How To Tell If An Egg Is Fresh

If you have an egg or two sitting in the refrigerator for awhile and you’re not too sure if they’re expired or fine to eat, here are a few easy ways to help you determine the quality…

  • Hold it in the palm of your hand and shake it gently. If a rattle is felt, it is not very fresh; when newly laid the thick white cushions the yolk and the egg is solid when shaken. Source
  • Does it sink in water? It’s Perfect-o! If it floats, it’s not safe to eat.
  • When you crack it into a frying pan, the white will be dense and hold well around the yolk. The white will run and spread over the pan if it’s not recently laid.

What Color Should The Yolk Be?

  • A deep bright yellow is a sign of freshness since yolks can pale over time, however this really isn’t a dependable sign since the diet of the hen will also affect the color.

Should It Be Cloudy Or Clear?

  • If the white is cloudy or opaque, that’s a sign it’s been recently laid.

What’s The Best Way To Store Them?

  • They can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one month before being eaten. If hard boiled, they can be refrigerated for up to one week before consuming.
  • Leave them in the carton they were purchased in instead of inside the refrigerator door holder. This will help prevent them from absorbing the food odors in the fridge.
  • Why do some people keep them out on their counter at room temperature and not in the refrigerator? These are likely farm eggs that they’ve either produced from their own chickens or had them delivered by a farmer. Those that have been commercially purchased have been washed so the protective film that keeps out air and odors has been removed, these are safer when refrigerated. Farm fresh eggs usually aren’t washed first so they’re fine to leave out.

How Do You Know If It’s Raw Or Hard Boiled?

  • Try spinning one and that will let you know: If it wobbles, it’s raw. A steady spin is hard boiled.

Does The Shell Look Any Different If It’s Old?

  • The color of the shell has nothing to do with the quality. Buy brown or white, whichever are cheaper. Old ones are smooth and shiny while fresh ones are rough and chalky in appearance. (Source)

Is It OK To Eat If The Shell Is Cracked?

  • Keeping in mind that the shell is protection against contamination, use one with a cracked-shell only if there’s nothing leaking through the crack and it will only be used in dishes where it will be fully cooked (as in baked goods or hot dishes). Don’t use it in things like salad dressings where it will be used in its raw form. To be on the safe side, throw it out (especially important for pregnant women).

I See Tiny Red Spots, Is It Still Good?

  • Yes it’s fine, just scoop out the unpleasant bits with the tip of a knife and cook as usual. It’s perfectly normal for blood spots to occasionally appear.

Quick Tip: Some folks insist that eggs stored with the pointy tip down stay fresh longer. The bottom round side should be at the top, this is where the air pocket is so when it’s stored this way, it helps slow down the growth of the air pocket and moisture loss.

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