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Here’s a collection of cards, notes, bubbles, talk tags and more that you can download and print…all for free! I also added a few resources that share tips and ideas for both pros and beginners. I’ll be adding more goodies to this page as I find them so you may want to bookmark it for future reference. Have fun!
Project Life Cards: A zip file packed with goodies, nine different designs (some blank, some lined).

Date Location Notes: Ideal for travel notes, there’s space to document the date, location and itineraries/notes.
Colorful Bubbles: Fourteen different designs to choose from, each bright & cheery and most are lined. The website isn’t in English but the labels are.

Cards: Both white and transparent backgrounds available, four different designs (Remember, Dreaming of and two that are untitled).
Assorted Pages: A collection of guided entries (fill-in-the blank prompts, to-do lists and more). Several different pages to choose from.

Color Boxes: Twelve pages of different color themes (including gray), 8 boxes per page (pdf download).
Journaling Spots: Prints 12 per page and have assorted titles (family, friends, this day, date, etc.).

Flash Cards: Six per page in either red or blue borders, backgrounds are pink, yellow and green.
Funny Talk Tags: Prints 12 per page and feature a variety of sizes, backgrounds (striped/polka dots) and colors.

Fancy Borders: Prints 12 per sheet, lined with borders in assorted colors and slightly different background shades.
Assorted Label Shapes: Each are lined and come in an assortment of shapes. Web page isn’t in English but labels are useful for any language.

Tape Strips: Two different sets to download featuring an assortment of colors and patterns.
Freebie Collection: A collection of ten free accents, borders, journaling spots, and titles you can print and use.

Assorted: These are approximately 3.5″ x 5″, includes a 10-Things list, any-month calendar card, memo sheet and learning how to write paper.
The Words That Tell The Story: Either right click and save the image to your desktop or download the Adobe Illustrator file (zip) for those that use that software.

Polaroid Frames: A zip folder filled with blank polaroids (jpg files) that have an assortment of frames/borders that are slightly different from each other.
Project Life Tags: A dozen goodies per page available in two color schemes (green and pink). Both English and Dutch versions available.

Flower Notes: This little cutie can be used for journals or notes to self, to do list, whatever you like.
Speech Bubbles: Three different designs available in a vintage shabby/floral theme.

Three Cards: Features a grid background with a bold red border, you’ll find “In a nutshell”, “Remember this” and “This happened”.

You’ll also find loads of goodies in Creativity Prompt’s freebie section.

Tips & Ideas:

  • 50 Tips & Ideas: Some examples from the list: Use commercials or TV catch phrases; Use receipts, labels, magazine clippings; Use bullet points rather than full sentences; Use song lyrics; Conduct an interview…and lots more! Includes four pages of journaling cards to download (pdf).
  • Quick Tips: A fun and inspirational graphic sharing a few tidbits, examples: Paper clips make excellent bookmarks; Write inside thought balloons; Have other people write notes to you in your journal. You’ll find another set here with gems including: Dedicate a page for goals/prayer requests, then check back to see if they came true; Answer the questions you get asked most – create a F.A.Q. about you!

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