your deck or patio. Also plant these in pots and arrange them around the patio. You could also infuse these in water and then treat the tisane as a spritzer.

  • Lemon Thyme
  • Citronella
  • Lavender
  • Basil
  • Catnip
  • Pennyroyal
  • Tansy
  • Marigolds

Commercial Products

*(other than DEET items)

  • Avon’s Skin So Soft (straight or 50/50 ratio with rubbing alcohol)
  • Bounce Sheets (hanging out of a pocket or waistband)
  • Listerine (50/50 ratio with household vinegar then applied all over body)
  • Vicks VapoRub
  • You can purchase citronella torches to stand in the ground or set on table tops

Household Hacks

  • Spray garlic powder and water all over the yard and bushes. Use a fertilizer hose attachment. Will need to be done bi-weekly (approximately) or after a heavy rain.
  • Another trick you can try is to apply Listerine on the lawn or around the deck or campsite.



Apparently the smell that comes out of your pores from a steady diet of the below deters skeeters. The items aren’t meant to be combined, they’re just different suggestions.

  • Garlic
  • B1 Vitamins
  • Brewers Yeast
  • Lemons

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    • Jay

    I’ve heard of the South African repellent TABARD. Just got back from South Africa and brought some works like a charm. Will try Galic everyday and Vit B. Hope these will help once I run out of TABARD, do you know if we could get it in the USA. If so where…

    • AR

    i counted 25 mosqiotoe bits all over my legs i cant stop itchin im like a mosqitoe magnet

    • Kelly

    This sounds strange, but when sitting outside one can eliminate mosquitoes completely if you have access to a fan. Blowing a fan on you and your company prevents bites altogether. We were outside playing games being eaten alive, brought out the fan and pointed it at ourselve, not another bug. Amazing, but true.

    • Stephanie

    you could also use fish oil.

    • Harmony

    Was just wondering, does fish oil really work? I take cod liver oil everyday, so it’s SIMILAR to fish oil. Haven’t gotten as many mosquito bites lately, I’ll admit, only one or two, but then again it’s not yet the mosquito season, which is when I usually get the bulk of them, so can’t say that fish oil really works. Anyone else use fish oil? I also used to give my dog fish oil with her meals everyday for her fur, but stopped now since she’s starting to develop food allergy so I have to determine what’s the cause.

      • Leah

      I use CLO – not a magnet, but nor am I invisible to them.

      • Bob

      I started taking Fish Oil in large doses, 500 mg BHA, 500 mg EPA per cap, 4x per day. Then we moved to D.C. where its always very warm and very humid. My wife and others I know are getting bit like crazy but I am not! At a bbq the other day, a friend of mind said there were mosquitos all over my legs, but no bites! Is there any scientific basis for this? It’s just so wierd. I can’t think of anything else I take or eat that could have that effect.

      • Frank

      I live in Alaska where the mosquito is our State Bird! For the past 20 years I have been a mosquito magnet-I have always gotten more bites than anyone around me and they have always swelled up to a large painful welt.

      This past year I started taking cold liver oil for other health reasons. I take 6 teaspoons daily. One of the most WONDERFUL unintended effects is that I am NO LONGER the favorite food of mosquitoes! I noticed this summer, but it was really put to the test a couple weeks ago in a remote fishing lodge where the bugs were thick and everyone was bathing in Deet. I used no repellent of any kind and watched mosquitoes land on my skin and then take off without biting me. I received just one bite over the 3 days I was out.


    Dear Fellow Bug Sufferers>
    I live in Asia where the buggies are 5 X the size in North America.
    The BEST remedy if you have gotten bitten is TIGER BALM> very soothing mentholateum and helps healing along with taking away the itchiness.

    Am still trying to figure out now NOT to get bitten> DEET works well sometimes and have sprayed some on a sarong and covered myself with the sarong at night.
    Also sprayed some on the bedsheets> seemed to help>

    Good luck to all> will try the B1 advice!

    • ronnie lalloo

    I used Homeopathic remedy Apis Mel 30c . It is a good anti mosquito repellent. Works well with Vit B1 and Garlic. Have a good mosquito-free holiday.
    Dr. Ronnie Lalloo

    • Kathy

    Have you ever noticed ‘beer’ drinkers don’t get bitten as much as ‘non beer drinkers’? Must work like brewers yeast. My ex’ pointed this out to me about 30 years ago.

      • Rebecca

      I used to drink lots of beer and still attracked the little buggers! Not so sure beer works.

        • Fabian

        I brew my own beer and drink lots of it, brewers yeast does not work, I’m a magnet for this buggers. Also don’t eat any suggar.

    • Scottish Gary

    I’M currently on holiday in Thailand.
    I have been taking b1 vitamins for the last 2 weeks and covering myself in 100 per cent DEET and this morning i woke up with 6 bites over my lower legs.

    Sometimes you have to just surrender to the flying devils.

      • Cindy J

      maybe they are bed bugs !!eeek

    • paul

    somtimes it’s not mosquitoes, cos lots of bugs and flies like to bite us so unless you actualy see the mozzi then cant be sure, anyone who has been bit by a sand fly will know what i’m talking about they make a mozzi bite seem like a tickle from a baby. Anyway, my friend says that she is a vegatarian and because of that her blood is ‘cooler” But she says that meat eaters and those who eat little or no veg are most at risk, and one day we where out in the woods and while we where all slapping and scratching she was ok, 🙂


    • Tabitha

    I take garlic pills every summer. I have since I was a child, because mosquitoes have always been very attracted to me, and living in the south, that can be quite a pain. You can find them in the vitamin isle at any store, and you get the same affects of eating garlic, or applying it to your skin, without any of the yucky smells.

      • Leah

      growing up in swampy florida, my sister was a magnet and would swell/scar from bites easily… B-vitamin complex and galic oil pills (with parsley to prevent garlic burps) were her regimen one summer and the combo just didn’t do it for her 🙁

      she also tried vitamin E to no avail

      I do wonder though – my mom is all about cheap supplements, so maybe she was just using stuff which wasn’t getting absorbed into her body effectively

    • Lenetta @ Nettacow

    I loved these – I’m extremely allergic to mosquitoes so if I get a bite, I itch like crazy! Just wanted to let you know I linked to this (and a few others!) on my weekly link roundup. Thanks for the great tips!

    • Eva

    I wanted to note that I take vitamin E every day of the year (for other reasons) and am still plagued by mosquitoes. I’m apparently so attractive to them I can get multiple bites by just being in the shade for more than 10 minutes in the middle of a sunny afternoon. I’ll see if any of these other suggestions are effective for me.

    • Kim R

    Vanilla water works really well. You can use the imitation to save on cost. It can be sprayed everywhere on the body. We use a 50/50 mixture and it helps with those pesky deer flies too.

    Even though I take a high quality B megs vitamin and fish oil cap, those never help me.

    • Kim R

    Hubby is severly allergic to mosquito bites, is bites swell up golf ball size if he is caught out without some type of repellant.

    What can we do to relieve his swelling and redness? Thanks for any and all help!

    • Tracy

    I keep getting bit at night in my bedroom. I have no standing water, no plants, windows shut, ac pan in attic dry. Room temp 72*. I just can not figure it out and the buzzing in my ear to wake me from a deep sleep and find I have been bitten. Please advise

      • cee

      I’ve found that keeping my room dark with the door slightly open and turn a light on down the hall or other room will attract a rogue mosquito to the light and away from me all night!

    • dbang

    “Unless you stop using shampoos, soaps, deodorants and detergents–it’s hard to be scent free.”

    Sorry, you won’t be scent-free if you stop bathing, etc. In fact, it is likely you’d be even more attractive to the critters, since they are designed to seek out the natural odors of a big mammal. But one thing you would repel–other people!

    I think what works varies per person, and then there is also the placebo / superstition effect…

    I’ve tried just about everything (except the ones that involve also repelling people) and I’m still tasty to them. Maybe they are after my rare AB- blood. I really doubt they have a preference though, they are just trying to nurture their eggs.

    The one thing remaining for me to try is to cough up the money and try a Mosquito Magnet. I’m about to try that.

      • Mich

      Actually, body odor is scientifically proven to be the best mosquito repellant. However, it’s also the best social life repellant…

      • Carla

      We have 3 mosquito magnets and they work great. we have a brook that runs through our property and lots of trees. My brother in law had one, we saw how it worked and he didn’t have the buggers so we invested in one then two and now three. We have one by the pool, by the hot tub and by the garage. Good investment especially if you are allergic and hate being bitten. Good luck. Check on ebay they can be relatively inexpensive or at Target.

    • shazza

    Just come back from Italy, had at least 30 bites by day 2. Started mixing tea tree oil in with my shower gel and body lotion then spray with a commercial fly repellent I bought in Italy. No more bites!

    • mike

    normally i am attacked by mosquitoes, to the point of absurdness. Its now june and has been very wet, rain almost everyday. So far i’ve only been bit once this season and i couldn’t figure out why, i was amazed and shocked. The only thing i can come up with is that i’ve been taking Fish oil omega 3 supplements for the last month and it must be working. its the only thing i’ve done differently this year. Amazing! I’m sold on fish oil!

      • Amuzics

      So far I believe that an omega-3 and an alkaline body are the keys to preventing bug bites the natural way and along with countless discomforts. Although the majority of our society rules in terms of believing in repellents, the effects of omega-3 and an alkaline body are the secrets “They” don’t want you to know.

        • Leah

        the omega 3-6 balance, or rather the average imbalance, is just one symptom… the vast majority of profitable industrialized foods simply wreck havoc with the body and soil degradation is problem

        after years of trying to find out what good nutrition involves and finally making progress after encountering massive BS campaigns (where there is money to be made, there is BS – no real conspiracy there, just business), I still get bit by mosquitos…

    • Ellie

    Thank you all for those wonderful tips. I get eaten alive by the little buggers. In one evening alone I got over 180 bites and just on my lower legs too for some reason. My egs sweeled up and I ended up having to go to hospital. I have tried alot of the cures above but think the one abou having a fan switched on near you along with vitamin B might just do the trick! Fingers crossed!

    • anon

    My father always had a fool proof mosquito repellant when he went fishing in areas known to be bad… a cigar. He never got bit.

    • A Smith

    I swear by daily garlic in your meals. My husband and I put garlic on practically everything (even rice and grits and eggs [we’re from the deep south])- whether its garlic salt, garlic powder, or fresh garlic. We never have any problems with nasty ‘skeeters when sitting out by the pool of our friends’ home, while they have to light citronella candels and torches to ward them off, unless they’ve added garlic spice to their meal that day. Because it works so well for us we figured too that it would work well for the dog, so she always gets a meal of scraps that’s cooked with garlic, and on occasion I’ve added it to her one can of wet food she has each day to supplement her dry food (unless of course she’s getting a healthy serving of our dinner – then no canned food). She too experiences no problems with mosquitoe bites and it seems to work well regarding fleas as well. I normally only treat her once a year for fleas and ticks, usually about July, with something from the vet or BioSpot, and even though my cats are indoors, they too get one treatment each summer – we haven’t had a flea outbreak in 8 years. The cats occasionally get the garlic treatment when we grill particular meat they enjoy – otherwise they don’t care for scraps; but they sure enjoy the fish, beef, pork and chicken from the grill spiced in garlic!

    • Laura

    Mosquitos like me. Alot. Skin-so-soft orignal (oil or lotion) works for me in regular situations. Does not work for everyone. B vitamins work if you remember to take them. My husband put fans in the ceiling of our front porch. Thought he was crazy. But it does keep the mosquitos down and feels good in the heat of the day. Benadryl spray or vinegar works on bites. Benadryl tabs at night to sleep. Garlic is good but never for dogs. It can accumulate in the liver or kidneys (I forgot which) and can cause problems down the line. I have given my animal brewer’s yeast flakes in their meals (cats and dogs) and have not had a flea problem since. Have done it for over 15 years and I live in the country. I tack bounce dryer sheets around the porch and mosquitos are still there. Good luck everyone. The battle goes on!!!

    • Julie

    I use patchouli oil, works great and smells wonderful. My son was getting bit a lot and I started rubbing it on his exposed areas and clothes and no more bites, plus when I hug him he smells so good! I also take the B Vitamins and E and I rarely get bitten.

      • Laura

      I wear patchouli a lot and I still get bit. It just goes to show you that everyone is different and there are no perfect remedies. I take omega 3’s everyday for cholosterol. Maybe it would be so much worse if I didn’t take the precautions that I do. I know B’s work because years ago I tried high doses of B complex and it worked. Sat by a duck pond full of mosquitos and they didn’t touch me. Two weeks before they were all over me. I hate to take high doses of anything anymore. Maybe I’ll try the B-6 as someone suggested in this link. Years ago I read that dark complected(sp) people are more attractive to mosquitos that light complected. I’m olive and tan easily. My husband is fair. I get bit much more than he does. Has anyone ever heard this before and is there any truth in it?

        • Holly

        my mom is dark skinned. she never gets bitten. i am light skinned and do. she takes b vitamins, and thinks this is what stops the mosquitos.

    • special ed

    try rubbing vodka on all exposed skin. after it dries there is no odor so you can use it on the kids, too.

    • bananabones

    For relief from mosquito bites, I’ve heard applying Adolph’s Meat Tenderizer draws out the venom. I’ve never tried it myself.

      • denise

      This is completely off the subject, but I’ve heard using that to make a paste also helps if you’re allergic to bee stings.

    • Elena Wonady

    Some useful tips, thanks to all. I have found that eating a banana before venturing out at dusk is a surefire MAGNET for mosquito bites, since they ordinarily leave me alone.

      • A Slimmers Dream

      Ahh I eat lots of bananas.. and they still bite me .. but the skin comes in handy now for the bites lol.. 🙂

      • Leah

      lol – maybe I’ll suggest that next time I get a bad houseguest… but then my kid would probably want one and it would serve me right for being evil

    • A Slimmers Dream

    Well having woken up with a large lower lip.. right side of chin and bridge of nose. . not to mention swelling left arm and finger… I am again searching the net for a solution.

    I have tried.. rubs, scrubs, creams, plug ins, nets, sprays , roll ons , ensure windows are closed.. have two ceiling fans..and as of yet.. nothing.

    But someone on one site said to rub banana skin (Inside of course) on the area.. and have to say that this worked on the arm and finger… too late for the lip and face though.

    Sadly I am one of those people that they love.. and they leave me with a nasty reaction…

    Might make a solution of lavender and vinegar or witch hazel and see if that spray works.

    Darn pesky things… thanks for posting everyone… well worth hearing what others have to say.. Last week was toothache research this week mosquitos grrr! Good luck all 🙂

    • Kara

    I just tried the deodorant on my daughters VERY itchy bites and it worked instantly! Thanks for the tips 🙂

    • Mary Ann

    Good to read all the tips, and sad to know so many of us suffer! My life as a mosqui-magnet did not change, but my life as a scratcher did: it took a few years but i NEVER NEVER NEVER scratch a bite, not once. Sometimes I look at them hard (psychological warfare) but I don’t even touch’em. And they do go away much much faster, and itch much much less. But it really takes a lot of training, if you get bitten as much as I do and most of the people contributing to this site do. good luck everyone…

      • Susan Marie

      LOL, Mary Ann! Give them the “stink eye.” I don’t scratch the bites either, just paint clear nail polish on them (usually only 2 or 3 bites.)

    • SunshineSally

    Vitamin B1 is the best thing I have found,(recommended to me by a dermatologist). You need to take a high dose, 800mgms just before going outside. Some brands work better than others, and use it as fresh as possible, not the half used stuff you have had at the back of the cupboard for a year! Vit B1 does not build up in the body so it is safe to take, it will need to be repeated every 4hrs. I wear socks and pants, preferably pants tucked into socks, because they sometimes get me round the ankles but never anywhere near the top half of my body. If I am squatting (gardening for instance) I never get bitten anywhere because my breath keeps them away, but standing, my head, (as yours) is quite a distance from my feet, so as I said they sometimes get me at the other end.

    • monkey

    Whilst I was in India, the locals told me that eating so much chilli helps stop the mozzie bites.

    Chilli is an antiseptic for the blood. apparently they smell that shit and don’t bite.

    seemed to make sense, as every morning when my girlfriend and I woke up under our net, I was covered in bites, and she was fine (She had been there for two months, eating the local cuisine) but the biting seemed to calm down after a while.

    • Patricia

    I’m a mosquito magnet, and very allergic to the damn things. Every time I get bit by a single mosquito I get so sick with the same symptoms as the West Nile Virus and they swell up something terrible. One little bite within 24 hours turns into a massive, red, hot lump anywhere from the size of a golf ball to the size of a baseball in diameter.

    The only thing that I have found to work for me to help minimize the swelling, itching, and duration is if I scrub it with hydrogen peroxide within minutes of being bitten. I make sure I have at least one bottle in the house, and keep one in each truck in case I get bitten when we’re out somewhere. Might not work for everyone, but it helps me so I figured I’d post it.

    I hate the effects garlic pills have on me, but I think I’m going to buy some and start taking them to help this year as we’ve had a lot of rain, and I know this is going to be a bad mosquito season where we live. Also need to figure out a remedy to help protect my little 3 month old puppy, thinking about giving her garlic in some canned food and see if she’ll eat it and hope it will help. Told my hubby housebreaking her is going to be hard if I can’t keep her and I from being eaten alive at night and in the morning when I’m supposed to take her out.

    • Scott

    Lol some of the ideas in this forum are pretty extreme. I agree that prevention is the best if they are a pest at your home but if you cannot realistcally control them by just reducing their breeding areas, nets, sheets and curtains on doorways slow down movement throughout the house. If you are going outside wear clothes covering your whole body. If you cannot wear clothing over your whole body then using an invisible barrier such as a non-toxic insect repellant on your skin is probably the best way. In south america when clouds of mosquitos came and killed everything the natives covored their skin with mud which sometimes they also treated with certain insect repelling plant ingredients. So, PREVENT or COVER UP the skin or USE REPELLANT. Obviously the smellier the repellant it might work better but not all species react the same.

    • James & Simon

    We r English but in Australia…Fruit picking in Gatton. There are 3 of us, but for some reason only 2 of us get bitten. In 2days we both got 30-40 bites EACH!!! Legs, feet, ankles, arms, neck, back and hands all bitten and swollen!
    Complete mozzy magnets!!
    They bite even thru t-shirts and vests!! Cant sleep at night, just stay up and itch and scratch all night!! In Fiji we were also bitten alot, but not as bad as here, but i was using 100% DEET spray there every night. I went 2 buy sum 2day, but was told by the chemist DEET has been banned as it harms the skin an is not good for u at all! (thanks for tellin me after 3 weeks of solid use in Fiji)
    Even have 1 on my ear, which has swollen and i look like Will Smith when he has an allergic reaction in the film Hitch!! Not gona lie… I hate my life right now..!!!
    After reading all this, we decided 2 eat a shit load of garlic…and so far so good, not one bite tonight…
    But cud just be coinsidence….
    Even if it works tho, theres no way i can eat garlic everyday. So gona try the Vit B, as it sounds like the most popular suggestion.
    Will let u know how it goes….
    Hope it does, as im goin asia next and ive heard there s**t loads of mozzys and dont really fancy getting Malaria!!!
    Good luck
    Mozzy Magnet Club 4 Life xxx

    • Diane R.

    I use any kind of cheap incense. It works very well!

    • Wendy

    had begun to feel really despondent with the continual bites and unsuccessful trials of sprays and patches. But reading here that I’m not alone in being ‘bugged’ makes me feel a whole lot better. Last year my numerous bites turned into cellulitus, the bites become infected and you can see the poison creeping up your veins, Dr tells me if it happens again I have one hour to get to a hospital or I could die. So just a caution for those of you whose bites get infected.
    I take garlic capsules and fish oil–but maybe in not high enough concentrations.
    I watch the bugs swim their way through gel repellant to get to my legs.
    I’m off to get vitamin B as my next mission. Good luck out there in bug land

    • lexirox99

    i found a good pain reliever that my grandma uses burn a lime and place right on the itch. works like that i was bite free within 3 hours! good luck to all you people who have bad mosquito bites!

    • judith

    odorless garlic tablets are my salvation. when 1 tablet wasn’t enough anymore I
    went to 2 a day. then I went up to 4 a day. no bites on me, and no garlic odor on me. the garlic also brought down my cholesterol level after a few months usage. For my cats, I put crushed garlic cloves in a bottle of olive oil, let soak in for a couple of weeks, poured a tiny spot of the flavored oil on the cat food. the cats would jump in and start eating right where that spot of oil was first on their food, then finish up the rest after the ‘oil’ food was gone.

    • mike

    i have a mosquito bite now and it spreads around my skin a lot. how do i prevent the bites from spreading around my skin. by the ways those suggestions did work. you are awesome.

    • Madeline

    I am anemic, which for those of you who don’t know it’s a short of iron in the body. Yesterday night I got 38 mosquito bites all over. So iron must not have anything to do with it. I have heard it’s something in the blood, not sure exactly though.

    • Lucy B.

    My younger daughter and I are apparently a bug-biting buffet…we’ve taken 1-2 tablets of Brewer’s Yeast each day for the last few years with great success. Sorry if someone else already suggested this – I’m not able to read through all the posts but wanted to share before logging off.

    • Merryl

    The female mosquito has a proboscis and is the only one to bite. Females require a new blood meal for every nest of eggs they lay. Female mosquitoes are attracted by carbon dioxide given off when we exhale. DEET insect repellants confuse the receptors in the mosquito’s nervous system so preventing their bites.
    Mosquitoes have been around for millions of years and can adapt to new repellants easily.

    • Chandler

    I have not been getting mosquito bite this summer! People around me have been complaining about the mosquito bite, even my quest who stayed with me in my apartment complained about the mosquito! Today, a friend suggested that maybe my blood is acidic (or, the other way around) and mosquito doesn’t like that. I make the connection that my blood is acidic due to my drinking of home brew kefir everyday.

    So, I decided to do a research and found this article saying that 2 of the items to eat that can help prevent mosquito bites is vitamin B1 and yeast! Bingo! Kefir is rich in both vitamin B1 and yeast!

    Just wondering if any other people have the same experience?

    • JoAnne Lesinski

    To repel mosquitos, set a fan around the area directed towards you. The bugs don’t like the air. I’ve tried it numerous times & it works ! I’ll set an oscillating fan on our deck and all issafe all evening.

    • QUE?

    I recommend 75% distilled water and 25% rubbing alcohol with citronella oil, lemon oil, lavender oil inside. Spray yourself down well, and it keeps the skeeters away. Also smells nice!

    For the itchiness, try mixing lemon juice with baking powder and applying it to the affected areas. This has worked well for myself and my family. Hope it helps!

    • Lexi

    Thanks! You are my savior!!!!

    • Beck

    After the bite I use Purell or any antibacterial hand sanitizing gel works great for me must be the ethyl alcohol..

    • Miguell

    Stopping smoking will reduce the CO2 in your breath and make it harder for them to find you.

    • Lori

    This may sound crazy, but it works! Cut a piece of lemon wedge and nuke it in the microwave for 5-8 secs. It will come out steaming hot, but if you can bare the pain of sticking it into your mosquito bite for 2-3 seconds, it will relieve the itchiness within seconds and the swelling will immediately go down. It really works! I’m a total magnet for bites and have nearly 20 bites in 2 days! My dad has suggested the family use lemon wedges in the microwave since I was a kid. I’m going to have to try fish or garlic oil. Does anyone know if vanilla lotion or spray work since they don’t like the smell of vanilla? Thanks for everone’s helpful tips!

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