It’s Time To Start An Ice Box

This article was published in the Kitchen-Klatter Magazine, September, 1952.

Picture of Wrapped Gift - Tipnut.comIT’S TIME TO START AN ICE BOX
By Doris Harlan Jones

This morning I made a frilly, organdy apron to put in my ICE box. Does this seem to you like a mis-statement? Well, let me tell you about my ICE box and you will understand what I mean.

It is a big, tall cardboard box that I keep in the bedroom closet, and it derived its name from the words “In Case of Emergency.”

Whenever I find that I have enough scraps of material suitable for a dainty apron, I make it and put it in my ICE box. There it awaits the arrival of an unexpected birthday or invitation to a bridal shower. A bit of leftover blue yarn I knit into bootees to fit the feet of the next “new” relative. The white batiste that is leftover, I smock in pink and make into a dress for a tiny niece for her birthday. Scraps of print or calico make adorable stuffed animals for the younger members of the family.

In the same way I take advantage of mid-summer and mid-winter sales. A pair of special priced pillow cases or a luncheon set is put aside for the next bride; or a lovely sweater set for the next new baby.

Thanks to my ICE box I am always prepared for the unexpected announcements and invitations. When the children receive a last minute notice of a birthday party, there’s no hurried trip to the department store to locate a gift.

Anything left, come December, gives me a head-start on my Christmas list. This makes short work of what has always been the never-ending job of Christmas shopping. And, incidentally, it gives welcome assistance to my Christmas budget.

I might add that I try to accumulate a few aprons, a jar or two of jelly, or some home canned fruit for those church bazaars that have a way of catching you empty handed.

If you have never tried an arrangement of this kind, I suggest that you do. Now is an excellent time to get one started and under “full sail” before Christmas, and I can assure you that it will be a time, money and temper saver.

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